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Reality Breaking the Propaganda

I'll try to cover just the most urgently important things.

Sorry I have not kept up with posting relevant news. Covid hit hour household and business, major changes are in progress for our small business, and we are trying to double our farm output in response to recent news. I'm doing my best to keep up!

If you are ready for some eye opening 5 minutes on Hackable Humans and Transhumanism:

This is terribly important and entirely made up of news clips/interviews from authoritative individuals:

Sorry about the clank noise. I don't know why they did that.

The West is coming to terms with Russia's victory in Ukraine In an article entitled "The Unpleasant Truth About Ukraine", the American edition of The Hill used the deduction method and went through 4 options for the outcome of a military special operation in Ukraine. The conclusion is that there is no other end to the events in Ukraine, except for the victory of Russia. Here are the options: 1. The transformation of Ukraine into a vassal state of the "Russian Empire".

2. An impossible outcome is the complete defeat of the Russian military and the restoration of Ukraine within the borders that existed before 2014.

3. The third and final of the impossible outcomes is a limited Ukrainian victory that will undo all or most of the gains Russia has made since February 24, 2022.

4. The only possible outcome: a fragmented and partially dismembered Ukraine, completely not under the control of either Russia or the West.

That's not all. Kissinger the New York Times, Washington Post and other leftist organs have come out for a peace settlement now that it is unmistakable that Russia is winning. The reality is finally breaking through the propaganda.

World War 3?

Russia is keeping track of foreign (US, UK etc.) fighters in Ukraine, Here are the numbers:

❗️Against the backdrop of the Kiev regime's mounting military failures and massive daily losses in manpower and equipment, the flow of foreign mercenaries to Ukraine has not only decreased, but is actually turning in the opposite direction.

⚡️Despite the Kiev regime's efforts and increased payments, the process of mercenaries leaving to the "other world" or back to their countries of residence has not been stopped by the Kiev leadership.

💬Recent empty statements about almost "20,000" foreigners "fighting" against the Russian Armed Forces are just plain lies.

▫️As we have already noted, the Russian Defence Ministry monitors and records the presence in Ukraine of every representative of this international gathering of "headless horsemen".

▫️Moreover, it is not only mercenaries directly involved in combat operations as part of Ukrainian units that are now included in our databases. We also take into account the trainers who have come to train, assist in the operation and repair of Western weapons supplied to Ukraine.

📊We will publish these statistics today.

▫️For example, among European countries, Poland is the undisputed leader in terms of the number of mercenaries both arriving and dying. Since the beginning of the special military operation, 1,831 people have arrived in Ukraine, of whom 378 have already been killed and 272 mercenaries have departed for their homeland. It is followed by Romania with 504 arrivals, 102 deaths and 98 departures. The UK is in third place: 422 arrivals, 101 deaths, 95 departures.

▫️Among the Americas, Canada leads the way: 601 arrivals, 162 deaths, 169 departures. The USA comes second: 530 arrivals, 214 deaths, 227 departures.

▫️From the Middle East, Transcaucasus and Asia the largest number, 355 mercenaries, came from Georgia, of whom 120 died and 90 left Ukraine. Then there are 200 terrorist fighters redeployed from the US-controlled areas of Jazira region in Syria. To date, 80 have been eliminated and 66 have left Ukraine.

▫️In total, our lists as at June 17, 2022, include mercenaries and weapons operating specialists from 64 countries. Since the beginning of the special military operation, 6,956 people have arrived in Ukraine, 1,956 have already been eliminated and 1,779 have left.

▫️3,321 mercenaries are alive, not yet captured, or have not yet escaped to the Ukrainian border.


Key Zelensky Advisor Arestovich Ungratefully and Crudely Insults the West:

This is a Religious war, and Russia is fighting for that they see as Christianity.

Here is yet another example of many. The flag you see is once again the Russian flag with Jesus as envisioned by the Russian Orthodox Church:

This is in part why the Russian will not quit. They believe they are the last army standing against the Satanic West as evidenced by the Corrupt pervert Bidens, "Pride" Month, Biological Weapons proliferation, Zelensky, Soros, etc..

It's really hard to argue against that given who and what is running America and Canada right now...

Color Revolutions from Soros...

Why are we involved defending some corrupt country literally on the other side of the world?

The whole point of the 2004 "Orange revolution" and the Maidan coup 10 years later was to turn Ukraine into anti-Russia, either as the (in their deranged fantasy) "beacon of democracy" that would rally the 5th column in Russia itself, or a hostile military power that could then be used as a proxy. Which is what they're doing now, pouring more and more weapons into Ukraine while openly admitting this is a NATO-Russia war — but technically not, so their own lands and lives are supposedly untouchable. Except for being ravaged by the second-order consequences of the sanctions they sought to impose on Russia, that is.

I's not fraud if the government is colluding on the fraud?

The world has learned about ivermectin in spite of the propaganda campaign against it!

While in the USA Ivermectin has been vilified by both FDA and the press, worldwide adoption of Ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19 disease is now at 45%!

Yet another case showing the vax is ineffective...

Ivermectin is also somewhat effective against toxoplasmosis - a parasite a large percentage of people in the US have. This parasite sticks with the person for life, and is implicated in depression, self harm, suicide and schuzophrenia. In mice it makes the mice approach cats.

There is a time lag of 5 months for the damaging effects of the vaccine to be noted in overall deaths

Recently we revealed how office data published by the UK Government showed that the vaccinated population in England had a higher mortality rate per 100,000 than the unvaccinated population.

Our analysis found that it takes approximately 5 months from receiving the Covid-19 vaccine for that elevated mortality rate to be realized.

Well, now the latest UK Government data on deaths in England and Wales adds further weight to the above findings because the UK has been experiencing excess deaths again since the end of April 2022. Approximately 5 months after the mass winter “Booster” vaccination campaign.

And they are still pushing it on to toddlers and infants now...

You can get ivermectin for a low price from India shipped from the US without a prescription here. I did.

Remember the Stanley Milgram Experiment where people submitted to authority and shocked experiment subjects into the realm of torture ane even death because of "following the science"?

The whole vaccination was giant Milgram Experiment.

A response to the Jan 6 Show trials: (language alert)

Why are there medically senseless lockdowns in China? Here may be why:

SHANGHAI, June 14 (Reuters) - A protest planned by hundreds of bank depositors in central China seeking access to their frozen funds has been thwarted because the authorities have turned their health code apps red, several depositors told Reuters.

The depositors were planning to travel to the central province of Henan this week from across China to protest against an almost two-month block on accessing at least $178 million of deposits, which has left companies unable to pay workers and individuals unable to access savings.

Rights groups have warned China could use its vast COVID surveillance infrastructure to stifle dissent. Without a green code on their smartphone app, citizens lose access to public transport and spaces such as restaurants and malls, as well as the right to travel across the country.

"They are putting digital handcuffs on us," said a depositor from Sichuan province surnamed Chen, who declined to use his full name for fear of government retribution.

The Henan provincial government, the National Health Commission and the Ministry of Public Security did not respond to requests for comment.

After recent COVID outbreaks, some regions in China have asked travellers to register their plans online.

A man surnamed Liu, who lives in Hubei province, found that his health code turned red on the morning of June 12 after he registered the day before to travel to Henan.

Liu had planned to travel to a protest planned for Monday in the Henan provincial capital Zhengzhou, where he had hoped to get his money back. The protest would have been the latest among numerous such demonstrations in Henan in recent months.

More than 200 depositors were similarly blocked when their health codes turned red, according to members of a WeChat group.

It could not be ascertained if the change in code was intended to block the protesters or for another reason, but three depositors told Reuters they knew people who had registered to travel to Henan, who were not connected to the frozen funds, whose codes did not turn red.

Yu Zhou Xin Min Sheng Village Bank, Shangcai Huimin Country Bank and Zhecheng Huanghuai Community Bank froze deposits on April 18, with all three telling customers they were upgrading internal systems.

Liu, who declined to give his full name for fear of government repercussions, said his child may not be able to go to school if his code does not soon revert to green ."I can't do anything, I can't go anywhere. You're treated as though you're a criminal. It infringes on my human rights," said Liu.

Wang Qiong, who lives in the central city of Wuhan, found her health code had turned red after she registered to travel to Henan on June 11.

"The police had my identity details from the last time I went to protest in April," said Wang, who said she has lost access to 2.3 million yuan ($341,550).

Other depositors told Reuters they were able to arrive in Zhengzhou by train and car but their codes turned red as soon as they scanned city health codes.

Bill Barr, Trump's Attorney General is a vile Traitor! No wonder Trump was so sabotaged!!

While in the White House he blocked every investigation into voter fraud in spite of overwhelming evidence. He's still doing that today as best he can.

Trump: “They use Big Tech to censor you, the Deep State to spy on you, the intelligence agencies to frame you, the media to slander you…they rig elections to disenfranchise you…all the while they claim they are the ones defending democracy and justice. It’s all a bunch of bullshit.”

More Hypocrisy:

And more...

Gun Control Biden had many guns...

And more...

Russia vindicated on Chemical Weapons

"Told you so. The U.S. and NATO have been lying about what is actually taking place on the ground in Ukraine. For those not familiar with my early writings on the actual situation, go back a look at my previous articles written in March– Is Russia on the Ropes in Ukraine? and Update on the Military Situation in Ukraine.

NBC News, not known as a pro-Putin media outlet, published this bombshell this week:

President Joe Biden later said it publicly. But three U.S. officials told NBC News this week there is no evidence Russia has brought any chemical weapons near Ukraine. They said the U.S. released the information to deter Russia from using the banned munitions.

Just this week, national security adviser Jake Sullivan stood at the White House podium and read out what officials said was more declassified intelligence, asserting that Russia’s pullout from areas around Kyiv wasn’t a retreat but a strategic redeployment that signals a significant assault on eastern and southern Ukraine, one that U.S. officials believe could be a protracted and bloody fight."

And more...

Even Obama is now a Prepper:

I used to live on Cape Cod. The Vineyard Gazette published this news from its board minutes and it’s gone viral. Prepare for lights out folks!

Really? There seem to be a lot of Clintoncides going on recently...

Remember that group of Patriot Front government ops arrested by local Idaho police before they could cause a media scene in Idaho?

They didn't even bother to tape over the FBI label.

Russia to the Rescue?

The Biden Administration, U.S. political officials, and the corporate media are lying the American public into World War III.

Links for this: Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Putin's speech yesterday:

The old world is over: Key takeaways from Putin's first major speech since Russia's military offensive in Ukraine.

In his keynote speech at SPIEF, Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined his vision for the future of the country and the world

New centers of power have emerged, the unipolar world order isn’t coming back, and the “colonial” way of thinking has failed, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday, in what the Kremlin described as an “extremely important” speech.

The old world order is gone with the wind When the US declared victory in the Cold War, Americans designated themselves the “messengers of God on earth,” with interests that should be considered sacred and no obligations, Putin told the audience at SPIEF. New centers of power have since emerged, and have the right to protect their own systems, economic models and sovereignty. These “truly revolutionary, tectonic changes in geopolitics, the global economy, in the technological sphere, in the entire system of international relations,” are “fundamental, pivotal and inexorable,” Putin said. “And It is a mistake to suggest that one can wait out the times of turbulent change and that things will return to normal; that everything will be as it was. It will not.”

Anti-Russian sanctions backfired on the West When the US and its allies launched the campaign to “cancel” Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, they hoped to crash and undermine the Russian economy and society. The sanctions have instead boomeranged on their creators, aggravating social and economic problems, driving up the cost of food, electricity and fuel, and hurting the quality of life across the West, but especially in Europe. “The European Union has completely lost its political sovereignty, and its bureaucratic elites are dancing to someone else’s tune, accepting whatever they are told from above, causing harm to their own population and their own economy,” Putin said. EU citizens will pay the price for “decisions divorced from reality and taken contrary to common sense,” he added, as direct losses from the sanctions alone could exceed $400 billion in a year.

Energy prices and inflation are self-inflicted Blaming the high energy prices and inflation in the West on Russia – “Putin’s price hike,” as the White House put it – is a “stupidity” and “designed for people who can’t read or write,” the Russian president said. “Don’t blame us, blame yourselves,” Putin said. The EU “blindly believing in renewable sources” and abandoning long-term natural gas contracts with Russia led to the spike in energy prices last year, according to the Russian leader. Meanwhile, both the US and the EU addressed the Covid-19 pandemic by printing trillions of dollars and euros.

‘Elite change’ awaits the West Policies undertaken by EU and US leaders are exacerbating inequalities and divisions in their societies, not just in terms of welfare but in terms of values and orientations of various groups, Putin said. “Such a detachment from reality, from the demands of society, will inevitably lead to a surge of populism and the growth of radical movements, to serious social and economic changes, to degradation and, in the near future, to a change of elites,” the Russian leader said.

If there’s a famine, it won’t be Russia’s fault

US and EU sanctions against Russia – in particular fertilizer and grain exports – are one of the reasons for growing global food insecurity, Putin pointed out. If there is famine in the world’s poorest countries, “this will be entirely on the conscience of the US administration and the European bureaucracy."

Troubles with food supply have arisen over the past several years – not months – due to the “short-sighted actions of those who are accustomed to solving their problems at someone else's expense,” distorting the trade flows by printing money in a sort of “predatory colonial policy,” Putin said.

Russia is ready to send food to Africa and the Middle East, where the threat of famine is most acute, but faces “logistical, financial, transport” obstacles imposed by the West, he said.

Reasons for the Ukraine conflict Russia sent troops into Ukraine in February because the West refused to abide by its obligations, and it was “simply impossible to reach any new agreements with them,” Putin said. The decision was “forced, but necessary,” as Russia had every right as a sovereign country to defend its security and protect its citizens and residents of Donbass from “genocide by the Kiev regime and neo-Nazis who received the full protection of the West." The West spent years turning Ukraine into an “anti-Russia” state and pumping it with weapons and military advisers, Putin said, pointing out they “did not give a damn” about Ukraine’s economy or the lives of its people, but “spared no expense to create a NATO foothold in the east, directed against Russia, to cultivate aggression, hatred and Russophobia." “All the objectives of the special military operation will be unconditionally achieved,” Putin said.

Economic development is an expression of sovereignty In the 21st century, sovereignty can’t be partial, Putin argued. All of its elements are equally important and complement each other, and the economy is one of them. There are five key principles Russia will follow in economic development: Openness, freedom, social justice, infrastructure, and technological sovereignty. Russia will “never follow the path of self-isolation and autarky,” but will expand interactions with anyone who wishes to trade, Putin said, adding there are “many such countries.” Moscow will also support private enterprise, build and repair its transportation infrastructure, seek to reduce social inequality, and ensure its key technologies are not dependent on foreign imports. “Truly sovereign states are always committed to equal partnerships,” while “those who are weak and dependent, as a rule, are busy looking for enemies, planting xenophobia, or finally losing their originality, independence, blindly following the overlord,” he said.

A lot of those weapons pouring into Ukraine thanks to our tax dollars.inflation are going. to the black market and hence to terrorists world wide:

Several dark web marketplaces are selling military weapons allegedly sourced from Western countries to support the Ukrainian military. It is likely that the weapons have been shelved from the main supplies and are now being sold to terrorists. In one of the markets called Thief, there are 9 ads from 3 suppliers associated with Ukraine.

A vendor called Weapons Ukraine sells rifles, grenades and body armor for prices ranging from $1,100 to $3,600, promising delivery within Ukraine. Despite the lack of reviews about the store, 32 people have already made a purchase.

"...The war [in Ukraine] has already consumed as much as one-third of the US military’s inventory of Javelins. Within months, the Pentagon will be unable to deliver new ones without emptying out its own supply. The war has also consumed one-quarter of the US inventory of Stinger shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles; Raytheon, which makes the Stinger, says it could take up to a year to restart production...

...At the current usage rate, supplies could be nearly exhausted by next year. A $40 billion spending package passed by Congress last month aims to replenish these stockpiles. But the problem goes deeper than short-term supply disruptions. Military planners and defense contractors have long prioritized spending on big-ticket “platforms,” such as aircraft carriers and fighter jets, over making weapons themselves...

...A 2020 Pentagon report found that in an alarming number of cases, the military relies on a single, “often fragile” supplier to make critical components..."

Does this sound familiar? The Donbass rebellion was because of refusing to accept voter fraud in Ukraine:

A video from the first weeks of the Special Operation. A woman from Donetsk recalls how everything started in 2014 and Donbass people called on Ukrainians to stop bombing them, to stop the war.

Western Ukrainians told them it was not a war but an Anti-terrorist Operation, that there was no civilians left in Donbass only terrorists and that it was a boomerang coming back to them for rebelling against the Kiev Regime.

This video was originally published with a full transcription by:

Perspective: Turning the Whole World into Ukraine

Years ago I wrote that the [Deep State] wanted to make "a global Balkans" — turn the world into a place where they could do whatever, just like in the shards of Yugoslavia. But it's much, much worse than that. They want the world to resemble Ukraine.

That's basically what USAID head Samantha Power said today. Specifically, that the US and its vassals "must build on the unity we’ve demonstrated in Ukraine to try to extend a broader revolution of dignity to people seeking to be free."

"Revolution of dignity" is what the Nazis in Ukraine called the 2014 coup. Samantha wants to support the "locally-developed ambitions of pro-democratic movements and governments" (LOL) just like her government did in Kiev. She also wants to control digital tech and journalists; it's all in her thread, read it if you have the stomach for it.

Perhaps the best part, irony-wise, is the announcement of a "dekleptification guide—a handbook to help countries make the difficult transition from kleptocracy to democracy." Excuse me? The US, a corrupt oligarchy literally figure-headed by "10% for the Big Guy"? Using the example of Ukraine, probably the most kleptocratic country in the world right now?

I know Putin called the [Deep State] an "Empire of Lies," but do they have to repeatedly prove his point like this?

-The Nebulator

More from Putin on that: Making sense I think:

And this which was recorded last year.

Some info from Sidney...

The Federal Government Admits: Voting Machines Can Be Hacked!

QUOTE: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) is forced to admit that Dominion Voting System machines in 16 states are "vulnerable to hacking"

President Trump blasted out my Substack article "Something Stinks in Georgia" (120,000 page views and climbing!) to his followers on TruthSocial yesterday — and it sent Biden's unpaid staff in the media into a frenzy. Discredited media outlets for beta-males and aging hippies like Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, CNN, MSDNC, Newsweek, and Politico all published articles in a foolish attempt to dismiss my piece.

They tried to do the same thing on Twitter. The smallest Australian export to America since the koala bear, Axios' Jonathan Swan even retweeted Trump's post with a snide remark. Swan is mostly known for spending his time at the Bombay Club (one block north of the White House) plying the reprehensible Alyssa Farah with cocktails in exchange for gossip about the Trump Administration. Among journalists, Swan is even more famous for being dumb enough to marry Betsy Woodruff, whose semi-regular and totally unhinged appearances on MSDNC from her kitchen remind me of those paid advertisements for some new medication to treat paranoid schizophrenia.

The federal government's own Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency has been forced to admit that it was spreading misinformation about the 2020 election being "the most secure election in history."

Are Dominion machines being used in Georgia? Yes of course — Dominion's vulnerable machines are being used in all of Georgia's counties.

So the people who told you that the voting machines could be rigged — and who were smeared as crazy conspiracy theorists by the corporate media and sued by the voting machine companies for libel— were telling the truth.


The Near Mass Shooting Most of the Media Won't Tell You About

QUOTE: A woman with a concealed handgun stopped a mass shooting this week after a man attacked a graduation party in Charleston, West Virginia.

"Police said a woman who was lawfully carrying a pistol shot and killed a man who began shooting at a crowd of people Wednesday night in Charleston," location Fox 11 reported about the incident. "Dennis Butler was killed after allegedly shooting at dozens of people attending a graduation party Wednesday near the Vista View Apartment complex. No injuries were reported from those at the party. Investigators said Butler was warned about speeding in the area with children present before he left. He later returned with an AR-15-style firearm and began firing into the crowd before he was shot and killed."

Police described the woman as "running toward the threat," saving lives.

The story comes as Democrats in Washington D.C. seek to curtail self defense rights for law abiding citizens. President Biden is leading the charge.

5- Thirty (30) million clot shots will not be injected into humans.

Moderna Throwing Away 30 Million Doses of COVID Vaccine Because 'Nobody Wants Them'

QUOTE: Our betters in the World Economic Forum (WEF) gathered in Davos this week to decide what's best for the planet and everyone on it (especially themselves). But Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, was sad. He was disappointed that the plebs don't want his company's revered COVID-19 vaccines.

"It's sad to say, I'm in the process of throwing 30 million doses into the garbage, because nobody wants them," lamented Bancel as he participated in a panel discussion. "We have a big demand problem." Actually, that sounds like a big over-supply problem to me, but what do I know?

Bancel elaborated on the outreach efforts the pharma giant was making to "every country," including going around to all the embassies in Washington, D.C., to entreat governments to distribute the excess shots to their citizens. But sadly, he concluded, "nobody wants to take them."

"The challenge we have now is [a] very different situation than we had two years ago. The problem we had two years ago is there was no mRNA capacity in the world. Zero."

"The situation is very different today," explained Bancel. "Moderna has three billion doses annual capacity, Pfizer has four billion doses, that's seven billion doses, and the Chinese don't want the vaccines with mRNA. So if you just take the, just the Chinese population out, you have more than a dose per person, and as we just discussed, the issue in many countries is people don't want vaccines.

Bancel called out the ugly Americans. "In the U.S., people don't want vaccines," he said. "Around the world, we have a lot of people who don't want the vaccine," Bancel mourned, before reiterating that the problem was not a "capacity limit."

6- The best news! Pediatricians are backing off of forcing the Covid-CCP injection on children. Read all the stories pouring in to Berenson on the topic.

Update on yesterday's post about changing physician attitudes towards the mRNA shots

QUOTE: So many stories! It's already clear the Zeitgeist has changed and many doctors - especially pediatricians - have decided to pretend the Covid vaccines don't exist.

Yesterday's post struck a nerve.

Physicians, nurses, and patients from all over the world have already sent hundreds of stories. (Interestingly, Australia is disproportionately represented - the six-month Omicron wave there seems to have cracked confidence in the vaccines.)

I plan to look at this topic from several angles, but the change in attitudes among pediatricians is especially striking. Several factors may be driving it. The risk-benefit of these shots for kids is particularly indefensible, the approval process has hardly inspired confidence, and pediatricians know that if they push too hard they risk backlash against all vaccines.

In any case, discussion of the mRNA jabs seems simply to have disappeared at well-child visits, even in the bluest cities and states.

For a ton of information on how to get involved in your area elections and what is happening with Dominion Voting Machines, listen to the first half of this War Room Podcast.

This guy knows money...

Elon Musk says Tesla must cut staff by around 10% and pause hiring, in an email Musk reportedly said he has a “super bad feeling” about the economy, Reuters reported

Americans have become less supportive of US participation in Ukrainian events In his study, William Moloney, a correspondent for the American edition of The Hill, came to the conclusion that Washington failed to cause significant damage to the Russian economy with the help of sanctions. “Foreign wars tend to be most popular early on, especially if they are effectively “sold out” to the American public in morally unambiguous terms, but unless they end fairly quickly in a decisive victory achieved at a reasonable cost, public support and political consensus begin to wane. sometimes very quickly. This seems to be happening with the war in Ukraine as well,” he writes. The article goes on to cite polls that show that in March, more than 60% of Americans were in favor of "the decisive role of the United States in Ukraine", and by mid-May this number had fallen to about 45%.

One way to look at it: The Virtue Signaling Feudal Theocracy:

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