Reality Breaking the Propaganda

I'll try to cover just the most urgently important things. Sorry I have not kept up with posting relevant news. Covid hit hour household and business, major changes are in progress for our small business, and we are trying to double our farm output in response to recent news. I'm doing my best to keep up! If you are ready for some eye opening 5 minutes on Hackable Humans and Transhumanism: This is terribly important and entirely made up of news clips/interviews from authori

A War Like No Other

Zelensky from the past has a message for Zelensky from the present: “They are what they are”… Zelensky brazenly admitting on Fox News that various Nazi groups are incorporated into the Ukrainian army. He also says that Nazi group “Azov are no longer self established and are a component of the Ukrainian military” US and NATO are supporting Nazi’s. The ongoing armed conflict which began in Kie

Reasons for Russia

Biden in 1997: "The only thing that can provoke Russia into a hostile and vigorous response is the expansion of NATO to the Baltic states." Russia's Terms: Russia has told Ukraine it is ready to halt military operations "in a moment" if Kyiv meets a list of conditions, the Kremlin spokesman said on Monday. Dmitry Peskov said Moscow was demanding that: Ukraine cease military action, Change its constitution to enshrine neutrality, Acknowledge Crimea as Russian territory, and Re

Russia Flashpoint. Biden.

Biden needs us to be at war with Russia in the Ukraine as a distraction from the Freedom Convoy and as an excuse to extend the lockdowns and arrests of anyone under martial law. War means suspension of civil liberties as well as an external enemy to blame things on (See Russia Russia Russia, Trump etc.). Biden has gone so far as to actually smirk while saying, in the presence of the German Chancellor, that the they would get rid of the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2. The Ge

21 November 2019 - Lunch News

Lt. Colonel Vindman - who is trying to bring down POTUS - was offered position to be UKRAINE'S DEFENSE MINISTER(QRV) Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, the guy who is supposedly so patriotic and will be the Dem's star in taking out President Trump, was offered the position of Defense Minister - of Ukraine.Vindman attended the inauguration in Ukraine and was asked THREE TIMES to be the head of their Defense Ministry. Vindman said: "It really is pretty funny for a Lt. Colonel in th



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