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Reasons for Russia

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Biden in 1997: "The only thing that can provoke Russia into a hostile and vigorous response is the expansion of NATO to the Baltic states."

Russia's Terms:

Russia has told Ukraine it is ready to halt military operations "in a moment" if Kyiv meets a list of conditions, the Kremlin spokesman said on Monday.

Dmitry Peskov said Moscow was demanding that:

Ukraine cease military action,

Change its constitution to enshrine neutrality,

Acknowledge Crimea as Russian territory, and

Recognize the separatist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states.

It was the most explicit Russian statement so far of the terms it wants to impose on Ukraine to halt what it calls its "special military operation", now in its 12th day.

Peskov told Reuters in a telephone interview that Ukraine was aware of the conditions. "And they were told that all this can be stopped in a moment."

(This sounds very reasonable to me.)

There are several reasons why Russia did not wait to launch the attack:

2 Bio-labs in Ukraine which were scheduled to come on line at the end of February,

Statements from Ukraine that they would join NATO,

Intel that the Deep State would launch a provocation or false flag at the end of covid to distract from the damning information coming out on Covid's origins, the danger of the vax etc..

and now this:

Ukraine planned an attack on Donetsk on 8 March 2022!

Prime Minister of Donetsk presents found proof that NATO has assisted the NAZI groups in Ukraine:

Sometimes when there is a lot of propaganda flying, it makes sense to use logic and ask yourself: Who has the incentive to take what action about this? Common Sense can separate fact from fiction in many cases.

It is also important to have open lines of communication, multiple sources (and not just mockingbird media), otherwise propaganda lies go unchallenged.

The Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova, told the United States on Wednesday, “We have found your biological weapons!”

“There was statement made by the Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, leave no doubt, will not give Washington to be silent this time. Their attempts, while spilling blood, to find biological and chemical weapons throughout the world. We have found your own products. We have found your biological material. As it turns out it was all happening in Ukraine,” RT, Russia state-affiliated media reported.

This comes after State Department official Victoria Nuland admitted in her testimony on Tuesday that the US has biolabs in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the official spokesman for the China Communist Government confronted the United States on its 336 biological labs in 30 countries around the world. According to China, there are 26 US biological labs in Ukraine alone.

Much of the information outside the MSM is coming through the free speech facilitator Telegram. Here is information received through Telegram from the Russian Ministry of Defense and a reporter in the Russian held areas:

During special military operation, classified documents of the command of the National Guard of Ukraine were acquired by the Russian servicemen. These documents confirm the covert preparation by the Kiev regime of an offensive operation in the Donbass in March 2022. The Russian Ministry of Defence publishes the original secret order of the commander of the National Guard of Ukraine, Colonel-General Nikolai Balan, dated January 22, 2022. The order, brought to the command of the National Guard of Ukraine, explains the plan for preparing one of the shock groups for offensive operations in the so-called “Joint Forces Operation” zone in Donbass. We remember the statements by the leadership of the Kiev regime that there were no plans for an armed seizure of Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics. The originals of the secret military documents of the National Guard of Ukraine clearly prove the falsity of these statements. See the documents here:

The US Department of Commerce threatens companies from China with restrictive measures if they do not support the ban on exports to Russia.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed secret documents of the command of the National Guard of Ukraine dated January 22 this year, which confirm the covert preparation by the Kiev regime of an offensive operation in Donbas in March 2022. US rejects Poland's offer to transfer its MiG-29 fighter jets to US base in Germany as a way to replenish Ukrainian air force to defend against invading Russian forces - Reuters The US ambassador in Moscow appealed to American citizens: leave Russia now or think of a plan for how to do without the help of the embassy. A provocation with 80 tons of ammonia is being prepared near Kharkov to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation The White House said that sending planes to Ukraine from a US base is not in the interests of Washington. Video here: Meanwhile, neo-Nazis, as if nothing had happened, are posting a video on the Internet, where you can clearly see the kindergarten they occupied. The footage is presumably in Mariupol or Odessa. And then there will be moaning that the Russians are hitting kindergartens and hospitals.. Intel slava is a Russian News aggregator who covers Conflicts/Geopolitics and urgent news from around the world. Https:// . Highly recommended for current up close coverage of events in Ukraine.

▪The analysis of the acts of destruction shows that work was carried out with pathogenes of plague, anthrax and brucellosis in the Lvov biological laboratory, pathogens of diphtheria, salmonellosis and dysentery in laboratories in Kharkov and Poltava. Here are some of them: only in Lvov 232 containers with the casuative agent of leptospirosis, 30 containers with tularemia, 10 with containers brucellosis, 5 containers with plague were destroyed. In total more than 320 containers. The nomenclature and excessive number of bio-pathogens indicate that the work was carried out within the framework of military biological programs.

The curators from the Pentagon understand that if these collections get to Russian experts a fact of violation of the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons by Ukraine and the USA will most likely be confirmed. Namely: carrying out work to enhance the pathogenic properties of microorganisms with usage of synthetic biology methods.

Only this can explain a haste with which the liquidation was carried out.

This is only a small part of documents. We continue the work and will inform you.


❗️On the night of March 9, Ukrainian nationalists delivered about 80 tons of ammonia to Zolochiv settlement, northwest of Kharkov. According to the residents who left Zolochiv, the nationalists teach them how to act correctly during a chemical attack. All this testifies to the preparation by Ukrainian nationalists of a provocation using toxic substances to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Https://

The same people who brought us the whole Covid-19 pandemic have apparently been working the bio-weapons labs in Ukraine! I haven't found a second source yet but it is highly plausible since they had the contracts for Wuhan.

This is Peter Daszak:

Daszak was, perhaps more than any other individual, responsible for the creation of Covid 19. His history is astoundingly incriminating.

All about Daszak here:

There were also signs that the bio-weapons labs were requisitioning Slavic tissue samples - specifically I have seen the requisition forms for Slavic synovial tissues. Sorry

I did not get the source recorded for that, but I did see them and they looked genuine.

It is well established that viruses can be designed to target racial groups and perhaps even individuals.

No wonder Putin held his meetings at a distance:

Deleted Web Pages Show Obama Led an Effort To Build a Ukraine-Based BioLab Handling ‘Especially Dangerous Pathogens’.

Recovered by The National Pulse, the article raises serious questions about U.S. government activity in Ukraine, stretching back almost two decades.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Friday the alliance of Western nations will not fight for Ukraine. NATO will not send in ground troops and will not close the Ukrainian air space.

Putin Warns:

“We hear calls to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine,”

“It is impossible to do from Ukrainian territory — it can only be done from the territory of other states. But any moves in such direction will be seen by us as participation in an armed conflict by the country that will create threats to our servicemen.”

“Warehouses with weapons and ammunition, aviation, air defense systems — it takes time to destroy air defense systems,” Putin said.

“This work is practically done — that’s why there are demands to impose a no-fly zone. The realization of that demand would bring catastrophic results not only to Europe, but to the whole world.”

“The current leadership needs to understand that if they continue doing what they are doing, they risk the future of Ukrainian statehood,” he said. “If that happens, they will have to be blamed for that.”

“Our army will solve all tasks — I don’t doubt it for a second,” he said. “This is confirmed by how the operation is ongoing. Everything is being done according to a plan.”

Poland Colludes with the US to escalate the War in Ukraine:

Via the Government of Poland website:

The authorities of the Republic of Poland, after consultations between the President and the Government, are ready to deploy – immediately and free of charge – all their MIG-29 jets to the Ramstein Air Base and place them at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America. At the same time, Poland requests the United States to provide us with used aircraft with corresponding operational capabilities. Poland is ready to immediately establish the conditions of purchase of the planes. The Polish Government also requests other NATO Allies – owners of MIG-29 jets – to act in the same vein.

Ukraine's President Zelensky has been urging the United States and NATO countries that his military desperately needs more fighter jets to take on the Russian invasion force, on Friday telling US lawmakers in a Zoom call "close the skies or give us planes" - according to a Congressional leader present for the address.

Apparently the Biden administration is busy working on just that, also at a moment Congress is still prepping a whopping $10 billion military and humanitarian aide package for Ukraine. The new aircraft deal would involve transferring Russian-made warplanes to Kiev from neighboring Poland, according to a new report in FT.

Update: The U.S. rejected the deal. The two NATO countries either didn’t coordinate the announcement, or someone from the Biden/Blinken camp don’t know what they are doing, or someone tried to trip off the Polish administration into starting WWIII and failed.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke to U.S. senators on a video conference call Saturday morning

Ukraine's President Zelensky Loses it:

“All the people who will die starting from this day will also die because of you, because of your weakness, because of your disunity,”

“Is this the NATO we wanted? Is this the alliance you were building? … You will not be able to buy us off with liters of fuel for liters of our blood, shed for our common Europe, for our common freedom, for our common future,” he said, noting the supplies nations have sent to Ukraine

“We repeat every day: ‘Close the sky over Ukraine!’ Close it for all Russian missiles, Russian combat aircraft, for all these terrorists,” he said, calling for the skies to be “without rockets, without air bombs.”

“We are people, and it is your humanitarian duty to protect us, protect people, and you can do it,” Zelenskyy said. “If you do not do that, if you at least do not give us aircraft for us to be able to protect ourselves, there can be only one conclusion: You also want us to be slowly killed.”

Russian MoD: Large Amount of Weapons Supplied by West to Ukraine Has Been Seized

Zelensky is probably hooked on Cocaine:

* “the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Geo Leros on his Youtube channel posted an interview with Gennady Lazutkin, a former business partner of Zelensky, who said that the entire circle of the president is dependent on cocaine.”

* “according to Lazutkin, Zelensky and his friends are so deeply “in the subject” that they can easily distinguish cocaine from Colombia from a potion from Costa Rica by the smell.”

* “Ukrainian portal “Strana” reports… Mykola Tishchenko….having become a politician, retained close ties with criminal groups and supplied the cocaine they brought to the head of state.”

* “the devastating article of ‘Strana’ was never refuted by the Office of the President and was not challenged in court.”

* “candidate Zelensky refused a real examination, presenting a certificate from his medical friends, which did not convince sane people of anything”

Shocking but it really happened. Many solid sources for this:

Ukraine Secret Service intentionally shot and killed their own negotiator:

Interfax based its report on a Telegram post from Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleksiy Honcharenko.

The post said the killing occurred during the first round of peace talks held in Belarus.

During an attempt to detain Denys Kyreyev, a member of the Ukrainian negotiating delegation, the Ukrainian Security Service shot and killed him. He was suspected of high treason,” Honcharenko wrote on Telegram, according to Interfax.

“The [Ukrainian Security Service] had clear evidence of Kyreyev’s high treason, including his telephone talks,” Honcharenko said, citing sources he did not name. Media: SBU kills member of Ukrainian negotiations team suspected of treason. According to Ukrainska Pravda sources, the man was killed during arrest attempt. "Strong evidence" that he was leaking information to Russia.

Institutionalized Nazis: The Kiev Chief of Police is a NAZI:

You don't get to be the Chief of Police in the Capitol without it being solidly a part of the political culture there.

Russian statement:

NATO published an image of a NAZI tattoo in Ukraine, and then deleted it:

Yet another example of Fake News:

Do you guys see any parallels to the Biden administration being a lawless parallel government? The Zelensky administration makes peace deals and the NAZI Azov Brigade ignores it.

Zelensky gave guns to criminals in jail and released them. Results were predictable:

SWIFT Sanctions are just Pretend. Here's why:

Biden and the European allies are putting on a brave face and claiming they’re really socking it to Russia, but this celebration is likely to be short-lived. The recent actions by Biden are likely to set in motion disruptions in the international financial system that could end America’s status as the World’s reserve currency. Let’s start with the SWIFT sanctions.

SWIFT is the acronym for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. SWIFT is basically a message system for banks that allows them to communicate key financial information required to pay invoices or wire money from one entity to another. So the big brave West cut off some Russian banks access to SWIFT. That means people wanting to buy Russian exports will not be able to pay for them in dollars. EXCEPT, the SWIFT sanctions were not imposed on those Russian banks that receive payments from the United States and Europe for oil. Got that? It is a sham sanction.

But SWIFT is not the only game in town. There are alternatives:

  • CIPS – sponsored by China, for trade-related deals in the Chinese currency with Chinese clearing banks[57]

  • SFMS – sponsored by India

  • SPFS – sponsored by Russia, mostly composed of Russian banks

Also VISA stopped providing services to the Russians, so Russians have switched to a Chinese based system (Union Pay) for credit card services through MIR.

Russia agrees that Biden is not the Legitimate President of the US:

President of Gab Torba catches the CIA covertly pushing anti-Russian propaganda

"Anti-Russian Propaganda Bots... Nice try, C_A": Gab Owner Catches 'new accounts'

The head of Gab Andrew Torba has posted about 'Hundreds of accounts across the same 12 IPs... boosting anti-Russian propaganda.'

“We have just discovered an anti-Russian botnet that was boosting fake news using dozens of accounts across the same IP addresses. Nice try, C_A,” Torba mocked the agency.

Remember the Biden blackmail of loans to Ukraine worth billions?

Massive Ukrainian debt - another reason why the West is pressured to support Ukraine:

Starting off in 1992 with a foreign debt of $0 thanks to Russia’s commitment to take on the Soviet Union’s $100 billion in liabilities, successive Ukrainian governments have piled up tens of billions-worth of dollars in obligations to foreign creditors, including the International Monetary Fund, the United States and the European Union.

International creditors should write off Ukraine’s foreign debt in light of the Russian military operation in the country, Accounts Chamber of Ukraine chief Valeriy Patskan has suggested. “The scale of the destruction in Ukraine caused by Russian aggression is colossal! In view of this, our external creditors must be required to write off Ukraine’s debts. To date, the external debt is 1.6 trillion hryvnia, or more than $57 billion,” Patskan wrote in a post on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

Notice how the rusted and presumably burned vehicles are charred, but the trees are just fine...

How ironic:

Making dissent illegal:

In Slovakia, it’s now a crime to express any “acceptance of support” of the Russian actions or of their leaders, and special police commandos are hunting down people who do so in public offline or online. The punishment is 10-25 years in prison or up to a maximum of life.

The Czech Republic is adopting the same law, but the punishment will be 1 to 3 years in prison.

He warned citizens to respect freedom of speech and not to exceed its limits. Under Czech law support for crimes against humanity or genocide are punishable by up to three years in jail.”

India, China, Brazil, Russia (BRIC) are not condemning the Russians:

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Sunday, adding that Brazil would “adopt a neutral stance on Ukraine” and will not impose sanctions on Russia. Speaking at a news conference while on vacation, Bolsonaro said Ukrainians had “trusted a comedian with the fate of a nation” — referring to Zelensky’s former career as an actor and comedian.

He also pointed out that Brazil is dependent on Russian fertilizer, and that action against Moscow “could bring serious harm to agriculture in Brazil.”

Attempts to pressure India by holding Indian students hostage:

This guy simply hopped a plane to Ukraine and uploaded short video clips while looking for war in Ukraine:

Illusion Warfare Report: The Road to Ukraine. -Join me as i LARP my way onto the Hollywood movie set we know as Ukraine. Will the matrix allow me to peak behind the curtains of a manufactured and manipulated world staged event? The Journey begins… On the 3/3 I took a flight from Luton, England to Krakow, Poland. Via Poland seemed the easiest way into the Ukraine. Even though unvaxxed, I entered Poland with ease on the condition that I left within 24 hours. So I wasted no time, and took a train from Krakow to Przemysl. The only sign of WAR was the name of the cafe’...

To share his journey click here:

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