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A War Like No Other

Zelensky from the past has a message for Zelensky from the present:

“They are what they are”… Zelensky brazenly admitting on Fox News that various Nazi groups are incorporated into the Ukrainian army. He also says that Nazi group “Azov are no longer self established and are a component of the Ukrainian military” US and NATO are supporting Nazi’s.

The ongoing armed conflict which began in Kiev still continues. Here is a 3 minute history. Yes, it is emotional but it is also a concise and well done history:

According to UN High Commission for Human Rights 14,000 people were killed. 8 years of conflict, bombing & people suffering. Damaged schools & shelling while football playing, shooting at the residential areas & attacks from neo-nazis units.

Dancing Queen? Musical Trolling...

In Sweden, a concert of the Swedish folk band Södra Bergens Balalaikor was cancelled under the pretext that they play balalaika, a Russian instrument.

The St. Petersburg Balalaika ensemble decided that it could not be left like this. They came to the building of the Consulate General of Sweden and arranged a concert. And, of course, they performed the songs of the Swedish band "ABBA". There you have it, a cultural Russian protest!

The Swedish government opposed holding a referendum on the country's accession to NATO.

Heartfelt message from a WW2 Veteran:

In the city of Golaya Pristan, located in the Kherson region, for the first time in eight years, the Eternal Flame was lit again in memory of the heroes who fell during the Great Patriotic War.

Key Advisor to Zelensky:

Zelenskyy's advisor Arestovych says why the US chose #Ukraine as a tool against Russia and Europe: "we're a fucked up country with a fucked up collective unconscious. The average Ukrainian is an ideal victim of the information war. Instead of a brain, he has an ideal gas."

(Fact: This military adviser to Zelensky is also on video praising the decision makers at Isis for their effective use of "cruelty" as covered in an earlier post with the video link.)

Would suck to be "allied" boots on the ground who don't know any better (and honestly, when your working 18+ hours a day, you don't have time to research who's good and who's bad, you have to pretty much trust intel or gut) who truly believe Russia is the enemy and are now going to die in a hopeless (for them) battle. It is the price of signing up for your country. Sometimes you die securing freedom, sometimes the contract you signed was with the devil, and you never even knew it. [Former Active Sub sailor myself].

There was a video of Zelensky in 2019 where he was talking to an Azov Nazi attacker in Donbass, and Zelensky was telling him, as president, to knock it off. The Nazi just gave him a bunch of lip. Zelensky was clearly not in control of the situation. I regret I lost the link to it so I cannot post it.

Situation Summary:

The Nazis were allowed to use Donbass as a violent playground after the fake election happened in Ukraine that brought the Nazis to power. Donbass rejected the election results and were labeled "Separatists". The NAZIs got what whatever the Nazis wanted from the new government. The Nazis were funded and founded by Ukrainian gas oligarch Kolomoisky, just like the candidacy of Zelensky was funded by Kolomoisky. The US and Canada helped fund the Nazis and train them under the justification that they were anti-Russian. Biden, Kerry, Pelosi and Romney were all in on the financial take through the Ukraine through relatives. They were also using operatives out of Ukraine (such as the Ukrainian company Crowdstrike which is implicated in the assassination of Seth Rich).

That is why we are sending billions of dollars to arm the Nazis in Ukraine and getting ourselves threatened with nuclear war over a small breakaway republic on the other side of the Earth where we have no apparent national interest.

Mining the fallen:

"Ukrainian Nationalists even mine the bodies of their killed fellow soldiers. That's how stupid these bastards are. In order to collect their corpses, our guys have to take risks. First, a rope is tied to a belt, then what is left of the Nazi is pulled out. Here is such an unprincipled enemy."

Video here (fair warning - it's graphic.:

Cannibals of some kind.

In Hostomel, near Kiev, a Ukrainian video influencer decided to go out to one of the wrecked tanks, and found himself some remains of a ‘dead Russian soldier’, which he decided to cook and eat to great internet acclaim in his country.

(18+) for anyone with the stomach to watch:

Now whether this is a staged ‘stunt’ or not, the fact of the matter is on social media he was said to have gotten greatly positive feedback from many Ukrainians who urged others to go out and cannibalize dead Russian soldiers. This is just an insightful look into Ukrainian society and their inculcated, absolute inhuman hatred of Russians.

And of course there’s the unfortunate fact that experts have determined without a shadow of a doubt that the tank from which he foraged his unholy delicacy was in fact a Ukrainian T-64 (and not a Russian T-72), a tank Russia does not use (nor was DPR/LPR anywhere near Hostomel at any time).

We hear from the Ukrainian authorities that there are civilians at Azovstal, but then the Ukrainian military must release them, otherwise they act like ISIS. - Putin

Is it just another way to suck American dollars from citizens like the Covid Vaccine fraud or the Global Warming Hoax, or the BLM fraud?

Sanctions worked so well that the Russian economy grew in the 1st quarter & the American economy shrank.

REPORT: America's GDP fell through the floor in the first quarter, landing at a negative 1.4%.


🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡"Putin clearly said that civilians can withdraw from Azovstal, and the military can lay down their arms, this is not a topic for negotiations,"

- Peskov

This Canadian General was apparently hiding in Azovistal and has reportedly now been caught and taken to Moscow. This explains the several failed suicide mission attempts by the Ukrainians and Western forces to rescue someone there.

"As a result of an operation initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin to save civilians detained by Ukrainian nationalists at Azovstal plant in Mariupol, on April 30, 25 people from nearby houses and another 21 people from the plant's territory walked out.

▫️All 46 people voluntarily decided to remain in the Donetsk People's Republic.

▫️On May 1, another 80 civilians held by Ukrainian nationalists were rescued from the plant and provided with accommodation, food and medical care.

▫️11 of them voluntarily decided to stay in the Donetsk People's Republic.

▫️69 civilians decided to leave for Kiev-controlled territory and were handed over to representatives of the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross and are currently traveling in a convoy towards Zaporozhye city.

▫️The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are ensuring the safety of the humanitarian convoy with civilians evacuated from Azovstal plant to Kiev-controlled territory."

Oliver Stone on the possibility of a nuclear false flag blamed on Russia:


I can't decide whether the people running the Collective West (aka the GAE) are merely stupid, or actually evil. But to quote one of them, "what difference, at this point, does it make?"

Amazing video:

A very successful and rare shot. A missile attack was launched on a military facility in the city of Fastov, Kyiv region, after which a fire occurred and at that moment another missile flew there. Great view from the passing train!

Did you know that the Bosnian War (1992-1995, 98,000 dead) didn't have to happen?

There was an EU-brokered deal all three communities agreed to. But the US ambassador went to the Bosnian Muslim leader and said he can renege on it. Which he promptly did.

Then he unilaterally declared independence and claimed Serbs and Croats living in Bosnia were "aggressors" for opposing him. At least three peace proposals brokered by the UN and EU failed because the US told the Muslims they didn't have to accept them.

Only in mid-1995, when the US managed to change the situation on the ground by using Croatia as a proxy, did Washington jump in and say "NOW we make a peace deal," just in time for Bill Clinton's re-election campaign!

The confused Muslims treated the talks in Dayton, Ohio like every other sham negotiation, until Richard Holbrooke told them to get with the program. It's all in his 1998 book, "To End A War," self-serving as it is.

Basically, the US unconditionally backed every Bosnian Muslim demand - until it didn't. They signed the Dayton deal thinking it would be an armistice and they could restart the war with US weapons and training. That never happened (for several reasons). Though the shooting war stopped, Bosnia remains dysfunctional even today, in no small part due to this lingering delusion.

Now if any of this sounds familiar... that's because it's happening all over again with Ukraine. Only this time nuclear powers are involved, the world has changed a bit since 1995, and the stakes are much higher.

On May 2, 2014, a terrible tragedy took place in Odessa.

People were burned alive ... and finished off.

On that day, 48 civilians were killed by the Nazis.

Of these, 7 were women.

30 people were poisoned by gas.

6 people died from burns.

10 crashed to their deaths by jumping out of windows from the upper floors.

In total, 220 people turned to hospitals for help that day.

No one was punished, the investigation of the massacre was never carried out. Unlike the murders in Bucha (also carried out by Ukrainian neo-Nazis), the Odessa tragedy has been fully captured on video and photo, there are a large number of witnesses.

Here is the evidence. 3 minutes:


The story of these men who were accused of desertion, but were just trying to survive - a gripping tale:

The Russian Armed Forces are on 24-hour readiness to deliver retaliatory strikes with precision-guided weapons at decision-making centers in Kyiv, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Hitler a Jew too? News to me but need we be reminded that Soros is a Jew but admits he worked with the NAZIs for a profitable end? His excuse was that if the didn't do it someone else would...

Russian FM Lavrov gave an interview to the Italian outlet Mediaset over the weekend. Perhaps knowing the collective West's relationship with the truth, Moscow always provides transcripts of these things. So that's where I went when I saw scurrilous claims of Lavrov's anti-Semitism.

Here's what he actually said:

"Он выдвигает аргумент: какая у них может быть нацификация, если он еврей. Могу ошибиться, но у А.Гитлера тоже была еврейская кровь. Это абсолютно ничего не значит. Мудрый еврейский народ говорит, что самые ярые антисемиты, как правило, евреи. «В семье не без урода», как у нас говорят."


He puts forth an argument: how can they be Nazis if he's Jewish. I could be wrong, but Adolf Hitler also had Jewish blood. That means absolutely nothing. The wise Jewish people say that the most fanatical anti-Semites are, as a rule, Jewish. "There is no family without black sheep," as our saying goes.

Hitler's lawyer Hans Frank alleged in his 1953 memoir that the German Nazi leader had a Jewish grandfather; whether that's true or not, it's entirely irrelevant to the question at hand: Zelensky trying to use his Jewish ancestry as a shield against the reality of "Azov" and the worship of Bander and SS-Galizien in his country.

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