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Two Civil Wars in America

Updated: May 3

Joe Rogan Goes Quiet as Tucker Carlson Drops Bone-Chilling Reality

Members of Congress are terrified of the intel agencies. I’m not guessing at that. They’ve told me that, including people who run the intel committee.”

What Tucker said next was even more revealing.

“I said to somebody, a very powerful person, the other day, in a conversation in my kitchen, an elected official — holds a really senior position... But I was like, ‘All these people are controlled. They’ve all got weird s*x lives, and all these things they’re hiding, and they’re being blackmailed by the intel agencies.’ And he said, and I’m quoting, ‘I know.’ I was like, okay, so at this point, we’re just sort of admitting that’s real? Like, why do we allow that to continue?”

The full Joe Rogan and Tucker episode can be watched here: 🙏🔥

Telegram Founder Claims U.S. Intelligence Attempted to Hire His Employee and Sought ‘Backdoor’ Access to Spy on Users: ‘Biden’s FBI Pressurised Me’ (VIDEO)

Posted by freedomforall 18 hours, 58 minutes ago to Politics

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"In a move aimed at Donald Trump, House Democrats have introduced a bill that would remove Secret Service protection for any former executive sentenced to prison for a federal or state felony. 

The bill comes from Democratic Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, who, in a fitting Deep State overlap, is not only the former Jan. 6 committee chairman but also the ranking member of the Homeland Security committee. Introduced Friday, HR 8081 has 8 cosponsors [conspirators] so far -- all Democrats. 

“It is regrettable that it has come to this, but this previously unthought-of scenario could become our reality,” said Thompson -- as if he and his comrades don't want that reality more than anything on Earth. "

Nearly half of Democrats would support Donald Trump’s plan for mass deportations during his second presidential term, according to new polling data.

The poll, conducted by Axios in partnership with Harris Poll, found that 51 per cent of the American public would support the plan, including 42 per cent of Democrats, 68 per cent of Republicans and 46 per cent of independents.


"After Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was attacked at his church in Sydney, the video taken from a live stream quickly went viral on X.

Australian officials, and politicians from both sides of the spectrum immediately called for the footage to be removed, yet Elon Musk has refused to do so, saying that X is a platform for freedom of expression and it will not censor content that is not illegal.

Australia’s so called ‘eSafety Commissioner’ Julie Inman-Grant, an unelected official, has ordered both X and Meta to remove footage of the stabbing under the Online Safety Act, passed in 2021, which empowers the eSafety department to demand the removal of so-called ‘class 1 material’.

X was ordered by the Australian Federal Court on Monday to block all users from viewing the footage.

The platform temporarily complied with the order in Australia while taking out a two-day injunction, but asserted that a global takedown order violates freedom of speech."


"During a press appearance, Anthony Albanese seemed to lump in memes making fun of him with “misinformation” he is claiming should be purged from the internet.

“Social media platforms have a responsibility to make sure that misinformation isn’t got out there,” Albanese stated. 

He continued, “I noticed today, for example, on the way up here, they’ve removed various sites that were up containing fake images of myself superimposed on other people.”

Yeah that’s not illegal, it’s called freedom of expression, and… humour.

“That’s the sort of thing that is going on, on social media. Social media has a responsibility to do the right thing here,” he further asserted.

As we earlier highlighted, Albanese and his government are at war with Elon Musk, after the X owner refused demands to remove all copies of a video of Christian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel being attacked by a Muslim extremist last week."

Speaking of account lockouts under the Dorsey twitter regime.. the big purge was on Jan 9th 2021 with Trump banned on that day, along with warroom/steve bannon getting banned on youtube, and both apple and google banning parler in their app stores. Even Ben Garrison the comic artist got banned on Jan 9th! Along with General Flynn, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Ron Watkins/CM, MajorPatriot, Praying Medic, X22 Report, InTheMatrixxx, Amazing Polly, Tracy Beanz, and a bunch of other Q-commentary accounts.

The big youtube account purge was October in 2020, so I guess twitter gets some credit on holding out a bit longer even with their rank and file full of the woke NPC types.

Elon: Ride or Die

WASHINGTON, DC–Reps. Byron Donalds (R-FL)  and Chip Roy (R-TX) slammed Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for violating the Hastert Rule after the $60 billion Ukraine aid bill passed on Saturday without a majority of Republican support.

The longstanding rule directs that a Republican speaker will only put legislation up for a floor vote if a majority of the GOP conference supports it. The rule is meant to prevent a GOP speaker from colluding with Democrats to pass bills. But most of the GOP did not back the Ukraine bill.

While 101 Republicans and 210 Democrats voted for it, 112 Republicans voted against advancing it to the Senate, meaning Johnson has once again broken the Hastert Rule weeks after passing a $1.2 trillion government funding plan that most of his conference rejected.

Conservative Justice Samuel Alito:

“If the president gets advice from the attorney general, that something is lawful, is that an absolute defense?” Alito asked Dreeben.

“Yes, I think that it is,” Dreeben said.

“But won’t that give presidents incentive to be sure to pick an Attorney General who will reliably tell the president that it is lawful to do whatever the president wants to do if there’s any possible argument in favor of it?” Alito asked Dreeben.

“I think the Constitutional structure protects against that risk. The president nominates the attorney general and the Senate provides advice and consent,” Dreeben said.

MI Senator Makes Stunning Video: Warns About Bill That Dem Senators Just Passed That Will Be “An Explosion of Election Fraud!” …Won’t Allow Recount…Will Bar Investigations Into Election Fraud

Government DNA Registry for Race Identity

There is a proposal to establish a state office to do DNA samples to determine a person’s slave ancestry to determine the amount of reparations a person is owed.

California (where else but?) Sen. Steven Bradford, a Democrat (of course) of Los Angeles County has introduced Senate Bill 1403 to establish a genealogy bureau to determine eligibility for reparations, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

While California leads the nation in homelessness, has residents fleeing to other states, and suffers out-of-control crime, it is step-by-step working on a process to develop a plan for reparations, mainly to blacks.

Bradford’s bill calls for a genealogy team to examine historical records, conduct oral interviews, do DNA tests and more to figure out how a person can claim oppression from the slave era.

The White House Spokesman is More Involved than We Realized:

I think anyone who has been keeping a close eye on American politics over the last 15 years knows the influence Jake Sullivan wields. He is Hillarys guy behind Russia, Russia, Russia. He was Obamas point man on pallets of cash.

Sullivans official titles have been Director of Policy to Obama, National Security Advisor to VP Biden, Chief of Staff to Hillary at the State Department and now National Security Advisor to pResident Biden.

He also served as Obamas senior advisor at the Iran Nuclear negotiations and Chief of Staff to Hillarys campaign.

He has been at the center of the treason for many years.

He interned at the Council on Foreign Relations. He also worked for Brookings Institution president Strobe Talbott at the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization. He is definitely a globalist and deep stater - and so is his wife.

This is quite an earful about the Music Industry:

 He says Diddy's life in danger because he knows too many of their secrets.

"That boy life is is dangerous. He's in danger. He knows too much. One thing you gotta realize he probably having a conversation right now to figure how it's going to work itself out because he knows all the secrets. If he gets to running his mouth, it could be a bad look. The most important thing is the industry needs to be built over....

They don't allow these people to do what they want them to do (the best talent) because they sold their soul and we all joke about it but they always had a conversation. You had the Illuminati and the masons... The Illuminati believe men on men. They don't mean they part of the gay community they believe in overpowering each other. It might sound crazy but at the end of the day that's where there is no great talent. There's a lot of great talent out there but some of the best talent is not having the opportunity to get in the door because the people with the secret society is messing around with each other and messing with people's heads."

Detransitioner wants punitive damages from pushers of transgenderism

'Must pay for egregious, intentional disregard for medical ethics'

Chloe Cole, a detransitioner who is in court in a case against the doctors who pushed her and her parents into a radical chemical regime and mutilating surgery when she was young, now is charging that there is evidence of malice, oppression and fraud by the doctors who "treated" her.

And she wants a court judgment of punitive damages against them.

"Medical professionals who peddle falsehoods and conceal research in order to mutilate young girls must pay for their egregious, intentional disregard for medical ethics," explained Harmeet Dhillon, CEO and founder of the Center for American Liberty. "The pursuit of punitive damages is the pursuit of sufficient accountability for malpractice and true justice for Chloe. This critical measure is an important step towards ensuring no more children will be forced down the path of dangerous surgeries and drugs by the activist medical establishment."

Hazbin Hotel is literally a pro-Satan, anti-God, kids cartoon which rewrites the whole Christian narrative in favor of Satan:

This is a kid's show that literally rewrites Christianity in favor of Satan:

See a fairly short clip on it here:

What is it with Satan, the Top hat, and the AI-ish name Cypher?

Robert DeNiro played Louis Cyphere, a human form of Satan, in the Dark thriller Angel Heart. In Gravity Falls the all powerful adversary was called Bill Cypher who was an illuminati symbol wearing a top hat. Sam Smith and his satanic grammy awards performance, Bill Cypher, the Monopoly "capitalist" man... What is a cypher but a mystery algorithm code. AI is a mysterious algorithm code...

See what Move On is pushing?: Anti-Patriarchy is the top goal for them...

On Wednesday, Rasmussen Reports released the results of a poll revealing that 66 percent of American voters are opposed to late-term abortions beyond 12 weeks. These latest numbers are largely similar to polling results from the last 20 years, which show anywhere from 55 to 71 percent of Americans opposing second trimester abortions and 70 to 86 percent opposing third trimester abortions.

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