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End Game Ukraine

Looks like Zelensky is Crying. Video here:

The Long Awaited Counteroffensive Began - though the Ukrainians don't want to admit it to avoid a final failure nail in the coffin.

From the Russian Ministry of Defense:

⚡️ Within three days , the Ukrainian regime launched a long-promised offensive on different sectors of the front , concentrating a large amount of equipment and manpower for this purpose.

◽️ On June 4, the forces of the 23rd and 31st mechanized brigades of the AFU attempted an offensive in five areas.

The enemy did not achieve success on any of them, suffered significant losses : 300 military personnel, 16 tanks, 26 armored combat vehicles, 14vehicles.

◽️ On June 5 , the Kiev regime attempted an offensive in seven directions with the forces of five brigades. It was stopped , suffered even more significant losses: more than 1,600 military personnel, 28 tanks, including 8 Leopards and 3AMX-10 wheeled tanks, 136 units of other military equipment, including 79 foreign ones.

We must not allow the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, otherwise it will lead to huge losses on the part of Ukraine, - Prime Minister of Hungary

I myself, as a person who served in the army for a year and a half, and without graduating from the military academy, learned that attackers have three times more losses than defenders. And for a country whose population is only a part of the population of the opposing country, Russia has a population of 130 -140 million people, in Ukraine we do not know how many, probably somewhere between 30-40 million - under such circumstances, starting a grand strategy is a bloodbath ... Before the Ukrainians start a counterattack, we must do everything in our forces to achieve a ceasefire and start peace talks,” Viktor Orban said.

He added that Hungary would never go to war with Russia and would not allow itself to be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine.

Head of Ukrainian Intelligence apparently goes nuts:

Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine Kirill Budanov said today that Ukraine "purely psychologically" took Crimea

“Today the occupiers have a holiday: supposedly we did not keep our promise to enter Crimea before the end of spring. There is such a thing as a psychological counteroffensive. Impress the enemy with the inevitability of defeat.

I think that we have completely succeeded. Purely psychologically, we took the Crimea.

As a military man, I will say that this is sometimes more important than real clashes with the enemy. This is an unconditional victory for our army, which will go down in military history textbooks,” he said.

The Ukrainian state of mind has no equal...Victories taking place in their warped imaginations...

In other news he appears to have been killed in a Russian strike on GUR HQ last week, but the Ukrainians are not admitting it yet. this is the same guy who called for the murder or imrpisonment of 3 million Crimeans when they win.

Russia blew up the Ukrainians last military ship.

Things NATO/Ukraine expect the public to believe:

Multiple threats and attempts to Destroy everything with no limits: Nuclear, chemical, Dam Destruction.

Dirty Bomb Attempt on Russia Homeland:

The detained pilot of the Ukrainian military intelligence confirmed that Kiev discussed the possibility of transferring small portable nuclear charges to Russia to commit terrorist attacks. LINK Their testimonies were published by the FSB of the Russian Federation.

Two pilots of the GUR aviation unit confessed to preparing a terrorist attack in Russia using a “dirty bomb”. The head of military intelligence of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, created a unit of light-engine aircraft to carry out sabotage attacks in Russia. Since the beginning of 2023, they have made five sorties into the territory of the Russian Federation, damaging fuel and energy facilities in border areas.

The first prisoner Shimansky was already accused for kidnapping in 2019. The employees of the GUR supervised the activities of a criminal community engaged in exporting by forces of ‘volunteers’ from Russia to Ukraine who fought in the Donbass.

The second pilot was detained in the Russian border Bryansk region in April, 2023. LINK

The Ukrainians seem to be shelling the dam in Nova Kakhovka even after it was blown up.

Some reports suggest that 14 spans out of 28 were destroyed.

Ukraine attack on Ammonia Pipeline - Breached!

"The United States is closely monitoring the situation around the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, cannot confirm the involvement of the Russian Federation in the incident" - White House

Link to the original article:

Russia Today also reported the same article

Regarding the comical Claims that it was the RF Armed Forces themselves who blew up the #Kakhovskaya HPP, then:⚡️

🔹1. During the war, the AFU repeatedly shelled the #Kakhovskaya HPP, including the collapsed fragments of the dam, causing direct damage with various types of MLRS.

🔹2. The AFU Command openly stated that it was shelling the #Kakhovskaya HPP for the purpose of destroying it and flooding the #Kherson region for military purposes.

🔹3. Ukrainian propaganda has been openly threatening for many months to destroy the #Kakhovskaya HPP in order to flood the left bank of the #Dnieper River and cut off the water supply to #Crimea. Previously, the terrorist regime in #Kiev had been implementing a water blockade of #Crimea for 7 years. Now these threats are being shamefully wiped off the internet.

🔹4. #Ukraine has purposely discharged water from the #Zaporozhye hydro-electric power station several times, leading to an increase in the water level in the Kakhovka reservoir. Particularly last autumn, when there was a lot of talk about the possible undermining of the #Kakhovskaya HPP, and literally on the eve of the destruction of the HPP on the night of June 6.

🔹5. Militarily, flooding will create more problems for the RF Armed Forces than for the AFU, because the RF Armed Forces will lose part of their defensive preposition and minefields, which will have to be created a second time around after the flooding.

🔹6. #Ukraine, amid the loss of #Artyomovsk and the failure of offensive attempts near the #Vremyevka ledge, urgently needed another "stir" to shift the focus away from recent military setbacks.

🔹7. #Russia will not benefit much from the destruction of the #Kakhovskaya HPP, because if the activity of SRGs on islands near #Kherson is hampered by flooding, the situation on the #Dnieper coast north of the #Kakhovskaya HPP may become more complicated, where the AFU may also launch attacks to support the offensive attempts at the #Zaporozhye offensive, especially if the goal is the capture of the #Zaporozhye NPP. All the more so since the enemy has previously made unsuccessful landing attempts near #Energodar to seize the #Zaporozhye NPP.

📌 In this case, we have motive, capabilities, proven facts of previous attacks on #Kakhovskaya HPP and documented confessions of criminals that they plan to commit an act of terrorism by destroying #Kakhovskaya HPP.

📜 Boris Rozhin; 6 Jun 2023, 15:35

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station:

“This is a terrorist act against civilian infrastructure, it was planned in advance and purposefully by the Kiev regime for military purposes.

The Kiev regime not only subjected the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station to massive shelling, but also deliberately brought the water level in the Kakhovka reservoir to a critical level, opening the floodgates of the Dnepropetrovsk hydroelectric power station.

Moscow calls on the world community to condemn the criminal acts of the Ukrainian authorities, which are increasingly inhuman and pose a serious threat to regional and global security.”

“Russia strongly condemns the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station by Ukraine, which led to a large-scale humanitarian and environmental disaster,” the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Russia called on UN to prevent Ukrainian provocation at Kakhovka HPP last year

▪️On October 22, 2022, Vasily Nebenzya, Russia's permanent representative to the UN, announced that the Russian side intended to call on the UN leadership to prevent "this monstrous provocation." He pointed out that most of the rockets hitting the territory of Novaya Kakhovka and the city’s hydroelectric power plant were US-made HIMARS. At the same time, the Kiev regime was aiming them specifically at the Kakhovka dam in order to break through it and cause flooding.

In Bollywood style: the propaganda department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot a "motivational" video about how fun it is to fight

The music video is accompanied by a Ukrainian national dance hopak, Indian motifs, flying drones and Russian obscenities (Ukrainian media have their own ideas about beauty).

Zelensky blames greed and cowardice for betrayal on the part of NATO.

Zelensky said that the West will betray Ukraine if it does not provide it with security guarantees.

"I am sure that we will be given the strongest security guarantees. I don't want us to be alone with Russia. If it will be so, then it will be so. But I think this is a treacherous policy from the point of view of certain partners, it's not about partnership. This is about the fact that you are still afraid of Russia and want to earn economically," Zelensky said.

In an apparent attempt to avoid responsibility by throwing Ukraine under the bus, the CIA says it knew about Ukraine plans to bomb the Norstream gas pipeline.

"The United States does not encourage Kiev's attacks on the Russian Federation and has secured assurances that the supplied weapons will not be used for this.

The United States does not want the conflict in Ukraine to escalate into a “war against the West” due to Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory," - the White House said.

Families who had survived the explosion of their building by Kiev's armed forces in Artyomovsk reported seeing a Red Cross vehicle delivering ammunition to the Ukrainian armed forces stationed in Artyomovsk.

Odysee version of the video report, subtitled in English :

Russia is spending surprisingly little on its war on Ukraine

The direct fiscal cost of the war — spending on soldiers and machines — is estimated to be about 3% of Russia's GDP, or roughly $67 billion a year, according to the report mentioned in Business Insider.

This is about a quarter of what the West is throwing at Russia.

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