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Ukraine Shunned and Media Wars

Zelensky didn't get NATO into the war directly. All he got out of the conference was some more missiles etc. Status Quo Ante... NATO...

End Game Ukraine

Looks like Zelensky is Crying. Video here: The Long Awaited Counteroffensive Began - though the...

Ukraine Catastrophic Chaos

Arestovich arranging to be the next President of the defeated Ukraine? ◾Arestovich publicly called Zelensky a "weak man" - “Zelensky is a...

Ukraine's New WW3 Tricks

Big lie swept under the rug... EU still mostly on board with the Ukraine-Can -Do-No-Wrong Narrative: Maria Zakharova, in response to the...

The Shocking Real World of Ukraine

I'm Back! (Sorry for the absence, but it was unavoidable. Worked too hard, exhausted, caught covid from family member, which put me way...

Reality Breaking the Propaganda

I'll try to cover just the most urgently important things. Sorry I have not kept up with posting relevant news. Covid hit hour household...

Reasons for Russia

Biden in 1997: "The only thing that can provoke Russia into a hostile and vigorous response is the expansion of NATO to the Baltic...

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