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Ukraine Shunned and Media Wars

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Zelensky didn't get NATO into the war directly. All he got out of the conference was some more missiles etc. Status Quo Ante...

NATO turned their collective backs on him.

The truth gets said...

.😁😏😎 (

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg waving with his hands said earlier today that if Ukraine does not win, then the question of its [Ukraine] membership in NATO will not be raised at all.

Why isn't this top news????

Ukraine used re-purposed air defense missiles to attack a nuclear power plant on Russia's territrory :

It is necessary to consider the scenario of a simultaneous Russian strike on Ukrainian nuclear power plants and nuclear facilities in Eastern Europe - Medvedev.

"If the attempt to attack the Smolensk (Desnogorsk) nuclear power plant by NATO missiles is confirmed, it is necessary to consider the scenario of a simultaneous Russian strike on the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant, Rovno nuclear power plant, Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant, as well as nuclear facilities in Eastern Europe. There is nothing to be ashamed of anymore," said Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, Medvedev.

Prior to this, the media reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly attempted to attack the Desnogorsk nuclear power plant in the Smolensk region and a military airfield in Kaluga. It was claimed that they attempted to attack them with British Storm Shadow missiles. Both missiles were shot down by Russian air defense systems.

Although after more information came out it looks like the Ukrainian didn't use "Storm Shadow" missiles, as evidenced by the wreckage at the missile impact sites.

A modification of the S-200 seems to be the more likely Ukrainian choice for the attack on Russian facilities.

America Is Running Out of Ammo

“The Ukrainians are running out of ammunition,” Mr. Biden told CNN. “This is a war relating to munitions. And they’re running out of that ammunition, and we’re low on it.” The U.S. has given Kyiv more than two million 155mm artillery rounds, and the Pentagon says Ukraine is burning through 3,000 shells a day.

Congress’s supplemental cash for Ukraine is helping refill America’s armory, but Mr. Biden has an obligation to make sure the U.S. never goes Winchester, as the saying has it, and not only for Ukraine. The lesson applies to the long-range missiles the U.S. may need if China decides to strike Taiwan.

In a war game for control of the island that the House Select Committee on China played this year, the U.S. ran out of long-range antiship weapons in three days. Retired Navy Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery says in most games the U.S. needs roughly 1,200 long-range antiship missiles, known as LRASMs. But U.S. inventories are in the low hundreds after years of small orders.

Here's how long it could take for the 🇺🇸 to replenish stockpiles, according to the Center for Strategic & Intl. Studies:

📊2.5 years for HIMARS systems & vehicles

📊 4 years to restock at least one category of 155mm shells

📊 5.5 years for anti-tank Javelin missiles

📊 6.5 years to restock Stinger air-defense missiles

Standing ready to get involved...

NATO head Stoltenberg in his article for Foreign Affairs:

On the train to Kyiv, I was struck by how many fresh cemeteries along the railway tracks.

Everyone wants this brutal war to end, but a just peace cannot mean freezing the conflict and accepting a deal dictated by Russia.

Over the past year and a half, NATO countries have trained and equipped new Ukrainian armored brigades, provided tanks, combat vehicles and advanced air defense systems. NATO allies will also train fourth-generation fighter jets for Ukrainian pilots.

To strengthen Ukraine, we will agree on a multi-year support package at the Vilnius Summit. Pledges already exceed $500 million this year. This package will help Ukraine rebuild its defense and security sector so that it can defend itself against further aggression. This will ensure full interoperability of the Ukrainian armed forces with NATO forces.

NATO will have 300,000 troops on high alert, including significant air and navy combat power.

And how long before the Russians take it out? Insanity plus money...

CNN: Rheinmetall will open a plant for the production of armored vehicles in Ukraine within 3 months. The facility will be located in the west of the country. On it, Ukrainians will also be trained to serve tanks and other armored vehicles.

The estimated cost of the plant is $218 million . Production capacity - about 400 tanks per year .

As of this morning the Russians and everybody on Telegram knows where it is being built: a construction site in Transcarpathia.

As NATO pledges more weapons for Ukraine, the mercenaries start pulling out.

In Ukraine foreign mercenaries are leaving the fight after the fiasco of the Ukrainian offensive:

- On 'zero line' it's horror. It's horror. There is just a genocide. It's slaughter. There are dead people everywhere. Russians dead. Ukrainian people dead…. the biggest problem we get when we're going into trenches is stepping over all the dead bodies that are already there.

Irish mercenary "Rambo" describes 'terrifying' Russian tank chase, they were sent to attack without air support, the Ukrainian tanks withdrew at the sight of a Russian T- 32 leaving them exposed.

Follow the money...

Ukraine’s National bank says it now holds nearly $39 billion in foreign reserves, the highest level in the history of the country as an independent nation, as it continues to receive large deliveries of cash from allied nations.

There was a $38.99 billion reserve held by Ukraine as of July first, the National Bank of Ukraine said in their latest figures, up from $37.3 billion in June. The size of the reserve is the largest since the fall of the Soviet Union, and beats the previous 2011 record of $38 billion.


Already started:

According to the operational services, the city of Tokmak in Zaporozhye Region has been shelled with cluster munitions by Ukraine.

Ukraine's repeatedly launched internationally-banned Petal mines into the city of Donesk since late last July. Like cluster bombs they are inherently civilian targeted.

Statements by Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov:

The Washington administration's decision to supply Kiev with cluster munitions was a gesture of desperation on the part of the United States;

Pumping Ukraine with Western weapons will in no way affect the achievement of the goals of a special military operation;

The United States is bringing humanity closer to a new world war;

The United States put the civilian population at risk for many years to come by deciding to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions.

Zakharova reminded that Psaki called the use of cluster munitions a war crime and published a video on her Telegram channel. "Press Secretary Psaki, on February 28, 2022, said, 'The use of cluster munitions is a war crime.' One and a half years later, Jake Sullivan, an advisor to American President Biden on national security, announced during a briefing at the White House their intention to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine," wrote Zakharova.

Cambodia urged Ukraine not to use cluster bombs.

Prime Minister Hun Sen tweeted that his country had been dealing with the aftermath of the U.S. bombing of such munitions in the early 1970s for more than half a century.

"Half a century has passed. Then there simply were no funds for mine clearance. Pity the Ukrainian people, I appeal to the United States as a supplier, and Ukraine, as the recipient of such shells, not to use these ammunition in the war, because the real victims will be peaceful Ukrainians."

US President Joe Biden told CNN that America's decision to transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine was made because it was running out of conventional shells. Joe Biden also said that the decision to transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine was "very difficult" for him, but the Ukrainians need them.

Washington claims Ukrainians better dead than Russian:

"‘Russian Victory’ Worse Than Civilian Cluster Bomb Deaths – Washington

Cluster munition deliveries to Ukraine could result in civilian casualties, a senior Pentagon official acknowledged on Friday while stating that fears of Russian success on the battlefield outweigh these concerns.

Speaking to reporters, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl defended the White House’s decision to approve another $800 million security assistance package for Ukraine, which includes cluster munitions – which are banned in more than 100 countries because when they detonate, they release many small bomblets over a wide area.

When asked whether the Pentagon has assured its allies that these munitions will not cause excessive civilian harm, Kahl replied: “I’m as concerned about the humanitarian circumstance as anybody, but the worst thing for civilians in Ukraine is for Russia to win the war. And so it’s important that they don’t.”

Kiev regime war crimes

'A direct hit destroyed a mobile crematorium. It wasn't a vehicle carrying soldiers killed in action as it should have been. It was a mobile crematorium'. Former BTG commander talks about the evidence of Ukrainian war crimes. A mobile crematorium could be used by Kiev regime to hide organ trafficking of killed mobilised servicemen.

RFK Jr video short re Russia excellent:


Zelensky upset so he tweets. NATO members upset in response:

"Russia is the main threat to NATO" - Estonian Prime Minister Kaja "NAFO" Kallas

These clowns can't decide between "Russia is weak and losing" and "Russia wants to conquer all of Europe"

Dmitry Medvedev about the US transfer of cluster munitions to Kiev:

We can say that Biden is a sick old man who is in severe dementia.

Or maybe everything is completely different? Maybe the dying grandfather, obsessed with unhealthy fantasies, simply decided to leave gracefully, provoking nuclear Armageddon and taking half of humanity with him to the next world,” the deputy chairman of the Security Council shared.

Financially unmanageable:

Russian Army's FPV drones are successfully targeting American Bradley ODS-SA BMPs near Orekhovo on the Zaporozhye front.

These cost-effective kamikaze UAVs, priced at only 30,000 rubles, prove to be a formidable threat against armored vehicles worth 5 million dollars.

Within a month of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteroffensive, the "BOBR" drones have effectively disabled and destroyed numerous enemy military vehicles, including Leopard tanks, American Bradley and M113 BMPs, SAM systems, MaxxPro armored vehicles, Soviet tanks, BMPs, and various other equipment and Ukrainian positions.

Update: Wagner now integrated into the Armed forces of Russia after meeting:

Dmitry Peskov confirmed the meeting between Putin and Prigozhin on June 29 in the Kremlin. He said that 35 people were present: all the commanders of the detachments and Prigozhin himself. Details:

At the meeting, Putin assessed the actions of PMC "Wagner" in the course of the military defense and on June 24;

The President listened to the explanations of the commanders and offered them further employment and application of their skills;

The commanders themselves presented their version of what happened and emphasized that they are staunch supporters and soldiers of the head of state and are ready to continue to fight for the Motherland;

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation added that the meeting lasted 3 hours, he did not disclose other details.

NATO War drums:

No possibility of Peace:

Arestovich explained the radical differences of views between Ukraine and the West.

"And the fact that we are for the collapse of Russia, and they are for Russia's preservation, these are basically two radical agendas that contradict each other," he said.

Ukraine intends to destroy a country with the most nukes in the world.

Zelensky on video calling for a first nuclear strike on Russia:

Zelensky calls for a Preventive Nuclear Strike on #Russia⚡️saying that "this is the only chance to win."

Ukraine and Turkey break their deal with Russia by releasing the NAZI leaders:

"Volyn," who was released from Turkey, reveals that the Mariupol garrison surrendered [in Azovstal] in exchange for the departure of high-ranking American military personnel.

"We were kept for almost a month in the catacombs under 'Azovstal' for the sake of propaganda, where we senselessly lost hundreds of our fighters. And probably most of us would have perished there if it weren't for the intervention of the Americans, who reached an agreement with the Russians to withdraw their high-ranking officers from the facility in exchange for the garrison's surrender." - "Volyn" in an interview with Turkish media.

🤔 So you're telling us that "Azov" and other soldiers weren't "evacuated" as they said on Twitter? You're telling us Zelensky would've left you all to die? So you're telling us you're only alive because the Americans would've had a PR nightmare on their hands if you didn't?

This betrayal makes negotiation impossible.

This was done to sabotage any chance of negotiation. It's like burning the ships behind the soldiers who landed to give them no chance of any alternative. It proved negotiations would be meaningless because they cannot keep any promises.

This was done now to ensure that the meeting on the 11th would not have negotiation as an option. War only.

Journalist: Will you return to the front?

Prokopenko: Certainly. This is why we returned to Ukraine. This is our main goal.

Article 117 of the Geneva Convention concerning the Treatment of Prisoners of War:

no repatriated person may be used in active military service.

Aborigines in Australia Give Russia a place for an Embassy in spite of Australian bans:

Indigenous Aboriginal Elders grant permission for Russian Embassy land use in defiance of Albanese's ban!

⚡️An official indigenous statement was made today at the Aboriginal Centre in Redfern granting permission for the Russian Embassy in Canberra to use the land in Yarralumla near Parliament House.

⚡️Tribal delegates from Murrawarri, Wudjari, Torres Strait & Budjiti people declared their permission for the Russian Embassy to use the Yarralumla site in defiance of Prime Minister Albanese's decision to confiscate the land from Russia citing National Security concerns.

⚡️The indigenous delegates lead by Aunty Glenda Merritt and Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth referred to allodial title held over Canberra by the Ngambri elder Uncle Shane Mortimer as the basis for indigenous permission to the Russian Embassy to use the Yarralumla site.

⚡️The Albanese government has introduced emergency legislation to prevent Russia from competing the construction of its new embassy site less than a kilometre from Parliament House in Canberra.

In Ukraine, they are looking for LGBT instructors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

This is reported by Ukrainian TG channels. The requirements are "active sex life" and "absence of sexually transmitted diseases."

The duties of a mentor include identifying latent LGBT fighters. It is reported that the work will be at the forefront and there is a risk of falling under fire. They promise a salary of 150-200 thousand hryvnias.


Ukraine has repeatedly raised the issue of allegedly illegal export of children from the territories returned by Russia in various international organizations. Attempts to accuse Belarus and Russia of exporting Ukrainian children are in fact an information operation to cover up the monstrous trafficking of children, in which the collective West and Ukrainian government agencies are involved.

The Western press writes, and the Ukrainian government is silent about the truth behind hundreds and even thousands of children missing in Western Europe, taken there from the territories controlled by the Kiev regime. Shocking data is spread among various social activists, including in Europe. According to them, the black market of child trafficking for sexual exploitation rates up to $34 billion. Since the beginning of Russian Special Military Operation, 200,000 Ukrainian children have gone missing, according to Kyiv’s officials.

Facebook Meta launched their new app today “Threads.” Owner Mark Zuckerberg says its vision is to “create an open and friendly public space for conversation” for 1 billion-plus people.

Within hours of its launch Twitter threatened to sue Zuckerberg and Meta. Twitter on Thursday issued a cease & desist letter to Meta over the new social media app ‘Threads.’

Elon Musk threatened to sue Meta over its new “Twitter killer,” Threads, a text-based app that resembles Twitter. Twitter accused Meta of hiring dozens of former Twitter employees who still have access to the social media platform’s trade secrets.

Attorney Alex Spiro said Meta assigned former Twitter employees to develop ‘Meta’s copycat ‘Threads’ with the intent to use Twitter’s intellectual property.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey noted on Thursday that Facebook-Threads was already harvesting user data. That didn’t take long!

Facebook founder and deranged liar Mark Zuckerberg is set to launch his new Twitter knock-off today “Threads.” The new platform promises to continue in the tradition of Facebook in silencing and censoring any conservative who dares to speak truth on the platform.

It may not happen right away, but if you are a conservative you will see your shares and likes plummet as you stray into off-limit topics like Hunter Biden’s laptop or vaccine deaths.

Our advice is to stay far away from anything this frothing dishonest psychopath puts his name on.

Kanekoa the Great celebrated the launch of threads with this brutal takedown of Mark Zuckerberg and his history of deceit and throttling of life-saving information.

Barbie movie trannie actor: “It’s candy with a little poison, and that’s what I like.”

Transgender actor Hari Nef (a man who claims to be a woman) seemingly said the quiet part out loud in an interview with Outmagazine.

[He] says while the movie is a celebration of femininity, it’s also a loving sendup of it and how far it can be taken,” the glowing article notes.

“That contradiction and ambivalence, I think, is very close to the heart of probably a lot of girls like me today, probably a lot of girls in general today,” the actor said.

“It’s candy with a little poison, and that’s what I like.”

This is actually a very well done and funny short worth your viewing and sharing:

Advocate for Positive Masculinity Arrested on Phony Charges in Romania:

More Than 20,000 Military Members Became Sterile After COVID vaccination

The COVID data that I’ve read through and analyzed this week is so shocking that I had to check my math twice. I must have made a mistake, I thought. Out of the 1,195,000 active duty military members in the USA and the 778,000 reserve troops, 863,013 developed nervous system diseases in the six-month period between August of 2021 and this past January. That’s 43% of the troops.

That’s according to data from an attorney named Thomas Renz, who just presented the military vaccine data to a US Senate committee.

Renz presented the data to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) this past week. He’s the attorney representing 30 US Navy sailors in Florida, who are suing the lawless Biden regime over the vaccine mandates. A few days ago, I wrote about one of Renz’s whistleblowers who is a US Army flight surgeon, Dr. Theresa Long. Dr. Long broke down and cried on the stand last week as she testified about how thousands of her fellow soldiers have been permanently harmed by the COVID vaccines. Renz also sent the same document – roughly 200 pages – to every elected Member of Congress, all 50 state governors and all fifty state Attorneys General. There is no longer any excuse. Almost every high-level elected official now has a copy of the data that Renz pulled from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED). They all know that the COVID vaccines are doing permanent damage to people and shaving decades off their lives. DMED is one of the most highly respected epidemiology databases in the world. The Army has a whole division that monitors and maintains the database. It’s a far more accurate database than the CDC’s VAERS system, which supposedly under-reports vaccine injuries by about 90%. From 2016 to 2020, the five-year average for military members developing nervous system diseases was about 82,000 per year. Between this past August and January, right when Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for the troops went into effect, that number jumped by 1,048% to 863,013. “Nervous system diseases” is a blanket term, but some of the conditions that this includes are extremely serious, like epilepsy. If you start having seizures, your military career is over, no matter which branch of the service you’re in. People with epilepsy aren’t even allowed to join the military. Those aren’t the only shocking data points from the DMED information. During that same time period of August 2021 through January 2022, the following spikes in serious illnesses and diseases occurred in the US military: Cases of testicular cancer went up 369% (3,537 cases). Breast cancers went up 536% (4,357 cases). Stomach cancers were up 624% (4,060 cases) and thyroid cancers were up 474% (1,950 cases). Neuroendocrine cancers, ovarian cancers, and esophageal cancers were all up significantly as well. 22,620 service members developed thyroid dysfunction after getting vaccinated, a 303% increase over the five-year average. 2,750 service members developed multiple sclerosis, a 680% increase. 53,846 service members were diagnosed with hypertension after being vaccinated. The five-year average prior to Joe Biden’s illegal, conscience-violating vaccine mandate was 2,360 cases of hypertension each year. Hypertension cases jumped by 2,281% after Biden’s mandate. 307 service members developed myocarditis, 850 developed pericarditis, 3,489 had pulmonary embolisms, and 3,136 had cerebral infarctions. Their military careers are over. The babies of 18,951 pregnant servicemembers developed congenital malformations in the womb after the mothers were vaccinated. The saddest data point revealed by the DMED data is the number of servicemembers who were sexually sterilized by the COVID shots. 11,748 women and 8,365 men became sterile after Joe Biden forced them to take these experimental shots. That’s 20,113 people who volunteered to serve their country, who will never be able to have children now. Another 4,086 female servicemembers now have ovarian dysfunction, so they also may or may not be able to have children. If tens of thousands of service members have sustained these injuries from the vaccines, how many millions of Americans in the general population must be suffering right now? This human experimentation program has been catastrophic, and it needs to end immediately. To read attorney Thomas Renz’s report to Congress yourself, you will find it HERE. Pages 9 and 10 of the document contain the relevant military vaccine injury data in an easy-to-read chart.

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