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Desperation Abroad

"Desperate times call for desperate fantasies" - Andrei Martyanov

WSJ writes that in addition to Jordan, two more Arab countries helped Israel in the face of the Iranian attack - Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

It is noted that they were initially hesitant, not wanting to get involved in a potential confrontation with Iran, but thanks to the assurances of the Americans, they helped Israel - in particular, they provided intelligence information.

Benjamin Netanyahu to his ministers:

We will respond to Iran, but we need to do it wisely, not intuitively. They [the Iranians] need to be stressed the same way they made us stressed.

🇮🇱🇮🇷 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly ignored several phone calls over the last 48 hours from various world leaders, who were allegedly attempting to convince him not to launch his planned retaliatory attack against Iran, over increasing fears of a regional war beginning in the Middle-East.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the army to propose targets in Iran, attacks on which would “send a signal,” but without casualties, this could be a target in Tehran or a cyber attack, writes the Washington Post

🇮🇱🇮🇷 According to Channel 12 News, the Israeli Air Force has completed preparations for an "imminent attack" against Iran.

Iran deploys warships to the Red Sea. Guess what weapon they may have on them that can sink an aircraft carrier:

🇮🇷🇮🇱 Iran prepares for Israeli retaliatory strike - Wall Street Journal

▪️Iran is withdrawing some IRGC officers from Syria due to a possible Israeli strike.

▪️Iran's Air Force is preparing for Israeli strikes, and its Navy will begin escorting commercial Iranian ships in the Red Sea.

▪️Israeli officials have still not decided on the nature of the retaliatory strike.

The Israeli Armed Forces are currently using an AI system called Lavender which that country's military-industrial complex developed in cooperation with Google and Amazon. This system makes use of data gathered from Palestinian smart phone users without their knowledge to profile them and track them, so that they, along with their families and friends, can be efficiently assassinated whenever the AI system decides its their turn.  

Texan Zionist Christians and Rabbis play with biblical prophecies to unleash the Apocalypse. While the conflict in the Middle East inflames and there is a risk of escalation on a regional scale, along the Texas-Israel route, a symbolic and religious “plan” has been organized for a rite that opens the doors to the Advent of the Antichrist, ‘Apocalypse.

At the center of everything there is a rite to be celebrated, five Red heifers to be burned alive on the Mount of the Uiivi, a necessary sacrifice to start the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. However, the proposed location for this temple, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City, is also home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock shrine, two of the holiest sites in Islam. Obviously, the “plot” between Zionists and Texan evangelical Christians involves the destruction of two of the most important religious sites for Islam.

To accelerate the path towards the Apocalypse, Israel has imported cows from Texas, believed by some to hold the ‘key to fulfilling ancient biblical prophecy’. Reportedly, a massive altar is being prepared in Jerusalem for a ritual that dates back to the time of Moses (Musa). Steeped in religious significance, the events are capturing worldwide attention.

According to the Jewish texts, a Red Heifer is a cow that is entirely red in color, without any blemish or markings, and has never been used for work. This specific type of cow is required for a ritual purification process described in the Hebrew Bible.

After years of research, everything is now ready: the Zionist groups of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have announced that the rite of the red heifer, one of their messianic rites for the end of time, will be carried out on April 22nd.

Trump and the Iranian Fake Attack

“You remember they [Iran] fired. They hit one of our drones and I hit them. …. They called us to tell us that we’re going to hit back. Here’s the target, but we’re not going to hit the target. We’re going to just miss it. It’s a military base.”

— Former president Donald Trumpin an interview with Univision, streamed Nov. 10

In his hour-long interview with Univision, the former president offered a tale of relations with Iran so startling that it begged to be explored. In his telling, the United States retaliated after Iran destroyed an American drone, and then when Iran decided to hit back, it purposely missed a U.S. military base. Not only that, Iranian officials called Trump and let their plans be known, apparently out of respect for him.

“It was quite an evening,” Trump recounted. “And they sent in 18 drones. Five of them self-destructed. The rest of them essentially missed the base. They were outside the base in areas where there weren’t [people]. Nobody was killed — with all of that, you know, being out there. But they called us. They call me and … this is Iran. This is,you know, this is Iran who’s supposed to be so hostile. They respected us. And I respect them.”

REPORT: Iran Coordinated Attack With Biden White House, Biden Assured Iran There Would Be No Israeli Response

Independent journalist Amir Tsarfati, who is close to the Israeli official press, put out a shocker of a statement this morning.

It is clear this morning that the Iranian attack was coordinated with the American administration. It is likely that the Iranians gave a warning that they were going to attack, and the US assured them that it would not allow an Israeli response. The Biden administration, in the most monstrous way, continues to see Iran as an asset, with which agreements must be reached.

Tsarfati declared Israel will respond, and made the following suggestion on his Telegram channel.

Israel is eyeing the following targets in Iran:

1. Oil facilities 

2. Dams

3. Nuclear sites 

4. Missiles silos


– Iran launched strikes exclusively on Israeli military targets. Tehran used 7 hypersonic missiles during an attack on an Israeli airbase, none of them were intercepted – Press TV


According to IWN assessments and based on the latest news stories and information obtained from the missile and drone operations of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) under the name of ‘Operation True Promise’ against the Israeli regime, the following targets have definitely been targeted:

  • The Nevatim Airbase in southern occupied Palestine;

  • The Ramon Airbase in southern occupied Palestine;

  • An intelligence and espionage base of the Israeli regime in Jabal al-Sheikh (Mount Hermon) in the northern occupied Golan Heights.

It should be noted that the rest of the explosions or hits in other areas of the occupied territories are related to the confrontation of the Israeli air defense systems with the projectiles in the sky or the falling of the wreckage of the interceptor missiles or the wreckage of Iranian missiles.

There are several very important points about last night’s retaliatory attacks that need to be paid attention to: According to Western sources’ claims, Iran fired 185 drones, 110 ballistic missiles, and 110 cruise missiles towards the occupied territories in the attacks last night, and it is claimed that most of these missiles and drones have been intercepted; but the ground reality is different!

The first important point; Iranian missile and drone attacks took place while the Israeli regime’s air defense network was in the most prepared state possible, and all military combat information capabilities of the regime, from defense systems to fighter jets, were 100% mobilized to counter Iran’s attacks. In addition, all military capabilities of the US and its allies, such as the treacherous country of Jordan, also came to the aid of the Israeli regime. On the other hand, all attacks were carried out from the Iranian soil, and it were coordinated with other axis of resistance countries such as Iraq and Yemen to refrain from carrying out extensive missile and drone attacks; And in fact, Iran did not use the potential of the resistance in Iraq and Yemen to saturate the enemy’s defense systems! And alone, with the launch of dozens of suicide drones and cruise missiles, it saturated the defense systems of Israel and the United States. Of course, there is an exception regarding the targets hit in the northern occupied Golan Heights, where Lebanon’s Hezbollah helped to saturate the air defense systems in this area by targeting some positions of Israel in northern occupied Palestine with its attack.

The point is that most of the cruise missiles, suicide drones, and even ballistic missiles were “fired with the aim of saturating the air defense systems,” and predetermined targets were hit by a number of other ballistic missiles that passed through the Israeli regime’s defensive barrier. This method and approach are quite common in the world for dealing with air defense systems. So, do not be deceived by the lies and false propaganda of the MSM about the lack of success and interception of all missiles and drones!

The second very important point; last night’s attack “was only one wave of attack,” and the subsequent waves of breaking and destroying were not carried out! In the conventional military dimension, these types of attacks are carried out in several waves for ultimate and real effectiveness. In the final moments of last night’s attacks and as the first wave of attacks was nearing its end, the Israeli regime’s air defense systems began to experience saturation, and it was at that point that some of the ballistic missiles, by passing through the defensive barrier, hit the Nevatim and Ramon airbases. This is exactly the moment when the second, third, and subsequent waves should have been carried out for the destruction of the targets, but Iran, in the true sense of the word, “restrained” itself. The reason for this is very clear and obvious. The purpose of the “single wave” attack was to send a clear warning message to the Israeli regime, the West, and its lackeys to understand the power of Iran and to know that if the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes, it is capable of crushing its enemies and ill-wishers, and they should not mess with Iran any further!

The third important point; in last night’s attack, “none” of the powerful and advanced Iranian hypersonic missiles such as the types of Fattah 1 and 2, or the Khorramshahr missile, and so on, were used. Last night’s attacks were carried out using inexpensive and cost-effective HESA Shahed 136 drones, simple cruise missiles, and low-cost liquid-propellant Rezvan missiles, which were stored in large quantities in warehouses and remained unused for a long time. In fact, these armaments were mostly used to saturate the air defense systems, and among them, a few solid-propellant missiles like Haj Qasem and Kheibar Shekan were also used for attacking and hitting the targets. The result is that if Iran’s decision was to use more advanced missiles, with this same single wave of attack, the casualties and damage to the Israeli regime would have been much greater than what we witnessed last night.

When it comes to the financial burden and staggering costs that Israel has incurred, there are also very important points to consider. You can pay attention to the estimated figures for last night’s operations. Quoting FieldMarshal, an independent analyst of Iranian defense and industrial technologies, the approximate cost to Iran for carrying out last night’s attacks is estimated as follows: 110 ballistic missiles: $30-50 million, 45 cruise missiles: $4-7 million, and 170 Shahed drones: $4-5 million, totaling approximately $38-62 million for Iran.On the other hand, however, the Israeli costs will be staggering: Considering an estimated number of 300-400 aircraft that were likely in operation for 4-10 hours, with an average hourly cost of $30,000 to $40,000, the cost would be $50-160 million. The cost of intercepting cruise missiles and suicide drones: $100-150 million, and the cost of intercepting ballistic missiles: $500-700 million. Taking into account the estimated damage caused by the ballistic missiles, somewhere between $100 million to $500 million, the Israeli regime has incurred a total of $750 million in the most pessimistic scenario, or $1.5 billion in the most optimistic scenario!

This amount of staggering cost “just for enduring one night of attack only for repelling one wave of attack” translates into the complete economic collapse of the Zionists. If the battles continue for just a few days, the economy of the Israeli regime will be completely paralyzed and destroyed! This is another clear and obvious example that the Zionists do not have the capability to engage in long-term warfare, or better yet, even short-term warfare with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and that is why they are extremely concerned about responding to Iran’s last night attacks.

The fourth important point; as mentioned, Iran did not at all utilize the potential of other Axis of Resistance countries for extensive missile and drone attacks against the Zionist regime’s child-killing regime or to saturate its air defense systems in last night’s attack, and Iran alone carried out the operation. Now, imagine if attacks were carried out simultaneously and extensively from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen, and if Iran also entered the battlefield with a large number of missiles and drones in several waves of attacks; even the thought of this scenario is debilitating and very painful for the Israeli regime. In any case, this stage has currently come to an end to see what would happen later and for a rainy day!

Ultimately, all the last night events conveyed several important messages to Israel and the West; the Israeli regime must understand that even if the entire West mobilizes all its defense capabilities to defend the despicable Zionist regime, Iran’s hand is still open for any retaliatory operation, and whenever it wills, it can accurately and intensely hit the targets and punish the Israeli regime for its crimes. The “military objective” of last night’s operation was the attack on the most important airbase of the Israeli regime, namely the Nevatim airbase near the Dimona nuclear facility!! was successfully carried out despite the presence of the most concentrated defense systems in the world, and the pre-determined airbase was hit. The Israelis must know that every point of the Israeli regime’s entity is under Iran’s control and strike, and the bluster and threats against Iran never go unanswered…

NEVER FORGET: Joe Biden Gifted Iran with Over $80 Billion Since Entering the White House

They claim that Hunter Biden’s “Burisma Holdings, operating in Ukraine” received millions in funding to carry out terror attacks in Russia.

Essentially, Russian MIL are accusing the Biden regime (Deep State) of using non-government organizations to launder US funding to pay for terrorist attacks, including the horrific Crocus City Hall attack that claimed 143 innocent lives. The same method they use to fund all their other offshore criminality.

Regardless of who you believe is responsible, tensions have never been higher, and the US and Russia seem to be on a collision course for direct kinetic warfare and thus full-scale WW3."

French mercenaries in the foreign legion were deployed. Said to be about 1,500 of them, and already they appear to have taken a large hit as the Ukrainians there were hit with them present.

🇪🇺 🇷🇴 🇲🇩 NATO is preparing a “proxy army” of Romanians and Moldovans to attack Odessa, writes the Serbian publication Politika. Sea routes from Odessa lead to almost all countries of the world, which determines its strategic importance for both sides and the city’s role in completing the SMO, the material notes.

Britain already has a military base here. It is there that combat drones are assembled and sent to the front. The Americans are adding “pepper” to this cauldron, who until April 19 will “train” the troops of neighboring Moldova in order to turn the Romanian armed forces into a “proxy” US army for an attack on Odessa, the author is sure.

Ukraine Tries to Blackmail the US:

Kuleba explained to the United States how to conduct a dialogue with Kiev and set conditions

In response to Washington's request not to strike Russian refineries, he demanded Patriot air defense systems and military assistance.

“If the partners say, we are giving you seven Patriots, we have a request for you, you mustn't do this and that, then there is something to talk about. But if there are no air defense systems, there is no assistance package, and they ask you for something, then there's nothing to talk about," Kuleba explained.

Yes he actually said that. His supporters said he didn't mean it.

Flames broke out at the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant Monday afternoon.

Fire crews responded to the heat treat building at the facility in downtown Scranton around 3:20 p.m.

Firefighters quickly knocked down the flames shortly after arriving.

 A fire occurred at a plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where they produce shells for Ukraine. Media reports that no one was injured.

National Defense magazine writes that this plant was specially modernized to produce shells for Ukraine. Scranton makes 155mm artillery shells.

🇬🇧⚡️An explosion occurred at the ammunition production plant of the British company BAE Systems in Wales

Scary news - Russian ICBMs can Wobble:

In fact, the range at which the test-launch was conducted could indicate that the missile in question was an ICBM in name only, as those are usually fired at the Kura test site in Kamchatka, which is much further to the east and, thus, far more suitable to test actual ICBMs. As previously mentioned, the missile demonstrated some rather unusual wobbling and maneuvering. Such vectoring is indeed unique, as no country other than Russia has developed such technologies for advanced ballistic missiles. Starting with the legendary “Topol”, particularly the “Topol-M” variant, most Russian ICBMs have this capability.

 The RS-24 “Yars” that “Rubezh” was based on has already demonstrated the capability to constantly wobble and even change its vector. It can only be expected that the RS-26 has the exact same capability. This Russian technology is entirely unique, as regular ballistic missiles are unable to make such complex maneuvers. In fact, wobbling nearly always suggests there’s something wrong with the missile and it usually ends with its crashing or missing its target.

Thus, the latest test sends a very clear message to the political West. If NATO is considering the possibility of escalating its aggression in Europe, such actions will certainly be met with a swift response. This may also include the belligerent alliance’s recent engagement in the Middle East, where the US and its regional vassals have been contemplating attacks on Iran. Moscow certainly knew about Tehran’s retaliatory strikes on Israel, meaning that the latest test-launch was another warning sign to the political West that Russia won’t tolerate any large-scale attacks on Iran, as those would destabilize the situation on its southern borders. It’s also a message that “Rubezh” effectively nullifies all NATO ABM systems in Europe, while also cooling down the increasingly hawkish behavior of some of its European members such as France and the United Kingdom.

One Result of Devaluing Babies:

Foreign Agent Law

🇬🇪 Special forces arrived at the protest near the Georgian parliament in Tbilisi and a water cannon arrived.

Meanwhile, parliament continues to consider the draft law on foreign agents.

The bill obliges non-governmental organizations and media that receive more than 20% of their funding from abroad to register as an organization promoting the interests of a foreign power. It is proposed to fine for evading registration.

Georgian authorities say the law is a watered-down version of the US Foreign Agent Registration Act and that its passage will "significantly improve public awareness."

At the same time, opponents of the law, supported by the West, claim that it is copied from Russia and is aimed at discrediting the opposition.

🇬🇪 In Georgia, despite protests from the pro-Western opposition, the law on foreign agents was adopted in the first reading, which will limit the ability of Western funds to act in Georgia.

A similar law adopted in Kyrgyzstan has already led to the closure of the Soros Foundation’s representative office there, which is an excellent marker of the usefulness of the law.

🇬🇪A fight broke out in the Georgian parliament during the discussion of the draft law on "foreign agents " -

Aleko Elisashvili, a deputy from the opposition Citizens party, struck Mamuka Mdinaradze, a representative of the Georgian Dream party, when he was speaking to the audience about the legal aspects of the bill. Then, judging by the last frames of the broadcast, the fight only gained momentum. The meeting was suspended.

Prior to that, Mdinaradze said that the parliamentary majority would not listen to the calls of international partners, and therefore would continue to promote the draft law on "foreign agents," Echo of the Caucasus reports.

At the same time, Mdinaradze denies that the Georgian draft law on "foreign agents" is analogous to the Russian law on "foreign agents."

UK ONS Denies Request From 7 MPs & are Still Claiming The Jabs are ‘Safe’ so “No Need for Analysis That Might Show Otherwise.”

Seven Members of Parliament including Andrew Bridgen MP sent a letter to the head of the UK ONS requesting that they publish a comprehensive time-series cohort analysis of the UK data (weekly buckets for 152 weeks starting in Jan 2021). The request was also validated by UK Professors Norman Fenton and Carl Heneghan. Although, the head of the UK ONS says that the data is available for qualified researchers, qualified researchers who have challenged the narrative have been denied access. So the data shall remain hidden! (Source

Professor Diamond, head of the UK ONS wrote a letter in response to advise that the vaccines are safe and they have better things to do with their time than run a report that would have taken them less than 1 hour of effort to do, wrote Steve Kirsh.




Exclusive Breaking: Dutch Government Data hacked and startling amount of Covid adverse reactions obtained.

Astounding amount of data obtained. Millions of records now seen. There is a massive attempted coverup not only by the Government in Holland but in every nation that has been infiltrated by Globalists. Excess Deaths are exploding but there is a wall of silence from our respective Governments. I'm joined from Holland by Dutch Freedom Fighters and Truth Seekers, former Dutch Parliamentarian and business entrepreneur Wybren van Haga, Businessman and Data expert Wouter Aukema and Anne Merel Kloosterman who is representing many vaccine injured. The Dutch Minister of health has lied and needs to be brought to task. Members of parliament are being forced into court but would rather pay the fines imposed by the courts than release the information!!!

Congress Demands Oversight of US-Funded Bird Flu Gain-of-Function Research in CCP Lab

If all of this sounds like a fever-dream case of déjà vu, that’s because it’s essentially a play-by-play repeat of the synthesis of COVID-19 and all of the ensuing chaos and disease and economic and social devastation that ensued:

·       A rogue U.S. agency offshores research it is banned from performing itself on American soil to unaccountable Third World labs, using public money to fund it.

·       Said unaccountable Third World labs recklessly experiment with gain-of-function research to create chimeric viruses capable of infecting humans, at ever-increasing clips of infectiousness and deadliness

·       Multinational pharmaceutical firms ready “vaccines” in the pipeline, ready to be deployed on the public to unprecedented windfalls once the shoe drops

Today on behalf of my professional friends and medical colleagues, I declare the mRNA vaccines to be CLASS ONE CARCINOGENS. -- mRNA is also a broad-spectrum mutagen. -- mRNA must be banned internationally. -(IAN BRIGHTHOPE)-

For a quick summary in support of that (admittedly hyperbolic) assertion, I asked Leo, the Brave browser AI, "What products are mRNA being used in or considered to be used in?" and got the following reply:

mRNA technology is being explored for various products, including vaccines, cancer treatments, and gene therapies. Some companies are also investigating its use in agriculture and food production. However, it's important to note that most of these products are still in development and have not yet been approved for widespread use.

Ian's column includes detail about carcinogenicity and how various authorities define "carcinogenic" and provides some evidence (a very small amount compared to the totality of what is out there) that the mRNA "vaccines" are indeed carcinogenic. Below, the Conclusion:

CONCLUSION. Statistically significant increases in age-adjusted mortality rates of all cancer and some specific types of cancer, namely, ovarian cancer, leukemia, prostate, lip/oral/pharyngeal, pancreatic, and breast cancers, were observed in 2022 after two-thirds of the Japanese population had received the third or later dose of SARS- CoV-2 mRNA-LNP vaccine. These particularly marked increases in mortality rates of these ERα-sensitive cancers may be attributable to several mechanisms of the mRNA-LNP vaccination rather than COVID-19 infection itself or reduced cancer care due to the lockdown.
Commentary by Dr. John Campbell: (embedded YouTube video of Dr. Campbell speaking on the subject follows)

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