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Disgrace and Dishonor

Updated: Apr 10

Caught red handed.


Footage of the interrogation of the terrorists who carried out the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall, from Channel One.

In them, the militants declare that they were going to Ukraine for the promised fee, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces specially cleared mines in nearby villages for unhindered passage.

Hunter Biden-linked Ukrainian firm connected to terror attacks in Russia – Moscow

Multiple entities, including Burisma Holdings, have been involved in funding terrorism, Russian investigators have claimed

A Biden family-linked Ukrainian business has been named in a criminal probe into the financing of terrorism, Russia’s Investigative Committee announced on Tuesday. The industrial conglomerate Burisma Holdings, which employed Hunter Biden as a highly paid director in the 2010s, is included among several entities listed by investigators.

The focus on the company stems from a complaint filed by a group of Russian MPs and public figures in the aftermath of the deadly Crocus City Hall attack outside Moscow last month. The original petition claims that the US and its allies have allegedly organized a string of attacks on Russian soil.

So far, investigators have “established that the funds, flowing through commercial organizations, including the oil and gas conglomerate Burisma Holdings, operating in Ukraine, have been used in recent years to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia,”committee spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko said. Terrorist activities have also taken place in third countries, aimed at the “elimination of prominent political and public figures, as well as causing economic damage,” she added.

3 thousand former fighters of the Wagner PMC will join the Akhmat special forces.

Among them is one of the PMC commanders with the call sign “Ratibor,” said the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

The terrorists who attacked Crocus were under the influence of psychotropic substances that disable fear, writes Baza.

Shamsutdin Fariduni, Dalerjon Mirzoev, Saidakrami Rachabalizod and Muhammadsobir Fayzov had their blood taken for examination. In the tests of each, they found a psychotropic substance that changes the perception of reality. The media source did not specify the name of the substance.

It also became known that terrorists came to Crocus to sketch the situation and prepare for a terrorist attack. According to Baza, Fariduni Shamsutdin was in the building on March 7 (this is confirmed by a photograph accidentally taken by a photographer of the concert hall, and the testimony of a taxi driver who drove him from the concert hall to the village of Putilkovo). Another suspect came to Crocus twice - on March 10 and 14.

The day before the tragedy, March 21, terrorists were spotted at a Gazpromneft gas station in the area of Strogino and the Moscow Ring Road. They refueled the same Renault in which they tried to escape after the terrorist attack.

NATO countries created a joint mission in Ukraine - the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry, Radoslav Sikorsky

"This does not mean that we are entering the war, but it means that we will now be able to use NATO's coordination, training, and planning capabilities to support Ukraine in a more coordinated manner," the minister clarified.

The absolute state of the US Navy: The captain of USS McCain has the scope mounted backwards and covered, while the captain of the Eisenhower is posting NAFO memes. 

No wonder the Houthis are triumphant.

NAFO stands for North Atlantic Fellas Organization. It is a bunch of meme posters that feature a shiba dog that baby talk while trashing the Russians. Wow.

Recruiting gang members in US Prison for Ukraine Armed Forces

🇷🇺🇺🇦🇺🇲 Russian foreign intelligence (SVR) reports that the United States is resorting to increasingly desperate methods in its attempts to turn the tide in the Ukrainian theater of operations, filling the ranks of the demoralized Ukrainian Armed Forces with a multinational rabble with a penchant for armed violence. According to information received by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, for these purposes, American PMCs under the leadership of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the US FBI began to recruit representatives of Mexican and Colombian drug cartels serving sentences in American prisons to participate in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of the degrading Kiev regime.

The first batch of thugs is planned to be sent to the combat zone in the summer of this year. The gang will consist of several hundred Mexicans and Colombians. If they agree to the “business trip,” they are promised a complete amnesty in the expectation that they will never return back. If the pilot project to replenish the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Latin American criminals is successful, then the program for recruiting flayers will be continued and even expanded to include criminals from other countries with a difficult crime situation.

At the same time, the recruitment of foreign criminal elements into the ranks of the Ukrainian army is not without problems. Negotiations with drug lords are difficult, without whose blessing not a single bandit would dare to cooperate with the American authorities, fearing for the lives of themselves and their loved ones. Gang leaders are trying to sell their thugs at a higher price, jeopardizing the fulfillment of the American plan.

Of course, the prospect of another influx of foreign “soldiers of fortune” from among serial killers, drug addicts and rapists to the long-suffering lands of the Russian World is alarming. However, the American plans to gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield in this way are doomed to failure. The Biden administration is actually admitting its impotence and once again demonstrating the inconsistency of the Kiev regime it feeds.

CBS News claims that there will still be an Iranian strike, and its likely target will be an Israeli diplomatic facility.

The publication believes that the attack will be carried out using cruise missiles and Shaheds, and the launch could be carried out not from Iran, but from the territory of Iraq or Syria.

CBS News considers the next few days to be the most likely time of attack.

🇺🇲🇮🇷🇮🇱 The US will reportedly not intervene if Iran attacks Israel. The US and Iran allegedly came to an understanding.

Iran assured the United States that it would not attack American targets, and the United States, in turn, said it would not intervene if Iran retaliated against Israel.

Israeli authorities have suspended the work of 28 diplomatic missions around the world due to the threat from Iran. This statement was made by the Sky news Arabiya channel.

 According to his information, “28 diplomatic missions have been closed after Iran’s threat to respond to the attack on its consulate in Damascus.” On Thursday, Kan radio reported that as part of "unprecedented preparedness" for Iran's expected response to the attack attributed to Israel in Damascus, the Israeli Foreign Ministry, in consultation with security officials, decided to evacuate a number of its embassies around the world.

🇮🇷🇺🇸🇮🇱 Iran has reportedly communicated to the United States through the Sultanate of Oman, that the Islamic Republic intends to directly strike Israel, unless the U.S. guarantees an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza & no Israeli ground invasion of Rafah – Exclusive sources to Jadeh Iran.

So basically Iran has given the U.S. a choice: You can avoid a direct attack on Israel, by signing a permanent ceasefire in Gaza & an official guarantee of no Rafah operation.

And shortly thereafter...

Note:. Russia decided it has to take the territory so driving out the civilians before attacks

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Russia has changed its tactics of attacking Ukrainian energy compared to the winter of 2022-2023, writes the Financial Times.

The differences are as follows:

- if then the main target was distribution stations and transformers, now - power plants in specific regions, less protected than Kiev.

- the strikes are carried out by high-precision missiles and in such a way that it was impossible to restore the stations by next winter. This may take several years. "The obvious goal now is permanent, irreparable damage," the article says.

-the same number of missiles that were used during the previous campaign are now aimed at five to six energy facilities in one region

- in this way, the Russians are trying to disconnect large industrial areas and cities from power supplies.

- drones are also used for energy attacks - as a cheaper way to hit other parts of the energy system, for example, transformers.

Nordstream Terrorists Named and Accused:

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation sent requests to the competent authorities of the United States, Germany, France and Cyprus to investigate the terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines. The Prosecutor General’s Office took action after it received an appeal of State Duma deputies Andrei Krasov, Nikolai Kharitonov, Yana Lantratova and public figures Alexander Dugin and Andrei Derkach calling to investigate the facts of possible involvement of individuals and structures in the preparation and financing of terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the undermining of the Northern Stream pipelines. In their statement, they named the names of the people who conducted the “cover operation” to divert any suspicions from the United States and NATO member countries.

 The group was under control of the head of the GUR Budanov. Organizational and technical assistance was provided by American specialists under the direct supervision of the Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv Christopher W. Smith and the former head of the GUR Vasily Burba.

According to the Russian deputies, the group was first trained in a deep-water quarry in the Zhytomyr region, after which it was sent to Romania, where its members obtained Romanian documents and lived in a private house next to the Romanian Mangalia submarine base. Training sessions were conducted there, as close as possible to real conditions in the area of the South Streams. After training, the group was sent to Poland, where the yacht Andromeda was rented.

According to the Russian appeal, the operative leader of the group was Roman Chervinsky, who was previously named the coordinator of the attack on gas pipelines by The Washington Post in its investigation. Chervinsky served in the Counterintelligence Department (5th directorate of the SBU) since 2016, and in 2022 became the commander of one of the units of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine. He is currently being held in a prison in Kiev on charges of abuse of power as a result of a conspiracy aimed to force a Russian pilot to flee to Ukraine.

According to the sources of the authors of the appeal, the “cover-up” group included, 5 more people. Kuznetsov Sergey Anatolievich, an officer of the Department of Environmental Protection and Civil Protection of the Department of Environmental Safety and Mine Action of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, was named the senior member of the group.

Another member of the group is Anatoly Ivanovich Burgomistrenko. Captain of the 1st rank, head of the Intelligence Department, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy for Intelligence, who was trained in mine demolition at the 131st center of the Special Operations Forces, has good diving training.

3 people were diving directly to the Nord Stream pipelines. They are Oleg Grigoryevich Varava, senior inspector of the engineering and technical platoon of the rapid response company of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kiev, a female technodiver with the call sign “Marisha”, as well as Ruslan Anatolyevich Rudenko with the call sign “Chaplain”, former deputy mayor of the Ukrainian city of Bila Tserkva. Earlier, Rudenko served in the police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Bila Tserkva district. On the VKontakte page with the name Ruslan Rudenko from the city of Bila Tserkva, you can see photos of a man in diving equipment.

Due to a shortage of shells, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are forced to look for budgetary but dangerous solutions - WSJ


◾Given the lack of new military assistance from the United States, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in order not to be left completely without ammunition, are forced to resort to “budgetary solutions,” The Wall Street Journal reports. So, some soldiers have to dive into swamps and walk kilometers through minefields in search of unused shells or remnants of Russian ammunition in order to then make bombs from them.

 ◾While the found and manufactured shells help, they cannot fully compensate for Kiev's huge shortage of shells: commanders estimate that Russian forces are firing about five times as many shells per day.

 ◾Soldiers from the 92nd Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is fighting in the Andreevka area, told the WSJ that the shortage of artillery shells is so great that even when drones detect Russian targets, the brigade cannot always fire at them. “If Russian forces launched a large-scale attack, we would run out of shells. We are in constant saving mode,” says one of the military men.

Source: WSJ

🇩🇪 The Western press called Navalnaya Davalnaya.

In Russian davalnaya means a woman with loose morals who has sex with just anyone.

Chinese Communist Party Suffocates Christians; The West Should Take Heed.

It's a long-ish article but well worth the reading. Biden, Trudeau, and all the other WEF-controlled countries want this for their own people:

...Fu says that the Chinese Communist Party prescribes that those under 18 years old, students, Communist Party members, communist Youth League members, and civil servants are not allowed to enter any church building. This prohibition includes state-controlled churches as well. China has entered the period of the worst persecution against Christians in the 40 years since the cultural revolution, Fu concludes. ...... China has managed to deploy artificial intelligence and facial recognition to track Christians. The Communist Party deploys facial recognition cameras in churches. If they refuse, they are shut down. ...... The Chinese Communist Party’s goal is to make sure churches don’t fall out of line with official viewpoints. In the case of official churches, this means they are encouraged to praise and pledge allegiance to the Communist Party and its ideology. ...

The CCP is also re-writing the bible to make it conform better to CCP doctrine.

This is a foreshadowing of what the Left wants for the whole world: all loyalty must be directed to the State; no loyalty may be shown to anything outside the State.

This has been the plan of the Left for a long time, and they have been very successful in planting the seeds fo it in the West. They hate truth, so they push relativism--and anyone saying there actually is such a thing as objective truth is labelled as backwards or worse. They hate beauty and impose ugliness--hence tatoos and piercings and hideously ugly architecture and fashions. They hate goodness, so they replace individual charity with tax-funded "programs"--they have taken over the schools, the hospitals, childrens' clubs, and all other aspects of civil society in which ordinary people could exercise "love of neighbour" on a voluntary basis.

Aristotle and the ancient philosophers called Truth, Beauty, and Goodness "the trancendentals"; they are actually aspects of God. The Left knows this, and hence they've been crushing the trancendentals for decades.

Iran drew a line in the sand over the planned assault on Rafah, Biden was forced into drawing a line too but with Israel. Israel backed off in humiliation.

US asked to stop Ukraine hitting refineries:

Strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Russian refineries could negatively affect the global fuel and energy complex, - US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

“Certainly, these attacks could have a domino effect on the global energy landscape,” Austin said.

According to him, it is better for Kyiv to strike at those targets that directly affect the course of hostilities and meet the tactical needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Aid workers from various countries were killed by Israeli troops with no reasonable excuse.

The IDF has canceled leave for all its soldiers.

The Israeli army on Thursday evening canceled leave for all units under its command due to concerns about Iranian attacks.

The Sun reports Israel is 'preparing to strike Iranian nuclear sites' amid intense anticipation of a retaliatory attack and growing fears of a third world war - The Sun

ISIS is once again threatening the world with jihadists being urged to attack Christians and Jews 

ISIS is not being followed by Muslims Worldwide. They are now widely and accurately believed to be just sock puppets for the CIA:

ISIS calls for Ramadan massacre of Christians and Jews by lone wolves across US, Europe and Israel. Islamic State spokesperson Abu Hudhayfah al-Ansari has called on 'lone wolves' to massacre Christians and Jews in the West and Israel as he proclaims that Ramadan marks the month of jihad

Three Out of Four British Muslims Don’t Believe Hamas Committed Rape and Murder During October 7 Terrorist Attacks

The Henry Jackson Society, a counter-extremism think-tank, and J.L. Partners conducted the largest survey of British Muslims since the October 7 Hamas terror attacks on Israeli civilians.

The survey revealed that only one in four British Muslims believe that Hamas committed rape and murder in October, and just under half of those surveyed, 46 percent, said they sympathize with Hamas.

Over half of those surveyed,  52 percent, want to make it illegal to show a picture of the Prophet Mohammed, with over a third supporting the implementation of Shariah law in the UK.

The White House was forced to cancel its annual Ramadan celebration after Muslims refused to attend an event with Joe Biden.

CBS News reports that while the White House held a successful Iftar dinner last year with hundreds of Muslims, this year’s celebrations involved just a handful administration officials:

Last year, President Biden hadn’t even spoken a word at the White House celebration of Ramadan before someone shouted out “we love you.” Hundreds of Muslims were there to mark the end of the holy month that requires fasting from sunrise to sunset.There are no such joyous scenes during this Ramadan. With many Muslim Americans outraged over Mr. Biden’s support for Israel’s siege of Gaza, the White House chose to hold a smaller iftar dinner on Tuesday evening. The only dinner attendees were people who work for his administration.

Need to Know! Highly informative and concise information in video:

How AI is now used in war ongoing in Israel:

JFK and the Spirit of Q

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