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30 May 2020 - The War on the Streets

The abuse that triggered the riots was suspicious, and the riots that followed were even more suspicious: Ever notice how "systemic...

Lunch News - 13 April 2020 Re: China

What do Soros and Xi's predecessor Jiang Zemin have in common?: 1). They (or their families and associates) both hate Xi. 2). They (or...

Dinner News - 19 March 2020

Today President Trump announced that the FDA had approved chloroquine for use in treating coronavirus. President Trump made the...

17 March 2020 - Lunch News

(If you just want the coronavirus humor then skip to near the end…. Sometimes humor is good for you.) Europe and US are mostly all on the...

5 March 2020 - Lunch News

Justice Scalia is the dead elephant in the room. Here is the brief video of Shumer threatening conservative justices:...

Lunch News - Coronavirus

Seyyed Hadi Khosroshahi, a prominent Iranian cleric and the Islamic Republic’s first ambassador to Vatican City, has died of the novel...

18 February 2020 - Evening News

All about the virus - Things you probably haven’t heard about…all the interesting stuff: The risk factors are very interesting: The...

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