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18 February 2020 - Evening News

All about the virus - Things you probably haven’t heard about…all the interesting stuff:

The risk factors are very interesting:

The latest scientific study out of China shows that the approximately 3% of the people who get Coronavirus die from it (i.e. the "mortality rate").

Most of the deaths are in people over 60 years old.

But that is not the only determinant.  For example, the mortality rate is apparently higher among men than woman.  Indeed, more men than women also die of related diseases such as Sars and Mers.

And even though the hospitals in Wuhan - where the virus started - are overwhelmed and so unable to provide intensive levels of care, it is still a bit surprising that virtually every single death from Coronavirus has been in China.

One Chinese study wondered whether Asian people are more susceptible genetically to Coronavirus and SARS: We also noticed that the only Asian donor (male) has a much higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than white and African American donors (2.50% vs. 0.47% of all cells). This might explain the observation that the new Coronavirus pandemic and previous SARS-Cov pandemic are concentrated in the Asian area. The study has no statistical significance, given that the sample size included only a handful of people with a single Asian victim, and such a small sample size is meaningless. But the reference to ACE2 may be on the right track. Specifically, most scientists agree that both the Wuhan Coronavirus and the SARS virus which hit China in 2002-2003 attack the human body through the ACE2 receptor (short for "Angiotensin-converting enzyme-2", which is an enzyme which plays a role in constriction of the lungs). A professor at the University of South Carolina found that smokers have significantly higher levels of ACE2 than non-smokers ... but that no difference was found based on age, gender or racial group: In this study, we analyzed four large-scale datasets of normal lung tissue to investigate the disparities related to race, age, gender and smoking status in ACE2 gene expression. No significant disparities in ACE2 gene expression were found between racial groups (Asian vs Caucasian), age groups (>60 vs <60) or gender groups (male vs female). However, we observed significantly higher ACE2 gene expression in smoker samples compared to nonsmoker samples. This indicates the smokers may be more susceptible to 2019-nCov and thus smoking history should be considered in identifying susceptible population and standardizing treatment regimen.

Could this could help to explain why Chinese men are more susceptible to Coronavirus than other people?

Actually, it might...

The Chinese smoke a lot.  BBC reported in 2015: China is the world's biggest consumer of cigarettes - one in three cigarettes smoked globally is in China - as well as the world's biggest tobacco producer. More than 300 million people - about a quarter of the population - smoke, with the average smoker consuming 22 cigarettes a day.

And it turns out that Chinese men smoke a lot more than Chinese women.  For example, Gallup reported in 2005: Smoking in China is overwhelmingly a male habit. At least two-thirds of all Chinese men (68%) smoke at least occasionally, and roughly half (49%) are regular smokers. In contrast, only 6% of women smoke regularly (3%) or occasionally (3%).

Xi and the other vast majority of the Leaders in China are Han Chinese, in spite of being only 6% of the population.

Would this be an effective way to damage the Chinese government? What serious enemies does the Chinese government have? (More on this next post.)

Second, there was a much great difference in the frequency of distribution of ACE2 variants among different racial and ethnic lines.[19,28] For instance, the T allele frequencies of rs2285666 were 40.1% in Chinese Han, 32.4% in Chinese Dongxiang, 22.0% in Anglo Celtic.[19,31]In humans, ACE2 mainly expresses in the cardiovascular, renal and gastrointestinal tissues.[4] Moreover, ACE2 also has been found in the brain, lung and testis.[5]It has been mapped to a defined quantitative trait locus (QTL) on the X chromosome in human.


Racial differences in ACE

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) have not been shown to be as effective in black populations compared with white populations.26-28 Similarly, ACE inhibitors, ARBs, and β blockers have been reported to be less effective in blacks with heart failure compared with white patients.29

A new report - a product of a collaboration between a retired professional scientist with 30 years of experience in genomic sequencing and analysis who helped design several ubiquitous bioinformatic software tools, and a former NSA counterterrorism analyst - suggests that this possible mistake may have been precipitated by the need to quickly finish research that was being rushed for John Hopkin’s Event 201 which was held this past October and meant to gameplan the containment of a global pandemic. Research may also have been hurried due to deadlines before the impending Chinese New Year – the timing of these events point to increased human error, not a globalist conspiracy.

Beijing has had four known accidental leaks of the SARS virus in recent years, so there is absolutely no reason to assume that this strain of coronavirus from Wuhan didn’t accidentally leak out as well.

Given that this outbreak was said to begin in late December when most bat species in the region are hibernating and the Chinese horseshoe bat’s habitat covers an enormous swath of the region containing scores of cities and hundreds of millions people to begin with, the fact that this Wuhan Strain of coronavirus, denoted as Covid-19, emerged in close proximity to the only BSL-4 virology lab in China, now notoriously located in Wuhan, which in turn was staffed with at least two Chinese scientists – Zhengli Shi and Xing-Yi Ge (both virologists who had previously worked at an American lab which already bio-engineered an incredibly virulent strain of bat coronavirus) – the accidental release of a bio-engineered virus meant for defensive immunotherapy research from Wuhan’s virology lab cannot be automatically discounted, especially when the Wuhan Strain’s unnatural genomic signals are considered.

Zhengli Shi notably  co-authored a controversial paper in 2015  which describes the creation of a new virus by combining a coronavirus found in Chinese horseshoe bats with another that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice.

A genetic analysis of the spike-protein genes – the exact region that was bio-engineered by the UNC lab in 2015, where Zhengli Shi and Xing-Yi Ge previously isolated a batty coronavirus that targets the ACE2 receptor just like this 2019-nCoV strain of the coronavirus does – indicates an artificial and unnatural origins of the Wuhan Strain’s spike-protein genes when they are compared to the genomes of wild relatives. Most recently, as an increasing number of global experts questioned China's initial official story that this came from the food market in Wuhan, Zhengli Shi hurriedly wrote a new report, claiming instead of the initial findings that the novel virus came from a bat in Yunnan, the Chinese chrysanthemum. She said that this was a new discovery that she had worked hard for several years, and coincidentally wrote a paper after the outbreak and published it in the famous international academic journal Nature.

Giving further credence to the idea that the Wuhan Strain was bio-engineered is the existence of a patent application that looks to modulate a coronavirus’ spike-protein genes – the precise region altered by Zhengli Shi at UNC to make a hyper-virulent strain of coronavirus, and whose alteration and adaptation would explain the Wuhan Strain’s unusual behavior as discussed above.

Cat is out of the bag:

"I live in the Phippines. Chinese were trying to flood into here and were sent packing. One woman flew into Cebu then jumped a jet to Dumegate and then to Manila where she died. She exposed over 150 people. 300 went to Barcay a very popumar resort with hundreds of people from all over the world. I feel for most of them, but here, they are not very welcome. And for that reason. Taxis wont even pick them up and Im talking about the ones who live here."

Japan has untraceable cases:

Shigeru Omi, a former regional director for the World Health Organization:

Quarantine is one of the measures considered effective early on. But the virus has already made its way into local communities across Japan, where untraceable cases have been popping up, he said.

At this stage, "the spreading of the virus will be inevitable, and that's why quarantine is out of the question," Omi said.

He said the focus now should shift from border control to preventing the spread in local communities.

In an explosive interview Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Act has given a detailed statement admitting that the 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus is an offensive Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization (WHO) already knows about it.

Senator Cotton:

China claimed—for almost two months—that coronavirus had originated in a Wuhan seafood market. That is not the case. @TheLancet published a study demonstrating that of the original 40 cases, 14 of them had no contact with the seafood market, including Patient Zero.

Such concerns have also been raised by J.R. Nyquist, the well known author of the books “Origins of the Fourth World War” and “The Fool and His Enemy,” as well as co-author of “The New Tactics of Global War”. In his insightful article he published secret speechs given to high-level Communist Party cadres by Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Chi Haotian explaining a long-range plan for ensuring a Chinese national renaissance – the catalyst for which would be China’s secret plan to weaponiz viruses.

Nyquist gave three different data points for making his case in analyzing Coronavirus. He writes: The third data point worth considering: the journal GreatGameIndia has published a piece titled “Coronavirus Bioweapon – How China Stole Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponized It.”

The authors were clever enough to put Khan’s Virology Journal article together with news of a security breach by Chinese nationals at the Canadian (P4) National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg, where the novel coronavirus was allegedly stored with other lethal organisms. Last May, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called in to investigate; by late July the Chinese were kicked out of the facility. The chief Chinese scientist (Dr. Xiangguo Qiu) was allegedly making trips between Winnipeg and Wuhan.

Here we have a plausible theory of the NCoV organism’s travels: first discovered in Saudi Arabia, then studied in Canada from whence it was stolen by a Chinese scientist and brought to Wuhan. Like the statement of Taiwan’s intelligence chief in 2008, the GreatGameIndia story has come under intensive attack. Whatever the truth, the fact of proximity and the unlikelihood of mutation must figure into our calculations.

It’s highly probable that the 2019-nCoV organism is a weaponized version of the NCoV discovered by Saudi doctors in 2012.

Gag orders in the US exist:

"There are now allegedly CONFIRMED coronavirus cases in Watertown, Buffalo and Rochester New York.  HOWEVER, New York State has issued a GAG ORDER to Health care professionals, police, fire and EMS, forbidding them from talking to anyone in any form, about confirmed or suspected cases of Coronavirus.According to the local citizen, multiple confirmed cases of Coronavirus are at DeGraf Memorial Hospital in North Tonowanda and no one is allowed to talk about it." "have friend that's kid is a cop. while doing CPR got exposed to a sick kid who was drouning on fluid build up in the lungs . The kid later died. The cop was put on anti viral , tamaflue and a whole other coattail. was told not to talk with the public and told it was not the corona virus it was the h1n1 flue. has been over a week and they still are watching him real close. family very nervous about the possibility that they are not being told the truth. this is west coast not New York"

There are testing and tracking operations in the US in place:

The US will begin testing people identified by local health authorities as having flu-like symptoms for the novel coronavirus, a senior official said Friday, a significant expansion of the government's response to the epidemic.

"CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has begun working with five public health labs across the US to tap into their ability to conduct community based influenza surveillance, so that we can begin testing people with flu-like symptoms for novel coronavirus," said Nancy Messonnier, a senior CDC official.The testing will initially be carried out by labs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and New York, but more sites are planned.The announcement came as the number of confirmed US cases rose to 15, and about 600 people remained quarantined.

China is now disinfecting cash.  Money is rather dirty stuff:

China is disinfecting and isolating used banknotes as part of efforts to stop the spread of the new coronavirus that has killed more than 1,500 people, officials said Saturday.  Banks use ultraviolet light or high temperatures to disinfect yuan bills, then seal and store the cash for seven to 14 days—depending on the severity of the outbreak in a particular region—before recirculating them, China's central bank said at a press conference.

Riffing off of comments from WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who said yesterday that the we might be seeing only 'the tip of the iceberg' in terms of number of cases, Leung said the scientific community's 'overriding concern' is figuring out the 'size and shape' of the iceberg.

Leung added that most experts now believe the virus has a transmission rate of - or r-sub-zero - of 2.5, meaning the average infected individual will transmit the virus to 2.5 others. This also translates to an "attack rate" of 60%-80%, the Guardian reports. "Sixty per cent of the world’s population is an awfully big number," Leung told the Guardian in London, en route to an expert meeting at the WHO in Geneva on Tuesday Rough calculations indicate that, if two-thirds of the 7.7 billion people living on earth are infected, a 1% mortality rate would still lead to nearly 51 million deaths.The upcoming meeting in Geneva, which Leung plans to attend, will bring together more than 400 researchers and national authorities. Some plan to participate by video conference from the mainland and Taiwan.Does Leung really think the virus will infect 80% of the world's population? Or even 60%? Maybe not. The virus has reportedly been mutating and changing as it has spread, and it's still possible it could change in ways that inadvertently help humanity suppress it. For example, it could "attenuate its lethality," as Leung put it.

Epidemiologists and modellers were trying to figure out what was likely to happen, said Leung. "Is 60-80% of the world’s population going to get infected? Maybe not. Maybe this will come in waves. Maybe the virus is going to attenuate its lethality because it certainly doesn’t help it if it kills everybody in its path, because it will get killed as well," he said.

Our timing: China went from patient zero to point where everybody knew it was happening  in about 1 month and 3 weeks. Our patient zero in America would be about the middle of January - so if it is following the same sort of propagation pattern any public disaster we have would become obvious about the first week in March. This could be delayed or eliminated by: Surveillance state patient tracking (The health authorities have gotten pretty good at this tracking sexual disease transmission over the years plus they have Google to work with.) Racial differences in transmission and severity (See the above. America is more racially diverse, and many people may have resistance due to their ACE2 receptors being less plentiful.) Mutation (It is mutating and can change infectivity as well as lethality.) Changes in public behavior (I have noticed people in stores are less plentiful was well as tending to stay farther away from each other.  They may be washing hands more etc.  China may be very different in customs than the US.)

One day in #wuhan through a photographer’s lens #coronavirus :

On the l lighter side:The Simpsons quasi-prediction of Coronavirus…. Remember they predicted Trump as president?

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