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30 May 2020 - The War on the Streets

The abuse that triggered the riots was suspicious, and the riots that followed were even more suspicious:

Ever notice how "systemic racism" is always complained about in cities where Democrats have run said system for decades?


Democrat governor.

Democrat Secretary of State.

Democrat State Auditor.

Democrat Sr US Senator

Democrat Jr US Senator

Democrat Reps 5 / Republicans 3

Democrat Mayor.

Democrat AG.

Democrat Police Chief.

2016 General Elections - Voted Democrat.

Tweeted by Trump:

It’s ANTIFA and the Radical Left. Don’t lay the blame on others! These are “Organized Groups” that have nothing to do with George Floyd. Sad! Crossing State lines to incite violence is a FEDERAL CRIME! Liberal Governors and Mayors must get MUCH tougher or the Federal Government will step in and do what has to be done, and that includes using the unlimited power of our Military and many arrests. Thank you! 80% of the RIOTERS in Minneapolis last night were from OUT OF STATE. They are harming businesses (especially African American small businesses), homes, and the community of good, hardworking Minneapolis residents who want peace, equality, and to provide for their families. AG BARR: “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized & driven by anarchtic left extremist groups—far left extremist groups using Antifa-like tactics.” Full statement 1 and a half minutes:] Retweeted by Trump: In Democrat cities you can get arrested for opening a business, but not for looting one. 

Pallets of bricks conveniently placed in cities

"All over the country there are reports of pallets of bricks being dropped off by unmarked vehicles along protest routes. The only people who would have access to that information beforehand has access to permit application. Finally we have video:'

"Tonight’s Dallas riot was pre-planned Organizers were directing the crowd where to go They had pallets of 100 bricks ready for rioters They were yelling to the crowd “go left, there are 100 bricks on the corner over there” This wasn’t random chaos"

Pallets of bricks set in places. No construction nearby. See your yourself: 28 seconds

Ilhan Omar’s daughter helping the “comrades":

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter Isra Hirsi, retweeted a list of supplies for “comrades” who are rioting in Minneapolis.

Isra Hirsi is the co-founder of US Youth Climate Strike and her Twitter bio says she ‘hates capitalism.’

Isra Hirsi retweeted a post from Twin Cities DSA (Democratic Socialists of America): Want to help out your comrades protesting at the 3rd precinct (at Lake and Minnehaha?) Here’s a good list of much needed supplies (except for milk! Water is always better for eyewashing than milk!! Please don’t bring milk!)

Ilhan Omar’s daughter retweeted a list of needed supplies for “comrades” who are rioting in Minneapolis. The Twin Cities DSA asks for ply wood, sticks, rackets and more.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) May 28, 2020

This assistance to the rioters was from the daughter of the Governor of Minnesota:

This is from an unknown source but is further support of the idea that this was Leftist politicians collusion: "My Source confirms this. They are being paid CASH so they can still claim Unemployment. This is wrong on SO MANY LEVELS.

There's more: Same Source has reliable info that AG Barr was briefed this morning on Ellison's involvement. #QArmy @LisaMei62

Masks have NEVER been about a Pandemic. Soros' plan is to turn the US in 1930's Germany. Watch the protesters carefully; what are they wearing??? #Brownshirts"

Trump Tweet:

Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis will never be mistaken for the late, great General Douglas McArthur or great fighter General George Patton. How come all of these places that defend so poorly are run by Liberal Democrats? Get tough and fight (and arrest the bad ones). STRENGTH!

I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership. Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right.....

Mayor Frey:

“Our officers have had Molotov cocktails thrown at them, rocks and other projecticles. And so obviously their safety is paramount. And so I don’t want them going into an area where they’re at risk of harming themselves.”

“The City encourages everyone to exercise caution to stay safe while participating in demonstrations, including wearing masks and physical distancing as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” the city said in a statement Thursday.

“The City has made hundreds of masks available to protesters this week.”

Mayor Carter says he has been told that every person arrested in Saint Paul last night was from out of state

Coordinated nation-wide:

I’m here and the city of Atlanta is under attack! These people starting the fires and looting are not from here! They don’t even know their way around!!!! ANTIFA!!! #Atlanta #GeorgeFloyd

What a lot of people don’t realize is that these antifa bros are the source of a lot of these issues. They infiltrate these protests and cause chaos.

Looting still happening with impunity in downtown Portland. They clear the businesses of goods and then someone goes in with a chemical agent to start a fire. #antifa #BlackLivesMatter

Philadelphia are requesting all possible units as protesters have infiltrated city hall and are pushing air conditioners out of the windows, breaking shit, etc.

My daughter just called and they are raising hell in Salt Lake City, following the MN model ... national guard activated ... everyone sent home. They shut down the grocery store she works at.

Trump in DC:

Great job last night at the White House by the U.S. @SecretService. They were not only totally professional, but very cool. I was inside, watched every move, and couldn’t have felt more safe. They let the “protesters” scream & rant as much as they wanted, but whenever someone…. too frisky or out of line, they would quickly come down on them, hard - didn’t know what hit them. The front line was replaced with fresh agents, like magic. Big crowd, professionally organized, but nobody came close to breaching the fence. If they had they would....

....have been greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen. That’s when people would have been really badly hurt, at least. Many Secret Service agents just waiting for action. “We put the young ones on the front line, sir, they love it, and….

....good practice.” As you saw last night, they were very cool & very professional. Never let it get out of hand. Thank you! On the bad side, the D.C. Mayor, @MurielBowser , who is always looking for money & help, wouldn’t let the D.C. Police get involved. “Not their job.” Nice!

Chicago police officers have been ordered to “no longer use force to disperse large gatherings,”

Mayor Lightfoot has a message for @realDonaldTrump ‘What I want to say ... begins with F and ends with U’ #Trump

An ARMY of volunteers in Minneapolis helping neighbors clean up business damage. “Bring a broom” they were told. What a sight.

See here:

Some black leaders and other Democrats are calling out the extremists of Antifa and other anarchist groups for hijacking peaceful protests and making them riots:

I refuse to allow a bunch of ANTIFA affiliated thugs to come to my beloved city of Atlanta and burn it to the ground, under the guise of Black Lives Matter. They don’t give a damn about black lives. They only care about DESTRUCTION.

Thats’s a DEMOCRAT state rep. from Georgia!

Many more here:

Minnesota National Guard:

Governor Tim Walz signed Executive Order 20-64 yesterday at 4 p.m., activating the Minnesota National Guard to provide safety and protection to the people of Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and the surrounding communities.

We have activated more than 500 soldiers to St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding communities. Our mission is to protect life, preserve property and the right to peacefully demonstrate. A key objective is to ensure fire departments are able to respond to calls. As citizens in Minneapolis and St Paul observe a temporary curfew this evening, the @MNNationalGuard will be out helping to restore order and provide safety in the community. Rest assured, we are standing watch.

The whole thing appears strange and unlikely from the start.  Consider this:

Floyd was complaining of being unable to breathe before he was put on the ground.  Was he drugged?  Did he have a heart attack? 

“While standing outside the car, Mr. Floyd began saying and repeating that he could not breathe,” the complaint added, saying that Chauvin “went to the passenger side and tried to get Mr. Floyd into the car from that side” with help from other officers….“Mr. Floyd said, ‘I can’t ‘breathe’ multiple times and repeatedly said, ‘Mama’ and ‘please’ as well,” the complaint said, later adding: “The officers said, ‘You are talking fine.’”

The medical examiner determined that the death was not from strangling or asphyxiation.

Arrested Officer Derek Chauvin and George Floyd worked at the same south Minneapolis La Raza nightclub as security guards up to the end of last year.  Chauvin worked there for 17 years.  

Would any officer knowingly actually kill a person while on camera like that?  Either the officer didn’t know Floyd was actually dying or knowingly did it as a performance. What sort of collusion is going on with the Democrat police departments with a Democrat Chief of Police?:

Are rioters protected and assisted in Democrat Cities?

China depends on Walmart just like Walmart depends on China

They're trying to destroy the middle class and middle class businesses. Walmart, Amazon, etc are making record profits while small businesses are suffering. The elite corporations are pushing out small businesses. This class divide is Communism. 

Incentives everyone to leave their jobs to get paid more to be on unemployment is Communism. 

Telling middle-class businesses they can't run their own businesses is Communism.  Telling farmers to destroy the food supply is Communism. 

Sending out rioters and chaos agents is Communism. 

Trying to steal the election by breaking the chain of custody between the voter and ballot box is Communism.

Trying to silence the President of the United States  and Conservatives is Communism.

We are at war if you haven't noticed. (and modified by Dagny)

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