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Serious things happening

Pelosi and Harris want the Nuclear Codes from Biden.

Here is a letter to Biden wanting him to reliquish control of nuclear codes to Kamala Harris & Nancy Pelosi, which is against the US Constitution. This was spearheaded by CIA Leon Panetta's son, Jimmy, who just happened to get himself elected to Congress.

This is the 2nd time in a little over a month that Nancy Pelosi has tried to get control of the nuclear codes. Gen Milley confirmed she called about President Trump's powers as commander in chief, specifically regarding the process of nuclear command authority.

Biden EO removes the requirement that new citizens take an oath of loyalty to the US.

This is true to their beliefs: America Last, China, Marxism, Globalism, Cabal First

Reminder of what they are:

This really was posted by the US Marshals:

Th eMarshals later said they didn't mean anything by it.

Coincidentally, the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, has hiked the prices of suites around that day. Some room rates at the hotel, just blocks from the White House, have almost tripled for March 3 and 4.

Thank you all! There are still important live cases. Irrefutable proof is coming soon. Keep educating everyone about the facts. Today’s Supreme Court orders were disappointing but we are NOT done, and we will not let this fraud stand. #WeThePeople are supposed to run this country. Our new SuperPAC should be up tomorrow.

It’s to amplify the voice of #WeThePeople across the country. We intend to expose corruption in both parties and support people with the courage to protect our constitutional rights and the Rule of Law. Sign up for updates. Join for as little as $10 a year. Contributors of $200 a year total or less are confidential.

According to her, the COVID-19 vaccine may not work for the British coronavirus mutation, and that it is not certain what the vaccine will do in five to ten years. She also admitted that she would not be vaccinated.

“We do not know their long-term safety profile. I would not be afraid of so many immediate effects, but those that can occur in five to ten years. If someone is thirty, it can be a risk. I won’t get vaccinated, “said the microbiologist.

According to her, what has circulated and is circulating in autumn and winter are other strains, other viruses that are not descendants of the spring (virus).

Real? It looks real. It sounds real. There are many people in China who are Christian and who not support the Chinese regime or Biden.


As the US election was affected by the epidemic, more than 120 million blank ballots were mailed in advance. According to a source, an underground factory in Guangdong, China, which usually specializes in "forging invoices and falsifying accounts," has forged a large number of blank U.S. ballots since July with a monthly output of 500,000.

Judging from the screenshot of the conversation, the boss not only said, " We have the original model of this version, "We have ordered it before. " There is still a lot of this in inventory. And because the ballots are different in each state in the United States, the underground factory can provide the original model files of "Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina", and emphasize that this is provided by the "previous customer", and there are other states that can also be used for voting. , Not only these 3 states.

It is worth noting that the boss of the underground factory actually stated that the metal patterns and anti-counterfeiting of the real ballots cannot be forged yet, but previously unknown people have ordered a large number of them, and the boss also said, "The amount is not a problem, the main thing is your money. In place, that amount is not a problem."

COVID vaccine harm to placentas evidence coming in:

As of Feb. 12, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) had already received 111 reports of adverse events experienced by women who were pregnant at the time of their Pfizeror Moderna injection.

The first such report was submitted Dec. 22, just 10 days after authorization of the Pfizer vaccine. Nearly a third (31%) of the women had miscarriages or preterm births, which occurred within as little as one day of injection — the majority after a single dose of vaccine.

The descriptions of miscarriages and premature births accompanying the VAERS reports are tragic and hair-raising.

For example, a 37-year-old who received her first dose of the Moderna vaccine at 28 weeks of pregnancy, just after an ultrasound showed a healthy placenta, was discovered to have “significant placenta issues just one week later.” A repeat ultrasound showed that the placenta had “calcified and aged prematurely,” leading to recommended hospitalization for the duration of her pregnancy.

It had to be said.

This comedian/newsman in England has had it with "diversity" and absolutely tells it like it is in an all time epic rant. It's really worth seeing and needed saying, but warning - he does use the F word. Three and a half minutes of worthy though profane perspective I think we can all agree with:

The power of mail in fraud now being applied by Newsom:

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed legislation that could upend an effort to recall him from office by requiring county election officials to mail absentee ballots to every registered voter for elections held in 2021 (The Hill). Classic move. In Oregon we attempted to recall our Governor and she changed the rules for the submission of signatures 2 weeks before the deadline. The recall failed just like she wanted.

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