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Openly Lawless Now

Updated: Apr 10

Video of Blinken with very sad face incongruent with his words:

The end is in sight for the Deep State.

They know Ukraine is falling. They are out of air defense missiles. Russia is advancing.

They know Putin's presidency is secure. He won in a landslide and appears to be in good health.

They know Trump is the presumptive next President.

Secretary of State for the UK, Cameron came to see Trump to ask for money for Ukraine. Cameron didn't get anything.

All they can do is lie, censor, and arrest people on fake charges.

Openly Lawless:

DOJ Releases Shocking Report on Widespread COVID-19 Fraud During Pandemic — Over $400 Billion Stolen or Misused

report released by the Department of Justice (DOJ) COVID-19 Fraud Enforcement Task Force uncovered a shocking scope of fraud during the pandemic, with over $400 billion in emergency funding either stolen or misappropriated.

According to the report, fraudulent claims and schemes targeted various pandemic relief efforts, including unemployment insurance benefits, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs), among others.

These included fraudulent claims filed using stolen identities, inflated payroll expenses, doctored bank statements, and false tax forms.


The 2020 Election in Georgia, Fulton Co especially, NEVER should have been certified. Not only did this negatively impact the Presidential race, it impacted not one, but TWO Senatorial races that would end up yielding control of the Senate to Democrats.

The importance of preserving Anyonymity:

Posted by Elon:

Brazil’s conservatives and freedom lovers are in a state of bliss watching billionaire Elon Musk stare down their very own Supreme Court Justice-turned tyrant Alexandre de Moraes, using the unvarnished truth to demolish his reputation, and subjecting the justice to a barrage of ridicule that he so deserves.

The story is very simple: not only is Moraes demanding that X suspend the accounts of prominent conservatives, against Brazilian law, and under the penalty of heavy daily fines, but he also ‘forbids’ the company from even mentioning the reason for their suspension – X would have to pretend they were struck because they broke the platform terms of use – which they have not.

Musk: “We kept getting these demands from Judge Alexandre to suspend accounts of sitting members of the parliament and major journalists. We could not tell them that this was at the behest of Alexandre, we had to pretend that it was due to our rules. And that was the last straw, and we said no.”

So, now it seems as if Musk is the iceberg into which the Titanic ship of Brazil’s unbridled censorship will crash and sink.

More entertaining Elon tweet details here:

Just Asking Questions is code for Conspiracy Theory... According to Shapiro:

Every Time The FBI & CIA Get Exposed For Planting Evidence & Fabricating Crimes To Take Down People Like They Did With @RealAlexJones

Today I Like To Share This Testimony That The FBI Admitted To Planting CHILD PORN On People’s Computers Multiple Times 🚨

Sharyl Attkisson: “One of the Federal Agents involved said that they intended to plant child porn in my husband’s computer. This is the FBI. There’s been a case that’s currently in litigation unrelated in which a FBI Agent has testified that they did that, they have done that. It was not accomplished in my case. I guess the curtain was drawn on that facet of my case before them doing it but imagine how you’d ever get out of that” 


Alex Jones CONFIRMS he will SUE the FBI & CIA after a CIA Agent ADMITTED Agency targeted Jones to destroy his career

"I'm planning on launching a lawsuit against the CIA & FBI. I've retained firms to sue for Civil Rights violations Gov. Racketeering operation"

FBI Quietly Releases Unclassified File on Ashli Babbitt… During the Solar Eclipse

On April 8th, the FBI released a highly redacted 69-page file on details of Ashli Babbitt’s death, military background, and testimonies on Babbitt’s character.

On page three of the file, it was written, “BABBITT is deceased, and therefore, this case is not being nominated to TSDB.”

TSDB stands for “the terrorist screening data.

71-Year-Old Grandma Convicted on All Charges by DC Jury After Praying in Capitol on Jan. 6

The Biden DOJ wants to throw 70-year-old grandmother Rebecca Lavrenz in jail for a year and hit her with $210,000 in fines. Her crime? Praying in the Capitol for 10 minutes on January 6th. Meanwhile illegal aliens not only go unpunished for their crimes, but are rewarded with housing, food and prepaid debit cards. Our country is so backwards.

According to federal court documents, Lavrenz’s crimes were entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct in a restricted area, disorderly conduct in the Capitol Building, and parading, demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol.

Federal prosecutors said in a court filing that cellphone data and video footage showed Lavrenz entered the Capitol at approximately 2:43 p.m. on Jan. 6, 2021, about 90 minutes after the conclusion of then-President Donald Trump’s speech on the Ellipse.

One in five Americans say political violence may be needed – poll

A new survey has revealed that many US voters believe they won’t be able to get their country back on track peacefully

Many Americans believe that voting won’t be sufficient to turn their country in the right direction. In fact, a new poll has revealed that heading into this year’s US presidential election, one in five voters think violence may be required to achieve their political objectives.

The PBS/NPR/Marist poll, released on Wednesday, showed that 20% of US adults – including 28% of Republicans – believe that “Americans may have to resort to violence in order to get their country back on track.” That view was shared by 12% of Democrats and 18% of independent voters.

The survey results reflect rising doubts in the US political system. Nearly three in ten Americans, including 61% of Republicans, still don’t believe that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election. A USA Today poll released earlier this year showed that more than half of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s supporters have little confidence that this year’s votes will be accurately counted.

 Civil war 2.0? A troubling number of Americans believe political violence is acceptable

A University of Virginia poll released last October found that 31% of Trump backers and 24% of Biden voters believe that “democracy is no longer a viable system, and Americans should explore alternative forms of government to ensure stability and progress.” More than four in ten Trump fans agreed that “the situation in America is such that I would favor states seceding from the union to form their own separate country.”

The newly released PBS/NPR/Marist poll revealed that 41% of Americans believe the country has gotten so far off track that it needs a leader who is “willing to break some rules to set things right.” That view was shared by 56% of Republicans, 28% of Democrats and 37% of independents.

The poll shows that as Biden and Trump head toward their volatile rematch in November, the country is in “an incredibly dangerous place,” PBS said. University of Michigan law professor Barabra McQuade blamed Trump for the political tinderbox, saying he had stoked fears to manipulate voters. “Regardless of your politics, the idea of breaking rules and engaging in violence is just antithetical to the idea of America,” she said.

Leaked ADL Audio Shows Coming Govt Censorship Campaign Against Pro-Palestinian Groups, “Extremists”

Sometimes what doesn't happen is the big news.

Super Journalist Peter Bernegger Arrested but not Intimidated

I was charged with a felony crime of "simulating legal process." This is politically motivated where they are trying to shut me up, to shut us all up. For those who don't know, this is the second time they have come after me; the first time was dismissed in 15 minutes when the judge learned the truth of the matter. I am home now and back in the fight for our beloved country. Thank you for all the support and prayers statewide and nationally. 

     Let's kick this off right: I have seen the Dominion Voting Co. source code, and  I have access to it. There are, in fact, two sets of source code; the cheat is in the "adjudication" package. Watch Jeff O'Donnell's 3 part movie series he came out with recently, it's explained in there. Think of it as two sets of financial books at a company. One set of books for the IRS, and one for the company about what is really happening. Not all counties have this adjudication package. If you want to find out about your county, request public records for all purchase contracts between your county and Dominion Voting. Look for "adjudication". And yes, Dominion Voting systems connect to the internet as the multiple IP system audit log tapes (SLOG.txt) I obtained prove it. The Dominion emails provided by Attorney Stephanie Lambert also prove it. Again: Dominion's own emails prove they and others (yes, others) have access to the voting machines via the internet. Including from Serbia.

Peter Bernegger

"Thousands of ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) cameras have been installed to record number plates of offending older cars so their owners can be charged £12.50 for daring to drive a non-compliant car in London. This usually means any diesel car made before 2014 or a petrol car made before 2006, so the fines especially hurt low paid workers, students and retirees.

The two masked crusaders have been seen helping the local bat population by installing homes for them in front of ULEZ cameras. Since bats are a protected species (unlike motorists) once the bat boxes are installed they can not be tampered with nor disturbed by law. Batman and Robin helpfully also place legal notices on the poles so workers coming to fix the cameras know they risk a six month jail sentence or an “unlimited” fine if they so much as touch the bat box." 

Police Scotland ‘Can’t Cope’ With Flood of Hate Speech Reports as 8,000 Flood in During First Week of Draconian Law

Legally Protected Drug Pushers

"There is nothing funny about the pushing of drugs by politically powerful corporations, who have acquired political power by purchasing it. They employ politicians, who are paid to be their pushers – who are a species far worse than the individuals who merely sell drugs on the street. These are slandered as “pushers,” but are nothing of the sort. No one ever “pushed” marijuana or any other street drug on me and probably not you, either. They offered them and we were free to buy them, if we wanted to. This is a far cry from what the pushers of pharmaceutical drugs do. Which is to actually and actively push them on people – including people who have made it quite clear they’re not the least interested in taking them – as during the event marketed as a “pandemic.”

Most loathsome of all is the pushing of drugs on children – on babies – who have no say in the matter at all. A baby is born in a hospital and almost as soon as it is out of its mother’s body, it is injected with drugs. This is done as a matter-of-course and attended (if needed) with great guilt-tripping if the parents are “hesitant.”

Having successfully pushed some drugs on parents – and into babies and children – the drug pushing has increased almost unimaginably. According to Informed Choice USA, a baby born in the early 1960s got 3-5 “vaccines” – as these drugs are now slyly styled. By 1983, this had increased to 24 doses. By 2018, the number of doses had increased to 72.”

I haven't had time to source this carefully yet but if true it's interesting... Read with grain of salt...

The New Jersey quake shortly after the New York quake was under Trump's golf course:

On Thursday, a lightning bolt struck the Statue of Liberty’s torch during a severe storm in New York.

Physically Healthy Young Woman Suffering From Depression To Be Euthanized in the Netherlands, After ‘Doctors’ Say She’s ‘Never Gonna Get Any Better’

New York Post reported:

“Zoraya ter Beek, who lives in a small village in the Netherlands near the German border, is scheduled to be euthanized in May — despite being in love with her 40-year-old boyfriend and living with two cats.”

There’s still time for Zoraya ter Beek to change her mind.

The young woman who aspired to be a psychiatrist deals with mental health struggles, and it appears to have had access to incompetent healthcare.

“She said she decided to be euthanized after her doctors told her, ‘There’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never gonna get any better’.

In a similar trend:

This is for your amusement. Hilarious Scottish video:

In an eclipse things always there become more visible...

This is amusing as well, but it's not a parody. Its real:

And Biden:

Lol from the Amazingly Clueless headline at the Washington Post:

Also these headlines there show they admit they lost:

And this story:

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