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Naked Corruption

And here it is:

Here’s the link to full sauce from the Oversight Committee:

And from the Senate:

Gathering the 51 liars on the Hunter Biden Laptop Russian excuse

The head of the GUR Budanov on Ukraine's involvement in the murders of Russian figures:

In an interview with Yahoo News, he stated: “It didn’t start because I went crazy and started killing people in Moscow. It happened because they invaded our country back in 2014. Don’t continue this topic. I will comment, this is that we killed Russians and we will kill Russians anywhere in the world until the complete victory of Ukraine."

Maria Zakharova: This is a direct blow to the White House. The Kiev regime has basically announced that the Biden administration is sponsoring terrorism.

Neo-Nazi terror threat grows as Ukraine fighters jailed in France

The jailing of two heavily armed French neo-Nazis returning from Ukraine highlights a looming problem for NATO states sponsoring the proxy war, and their conspiracy of silence on the nature of the threat. Both were on the radar of French domestic spying agency DGSI, which held files on them for endangering state security. One was a veteran of Chasseurs Alpins (Alpine Hunters), France’s elite mountain infantry force. The other is a notorious local far-right activist.

It is likely the pair were planning to bring the terror of Ukraine’s battlefields back home with them. Last November, Italian police arrested five members of the local neo-Nazi group, Order of Hagal, which maintains operational ties to Azov Battalion. A sixth member, then-fighting alongside Azov in Ukraine, remained wanted.

Given the US almost undoubtedly intends to throw Ukraine under the bus in the near future, it raises the almost inevitable prospect of vast scores of fascist fighters fleeing the country to elsewhere in Europe, bringing with them battlefield experience, and in many cases elite Western military training. High-end weapons and ammunition will be available in abundance on the black market, due to the massive wellspring of arms shipments to Kiev over the course of the conflict. Buckle up! -Nebulator

NATO has entered a new era when it protects not only the security of the population of the countries of the alliance, but also “democratic values” around the world.

This was stated on Wednesday by the head of the NATO Military Committee, Rob Bauer, opening a meeting of the chiefs of the organization's general staffs in Brussels.

Request from the editors of LIVE24 and the answer: Dear Evgeny Viktorovich, hello. Today, the French National Assembly called on the European Union to designate PMC Wagner as a terrorist organization. I would like to receive your comment on this matter. Evgeny Prigozhin Response: “What can be said about this. When we came to Central Africa, the French soldiers drove the soldiers into the room, and they drove children, 12-year-old girls, into the same place. And the dogs raped these girls. French soldiers sold the organs, or rather, they took people to the organs and gutted them there. We saved a whole country called Central Africa, saved tens of thousands of lives from bandits, terrorists, and, most importantly, from the French, who simply mocked them. Macron decided that PMC Wagner is a terrorist organization, and at this time in many countries of the world PMC Wagner is saving a huge number of people from the French and Americans. And I save their prisoners, whom they themselves kill. As the saying goes, do what you like with your tongue, but do not let your hands free. Therefore, they will open their mouths - so that there is no rottenness in their expressions, we can remove rotten teeth with pliers - both to Macron and to all those who exude all sorts of pathogenic filth from themselves.

Because sanctions worked so well (ha) they are extending it to over 35 more countries:

The new package of EU sanctions involves the imposition of sanctions against more than 35 companies from Iran, China, the United Arab Emirates, as well as Armenia and Uzbekistan, due to the fact that they allegedly support the military-industrial complex of Russia. - Bloomberg.

Escalation the US so far refuses to do:

The UK will be the first country to provide Ukraine with longer-range weapons," Sunak said.

US intelligence has confirmed that the UK intends to send Ukraine an unspecified number of Storm Shadow missiles, as well as British personnel to help with targeting.

Zelensky today received as guests management of BlackRock

Official statement:

"The details of the creation of an investment fund to restore Ukraine's economy were discussed at a meeting with the management of the largest asset management company in the world, BlackRock.

The main goal of the fund's creation is to attract private and public capital for implementing large-scale business projects in Ukraine.

This will be a strong signal of strengthening the investment climate. It is important not only for our people, our society, but also for business, entrepreneurs abroad. Today is a historic moment because, since the very first days of independence, we have not had such huge investment cases in Ukraine. We are proud that we can initiate such a process."

Monday was the 78th Anniversary of the end of WW2 - aka The Great Patriotic War

The Soviet Union lost 27 million people during the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945). 'More than 20 thousand people per day. It's hard to imagine, these are huge numbers,' said Sergey Kudryashov, head of the Centre for the Study of Great Patriotic War History of the Institute of Russian History at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Decades later, history repeats itself. In the 21st century, Nazism reemerged in Ukraine. For years, its government has been driven by nationalist policies and the militarization of society. Those who disagree with the policies are being arrested and eliminated.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. : “the CIA needs to be reorganized.”

“Very early on Allen Dulles( former CIA Director) corrupted the purpose of the CIA by getting it involved in assassinations and fixing elections… the CIA has been involved in coup d’état’s in a third of the countries in the world.”

Meanwhile in Pakistan there are demonstrations and attacks on the military nation wide because the popular president Imran Kahn was arrested, beaten, and by his words "tortured". He was ousted by the establishment which appears to be their branch of the Deep State.

They are not coming after me, they are coming after you, i’m just standing in their way. - Imran Khan.

Sound familiar?

New bombshell from LLOF attorney, Kurt Olson, calling it “extraordinary findings”, declares that the Maricopa County officials were ILLEGALLY tampering with election machines prior to the 2022 Governor’s race. Olson stated in a televised video: “Maricopa officials conducted secret testing on the tabulators on October 14th, 17th and 18th. That’s AFTER the Logic and Accuracy test were certified. It showed 260 of those 446 tabulators FAILED those secret tests and then those same tabulators were then used in the [2022] election.”

QUOTE: There were no reports of widespread denial of voting by recently implemented voter identification (ID) requirements in England's local elections this week, despite left-wing scaremongering, The National Pulse can report.

The decision to introduce voter ID laws follow the practice of an increasing majority of developed nations. Before Britain introduced voter ID, it was the only nation in Europe that did not have any requirements upon entering the voting booth.

Prior to the elections on Thursday May 4th, far-left organizations warned of "millions" of voters being disenfranchised by the move to secure Britain's elections.

"It doesn't matter how the government tries to dress it up, these plans will make it harder for working-class, older and black, Asian and minority ethnic Britons to vote," said the Labour Party's Cat Smith.

As of Thursday night, however, the goal-posts had shifted significantly, with the leftist Electoral Reform Society's Jess Garland claiming: "One voter turned away is one voter too many. The Government must take lessons from the problems we're seeing today at polling stations across the country and face up to the fact that these new rules damage our elections more than they protect them."

But by and large, there don't appear to have been "problems... across the country". In fact, the few people who reported forgetting to bring identification with them were turned around, only to return a few minutes later with the requisite information, per Sky News.

Peter Stanyon, the Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators, actually confirmed to the Guardian that there were "no reported incidents of major concern." "I've been to a couple of polling stations today and it's going through all very smoothly. There were two voters who had forgotten their ID and were coming back later, but that's the only two they were aware of," he said.

"Everyone else is coming to the station with ID ready to show staff. There is no major issues we're aware of at this stage."

There were 22 forms of valid ID that met the eligibility criteria; if someone did not possess one of those 22, they could apply for a free voter authority certificate or even send a postal vote.

The Cause of America - Missouri team's manual which details the process of how county officials should go about hand-counting ballots in an election.

This is the format that was used in Osage County, Missouri by citizen activist, Linda Rantz, for their recent successful hand count election. Linda Rantz Challenges Mainstream Media To Debate Her Over Paper Ballots | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech

This manual provides a suggested process, complete with forms and instructions, and is provided at no cost to election authorities who make the critical change from counting machines to hand counting.

Russian Election Software in the US?

All completed mail-in ballot envelopes are brought directly to their election office and processed in-house using these sorters and their software. Is some of this software coded in Russia, even today?

The powerful sorting machine software has info on every ballot and eligible voter. Sorters can check envelope thickness, weight, sort envelopes by geography (precincts) or by bad signatures. They read bar codes, take digital images, track the ballots’ USPS journey, access registration databases, and more. The software contains extensive voter profiles including name, address, voter ID, precinct, your “on file” signature, and so on. Their updates to and from registration systems are often done with just a USB stick. One optional feature in sorter software is called Automated Signature Verification (ASV). It compares ballot signature images to one or more reference signatures on file (video overview). ASV can approve signatures that match, or just provide a score. Election officials can adjust settings to a higher, or lower level of scrutiny for a match.

Processing signatures through ASV allows election workers to focus on just the ones rejected, or scored poorly. Using backlogged staff as an excuse, administrators often lower scrutiny settings to the detriment of accuracy. These verification processes vary by county, just not today’s topic.

Election vendors often integrate niche software products together and present this as their own comprehensive package. One product embedded in mail sorter software comes from Parascript. This company has nearly 30 years of experience developing handwriting analysis software. Their SignatureXpert product is the underlying engine in the ASV options provided to elections (brochure). Using sophisticated techniques they can determine if a signature is forged, and analyze from 0-100 points of the signature. Their updated version SignatureXpert.AI addresses the poor quality of DMV signature images and more. So who are they?

Parascript is in the industry called “Intelligent Document Processing” (IDP). They automate the extraction of data from images of handwriting. Industry analysts consider them a “major contender” with products used in many sectors. The banking industry uses it to process loan paperwork, mortgage docs, and verify check signatures. Mail carriers, including USPS, use it at great speeds to read the handwriting on parcels and envelopes. Parascript has used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to fine-tune the software while processing hundreds of billions of images over the years.

Parascript has roughly 55 employees and was founded in 1996 by Russian Stepan Pachikov and longtime Board Chairman Aron Katz. What’s very unusual is the amount of Russians working in strategic and leadership roles. Always headquartered in Longmont, CO (Denver), CEO Alexander Filatov has been there since the beginning. He was schooled at Moscow State Tech University. Igor KiI has always been in charge of R&D. Ati Azemoun runs the Business Development department. Kazimierz Jaszczak directs Product Planning, Ilia Lossev a Chief Scientist, and so on. Awhile back Parascript did have one other office location… Moscow.

Jurisdictions that see large volumes of ballot envelopes in a short time are almost forced to use ASV to expedite vote counting. It’s used on a large scale in California (county list), Oregon, Utah, Washington, Colorado, and Arizona. Parascript has roughly 960 customers across their entire product line. They won’t disclose how many using their ASV “Vote By Mail” signature solution. Most election officials using ASV probably don’t know they’re using a Parascript product. There is zero transparency around election mail sorter software. No video’s or demo’s are public, not even screens shots.

Any public information is purposely cartoon animation. If integrated with USPS, the sorting software knows when bulk ballots went out for delivery, and to which voters. In the 30 days leading up to election day, the sorters are the first to know who voted, who hasn’t returned their ballot, who didn’t get one, and more. These sorting machines are often in separate rooms, or far away from the tabulators and those secure environments. Dual political party witnesses are typically not allowed access.

North Carolina’s Supreme Court on Friday ruled in favor of voter ID and also affirmed the power of lawmakers to draw redistricting maps. The state’s high court also ruled that felons have to complete their full sentences before being given the right to vote again.

Obama’s net worth today is approximately $70 million. Obama entered the White House with a net worth estimated at $1.3 million. His annual salary as president was $400,000.

Hillary Clinton’s net worth is estimated at $120 million, much resulting from the $2 billion global empire into which she, Bill, and Chelsea built the Clinton Foundation, including the years when Hillary was secretary of state. In the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Secretary Clinton’s State Department pledged $1 billion in aid to Haiti through USAID.

QUOTE: Nineteen Republican attorneys general are putting JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Chase) on notice after the bank allegedly discriminated against customers with certain religious beliefs or political affiliations.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron of Kentucky led a coalition of 19 Republican states in a letter Tuesday to Chase CEO Jamie Dimon claiming that Chase has "persistently discriminated against certain customers due to their religious or political affiliation."

AG Cameron was joined in the letter by Republican attorneys general from from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia.

From Julian Assange:

To His Majesty King Charles III,

On the coronation of my liege, I thought it only fitting to extend a heartfelt invitation to you to commemorate this momentous occasion by visiting your very own kingdom within a kingdom: His Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh.

You will no doubt recall the wise words of a renowned playwright: “The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.”

Ah, but what would that bard know of mercy faced with the reckoning at the dawn of your historic reign? After all, one can truly know the measure of a society by how it treats its prisoners, and your kingdom has surely excelled in that regard.

Your Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh is located at the prestigious address of One Western Way, London, just a short foxhunt from the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. How delightful it must be to have such an esteemed establishment bear your name.

More brilliant sarcasm here:

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