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Naked Cheating

It is all exposed...

A mail in ballot is signed on the outside in Oregon. It thus has your name on it. If they know your name then they know how you are most likely to vote. Data is available from voter registration databases, Google marketing databases and even Twitter and Facebook databases.

Given Big Tech data processing capabilities you might as well write “Republican” on the front of the envelope.

Every time you "like" something it is telling Big Tech and anyone who wants to buy their databases what you are. The words you use, who you communicate with, what you read, is collected. What products you are likely to buy and who you are likely to vote for is all valuable information that is bought and sold.

If they can see your name on the outside of the ballot envelope it is possible to electronically/mechanically thus sort them into bins: One for likely Democrat votes, one for likely Republican votes etc. Republican votes can be set aside, delayed in tabulation until irrelevant, substituted, spoiled, or lost.

In Arizona ballot envelopes were just "scanned" by Runbeck without observers before arriving at the election tabulation center. What information was scanned and was it used to sort the ballot envelopes into politically useful bins?

In Arizona in 2020 ballots were printed that were already filled in perfectly by machine.

What we now know about Runbeck (from Code Monkey):

Runbeck printed mail-in ballots. Runbeck gave mail-in ballots to USPS to deliver. Runbeck received mail-in ballots. Runbeck sorted received ballots - 40k per hour. Runbeck has been partnered with Dominion. Runbeck has been partnered with Maricopa County. Runbeck was allegedly caught sending pallets of fake ballots to Fulton County, Georgia. Runbeck was allegedly caught printing ballots with a ~30% error rate for Tarrant County,

Excellent damning research on Runbeck in the 2020 election:

Flashback… Barack Obama in 2008: “I Tell You, It Helps in Ohio that We Got Democrats in Charge of the Machines” (Video)

Barack Obama: “I tell you what, it helps in Ohio that we got Democrats in charge of the machines. But look, I come from Chicago so I want to be honest. It’s not as if it’s just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past, sometimes Democrats have too. Whenever people are in power they have this tendency to try to, you know, tilt things in their direction.”

From BioClandestine:

We are in perfect position. The normies have been witnessing this madness on the world stage. Anyone who is slightly objective can see what is happening. The public are primed for red pills.

However, being in position only matters if we actually see the corrective action to accompany the blatant election fraud.

If 2022 is allowed to carry on like this, the Trump base are going to jump ship, and how could we blame them?

It’s put-up or shut-up time for White Hats. Show us the goods. It’s time.


Freedom still alive in Brazil

The people in Brazil are taking to the streets to protest the stolen election there. Below they have signs showing their disgust. They know the socialist Lula stole the election.

In 2010, Republicans won the popular vote by 2.5 MM votes and gained 63 seats.

In 2022, Republicans won the popular vote by almost 6 MM and only gained 9 (if we are lucky – cheating continues through this morning).

Occam’s Theory would suggest – they picked the right races to cheat in – just the toss-ups. The rest of the races– why bother? It was a blowout by total vote – but yet somehow in the races that mattered, the Republicans lost every race except one?

In Arizona ballot envelopes were "scanned" without observers before arriving at the election tabulation center.

4Chan monitoring the fraud:

Vote switches happened again in this election. Ms. Diane Sare was the Independent candidate for US Senate in New York. On election night, third-party candidate Diane Sare lost more than 25,000 ballots in the New York Senate race.

I was expecting this. There are currently 4 cargo planes visible. No ASW flights, no ISR flights, no Stratcom flights and none of the Blackhawks have transponders on. We went from average daily activity of 300-400, down to 4 sometime last night.

Could be nothing. But it could be something huge. It’s actually more spooky than seeing a huge number of activity. Transponders are left on for a variety of reasons. A big one being safety. They use them for a reason. Turning them off is not a decision made lightly. It’s basic risk management.

Something caused them to choose to turn off the transponders. The need for secrecy right now outweighs the safety provided by using transponders. It’s not done for fun. It’s not a normal state of existence.

Gotta admit, the timing is interesting. The election system is obviously completely broken. We are being shown. Q is posting more frequently now, “taking control” was mentioned.

Don’t get too excited. But this is definitely very unusual. Another sign that something large is occurring that we aren’t being told.

Update. 1050 east coast time starting to see traffic again. So for whatever reason, from about 9 pm east coast time yesterday, until about 9 am, transponders were off. There are too many reasons to list what could have caused it. My hunch would be that they wanted to move assets around without anyone noticing. We aren’t the only ones watching. Our enemies of course are watching 24/7. A 12 hour window would allow you to move a bunch of shit around without anyone seeing it.

Some people are saying the House can select anyone they want to be Speaker regardless of whether they were elected to anything.

Actually, Kamala isn't a natural born citizen so she can't be President, but that didn't stop them from ignoring the natural born citizen requirement for Obama either. Of course if something happened to both Biden and Kamala then ....

The lawsuit cites a number of examples of what the plaintiffs believe to be evidence for voter fraud and suppression, and also references the 2,000 Mules documentary film produced by Dinesh D’Souza that was released earlier this year. The lawsuit asserts that, as per claims made in the documentary, that Oregon has criminals who operate ‘mule rings’ that engage in ballot harvesting in Portland and Eugene with the intention of committing voter fraud.

The lawsuit also claims that Oregon election officials are manipulating the ballot data entered into the computerized databases to alter the outcome of elections.

Another claim made by the lawsuit is that an unusually high number of voters — as high as 85 voters — are registered at the same addresses, some of which are abandoned homes which no one lives in, and that many voter registrations are tied to locations that do not exist as residences such as vacant lots, vacant buildings, supermarket parking lots and street corners. The lawsuit alleges that laws created by Democrat politicians, such as House Bill 2681 and House Bill 3291, are designed to create phantom voters and make it easier for election fraud to occur and that this has the effect of disenfranchising legitimate voters.

The lawsuit also alleges that County officials, Secretary of State Shemia Fagan and Attorney General Ellen Rosenbaum have illegally blocked public records requests made by election integrity group representatives to inspect election databases and voter rolls, and they have refused to comply with these public records requests even when ordered to do so by District Attorneys. The lawsuit also alleges County officials have sought to discourage public records requests by charging outrageously high fees for the fulfillment of public records requests, with fees as high as $51,000 for the ballot images from the 2020 election.

Suddenly behind closed doors the head of the CIA wants to talk peace in Ukraine with Russia. Perhaps it isa because their money laundering gusher pipeline has collapsed.

Un-traceable money laundering pipeline for the Democrats Blows up.

analytics firm, Elliptic Connect, pegged the thefts at $473 million. The FTX community administrator on Telegram said the exchange had been hacked. FTX applications are infected with malware, according to the administrator, which also warned followers against loading the exchange’s website.

The Bahamas-based FTX and about 130 affiliated companies commenced Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings on Friday in Delaware. The firm also announced that Democratic Party donor Sam Bankman-Fried had resigned as CEO.

Bankman-Fried, who reportedly ranked behind only billionaire political activist George Soros in 2022 pledges to Democratic Party candidates, saw his entire $16 billion fortune wiped out this week, according to Bloomberg, which called the collapse “one of history’s greatest-ever destructions of wealth.”

Miller, the general counsel, said the exchange was “investigating abnormalities with wallet movements related to consolidation of FTX balances across exchanges.”

Ukraine Partners With FTX, Everstake to Launch New Crypto Donation Website

FTX is converting crypto contributions to Ukraine’s war effort into fiat for deposit at the National Bank of Ukraine.

“Crypto assets proved extremely helpful in facilitation of funding flows to Ukrainian citizens and soldiers, as well as in raising awareness and engaging people worldwide,” Oleksandr Bornyakov, an official at the digital ministry, said in a statement.

One scam invested in another scam who invested in another scam that collapsed.

Also involved in crypto in Ukraine!

FTX Appears to Be a Political Ponzi Scheme Running Dollars to Politicians and Through Ukraine

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman Fried has come forward to help a crypto donation project. He humbly announced that FTX will be supporting the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance and other communities in collecting crypto donations for the country. The Ukrainian government has received over $60 million in crypto donations from all over the world. Pointing out the urgency to help the nation Sam Bankman announced that the FTX team is honored to support the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance in simplifying the donation process.

A couple of days before the 2022 midterms, the CEO of crypto FTX saw $6 billion in withdrawals in his crypto over a 72-hour period. This led him to try and sell to a Chinese buyer. This didn’t work out.

International organized crime seeks out law enforcement for recruitment:

"My mother was sacrificed." Kanye names names.

Ye telling it like it is. Inspiring. (Clean language too.). Worth a listen.

Tucker Carlson 5 min video on Kanye:

Highly credible and should outrage all Americans, but perhaps especailly those who are in the Black Community:

If you liked the Covid Totalitarianism you'll love the Economic system version...

The Battle is ultimately for People's Minds: Advice

Tips for discussion with a highly conditioned person.

Avoid triggering resistance responses. Don’t push. Be gentle, compassionate, supportive. You must resolve and release any negative emotions you feel toward the person you’re speaking with.

The information that people are conditioned to reject represents “Santa doesn’t exist” times 1000, so there’s no other way than for them to arrive at conclusions themselves. Many eventually will.

Either offensive or defensive stances prompt opposition in the other. Instead defy this tendency by resolutely getting and staying in their corner.

Honor their experience: for example, if they’re afraid, acknowledge the fear, even if we feel it to be unwarranted.

Stay within the story they believe. There are plenty of inconsistencies and other problems within it, and it’s most fruitful to start with those. Until they see a problem with their story, they will feel safest completely rejecting anything (and anyone) that challenges it. Belief trumps facts.

Start with concepts and facts that are easiest to accept. People can accept the idea of business corruption far more easily than other well-documented facts about how powerful people conduct themselves.

It’s very easy to overestimate how much our ideas will be understood. Lay out concepts and information in a simple way and do not assume prior knowledge.

Everyone wants to be treated with dignity: acceptance, recognition, safety, fairness, etc. When someone fails to treat us with dignity, let them be the only rude one.

Use stories and metaphors, which are the most efficient traditional methods for teaching morals and values.

Separate the person and faulty idea. The person is a friend and the faulty idea is the enemy.

Bypass authority conditioning by using facts quoted by experts and other already trusted information.

Be humble and supportive as the realizations start to come—it’s a stressful moment for them. Stay far away from “I told you so”.

Read the room, know your audience, and choose what to discuss appropriately.

If you’re speaking more than they are, you’re probably doing it wrong. Also, give space for silence so they can reflect, and know when to stop the conversation or take a break.

When appropriate, ask if they would like suggestions on reading material, or if they want to talk again in the future.

🚨 Washington State Call to Action!

Attention Patriots, we need your help pushing back against potential voter fraud in Washington. ⚠️

The race for Joe Kent for Congress WA-03 (Washington Disrict 3) has become so close that it has come down to the rejected ballots! There are 5,600 rejected ballots in Clark County alone!

Please, check your ballot status at the link below and ask your friends and family in WA-03 to do the same. Your fellow Patriot is calling on your service! Every vote matters!

Please Share this all over social media!

Please read the message sent out by Joe Kent's campaign manager, Ozzie Gonzalez. ⬇️

Please check the status of your ballot at

If your ballot status says, "Accepted", then it has been counted. If it says, "Received", then it is still being processed. If it says, "Rejected", then contact Ozzie as soon as possible.

Phone: 951-442-0680

They will bring you an affidavit form to submit to the county elections department so they can make sure your vote gets counted!

Ozzie is also asking for volunteers today from 10am to 6pm. Email or call him with any questions.

Locations ⬇️

Kent Campaign Office

7017 NE Hwy 99, Suite 211

Vancouver, WA 98665


Cowlitz County GOP Office

314 Academy Street

Kelso, WA 98626

Thank you!

From Tiffany Trump's wedding last week...

It takes a thief?

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