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Mind Boggling Massive Money Feeding

The American Dollar is being looted through political graft on a scale that boggles the mind. While money flows out and people figure it out the dollar inflates. The scale of outflow is unprecedented in human history. It profits criminal political cartels on a scale like no other...


See who is doing damage control lies:

From a while ago...

Dirty money funded dirty science that killed people.

When were the deaths? After the vax or before?

More Vast Money Fraud that actually killed people:

The Atlantis called for Pandemic Amnesty. This was photoshopped to something I find more appropriate:

This should be a wake up call:

More Graft on a Massive Scale...

Money War against Elon:

Massive money laundering... Art is an easy way to launder money. Remember how Hunter Biden became an artist suddenly?

If elections can be decided by a "technical glitch" then why not everything....

Reality: Where the Homeless are:

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