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Let's Talk about Justice...

There are two types of justice: Retribution (Criminal) and Compensation (Civil).

Leftists like to also count "Social Justice" as a kind of justice, but it is just taking things from one group to give to another, as if it would be more just. It is the essence of socialism. It is inherently unjust but they lable it social justice nonetheless.

Blind Justice - This is what the legal system is supposed to be - blind to considerations of money, power, race, creed, class, education, age etc.. Given the frequent failure of the Justice System it's time to rationally consider the other forms of justice that still do exist.

Capitalism cannot survive a corrupt Justice System, as clearly evidenced by our current situation. We have slipped into totalitarianism because criminals have used and abused the Justice System for their own criminal purposes. While it does work eventually sometimes, it is almost always at great personal cost. Lawfare works because of of the power of money and that money is often from ill gotten gains.

The Achilles Heel of Capitalism is the fact that our Justice System can be influenced by money. It takes money to hire lawyers, to withstand the onslaught of abusive discovery processes, and to even file against a well funded adversary. Beyond this there is the influence of bribery, blackmail, family hostage situations, and physical threats. Money buys coercion including both legal and illegal forms.

It is part of being human to want justice. As human beings we have some sort of moral codes for living, and, as current events show, we literally need moral codes to survive. We look to the Legal System for justice and when it fails we inevitably have to default to other forms of justice to fill the gap.

There are other forms of Justice. These may or may not exist in the real world, but they do exist in people's minds. If it is believed then it is real to them and can influence their choices and resulting events. Some of these are:

Divine Justice

This is the idea that God (or Allah etc.) will punish evil doers even if human beings don't. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. Some believe in this, and for those that do, or at least suspect this might exist, it keeps them from evil acts. "God fearing Christians" do not so much fear God, as much as they fear the righteous wrath of God should they do evil. Societies based on this tend to prosper.

Karmic Justice is just divine justice for agnostics and atheists.

Community Justice

In communities (churches, schools, rural neighborhoods etc,.) if somebody does something wrong word of it spreads by gossip, and eventually it gets back to the person's mother or father or other respected person. ("Does your Mama know you are doing that?")

Reputation of the evil doer is damaged. Shame, shunning, and withdrawal of support are used to control the person. In some globalist elite communities this is also used to control what they do. Reputations in business and scientific communities are also a feedback for moral behavior.

In the past much of the information about moral and immoral behavior was talked about over the neighbor's fence as gossip or in church. There was and is also talk radio such as pioneered by Rush Limbaugh, where moral and immoral acts were the topic de jour.

Today this is augmented by social media, podcasts, etc. Thus control over social media has been a battleground for both those who want to make the world safe for criminals, as well as for those who seek justice.

Vigilante Justice - Justice outside organized systems, laws, courts, etc.

Vigilante justice is what happens when all other forms of justice have failed and the desire for justice overrules all other considerations. This can be a lone wolf act or a group act. It is also knwn as "Cowboy Justice" - hence the stigma from the left regarding "cowboys".

In a group it is called Mob Justice. It can result in riots, lynchings, and mass civil disorder. If directed against a group based on race it can result in race riots etc.. This was part of the downfall of the Soviet Union which was made up of many races, held together under authoritarian harsh controls. It is also why Russia today has zero tolerance for race baiting etc.

A version of mob justice is Genocide Justice - This is observed in both sides in Israel and Gaza. Whether we approve or not of either side, it cannot be denied that they claim the killing of the opposing group to be an act of justice for victims of the opposing group.

Organized Crime or Intelligence War Justice - An example of this is when an intelligence agency carries out an assassination for the purpose of "payback" or as a deterrent against opponents. One gang wreaks retribution on another gang. Someone in the organization breaks the unspoken rules and there is a violent result. Prison gangs, protection rackets and various criminal enterprises are made up of such violent and arbitrary rules.

Criminals can relate to other criminals.  They want a world where criminals are free to be criminals. Creating a climate of permissiveness for criminals benefits all the criminals including those who make or enforce laws. Thus the implicit tendency toward organized crime and evil in general taking over government. The only thing holding them back is voting in new people. Thus the critical importance of going after voter fraud.

Military Justice - Warfare and Military Courts

Military Courts are a separate justice system that many have looked to in the hope it would prosecute highly placed criminals such as Obama, the Clintons etc.. It is also the same system that

Military Warfare

This is when a nation is attacked and responds to the attack as a nation. Russia is doing this. In response to the Crocus Massacre Russia is responding as an act of war:

"Everyone asks me. What to do? They were caught. Well done to everyone who caught them.

Should they be killed? Necessary. And it will be.

But it is much more important to kill everyone involved. Everyone. Who paid, who sympathized, who helped.

Kill them all."

(c) Dmitry Medvedev

and this:

Intelslava: 🇷🇺 "Regarding an ear, a missing eye, etc. they are doing everything right.

This is a very good media effect.

Now every terrorist scum will know what hell they will go through if they even decide to point a weapon at civilians."

Military Courts

We are still waiting on the military courts to take action on the obvious treason. It is not clear if military intelligence is doing something in an organized way or not. Obviously such a thing would be classified.

Trannies/Pseudo-Hermaphrodites have been placed in the highest offices of the military in the US. Trannies publicly placed in positions of power are like planting the flag of Satanic dominance for all to see. It discourages anyone from challenging their part of the system. The symbol of Satan is a hermaphrodite - thus placing such people in positions of power is a sort of homage to Satan and a discouragement for anyone who would use their system for justice.

See here for facts about the hermaphrodite which is Satan:

Can justice be bought? Not for some people like James O'Keefe:

James O'Keefe: Can you be bought?

Short and really important to hear:

Also this:

It is in the nature of humanity to long for justice and whenever the preferred and most efficient, peaceful, and effective form of justice fails, history shows us that other less desirable forms take its place.

Our Justice System is an International Farce:

#Opinion about Julian Assange and Justice by Russian MFA Spox Maria Zakharova

💬 Today, the High Court in London handed down an interim ruling to delay the extradition of the founder of the WikiLeaks portal, Australian investigative journalist Julian Assange, to the United States. <...>

It took the British justice system 161 months - almost 5,000 days - more than 13 years to decide ... TO WAIT SOME MORE!

Even counting from the arrest, 60 months, five years, have passed.

However, counting it that way begs the question: what have the British been busy with all that time as the Australian was sitting one street away in the Ecuadorian embassy? As a result of London’s pressure, he was in conditions of torture, confined to a small room with no access to the outside world and under round-the-clock surveillance by Scotland Yard.

The entire UK justice system has become a farce and a laughing stock for the whole world. All this is a mockery of human dignity committed by the woefully inefficient and punitive British pseudo-justice system.

It took London that many years to hand down a criminal procedural decision against the journalist.

🤷 On the other hand, London "knew everything" about who ordered the terrorist attack in Krasnogorsk just a few hours after it took place.

The dome of Old Bailey - the central criminal court in London - features a statue of Themis. With her eyes wide open, she looks west to America.

Julian Assange, who has devoted his life to exposing the secrets of the British and American intelligence conglomerate, is becoming a victim of the corrupt British pseudo-Themis.

 Once again, we draw the attention of the international community to the ongoing persecution of an investigative journalist at Washington’s behest.

❗️ This case has for many years now been causing serious damage to the institution of journalism and independent media, and violates the fundamental principles of freedom of speech and human rights.

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