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Fake President

Fake supporters. An illusion of bought flags instead of real people:

This is from Lin Wood, and is purported to be the note left on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office.

The Situation: Fake President, Fake Elections, Fake Government.

There was a Great Awakening thanks to Trump and the Q. It was and is sincere. The horrors of the left are real and we are now aware of them. However a major battle against the Deep State was lost in the final moments.

This was the same thing that kept happening in almost every area Trump tried to change. He would give an order and it would be disobeyed. He was told by lawyers he could not fire people. He eventually replaced them and then somebody further down the hierarchy chain would disobey - and so on.

I believe President Trump gave the go ahead and that the Secretary of Defense also followed through. Once again his orders were delayed by evil people with delusions of grandeur acting without authority beneath him. This has been the story in numerous areas from the get-go.

Whether the loss is the battle or the war, we cannot tell.

Just as the good guys on the SCOTUS have been silenced, so has Trump for the time being. He owes us an explanation and he would give us an explanation if he thought it would help. He is used to having his family be in danger and protected. It is not knowing what course of action to take for a good outcome that silences him now. The Deep State holds many pieces on the board.

(BTW: The idea that he and Q were in on a huge controlled opposition operation is absurd because we would not have known what was going on without his help. He fought for us. That is clear. What is also clear is that the extent of the Deep State rot is far beyond what was expected.)

The Deep State would have preferred that we be kept asleep so they could complete their takeover without interruption. Trump and Q stepped in to wake the sleeping giant up. Now everyone knows the Deep state exists, that the FBI, elections, and courts have been rigged, and that the government is both vile and illegitimate. They succeeded in that Great Awakening. They succeeded in winning the election in a landslide.

What they did not succeed in was a necessary military takeover.

Can the military still step up and do what needs to be done? Having Biden occupying the president's chair is a severe blow against that. As anyone knows who has had to do something difficult in the real world, things don't go as planned, adjustments have to be made, and almost every time it takes longer than we expect it will.

Will the military still step up? Here is what is at stake:

Having a fake election and no way to fix it, or to remove criminals from office, or to have a genuine election in the future is an even more severe blow to America.

What will become of the Q or the others in the rebellion is in question. Will they be killed? incarcerated on fake charges, silenced? What will happen to Flynn, Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrne, Rudy Guiliani and the nameless ones behind the scenes?

What will happen to us? Is America now to be disassembled and controlled under China?

The loose ends show that the plan was in progress, and just didn't quite make it before the inauguration:

President Trump's Sendoff this morning.

Count these flags. 17

The Deep State also gloated today saying that Biden would be signing 17 Executive Orders in today.

CIA Director Gina Haspel resigned in the last day, paving the way for a strong Trump supporter Kash Patel to take the helm. If the military had stepped up in time, Patel would be the head of the CIA through the military governed transition. Remember how badly Pelosi screeched about that? So did Haspel.

Make no mistake: The Deep State and the Democrats also believed that there would be a military coup. Their actions revealed that belief. It was a very close thing.

Was it close enough to still happen? That remains to be seen.

3501-Nov-2017 7:56:38 PM : From Q long ago...

About "General Hyten's" posts:

He is a good guy and probably one of the people involved in the war against the Deep State, but the account was not him. Later posts are sounding a whole lot like Chinese-english. It was apparently hacked by the Chinese. His office finally went public after trying to get it taken down unsuccessfully.

A hero in trouble:

Here is an example of a hero who is now in truly big trouble. Hi name is Ryan White aka JohnHereToHelp. If you want to know the depths of evil the Deep State cabal was planning then take a listen here:

Summary: Justice Roberts was in collusion with others to assassinate members of the Supreme Court so that the Hillary Administration could pack the court. Scalia found out about it and went to the White House Secret Service for help, and was killed shortly thereafter. The video gives surprising details.

Where do we go from here?

President Trump did his part. Now it remains to be seen if the military can still do what needs to be done. Remember that the Acting Secretary of Defense has Special Ops reporting directly to him. He is still Secretary of Defense until another one is appointed. Is there still time?

We need to wait a few days and see.

If the military does not come through, then we will assess what we can do with the situation.

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