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All Leaks Are Intelligence Ops.

Let me suggest one possibility for this leak — create a predicate for forcing Joe Biden from office.

The revelations in the classified documents are not fabrications designed to deceive the Russians. Nor are they the kind of material to rally more U.S. support for pouring more resources into the black hole of Ukraine. These leaks feed the meme that the Biden team is incompetent and endangering American interests overseas.

Former Obama stenographer Mike McCormick blows the whistle on Biden kickback scheme:

He is ‘a criminal’. McCormick claims then-Vice President Biden used American taxpayer money to enrich his family and says Jake Sullivan a ‘conspirator.’ I am unable to post the video so you will have to click on the following link.

Just another coincidence? I do not think so. Besides painting Biden as a foreign policy failure who is endangering American interests, this twist in the story reinforces the meme of Biden corruption.

With respect to the alleged leaker, Jack Texeira, I will be interested to see if he gets the William Calley treatment (i.e., only Calley was punished for the My Lai Massacre while his chain of command got off scot-free) or if his immediate chain of command are called to account.

Lt. Col. Vindman Admitted Leaking Documents Meant To Help Dems Impeach Trump—Never Served Time, While 21-Yr-Old Jack Teixeira Was Arrested For The Same Crime

Another motivation for the leak:

Russia is interested in ending the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible, Lavrov said during a visit to Brazil.

The Russian Foreign Minister also noted that Russia has repeatedly explained the reasons and goals of the Special Military Operation.

1). To guarantee the absence of threats to the military security of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine - the West has been implementing such plans for several years.

2). And the second is to protect the lives and legitimate rights of the Russian-speaking population, which were constantly violated by Ukrainian laws.

Miley is retiring and his likely replacement is nicknamed "Q". What a coincidence.

Charles Q. "CQ'' Brown with DJT in the Oval Office

Child farms for sex and organs found in Ukraine by Russian soldiers:

Larry Johnson on USSpecial Forces in Ukraine:

There are 92,000 U.S. military personnel in the European AOR (i.e., Area of Operations), but they are not in Ukraine.

What about the CIA? Yes, they are there, but I do not know if they are listed under State or DOD or both. The briefing slide pictured above is quite explicit that the total U.S. official presence in Ukraine is 100 souls (and that includes the Ambassador).

I do not believe that the U.S. SOF personnel are there on a combat mission. They are most likely involved in providing training for special Ukrainian units and in providing advice in a liaison role to the Commanders of Ukrainian Brigades deployed on the Eastern front. I believe the SOF forces of the UK, France, Latvia (LVD) and the Netherlands (NLD), are carrying out the same kind of duties as their U.S. counterparts.

The US government isn't defending Ukraine - it's covering it up.

The Russian Parliament investigation into the activities of US biolaboratories in Ukraine claims that at least 4000 Ukrainians were used as guinea pigs for US bioweapons experiments, of which at least 20 died, reports Edvard Chesnokov in Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“At least 4,000 Ukrainians, mostly military personnel, became experimental guinea pigs as part of American research into dangerous pathogens. In the Kharkiv biolaboratory alone, about 20 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died during “experiments”, and about 200 were hospitalized, including because the U.S. tested unlicensed pharmaceuticals on them”, Chesnokov writes.

One of the goals was to create viruses by means of “directed evolution” and study how the local inhabitants react to certain pathogens, Chesnokov claims.

Directed evolution” is a codename for “gain of function” bioweapons research, as Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker revealed on hidden camera to Project Veritas in a video released in January.

War of Lies and Blackmail ❗️ Children killed by Wagner, prisoners executed: "I was forced to tell lies, they blackmailed me" The declarations of Azamat Uldarov, a former fighter of Wagner, but even before a prisoner, who ended up at the front with the possibility of redeeming his freedom, went around the world in a few hours, also reported on practically all the Italian media. But now the former fighter clarifies: "they blackmailed me, if I hadn't said those drunken things they would have published videos in which I was subjected to violence".

Russian Threat towards the Pacific:

🇷🇺 The President held a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu

The head of the defense department reported to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief on the progress of the surprise inspection of the Pacific Fleet. More than 25,000 military personnel, 167 warships and support vessels, including 12 submarines, 89 aircraft and helicopters, have been involved.

Among other things, the president recalled that "the forces of the fleet in its individual components can be used in conflicts in any direction. "

How Business is in Ukraine from A Member of the Pro-Ukraine Atlantic Copuncil:

Every roulette table in Las Vegas is more promising than Ukraine. I know from personal experience; I lived in Kyiv for five years and knew a few dozen foreigners who invested in Ukraine.

To be fair, Brooke does mention red tape, corruption, and the difficulty of finding reliable, high-quality owner and management teams, but he fails to elaborate on these three aspects. Each on its own will ruin your investment in Ukraine; taken together, they will ruin you, too. It was not supposed to be this way. Everyone knew that Ukraine was notoriously corrupt under President Viktor Yanukovych’s regime, which demanded a share of every deal and business. The anger at this kleptocracy drove Ukrainians to the streets in 2013-2014. After the Euromaidan, Ukraine was supposed to be a modern, European country.

That hasn’t happened. By now it is clear that the corrupt and thieving government-mafia clans are still in charge. Despite President Petro Poroshenko’s lofty rhetoric about rooting out corruption, little has been done to fight a noticeable increase in graft and dishonest dealings since the Euromaidan. Yes, there have been efforts to satisfy international donors and to set up new structures like the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, but the hard truth is that there have been no high-level prosecutions of government officials in the previous or current government for corruption.

Even today, it’s impossible for a foreign businessman to start a company in Ukraine without being harassed for bribes. If you pay, they just demand more; if you don’t pay, you won’t succeed at all. The only way out is to hire a local to help you navigate the bureaucracy and grease the correct wheels. But whomever you hire will charge a 400-500 percent premium. Hiring a foreign law company with offices in Kyiv, which charges Western prices, is the only alternative.

Let’s assume you finally got your company registered. Tax inspectors will then harass you for bribes; safety inspectors will threaten to close your offices unless you pay a bribe; customs officials will block your trucks unless you pay a bribe; and if your business grows, politicians will send the mafia to demand a share. You cannot win. If you refuse and resist, your business will be ruined; if you surrender and pay, your profit will disappear, and over time you will lose your business altogether.

The picture that I’ve described is bleak, so let me give a few examples:

In an interview with the Argentine newspaper La Razon, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that Ukraine's losses in the war were much lower than Russia's. "I can't give you a number, but I can assure you that the total number is less than the number of deaths from the earthquake in Turkey," he said. According to official figures, just over 50,000 people died in the earthquake in Turkey.

If you listen to the interview you will probably conclude the guy is a real nutcase: Raving about irrational fears and crazy beliefs about Russia.

The most terrible day of his life was when he had to shake a Russian negotiator's hand. His aversion is remeninscent of Nazis having to shake a Jew's hand, or a KKK member shaking a black man's hand.

Reznikov called the worst day of his life the one he spent as part of the Ukrainian delegation, which went to Belarus for negotiations in March last year. “It was very difficult to say yes to the president when he asked me because I had a deep hatred for the Russians. And as a negotiator, I know that this is an emotion that does not work. It was terrible to shake hands with the enemy. It was four meetings, three in Belarus and one in Turkey. I will tell you that in the first three we did not feel safe at all and even doubted that we would return home," says Reznikov.

Reznikov also questioned the seriousness of the "nuclear threat" from Russia. He agreed that Ukraine is already a de facto member of NATO. "We use their standards and their weapons," the head of the department explained. "After this war, there will only be a political decision to become a de jure member."

Wagner PMC leader Yevgeniy Prigozhin asks Russian authorities to declare the end of the war and focus on gaining a foothold in the occupied territories of Ukraine

"For the authorities (of the Russian Federation - ed.) and for society as a whole, it is necessary to put a full stop to the SMO. The ideal option would be to announce the end of the SMO, to inform everyone that Russia has achieved the results it planned, and in a sense, we have indeed achieved them. We have milled a huge number of Ukrainian soldiers and can report to ourselves that the objectives of the SMO have been fulfilled. Theoretically, Russia has already achieved this goal by destroying a large part of the active male population of Ukraine and by intimidating the rest of it, which fled to Europe. Russia has cut off the Azov Sea and a large chunk of the Black Sea, seized a large chunk of Ukraine's territory and created a land corridor to Crimea."

Russia Threatens to arm Norks

🇷🇺 🇰🇵 🇰🇷 Dmitry Medvedev commented on the possible supply of weapons by South Korea to Kiev:

“I wonder what the inhabitants of this country will say when they see the latest Russian weapons from their closest neighbors - our partners from the DPRK?” Medvedev said.

Earlier, the President of South Korea for the first time allowed the supply of weapons to Ukraine, "if there is a serious threat to the civilian population."

Flooding as a weapon of war:

This area of the Dnjepr is completely overfilled because Kiev has closed the dams - either to dry out the southern part to cross it - (or to take the cooling water away from the Nuclear Power Plant ) - or Kiev will reopen the dams to flood the area - time will tell.

NAZI songs for Ukraine in Sweden

🇸🇪 🇺🇦 The Ukrainian troops receive a sent off from their Swedish instructors.

A song about Bandera playing...but remember ‘there’s no Nazism in Ukraine’ 🤔

- Name of the song is ‘Glory to Ukraine’

The song features the lyrics ‘Long live Bandera and his State!)

On Easter:

Zelensky recorded an address to Ukrainians from the territory of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.

"We have already come a long way. Perhaps the most difficult of the peaks is ahead. We will overcome it. And together we will meet our dawn when the sun rises over our entire country. This is a blue and yellow flag. It will certainly rise on all our God-given land, on all the territories temporarily occupied by the devils," the President said.

Arestovich, likely next president of Ukraine, tells the truth some more: Ukraine long term doom.

According to the sources and photos below, many Nazi German war criminals became high ranking commanders in NATO after WW2. The truth shall set you both laughing and free ;) 1. Adolf Heusinger Hitler’s Chief of Staff Went on to become Chairman of NATO Military Committee from 1961-1964 Source: ___• ______• 2. Hans Speidel Chief of staff to high profile Nazi Field Marshal Erwin Rommel during the Second World War. Was promoted to lieutenant general in 1944. Was involved in the 20 July Plot to kill Hitler. Went on to become NATO Commander of Central Europe (CCE) 1957-1963 Source: ___• ______• 3. Johann von Kielmansegg Co-conspirator of the 20 July plot to kill Hitler, but released on 23 October 1944 for a lack of evidence. Went on to become Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CCE), 1967-1968 Source: ___• ______• 4. Johann Steinhof On 4 November, Steinhoff received the Oak Leaves from Adolf Hitler personally. Went on to become Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, 1971-1974. Source: ___• ______• 5. Ernst Ferber Belonged to the "Command Staff of the Bundeswehr", was one of the Hitlerite "Generalstäbler of the last hour". He had a lightning career under the Nazis when he was appointed to the fascist general staff in 1943 at the age of only 29. Went on to become Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CCE), 1973-1975 Source: ___•,_Ernst_Ferber.jpg ______• ___• ______• ___• In German at ______• 6. Franz Joseph Schulze Recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross of Nazi Went on to become Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CCE), 1977-1979 Source: ___• ______• 7. Ferdinand von Senger und Etterlin On 22 June 1941, Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Ferdinand fought on this front as a Lieutenant with the 24th Panzer Division in the German 6th Army, ultimately participating in the Battle of Stalingrad, one of history's bloodiest battles. Not long before the end of the battle, he was wounded and evacuated back to Germany. Went on to become Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CCE), 1979-1983 Commander-in-chief of NATO's Allied Forces Central Europe (AFCENT) Source: ___• ______•

Such a small amount as to be an insult....

Doesn't cover the bivalent one... Doesn't cover anything...

Unicoin - a global, legal tender settlement CBDC - unveiled at IMF Spring Meetings 2023 (Kitco News) - During last week’s International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings 2023, the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) announced the launch of an international central bank digital currency (CBDC) known as the Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), which is symbolized by the ANSI Character Ü. According to a press releaseannouncing the new currency, UMU, also known as Unicoin, is a legal money commodity that can transact in any legal tender settlement currency and functions like a CBDC to enforce banking regulations and “protect the financial integrity of the international banking system.” UMU “adopts a central banking monetary policy framework to ensure it has continuous purchasing demand, minimal price volatility, and annual asset pricing targets,” the announcement said. Banks will be able to utilize the new currency by attaching SWIFT Codes and bank accounts to a UMU digital currency wallet. This enables them to conduct SWIFT-like cross-border payments entirely over digital currency rails, accessing the best-priced wholesale FX rates and achieving instantaneous, real-time settlement while bypassing the correspondent banking system. “Cross-border payments can be slow, expensive, and risky,” said Tobias Adrian, Financial Counsellor at the International Monetary Fund. “In today's world of payments, counterparties in different jurisdictions rely on costly trusted relationships to offset the lack of a common settlement asset together with common rules and governance. But imagine if a multilateral platform existed that could improve cross-border payments—at the same time transforming foreign exchange transactions, risk sharing, and more generally, financial contracting.” Through the adoption of a global localization public monetary system architecture, UMU can be configured to operate according to the central banking regulations of each participating jurisdiction, the release said. “UMU is not attempting to disrupt the international monetary system,” said Darrell Hubbard, the Executive Director of the DCMA. “If fact, it strengthens it by helping the IMF achieve its stated mandate to provide economic and financial stability to its member states. UMU is a game-changer in how cross-border payments are transacted and mitigates against seasonal and systemic local currency depreciation.”

REI, Cracker Barrel and Walmart all closing in Portland for the same reason.

New York City to Track Personal Food Choices Using Credit Card Data This is needed to fight climate change, NYC mayor says IGOR CHUDOV APR 18, 2023

Remember the crazy right-wing conspiracy theory alleging that our food purchases will be tracked to reduce our CO2 consumption? That one is turning out to be true! Yesterday, New York City announced its plan to track the “food choices” of New Yorkers using credit card data from individual store purchases. According to the mayor, tracking individual food choices is a step towards “reducing the CO2 output” of New Yorkers.

The Adams administration has announced a plan to begin tracking the carbon footprint created by household food consumption as well as a new target for New York City agencies to reduce their food-based emissions by 33% by the year 2023. [Did they mean 2032 - I.C.?]

New York City, in partnership with American Express, a credit card company,will track purchases to calculate New Yorkers’ carbon footprints:

The new plan puts the city on par with London and 13 other cities to incorporate food consumption into its greenhouse gas emission metrics.The effort to examine the environmental effects of eating foods like meat and dairy was first announced about a year ago as part of a collaboration among major cities across the globe.

Germany Shuts it's last Nuclear Power Plants

Germany closed the last three operating nuclear power plants in the country this night.

59% of Germans believe that it was not worth abandoning nuclear energy. The decision of the authorities is supported by only 34% of the inhabitants of Germany, according to Infratest survey. Many respondents are seriously concerned that the transition to renewable energy sources will lead to a further increase in energy prices.

Remember the Ghost in the Machine?

Ghost in the machine. It’s also on the spine of Flynn’s 5th generation warfare book. It’s an old logo for psy-ops units used in WW2. Probably still in use by a unit somewhere.

The message is that nothing is what it appears to be. And that some sort of 5th generation warfare is occurring. That there is a hidden hand pulling the strings.

It is real:

I was in the Navy. Never in my life did I think I would see an army unit logo painted on a ship. That would be like the Yankees painting a Red Sox logo in their dugout. It’s impossible.

Plus, you can’t just paint shit where you want without approval. Especially on the outside. This is a US warship, representing the US everywhere it goes. Every port this ship docks, foreign citizens can see it. Our enemy can see it. This logo was approved at the highest levels. It’s not an accident. This is intentional. And the photo is intentional.

They took the photo from this angle on purpose. All of this is no accident. This is a direct message. There is some sort of operation underway utilizing at least both army and navy assets, that also involved psy-ops and 5th generation warfare.

They may as well start buying billboards this is such an obvious message.

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