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The Deep State FBI just raided Project Veritas over a Biden Family diary that was publicly released by another media organization over a year ago...

Murray Rothbard:

Why did the FBI raid the home of an investigative journalist over the possession of a diary instead of raiding the homes of those who are reportedly named in the diary as having committed criminal or disturbing acts?

The fact that the FBI raided James O’Keefe is directly out of Kamala Harris’s playbook. This is what Kamala did to David Daleiden in CA. They are JOURNALISTS. This is scary, dangerous, Soviet style targeting of political enemies with the power of the state.

The whole diary was released by National File shortly before the 2020 election:

FULL RELEASE: Ashley Biden Diary Reveals Child Sex Trauma, Drug Abuse, Resentment For Joe – Whistleblower

National File has exclusively released the full 112 pages of the diary our whistleblower identified as belonging to Ashley Biden

Project Veritas gets raided, National File doesn't. That make it obvious targeting of Project Veritas.

National File’s whistleblower also has a recording of Ashley Biden admitting the diary is hers, and employed a handwriting expert who verified the pages were all written by Ashley. National File has in its possession a recording of this whistleblower detailing the work he did to verify its authenticity.

In the recording, the whistleblower also adds that his media organization chose not to release the documents after receiving pressure from a competing outlet.

National File has already reported several revelations from the diary, including the fact that the author believes she was sexually molested as a child and shared “probably not appropriate” showers with her father, the months of entries detailing the author’s struggle with drug abuse, the entries that detail the author’s crumbling marriage with multiple affairs, the entries showing the family’s fears of a potential scandal due to her brother’s new home, and those that show a deep resentment for her father due to his money, control, and emotional manipulation.

You can see the whole diary here if you want to:

Astroworld ...

"See you on the other side, don’t die tonight"

If you look at the video, it really didn't look like a dangerous surge... It wasn't that crowded:

The surge towards the stage at the Astroworld festival occurred just after 9pm, while the rapper Travis Scott was performing. The Houston fire chief, Samuel Peña, said crowd movement caused panic and injuries. Then “people began to fall out, become unconscious, and it created additional panic”.

Many people were also treated at the scene, where a field hospital had been set up. About 300 people were examined at that site throughout the day, said Peña. Astroworld promoters had medical personnel and an emergency transport component at the festival, but "they were quickly overwhelmed" as the injury count mounted at "really a chaotic event," the fire chief said.

"Suddenly we had several people down on the ground, experiencing some type of cardiac arrest or some type of medical episode," Satterwhite said. "And so we immediately started doing CPR, and moving people right then, and that’s when I went and met with the promoters, and Live Nation, and they agreed to end early in the interest of public safety."

Finner on Saturday said authorities were investigating reports of suspicious activity in the crowd, including a security officer who told medical examiners that he felt a prick in his neck during the chaos and lost consciousness while being examined by first responders.

He was revived by the opioid antidote Narcan, Finner said.

The Houston police chief, Troy Finner, told reporters there were “a lot of narratives out there right now” about alleged criminal behavior among festival-goers.

“I think that all of us need to be respectful of the families and make sure that we follow the facts and evidence and that’s what we’re trying to do here in the Houston police department,” he said.

But he added: “I will tell you, one of the narratives was that some individual was injecting other people with drugs.

“We do have a report of a security officer, according to the medical staff that was out and treated him last night, that he was reaching over to restrain a citizen and he felt a prick in his neck. When he was examined he went unconscious. They administered Narcan, he was revived and the medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you would get if somebody is trying to inject.”

Was it a crush to the stage or a panic once people started collapsing for unknown reasons...

From a science genius friend:

"High peak power modest average power short pulse microwaves could do it; that is the Havana syndrome weapon. Flashing lights, especially around 8 to 15 Hz can cause convulsions in susceptible people, as can subwoofer sound in that range. Rap music tends to go heavy on that. Rap music frequently has a fake subwoofer effect. They modulate and [it's] easier for speakers to produce low frequency sound in the 60 to 120 Hz range with a low frequency in the 5 to 20 Hz range/ What could possibly go wrong? I wonder if the sound levels at that concert were high enough to open up the blood brain barrier... See Journal article: Extensive frontal focused ultrasound mediated blood–brain barrier opening for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease: a proof-of-concept study."

Language warning:

Travis Scott's concert was a ritual sacrifice.

Slogan of his concert was SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.

The shirt he was wearing depicts a human walking through a door as a demon. The entrance of Astroworld is a depiction of his head and the exit is his bare skull.

What's more is that he posted his "apology" tweet at 11:16 on 11/6. Anyone who truly understands how satanic symbolism works knows that this symbolizes 666. He could've posted his tweet on ANY OTHER TIME but he chose 11:16 for a reason.



We may think it’s insane and impossible. Our belief or disbelief in it is not the issue. It doesn’t matter if WE believe it’s possible, these ****** DO believe in it and they act accordingly. That means they will do harm to many people to achieve their aims.

Oh it was a ritual. Not because of numerology per se, but because he designed a pyrotechnic + digital portal to hell, he and master p both gave warnings people would be dying that night, and he kept going yeah into the mic as he watched people being carted off on stretchers. You don't need a non-apology at 16 min past 11 to show the reality. Just pictures and videos did the trick for most on twitter.

Everything surrounding Astroworld 2021 was dark, eerie and the foreboding was just disturbing to the core. Accounts from people who experienced the show live mention weird “vibrations” that could be heard throughout. Throughout the show, a loud, unsettling synth kept playing over Scott’s songs which gave a chilling, horror-movie quality to the performance.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Saturday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “There are a lot of unanswered questions,” Turner according to the newspaper. “Over the next several days, several weeks, could be even longer, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything that took place, why it took place, what steps we can do moving forward to mitigate an incident of this kind from taking place.”

Issues concerning drug use are among those questions, Turner said earlier Saturday, according to The New York Times.

“We do know that there were several cases of cardiac arrest. What was the cause of that?” he said.

“I don’t even want to go to drug overdoses,” he said. “We are looking at all potential causes of this incident or what caused the cardiac arrest. We’re not taking anything off the table.”

Hard Core Lefty Celebrity runs a Vax poll for followers and gets a shocking result:

Alyssa Jayne Milano (born December 19, 1972) is an American actress, producer, singer, author, and activist. As a political activist, she is best known for her role in the Me Too movement in October 2017. In the early 1990s, Milano auditioned for nearly every film role in her age bracket, including B movies,[7] and finally tried to shed her "nice girl" image by appearing nude in several erotic films targeted at adults. In October 2021, Milano's book Sorry Not Sorry will be released. It contains 32 essays describing her activism and thoughts on current political and social issues. In 2015, Milano endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.[83] In 2016, after the Democratic Party presidential primaries, she expressed support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

If her leftie followers say "Never" then the vaccination narrative is no longer believed by even the leftists.

He predicted the Corona virus pandemic because he was instrumental in causing it. This sociopath is now warning about a smallpox terror attack. He is intentionally causing public terror by threatening us with smallpox. Bill Gates is not a prophet but rather a godless sociopath with no empathy. Arrest Bill Gates now before it is too late.

Smallpox next?...Now that vaccinated people's immune systems are impaired by vaccination?

In 2017, Canadian scientists recreated an extinct horse pox virus to demonstrate that the smallpox virus can be recreated in a small lab at a cost of about $100,000, by a team of scientists without specialist knowledge.[133] This makes the retention controversy moot since the virus can be easily recreated even if all samples are destroyed. Although the scientists performed the research to help development of new vaccines as well as trace smallpox's history, the possibility of the techniques being used for nefarious purposes was immediately recognized, raising questions on dual use research and regulations.

In 1997, the Russian government announced that all of its remaining smallpox samples would be moved to the Vector Institute in Koltsovo.[161] With the breakup of the Soviet Union and unemployment of many of the weapons program's scientists, U.S. government officials have expressed concern that smallpox and the expertise to weaponize it may have become available to other governments or terrorist groups who might wish to use virus as means of biological warfare.[162] Specific allegations made against Iraq in this respect proved to be false.[163]

Concern has been expressed by some that artificial gene synthesis could be used to recreate the virus from existing digital genomes, for use in biological warfare.[164] Insertion of the synthesized smallpox DNA into existing related pox viruses could theoretically be used to recreate the virus.[164] The first step to mitigating this risk, it has been suggested, should be to destroy the remaining virus stocks to enable unequivocal criminalization of any possession of the virus.[165]

The CDC says:

Today, there are only two labs in the world that are approved to have the smallpox virus for research: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States and the Russian State Centre for Research on Virology and Biotechnology in the Russian Federation. There is credible concern that in the past some countries made the virus into weapons, which may have fallen into the hands of terrorists or other people with criminal intentions.

By 1972, the smallpox vaccine was no longer given routinely in the United States. As a result, most people born in the United States after 1972 have not been vaccinated against the disease. Some people have been vaccinated through the military or because they were part of Smallpox Response Teams that were formed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. These vaccination efforts are part of the larger plan to prepare for a bioterrorist attack. However, the vaccine does not give lifelong immunity, and people who have been vaccinated against smallpox before may still need to be revaccinated in a smallpox emergency.

Smallpox vaccination lasts a lifetime?:

Vaccinated participants maintained antivaccinia IgG and neutralizing antibody titers above 3 natural logs essentially indefinitely. The absolute titer of antivaccinia antibody was only slightly higher after multiple vaccinations. In 97% of the participants, no decrease in vaccinia-specific antibody titers was noted with age over a follow-up period of up to 88 years. Moreover, Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging participants who survived active smallpox infections in their youth retained antivaccinia antibody titers that were similar to the levels detected in vaccinated subjects.

Not complete protection:

A study of smallpox cases imported into non-endemic countries found that mortality was 52 percent among the unvaccinated, 11 percent among those vaccinated more than 20 years earlier and 1.4 percent of those vaccinated within 10 years.

Two vaccines are available. One vaccine (ACAM2000) uses a live virus that's related to smallpox, and it can occasionally cause serious complications, such as infections affecting the heart or brain. That's why it's not recommended that everyone be vaccinated at this time. The potential risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits, in the absence of an actual smallpox outbreak.

A second vaccine, a modified vaccinia Ankara vaccine (Jynneos), has been found to be safe, and it can be used in people who aren't able to take ACAM2000, who have weakened immune systems or who have skin disorders.

Money for illegals = Cash Payoff for Cartels that Smuggle Them:

"Migrant families separated at the border by the Trump administration may be eligible to each receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for the damage inflicted on them by the policy, according to several people familiar with the matter.

Some families could receive as much as $450,000 for each member who was directly affected, the sources said. However, negotiations between the Biden administration and lawyers representing the families are not over, and many might get far less, they said."

Republican lawmakers are blasting reports that the Biden administration is discussing paying almost half a million dollars per person to illegal immigrants who were separated from their families at the southern border during the Trump administration — calling it “insanity,” “unacceptable” and a “slap in the face.”

First reported by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering the payments in order to settle lawsuits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and others on behalf of families who crossed into the US from Mexico illegally to seek asylum. The families were separated under former President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy in 2018.

While the average demand in each lawsuit amounts to around $3.4 million per family, the Biden administration is considering $450,000 per person — around $1 million per family.

“I rise in strong opposition to the rule but specifically against this massive, multi-trillion-dollar tax and spend bill,” Scalise declared. “Of course we just got the text last night — over 2,300 pages. And as we’ve been combing through, I’d like to point out a few pieces in this bill.”

In addition, the minority whip added, the measure contains an amnesty provision that comes following recent reports that the Biden administration is negotiating settlements with families separated at the border during former President Donald Trump’s administration in the amount of $450,000.

“Estimates are seven million more people. Can you imagine the flood that will come over when they hear that you can get a half a million dollars a person if President Biden gets his way?” Scalise asked.

He ended his speech asking Democrats why they were rushing to pass the bill in the “dark of night.”

“But these IRS agents are gonna have to account for over $200 billion to find money from your checking accounts. That’s what they’re trying to do at dark of night,” he said.

“We started the morning at 8 a.m. We’re here after 9 p.m. starting to get into the details of this bill. No wonder they don’t want a CBO score. No wonder they want to do this by dark of night.”

It was passed thanks to these traitors in the Senate:

Republican Senators voting YES:


















Not voting:


Biden says he won't give the money, and then later backtracked and argued on Saturday that illegal aliens need to be compensated for being separated at the border. Free health care, free schools, free utilities, housing compensation, and free flights across the US is not enough.

A possible witness of lots of money being given to illegal immigrants:

"Can absolutely confirm. I install solar panels on roofs in CA for a very large company. 80 Percent of our jobs are straight up FOB ass Haji or African ass people. Every house is the same, Scantily decorated, boxes of appliances in the garage like they just moved in, god knows what the hell these people do. I did a job in a neighborhood where we told the customer they had to move their car from the driveway. They parked the car on the driveway next door, went in the house, came out with more people who all went into another house across the street. They all have at least 2 kids. BIG 2 story houses. I'm struggling to afford my 2 bedroom apartment with back breaking labor. **** these commie asshats."

Durham is gradually arresting key people...

“It really has come out,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News. “In all fairness, while it has taken a long time, hats off to John Durham.”

“Hats off, because, it’s coming out, and it is coming out at a level — Durham has come out with things that are absolutely amazing,”

“We all sort of knew that happened, and now we have facts, and I think they’re only going to get deeper and deeper — and it all leads back to the Democrats, Hillary and the dirty lawyers,”

“What they did was so illegal, at a level that you’ve rarely seen before,” he said. “Now, in all fairness, it looks to me like this is just the early building blocks.”

John Ratcliffe: ”I gave John Durham over 1,000 other documents that have not yet been declassified that I know include intelligence that go specifically to this criminal activity that would be the basis for further indictments and again, what happened with the Steele Dossier, a grand jury is saying was criminal in nature, and I expect that all of the folks that are involved with creating it and pedaling it falsely would be in jeopardy and I know that’s what John Durham is looking at – and as I talked about, this goes to the highest levels of our government.”

Rep. Devin Nunez (R-CA) joined Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the John Durham investigation.

Rep. Nunes told Maria Bartiromo what he expects next from John Durham, “We’ve made 14 criminal referrals to the Department of Justice. I expect every one of those to be looked into. For God sake, the American people, the taxpayers pay for us to do this work. We don’t have guns here in Congress, we can’t go out and arrest people. All we can do is do an exhaustive investigation which we’ve done despite being stonewalled by the Department of Justice. We’ve done our job, now we expect Durham to do his job, which I think he is doing…”

A Russian analyst who was the key researcher behind the so-called Steele dossier was arrested Thursday as part of an ongoing special counsel investigation, according to reports. Igor Danchenko was busted as part of special counsel John Durham’s probe into the origins of the FBI’s investigation of potential ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, a source told the Associated Press.

Some good news: Mandate stopped dead in its tracks! Most states are suing the Feds!

A whopping 27 states have filed lawsuits against the Biden administration thus far over the vaccine mandate on private businesses with over 100 employees.

As previously reported by Human Events News, as of January 4, 2022, all employers with more than 100 employees must mandate vaccines for their employees. If employees choose not to get vaccinated, they must succumb to weekly testing and mask wearing. If businesses do not follow the mandate, they could face fines of up to $14,000 per violation.

The mandate is being enforced by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

All but one of the states that filed lawsuits – Iowa – have republican attorneys general, Just the News reports. Kansas, Kentucky and Louisiana are the only three of the states that have democratic governors.

Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Utah all joined a lawsuit in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which issued a temporary block on the vaccine mandate citing potential “grave statutory and constitutional issues” raised by the plaintiffs. South Carolina is under the jurisdiction of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and Utah is under the 10th Circuit.

Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and West Virginia jointly filed their lawsuit in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Idaho is under the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Kansas and Oklahoma are under the 10th and West Virginia is under the 4th.

Indiana is filing its lawsuit in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming filed in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. Alaska, Arizona and Montana are under the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, New Hampshire is under the 2nd and Wyoming is under the 10th.

Alabama, Florida and Georgia are suing in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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