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Biden Blatantly Cheating and Huge Reveal on Hillary's Crimes

And here's a wire... and it's not his speaking microphone. The debates had big microphones in front of them...

Is anyone familiar with an audio induction loop? Or is it just me & every sophisticated surveillance team in the world? In addition to lying by denying demonstrably provable facts, Joe Biden cheated in the debate with @realDonaldTrump. Biden still lost because he is lost. — Lin Wood (@LLinWood) September 30, 2020

Biden refused to have his ears inspected for a wire.

Previous times he has had an ear device:

In fact the Biden Campaign agreed to this request several days ago but now are refusing this request!!

And what is this?

Here's the video of it. Its real.:

Is this some sort of medical drug pump system?

Biden refused a drug test.

First this from Trump:

"I will be strongly demanding a Drug Test of Sleepy Joe Biden prior to, or after, the Debate on Tuesday night. Naturally, I will agree to take one also. His Debate performances have been record setting UNEVEN, to put it mildly. Only drugs could have caused this discrepancy???"

Then this:

"Joe Biden just announced that he will not agree to a Drug Test. Gee, I wonder why?"

Biden’s campaign released a nasty crude response:

Joe Biden intends to deliver his debate answers in words. If the president thinks his best case is made in urine he can have at it. We’d expect nothing less from Donald Trump, who pissed away the chance to protect the lives of 200K Americans when he didn’t make a plan to stop COVID-19.

Is that thing on his wrist a cannula?

A convenient way to administer drugs...

Creepy weird eyes - I thought so. Drugs?? Sometimes they looked positively buggy. Bright lights, still dilated?

Donna Brazile was FIRED for trying to rig a Presidential Debate and Fox News now has her on their Debate Panel.

We thought it was pretty obvious that Biden had the questions ahead of time and was scripted on the answers. They didn't sound spontaneous at all. Obviously scripted ahead of time.

Chris Wallace interrupted Trump 35 times tonight. He did not interrupt Biden once.

Trump isn't running against Biden. He's running against voter fraud.

Terrence K. Williams:

Chris Wallace is not a moderator tonight, he’s Joe Biden’s Nurse tonight

Dinesh DSousa:

Chris Wallace posed questions to Trump aimed at cornering him while posing questions to Biden giving him a chance to explain himself. It was two against one, but one still prevailed #Debate2020

The Donald Trump campaign has indicated that ‘neutral’ moderator Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump a whopping 76 times during Tuesday’s debate. Wallace, who is known for harboring liberal sympathies, was widely criticized by conservatives for his partiality in moderating the contest. It appears that Biden actually spent more time talking during the debate than Trump did, despite Wallace consistently maintaining that Trump was breaking the rules.

Wallace continually invoked the rules that allot two minutes for each answer to each candidate, but declined to interrupt Biden when he violated them. He flouted neutrality most during the ‘open discussion’ segments, waiting for a moment when Biden appeared flustered or challenged by the President to change the subject.

Wallace conveniently changed the subject when Trump pressed Biden to identify any law enforcement union that endorsed him.

BIDEN: "Antifa is an idea, not an organization." TRUMP: "Oh, you gotta be kidding me!"

Wallace also provided the same convenient handicap when Biden described the terrorist group ANTIFA as an ‘idea.’

Biden assailed Trump with a hail of personally charged insults, calling him a ‘clown,’ a ‘racist,’ a ‘fool,’ and a ‘puppy.’ Wallace did not object to any of the character attacks utilized by Biden.


Here is the list:

Eventhe Greenies must have been shocked when he said that he didn't support AOC's plan:

Biden: “I don’t support the Green New Deal.”

Biden’s own website:

Telemundo (Hispanic) viewers agree:

DonaldTrump WON the debate by 32 points! TRUMP 66% BIDEN 34%

More information is now coming out...

Here it is:

And even more comes out revealing the Red Queen Hillary behind the whole Trump-Russia Hoax:

1) DNI info to Graham: In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump.. 2) DNI info to tying him to Putin and the Russians' hacking of the Democratic National Committee. The IC does not know the accuracy of this allegation or the extent to which the Russian intelligence analysis may reflect exaggeration or fabrication.” 3) DNI info to Graham: According to his handwritten notes, former Central Intelligence Agency Director Brennan subsequently briefed President Obama and other senior national security officials on the intelligence, including the ‘alleged approval by Hillary Clinton.. 4)...DNI info to Graham:...on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.’” 5) DNI info to Grahm: On 07 September 2016, U.S. intelligence officials forwarded an investigative referral to FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok regarding ‘U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's approval of a plan.. 6) DNI info to Graham:...concerning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server.’”

Note the date. They were planning this months before:


Now you know it is all astroturf. These slogans were not spontaneous at all:

Here is the actual Democrat Activist Playbook to fight the nomination of Barrett To SCOTUS:


They are very well organized, and even have slogans provided for chanting:




  • I DON’T WANT YOUR NOMINEE. I WANT _____________ [fill in the blank to personalize]










These are for the speakers at your action to use to craft their speeches, and for writing a press release or sharing more info to your base to encourage people to come support your action.

  • With voting already underway, it should be left up to the American people to decide who gets to nominate the next Supreme Court justice.

  •  No nomination should advance or be voted on before the 2021 Inauguration.

  • Senate leadership needs to prioritize economic relief for the millions of people who are suffering after having lost their jobs and are struggling to pay rent and feed their families, not play politics with a rushed Supreme Court nomination process.

  • The Supreme Court makes rulings that shape all of our lives—everything from abortion to segregation, transgender rights to climate change, big money in politics to healthcare. It is unacceptable and unjust to try to rush through a nomination less than 40 days from the election.

  • We must rise up to demand that US Senators stand on the right side of history and let the people decide on the next Supreme Court Justice of this country. We must demand no nomination before inauguration.  It’s our future and we should get to choose our justice.

  • DO lead with values

  • DO name the violation of those values and/or culprits

  • DO focus on an irresistable vision of the future

  • DO name your audience/s and think about what moves them, this is another great way to localize your rally

  • DON’T use/repeat the opposition’s language or frames.

  • DON’T lead with data. You can include it, but numbers shouldn’t be the lead

It tells them where to go and when and what to say, and who should do what:


Below are all of the key roles for an action, if you have a small group, it’s ok if the same person holds multiple roles. There is more information about how to do each role in other sections of the guide.

  • Action coordinator

    • Coordinates the team and manages the overall event

  • Recruitment Lead

    • Recruits people to the action, supports action coordinator with outreach

  • Police Liaison & Safety Coordinator

    • Is prepared to speak with the police if any are at your action

    • Identify yourself at the action as the person for everyone to point the police to if they arrive and want to speak to someone

    • Ensures COVID safety during the event

    • Has first aid materials or coordinates with volunteer medic to bring first aid materials

  • Speaker(s)  

    • Makes a short (2-4 minute) speech during the action, and uplifts the action’s purpose, mixing with their personal narrative of why this is so important to them and their community. Speakers should refer to the messaging guidance (above).

  • Media coordinator

    • Creates a press advisory and/or press release about your action

    • Contact reporters and media outlets before and after the event

    • Connects speakers and spokespeople with reporters during event

  • Social media coordinator

    • Assigns someone to take photos of the action

    • Assigns someone to livestream the action

    • Shares photos, posts or livestream of the event on facebook, twitter, and instagram

    • Use this Photo & Livestream toolkit to capture powerful content that communicates the message of our action

    • Uses the hashtags with all posts from the event

  • Action Art Coordinator

    • Coordinate the creation of the action art

    • Oversee the art (banners and signs) and action staging the day of the action



We are asking people to take action at their local courthouse. Google where your local courthouse is if you don’t know, if there are multiple courthouses, think of which is best for the action - which one is in the neighborhood of the community you want to come to the action? Which one is most accessible to get to?

Granted that conservatives are more independent, and it can be a bit like herding cats to organize them, but isn't this something that we could learn from?

These are things we can do too...

A conservative kind of riot:

There are two components to our riot. The first is a riot at the ballot box. We need to ruthlessly eliminate all opposing candidates of either party. That means mobilizing to turn out votes and to vote viciously. Your nice city councilman who is kind and gentle and sort of squishy? He cut the ribbon at the petting zoo and send you emails about a library book drive? Yeah, he needs to go in favor of the bomb-thrower who wants to buy the cops a new armored personnel carrier. No Democrats, not ever. No soft Republicans, not ever. Only harsh conservatives who loudly live the dogma. Elect conservawoke candidates who understand the threat, and who savor the opportunity to use their political power to harm the left in every way they can.

Sorry, Nikki! and other hands-across-the-aisle establishment types, but bipartisan hugging and business as usual is a loser’s game, and we’re sick of losers.

Then there’s the second kind of riot, the political one. And Donald Trump is doing it. He is refusing to fight according to the establishment rules that the Fredocons eagerly allowed to tie our hands for decades. The Never Trumpers need to keep their weird bondage fantasies between them, their disappointed wives, and their eager pool boys – a modern Republicans need to unleash our inner Genghis Khans and destroy everything liberal in our path.

Louisville KY's Breonna was her drug gang operation's money person. People like that are choosing to be at risk of violence:

New information was obtained directly from the police investigation of Breonna Taylor’s death and has yet to be released to the public.

This complete investigation from the LPD includes surveillance images and recorded phone calls between Jamarcus Glover, Breonna Taylor and others on the warrants and shows just how involved Taylor was in Glover’s drug enterprise and why the police were at her house the night of her death. Many celebrities and media outlets have portrayed Taylor as totally innocent in all of this but the transcript paints a different picture.

Here is the complete report that was obtained from the source below. Private information like phone numbers and social security numbers have been redacted.

Breonna Taylor Report (39 pages):

BREAKING: A group of four Australian law professors have nominated U.S. President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, the third nomination.

Project Veritas Catches Ilhan Omar et al red handed buying ballots:

See it here!:

Trump Tweets:

Regarding the Project Veritas expose and more:

This is totally illegal. Hope that the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds, under serious review??? If not, why not??? We will win Minnesota because of her, and law enforcement. Saved Minneapolis & Iron O Range!

The Ballots being returned to States cannot be accurately counted. Many things are already going very wrong!

The Fake News Media, just like Election time 2016, is bringing up my Taxes & all sorts of other nonsense with illegally obtained information & only bad intent. I paid many millions of dollars in taxes but was entitled, like everyone else, to depreciation & tax credits..........Also, if you look at the extraordinary assets owned by me, which the Fake News hasn’t, I am extremely under leveraged - I have very little debt compared to the value of assets. Much of this information is already on file, but I have long said that I may release.........Financial Statements, from the time I announced I was going to run for President, showing all properties, assets and debts. It is a very IMPRESSIVE Statement, and also shows that I am the only President on record to give up my yearly $400,000 plus Presidential Salary!

Wow, nobody realized how far Mini Mike Bloomberg went in bribing ex-prisoners to go out and vote for Sleepy Joe. He is desperate to get back into the good graces of the people who not only badly beat him, but made him look like a total fool. Now he’s committed a serious crime!

POTUS Drops 150 Million Rapid Response Test Kits Today : 12 Minute Results On Site Immediately : YOU CAN'T FAKE POSITIVE ANYMORE ! HA HA HA (GreatAwakening)

He again plunges the sword deep into the heart of the problem. Watch more live if you like. Pence is speaking now.

100 Million tests to each state FREE OF CHARGE.

Schools can open without excuse, Voting is no longer an issue BUT, BUT.



3 million tests a day, will show the truth in a week as Pence outlines, and he says " As we put this Coronavirus BEHIND US "

The real thing on the Red Queen's desk:

Sexual Predator Protection by Democrat Malinowski?

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