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70% Know They Were Ripped Off

Florida is the model for how the other states would have looked without fraud.

Remember to ask your lib friends why Florida and Texas with their huge populations can turn in their election results on time but we have to wait days for deep blue areas. Voting integrity systems have been put in place in Florida after the state became a national laughingstock in the wake of the 2000 presidential election, and “hanging chad” became a symbol of questionable vote totals. Florida permits any registered voter to request an absentee ballot, but the request has to be received by the office of the local Supervisor of Elections by the close of business 10 days before the election. Only the voter or an immediate family member can make the request. There are no mass mailings of vote-by-mail ballots.

View from the outside:

There is an current intense political struggle between the Republican and Democratic parties. “I’m not even talking about social polarization, I’m talking about the level of dialogue between these poles,” she said, adding that it “looks more like annihilation than electoral procedures.”

According to CNN vote tracking, the Republican Party is on course to regain control of the US House of Representatives and is projected to take at least 198 seats, against the Democratic Party’s 178. In the Senate, the parties appear to be neck and neck. However, exit polls suggest that 70% of US voters believe that the democratic system itself is “threatened,” either by lax voting laws, faulty vote machines, or false allegations of electoral misconduct.

7 in 10 voters are unhappy with the state of the nation and largely negative on Joe Biden, according to CNN exit polls. A whopping 75% of voters rated the condition of the nation’s economy “not so good” or “poor” – this means the Democrats are in trouble.

And you think people voted for more of the same?

Many aspects of the 2022 midterms Tuesday night appeared to be a replay of the suspicious activity seen during the 2020 presidential election

Corruption In The Mid-Terms

A brief list of some key issues being reported:

• Election machines failed miserably in Arizona, causing long delays, and possibly the loss of people’s votes if they weren’t able to stay in line (the judge refused an emergency extension of voting hours). This was also after the state elections office threatened to sue Coconino County if they hand-counted their ballots.

• Voting centers ran out of paper ballots, including 19 locations in one county: Harris County, Texas.

• Voters in MI told they had already voted

• Vote totals in Ohio fluctuating up and down multiple times. Why would a vote total go down?

• Georgia vote total also went down

• NM Governor also had vote count massively increase before falling back down

• Massive vote dump in Michigan that flipped the race. Also Matt De Perno was winning for a period before a massive vote dump flipped his race.

• Similar dubious flip in Virginia HR 7

• Many issues in Pennsylvania including illegal electioneering

• Colorado’s elections have been massively corrupt for some time, and it’s showing again in the current results

• The chart for Minnesota Governor looks very dubious. Why so many blue votes at the beginning?

• A New York election worker for the Republican Party was secretly a Democrat

• Apparently Michigan passed a law that says only the Secretary of State (currently the corrupt Jocelyn Benson) can audit elections

• CNN saying “stay off social media people … trust your election officials, and trust us [here at CNN]” 🤣

• While Republicans are seeing some good wins, it doesn’t appear to be quite the “red wave” that was predicted in some of the polls. Is this because the fraudulent actors and black box machines are still running the same as they were in 2018 and 2020?

• But even so, the counting is not yet over. With many Republicans voting on election day, these late counts may swing more heavily Republican.


It's Obvious Now: America's Voting System Is Rigged The machines went down! The tabulators failed! The paper ran out! The printer settings were wrong! EMERALD ROBINSON NOV 9 Welcome to the Banana Republic of Biden — where the voting machines break down and the tabulators fail and the paper runs out on Election Day! The rigging was so bad, so obvious, so corrupt that even the corporate media was forced to admit that electronic voting machines didn’t work across America. That was a “conspiracy theory” — you might recall — just the day before.

It's 10am EST and America's 2022 midterm elections are already being stolen....

What happened yesterday? What happened in the grip of an intractable surveillance and police state cabal that has full spectrum dominance over every institution we have? From Academia, The Media, Big Tech, Hollywood, Wall Street, the Fed, Congress, The White House and the entire Administrative State?

We punched them in the face yesterday at the ballot box so hard that, despite the MSM happy dance football spike, we have at this moment NOT LOST THE COUNTRY and are poised to win full control of Congress.

President Trump had an incredible day yesterday. He endorsed 183 candidates. ONLY 9 did not go his way!

This is NOT OVER. It’s just beginning. Now more than ever it’s time to focus and have steely resolve…not crawl up in the fetal position.

All the odds have been stacked against us. But we are prevailing and those responsible for what they’ve done to our beautiful country will be held accountable.

~ Major Patriot


Why? bc the more they counted their ONLY 2 blue counties, which are the biggest and ones they rely on--the gap was closing. And oopsie it closed on one, Washoe, which they rely on to stay blue.

-Senate and Gov both leading RED, they stopped

-One of their 2 blues, turned red, and they stopped counting bc it kept getting MORE red -Their relied upon big blue (where I live and is NOT blue in truth) was getting so light blue, with the gap blue ahead by 11-13% now at 3-5%--so they stopped.

Please watch NV everyone. We not blue and they stole it big in 2020 and its harder now but they are trying. btw all residents here received 2 mail in ballots--TWO. They are trying to cheat, please all eyes on NV.

ETA: They know the votes left are strongly red. Why? Maybe partly bc so many of us voted on elec day, for the first time instead of early voting. I am grateful for the R canvassers that said if we could do that it would make it harder for them to cheat. So now what are the criminals doing? Trying to figure out how to make red votes turn blue. They are terrified to continue counting their only 2 blue counties, bc 1 flipped red the more they counted. And their big one is going to too. Look for pallets of ballots.


When Uncle Fester wins, we know it's election FRAUD. No Pennsylvanian in their right mind voted for this fool.


Splitting tickets in an election is very rare. And, that fits the narrative we are a politically divided country. If you do a little research you can find hundreds of articles about ticket splitting becoming almost extinct.

Spent 16 f***ing hours working polls and monitoring shit in PA - none of this makes sense. The numbers for Shapiro/Mastriano and Oz/Fetterman make ZERO sense. I'm so fucking sick of this horseshit. We need an audit tomorrow... No f***ing way. Absolutely no fucking way PA just went deep f***ing blue. This whole state is rigged, potentially more than any other State in the USA.


Live on Steve Bannon's WarRoom, Kari Lake's campaign analyst Caroline Wren says it's mathematically impossible for Katie Hobbs to win. Still some 800,000+ ballots out and she is positive of a Lake victory.

The Arizona Gubernatorial represents America’s stance on voter fraud. It’s the litmus test for public awakening, and it very likely could lead to the end of the DNC, and the Deep State knows it.

If Kari Lake gets in, and exposes “ground zero for voter fraud”, the DNC are cooked.

If there is 1 race the DNC MUST steal, it’s this one.



I was part of the upstate Zeldin campaign and worked near the election integrity folks. Turnout yesterday throughout the day was through the roof. Every precinct that we were monitoring had higher than average turnout. Many precincts were completely full all day. I personally had to wait in line to vote for the first time ever (didn't even have to do that with Trump). Exit polling was 2-1 Republican in areas that went 50/50 for Trump.

So throughout the day we have turnout that people who have been working polls for 30 years have said was unprecedented, and yet the total vote is almost same as it was in 2018?

We got a message at 10pm that Lee was planning on declaring victory. At 11pm they called it for Hochul.

Supposedly there are another 1.4 million ballots that have not been reported yet, but I don't know where they are coming from. The campaign, even today, is confident in a way that I don't really understand.

I am not in the inner circle on these things, but I am told the remaining ballots (which would be 20% of what's currently tallied, and better represent what our precinct monitoring was tracking) will be tallied tonight.

I've reached the point where I have no idea what's really going on right now. Anyone else in NYS have info?


99% and they still hadn't called it...




With polls closed and 63 percent of the votes counted, Democrat Tina Kotek and Republican Christine Drazan are in a dead heat, with unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson failing to break 10 percent.

Drazan hopes to become the state’s first Republican governor since the original Top Gun was in theaters.


Civil War Perspective:

Lincoln’s election was intolerable to the people of the South, which shortly after his election in 1860 began to form what became the Southern Confederacy and shortly after that, attempted to withdraw from what it, with cause, saw as a political system that not only did not represent its interests but which it saw, also rightly, as a system that could not represent its interests. That last being an important point rarely, if ever, discussed in the schools established by the government that forced the Southern states back into the “union.”

The North controlled the “union” politically and so actually because the North had the population and the money to dominate federal elections. And so the South had no way to redress its grievances within the construct of the “union.”

It was not the election of 1860, per se, that triggered the South’s attempt to withdraw but rather the realization that future elections would go similarly. What option does a minority have in a political system that is based upon majority rule? The choice is either acceptance of subordinate status and hope the master will be kind – or get away from the master.

It is exactly what the American colonies had done – and for same reasons and realizations – those “four score and seven” years before the election of 1860. Their successful attempt to withdraw from the union – with Great Britain – is celebrated by modern Americans, many of whom also think (if that is the right word) that the failed attempt by the people of the Southern Confederacy to do the same, for similar reasons and on exactly the same basis, in terms of the principle at issue – i.e., that of being governed by themselves rather than a distant people with whom they had increasingly little in common and who wielded political control over them that could not be redressed within the context of the “union” – was, somehow, a kind of crime.

And so, the Southern states – like the American colonies, which were also states– declared their political independence from the “union” and fought for it.

If today’s elections ensconce the power of the political Left, whether legitimately – in terms of the actual votes – or because the votes were jiggered with – the people who are not of the Left will have to face the awful realization that the Left is in perpetual control and that they no longer have any means, within the system, to combat it. That the oppression of the Left cannot be voted away.

A Q Drop on Election Day:

Endless lies.

Endless wars.

Endless inflation.

Endless 'printing'.

Endless oppression.

Endless subjugation.

Endless surveillance.

Who will put an end to the endless?

Taking control.


And the day before:

Why do some elections take more than a day to count?

Can cheating be done after the polls are closed?

Who controls the pollbooks?

Who controls the databases?

Who controls the elections?

Why are extra ballots printed?

If someone doesn't vote, can bad actors hijack their vote? How?

Why did the National Guard activate cybersecurity teams?

Who gave the order to 'activate' the cybersecurity teams? Why?

To protect the elections?

To claim the midterms are 'safe'?

Safe from what? Setting the stage?

Watch carefully.

White hats have secured many systems, but problems still remain.

You have all the tools you need.



Locked up and then Freed for Fighting the Steal


If you recall, Brazil got hit with a massive election steal like what happened with the midterms. However, the military over there is preforming a full on audit and is expected to release results soon. If they can show that fraud occurred, it could open the door wide open for mass arrests in the country.

What does this mean for America? Simple, it shows the DS that they CAN be held accountable and shows normies that fraud DOES exist in elections. It would send a message that would absolutely destroy the creditability of the DS and their minions.

We know the Democrats are guilty of heinous crimes. We knew they had no choice but to cheat. But we apparently had apparatuses set up to catch them cheat, not stop them from cheating.

Think about how the narrative was going: we didn't cheat last time but the Republicans were going to cheat this time.

Had we stopped their cheat, this would be narrative.

I would rather catch them cheating, then stop them from cheating, and be called the cheaters.

Now we have Twitter, where we can pass the evidence of cheating far and wide as it trickles (or floods) out.

Had the red wave happened, how do we keep the narrative that they cheated going?

But if they cheat again, and we have proof, and we now have the means of disseminating that proof...

Chess, not checkers.

If you did your job yesterday and voted, you did your job. Had you not voted they wouldn't have had to cheat. You did though, and so they did, and so we can catch them. I know it's exhausting, but this game has to be played right. We're bringing down the Dragon. When Trump said "I caught them all, I caught the swamp" he was speaking prophetically. I think he saw the future, and spoke in past tense in that way. We had to catch the swamp in the act, not stop them. It's easier to convict someone of murder than attempted murder.

Again, the goal was not to stop the cheat, but record the cheat.

Even if we don't end up with the House and the subpoena power that comes with it, we should have Space Force, National Guard, etc. with all the info they need to step in.

We did our job yesterday. Our job today and moving forward will be to disseminate the information. I don't think we have to wait much longer for justice to come. But we may have to, so the best we can do is stay calm, pray, and don't let negativity kill our energy. We're told to enjoy the show, not get too emotionally wrapped up in it.


Is this ad supposed to be a joke? Russel Brand has some good analysis

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