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World Wide Changes and the Border

This shows where the military bases are for the US:

Putin prepares new 20,000 mph 'meteorite' hypersonic nuclear missile Avangard designed to speed into space before striking multiple targets around the world in minutes

  • The Avangard missile will be able to strike multiple global targets, Moscow says

  • It will reportedly be able to hit targets at 27 times the speed of sound

  • Putin previously claimed defence systems will not be able to catch it

The nuclear-capable Avangard missile, which is reported to be able hit targets at 27 times the speed of sound, is seen in new footage installed in an underground launch silo in Russia's Orenburg region.

The 20,000 mph missile with a hypersonic glide vehicle will be able to leave the earth's atmosphere before striking any target in the world in less than 30 minutes, according to Moscow.


  • Cuba – Espionage facility in Havana.[8]

  • Cambodia – Ream Naval Base.[9]

  • Djibouti – People's Liberation Army Support Base in Djibouti.[10]

  • Pakistan – Base naval em Gwadar.[11]

  • Tajikistan – Military post in southeastern Gorno-Badakhshan.[12]


In 2009, China surpassed the United States as Africa’s largest trading partner. According to reports, Recent reports indicate that China is building several new high-security complexes at the Gwadar Deep Sea Port (at western-end of Pakistan’s coastline in Balochistan). Pakistan owes its “all weather friend” China at least $10 billion debt for the construction of the Gwadar port.

It is said that China has a mysterious space station in Argentina. Beijing signed a deal with Argentina to build a powerful 16-story antenna in the Patagonian region of the South American country, promising to include a visitors’ centre to showcase its civilian purpose.

How Bizarre Can It Get? Hear and see it for youself:

A Ukrainian news channel accidentally releases the Kiev regime’s official list of KIA/MIA

The Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 accidentally did put out the real number of Ukrainian fatalities suffered in the NATO-Russian War. So, here it is:

1, 126,652 KIAs and MIAs for VSU. Somebody will have to answer for this atrocity and the main puppet masters sit in Washington and London and their names will be named at the Ukraine War Crimes Tribunal. Many will also be charged with crimes in absentia. In related news--this number is larger than US losses in all XIX, XX and XXI centuries wars combined. They are beyond comprehension of any US military, let alone political, figure.

The office of a 404 “president” reacted immediately and forced 1+1 to retract the story, but it is too late.

VD's note:

It’s not too surprising that the news of the utter defeat of the Ukrainian military is being leaked out to the ignorant global public. The USA is pulling the plug on its proxy war now that it has a higher priority in the Middle East, the European economies are teetering on the edge of collapse going into another energy-expensive winter, and the neoclowns have finally realized that China poses the much more dangerous threat to Clown World going forward than Russia. Except in that it represents a step toward the world’s eventual acceptance of Russia’s victory over NATO, the slaughter of five percent of the male Ukrainian population isn’t something to celebrate. It is an abomination and an object lesson in the intrinsic danger of a nation permitting itself to be ruled over by foreigners and thereby sacrificed to interests that are not their own.

The staggering death toll should also provide a sobering lesson to the Boomers and others who still believe in the myth of American military supremacy, as it represents more soldiers than are presently on active duty in the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps combined.

Serious sacrelege:

The guy running for President of Ukraine against Zelensky. (Told ya)

🗣 “I hate this system and am going to destroy it,” said Arestovich.

🤔In addition, he spoke about the conflict between Zelensky and Zaluzhny, and also predicted the imminent collapse of the Ukrainian economy.

Zelensky’s Hidden Luxuries: Proxies, Yachts, and the $75M Scandal Rocking Ukraine

In the heart of Eastern Europe, where the tumult of war clashes with the allure of Western support, a seismic scandal unfolds, casting a long shadow over Ukraine’s leadership. President Volodymyr Zelensky, once seen as a beacon of hope against corruption, is now ensnared in a scandal involving the alleged purchase of two luxury yachts, “Lucky Me” and “My Legacy,” worth a combined $75 million. This lavish expenditure, facilitated in the opulent settings of Abu Dhabi and Antibes, starkly contrasts with Ukraine’s dire war reality and raises damning questions about the integrity and criminal liability of its leadership amidst heavy reliance on Western aid.

👉 Click here 👈 to read this bombshell expose - "Reports like these fuelling righteous anger don’t bode well for Zelensky as he clings to power amid swirling rumours of coups..."

"Its time to admit that after the war is over the only country that will actually help Ukraine is Russia! Only Russia cares about the lives of Ukrainian civilians."

🎙Irish journalist Chay Bowes from @theIslander joins Australian radio broadcaster Simeon Boikov on the @AussieCossack Show

Newsweek reported: “Marianna Budanova, the wife of influential Ukrainian commander Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov, who heads up Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, or the HUR, within the country’s defense ministry, was ‘poisoned with heavy metals’. She is now receiving treatment in a medical facility, Ukrainian outlet Babel reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed intelligence sources. A spokesperson for the HUR confirmed the report to The Kyiv Independent and several other domestic outlets.” Ukraine’s military intelligence agency hasn’t made any official statements. “The substances reportedly used against Budanova are ‘in no way used in everyday life and military affairs’, an anonymous source from Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence told Babel. ‘Their presence may indicate a deliberate attempt to poison a particular person’.” Ukrainian media is also reporting that ‘several other intelligence officers’ had been poisoned. “Ukraine’s intelligence community has previously named Budanov as the target of several failed assassination attempts. In early June 2023, a HUR spokesperson told Ukrainska Pravda that there had been at least 10 attempts on Budanov’s life.” Russian media reported of Budanov’s possible death in a missile attack earlier this year. Today, in retrospect, Budanov laughs off the reports. But back then, he released this creepy silent video, remember?

Zelensky Vs Zaluzny

In Kiev, the rift between President Zelensky and General Zaluzhny is widening, with rumors swirling that Zelensky will order a full mobilization of Ukraine that will draft 17 to 70 year old civilians, including women.

To make matters worse General Winter has arrived in full force, lashing Ukraine (and Russia) with winds of more than 90 mph and mountains of snow.

Zelensky’s efforts to hide the staggering losses of Ukrainian troops took a major hit when Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 reported that the AFU’s casualties so far were 1,126,652 KIAs and MIAs. Andrei Martyanov noted that Zelensky’s office moved quickly to force Channel 1+1 to retract the story, but the damage was done. The horse left the barn. Closing the barn door does not put the horse back in its stall.

A draft will not solve Ukraine’s manpower deficit. Let’s assume the Zelensky crew decide to go ahead with this plan; where are these new “recruits” going to be trained? Rudimentary basic training to teach these newbies how to march, how to shoot and how to take care of personal sanitary needs in the field should take a minimum of three months. Ukraine does not have secure facilities/bases in country where it can start a training cycle for 20,000 every month. Russia has those coordinates and can blast them with missiles.

Even if basic training is completed, the new soldiers are not qualified to operate the armored vehicles, mortars, artillery and tanks they would need on the frontlines. And there is one big assumption here — the United States and NATO will continue to flood Ukraine with a billion dollars worth of gear. That ain’t going to happen. Public support in the United States and Europe to continue pouring good money after bad in Ukraine is flagging and the trend line points to growing opposition.

If the winter weather now battering Ukraine continues through December and January, the situation for Ukrainian troops hunkered down in trenches and bunkers will become desperate because the snow and cold will make it very difficult to keep them properly supplied with food and ammunition. There also is the question of whether Western supplied gear can function or be maintained with the icy fingers of General Winter squeezing the Ukrainian throat. It is looking like a very dark winter for Ukraine.


These are some senior Third Reich officers who were hired directly by NATO. We can see how they articulated their careers within Nazi Germany and later within the largest terrorist and warmongering agency in the World:

Adolf Heusinger:

➡️ Chief of Operations of the Wehrmacht General Staff.

🇫🇲1961-1964 Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

Hans Speidel:

➡️ Former Nazi lieutenant general and the chief of staff of one of the most important field marshals, Erwin Rommel.

🇫🇲1957-1963 Supreme Commander of NATO Allied Ground Forces in Central Europe.

Johannes Steinhoff:

➡️ Luftwaffe aviation ace on the eastern front.

🇫🇲 1971-1974 Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

Johann von Kiehlmansegg:

➡️ Staff officer of the Wehrmacht High Command.

🇫🇲 1967-1968 NATO Commander in Central Europe.

Ernst Ferber:

➡️ Inspector of the Wehrmacht High Command.

🇫🇲 1973-1975 Commander of NATO in Central Europe.

Karl Schnell:

➡️ Staff officer of the

Wehrmacht Tank Corps.

🇫🇲1975-1977 Commander of NATO in Central Europe.

Franz-Josef Schultze:

➡️ Luftwaffe officer, Knight's Cross.

🇫🇲 1977-1979 NATO Commander in Central Europe.

Ferdinand von Saenger und Etterlin:

➡️ Adjutant of the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht.

🇫🇲1979-1983 NATO Commander in Central Europe.

📱 InfoDefenseENGLISH

📱 InfoDefense

Kiev claims that it has agreed with the West to receive "warships" to escort vessels in the so-called "grain corridor" in the Black Sea, Ukrainian media reported.

Western countries have not previously announced their intention to transfer ships to Kiev.

"The Israelis have released 117 Palestinians in the last 3 days and in that same time they've detained 116 new Palestinian prisoners in areas across the occupied West Bank" - Al Jazeera

🇷🇺🤝🇺🇸 ❌🇮🇱 The time a Russian Destroyer saved American Lives

On June 8, 1967 the now infamous false-flag attack on the USS Liberty occured. While the incident is now well known online, what is not is that the crew of the vessel were saved by Russian intervention.

At the time of the incident, an SOS put out by the American crew was detected by nearby Soviet forces, resulting in Destroyer 626/4 arriving to the aid of the American ship. As a result, the Israelis were forced to stop their attack at a moment where they had teams ready to board the ship.

That the Russian vessel saved the Americans is attested to both in official documents, including a 1983 declassified memo by the U.S. Navy and NSA documents from 2011. Likewise, Pravda interviewed two Liberty crew members in 2002, with both stating the Russian intervention likely saved their lives. Amid the twin conflicts today, this is something to keep in mind.

British Rights to the gas expire in 2024...

British Rights to the Gaza Marine Gas Field Expire in 2024

Vast energy reserves lie off the Gaza coast, The rights are currently contracted to British Petroleum and expire next year.

The very definition of Ethnic Cleansing.

The IDF says it will not allow Gaza residents to return to the northern enclave. In fact, we are talking about an announcement of ethnic cleansing in an attempt to expel Palestinians from the northern part of the Gaza Strip for subsequent occupation, which the IDF had previously also threatened to do.

At the same time, Egypt and Jordan previously stated that they would not allow the expulsion of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to their territories. The southern part of the enclave is not naturally equipped to accommodate the entire population of the enclave.

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