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Note the bomb about to go off: A Truth Bomb.

Young People are Rebelling in the UK! It will spread.

According to education officials, “huge numbers” of children, in some cases as many as 95 per cent, are refusing to wear face masks in school or take COVID tests.

The government instructed schools to make pupils wear masks in classrooms and common areas after a spike in Omicron cases.

However, the move appears to have completely backfired in many areas of the country.

“Sadly, we have had reports in the last 24 hours of at least six secondary schools in the north-west of England where children, in huge numbers, are refusing to take lateral flow tests or to wear masks,” saidDamien McNulty, a national executive member of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers.

“We’ve got one school in Lancashire where only 67 children out of 1,300 are prepared to have a lateral flow test and wear masks. This is a public health emergency,” he added.

♪ We don't need no education

We don't need no THOUGHT CONTROL ♫

Pink Floyd Official Video here: Very timely and prescient song:

What You Need to Know About Mass Formation Psychosis

During his viral podcast with Joe Rogan after he was banned by Twitter, Malone explained how the global population was being manipulated into remaining in a constant state of hysterical anxiety via mass formation psychosis.

“What the heck happened to Germany in the 20s and 30s? Very intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad. And how did that happen?” asked Malone.

“The answer is mass formation psychosis.”

“When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it, and then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point just like hypnosis, they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere,” he added.

“And one of the aspects of that phenomenon is that the people that they identify as their leaders, the ones typically that come in and say you have this pain and I can solve it for you. I and I alone,” Malone further explained, “Then they will follow that person. It doesn’t matter whether they lied to them or whatever. The data is irrelevant.”

“We had all those conditions. If you remember back before 2019 everyone was complaining, the world doesn’t make sense and we are all isolated from each other.”

“Then this thing happened, and everyone focused on it,” stated Malone, noting, “That is how mass formation psychosis happens and that is what has happened here.”

Malone’s summary of how health authorities seized on the unifying threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and exaggerated its thread to create mass hysteria is backed up by leaked details of how the UK government manipulated its population during the early days of the pandemic.

As first revealed by author and journalist Laura Dodsworth, scientists in the UK working as advisors for the government admitted using what they now admit to be “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods of instilling fear in the population in order to control behaviour during the pandemic.

The London Telegraph reported the comments made by Members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B), a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) the government’s chief scientific advisory group.

The report quotes a briefing from March 2020, as the first lockdown was decreed, that stated the government should drastically increase “the perceived level of personal threat” that the virus poses because “a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened”.

One scientist with the SPI-B admits that “In March [2020] the Government was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn’t want to be locked down. There were discussions about fear being needed to encourage compliance, and decisions were made about how to ramp up the fear.”

The unnamed scientist adds that “The way we have used fear is dystopian.”

The scientist further confessed that “The use of fear has definitely been ethically questionable. It’s been like a weird experiment. Ultimately, it backfired because people became too scared.”

Another separate scientist on the subcommittee professed “You could call psychology ‘mind control’. That’s what we do… clearly we try and go about it in a positive way, but it has been used nefariously in the past.”

Another scientist warned that “We have to be very careful about the authoritarianism that is creeping in,” adding “people use the pandemic to grab power and drive through things that wouldn’t happen otherwise.”

According to the report, another researcher with the group acknowledged that “Without a vaccine, psychology is your main weapon,” adding that “Psychology has had a really good epidemic, actually.”

Yet another scientist on the subcommittee stated that they have been “stunned by the weaponisation of behavioural psychology” over the past year, and warned that “psychologists didn’t seem to notice when it stopped being altruistic and became manipulative.”

“They have too much power and it intoxicates them”, the scientist further warned.

In addition to the UK government’s response, it was also revealed that the Canadian military launched a psychological operations program against their own citizens in the early days of the pandemic order to amplify government messaging and “head off civil disobedience.”

In Canada, the military admitted launching a psychological operations campaign against their own people in order to manipulate them into compliance with COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

“Canadian military leaders saw the pandemic as a unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on an unsuspecting public,” reported the Ottawa Citizen.

Meanwhile, following early efforts to bury the term altogether, Google is now desperately rigging its search results to return only negative articles about “mass formation psychosis” and Dr. Malone.

#1 Tennis Player "in Prison"

You may have heard about Novak Djokovic, the #1 tennis player who is unvaxxed being detained in Australia for refusing to be vaxxed.

Video here:

Ted Cruz tries to backtrack on Trucker Carlson, and Tucker took him down:

Tucker: “There are a lot of dumb people in Congress. You are not one of them. Smarter than I am. And you never use words carelessly, and yet you called this a terror attack when by no definition was it a terror attack. That’s a lie. You told that lie on purpose and I’m wondering why you did.”

Cruz: “The way I phrased things yesterday — it was sloppy and frankly, dumb.”

Tucker: “I don’t buy that. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I’ve known you a long time, since before you went to the Senate. You were a Supreme Court contender. You take words as seriously as any man who’s ever served in the Senate. And every word; you repeated that phrase, I do not believe that you used that accidentally. I just don’t!”

Cruz: “Tucker, as a result of my sloppy phrasing it’s caused a lot of people to misunderstand what I meant. Let me tell you what I meant to say. What I was referring to are the limited number of people who engaged in violent attacks against police officers. I think you and I both agree that if you assault a police officer, you should go to jail. That is who I was talking about.”

“I wasn’t saying that the thousands of peaceful protesters supporting Donald Trump are somehow terrorists. I wasn’t saying the millions of patriots across the country supporting President Trump are terrorists. A lot of people have misunderstood” what he meant.

“Wait a second. What you just said doesn’t make sense,” Carlson said.

And so on...

Just a thought: With all the RINOs like Ted Cruz and other traitors, perhaps the best strategy is to trust no-one but support actions, and results - not people. If X is doing good support him and then destroy him when and if he strays. Short leash, severe penalties, limited trust. Trust but verify every single day with fast retribution for betrayal.

WOW!! This is a must see!!!

This alpha male guy sets the example. 3 minutes of on target testimony!

From Sidney:

CNN's 4th Quarter Primetime Viewership Collapses 73% to Just 642K

CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that promotes conspiracy theories and encourages political violence, lost 73 percent of its primetime viewers in the fourth quarter of 2021. Compared to quarter four of last year, Fox News lost only 21 percent of its total day viewers and 37 percent of total primetime viewers.

MSNBC lost 53 percent of its total day viewers and 53 percent of its total primetime viewers. You expect a decline of some kind. After all, during the 4th quarter of last year, there was a presidential election. But CNN's collapse of 67 percent(!) of total day viewers and 73 percent(!) of primetime viewers is nothing short of, well, glorious. CNN is averaging only 642,000 during primetime! CNN's decline proves that not even a million Americans are interested in being serially lied to, deceived, insulted, and bamboozled.

Meanwhile, The Gateway Pundit is way up !

And here are some really wilder things and LOLs for your amusement and/or hmmm...:

Some of the more intriuging odd stuff:


Many people think Michelle Obama is either a hermaphrodite or a trans who was born male because of numerous videos showing the right sort of bulge in the right place. It seems rather obvious to me, but see what you think.

Now Amazon's software apparently agrees...

Wearing a dress and makeup does not make you a woman or a First Lady.

Shades of Dr. Joseph Mengele:

Strange lineage?... not independently verified, but an interesting line of thought...

This is a rumor that has been going around for a while...

Cue the X Files Music...

About that UFO info they have been pushing with NASA hiring (buying off) theologians, Sen. Harry Reid's dying wish to release UFO data and so on... They have been interested in UFO's and other intelligent life for a very long time...

Who is the dominant one here?: Note the body language...

(Read to the end)

My friend's husband won’t let her visit any friends or family. He has made her stop all contact with them unless it’s on the phone or computer. He reads and censors her comments on social media. He makes her feel like she's going crazy for thinking he’s controlling, and that she is being ungrateful. (After all, he’s only doing this because of how much he cares about her.)

He doesn’t want her going to the gym anymore, so she doesn’t go. He also doesn’t let her go to work anymore (he told her to only rely on him for income and that he will take care of her).

She's not really allowed to go out anymore, unless it’s for necessities, and when she does, he makes sure to have people guilt trip her about it and shame her for it.

He wants her to have this medical procedure done and tells her that if she does it, he will allow her more freedoms.

He constantly says he's only doing all of this because he cares... he is just doing it for her own good.

Oh wait....did I say husband? I meant the government.

My bad.

Y'all are outraged if a person does this to their spouse, but are passive and compliant when it comes to our government.

Listen and start asking questions.

Turn off your TV and use your brain‼️

Good dog:

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