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War and Money

Financial Times: Western special forces are present in Ukraine

“Everyone knows that Western special forces are present in Ukraine, they just haven’t announced it officially,” the newspaper quotes a senior European military official.

He noted that Macron's statement was aimed at "creating deterrence and uncertainty" in relations with Russia.

Riyadh received not only Zelensky, but also Abramovich’s plane landed.

Reminder Abramovich was involved in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia two years ago.

➡️ A new deal?

NYT against CIA?

Glenn Greenwald also connected the dots: 

"US power centers wanted this information to be public—with our vital anti-Putin intelligence partnership serving as yet one more reason the war in Ukraine must continue to siphon off billions of US taxpayer dollars.

These reporters are frauds—And this article is war propaganda."

To which Elon Musk replied: "’m not someone who is against the CIA (I have a lot of CIA merch), but the NYT piece is obviously a CIA press release for the noobs out there.”


So the official MSM narrative is now that the CIA established bases in Ukraine, since 2014.

In addition to the bases, CIA proxy, USAID, funded and operated biolabs in Ukraine, as part of project PREDICT, a preemptive pandemic response program, looking for animal viruses in nature, so they could then enhance the functions, and make vaccines for viruses that don’t exist yet, and might never exist.

In other words, the CIA were conducting gain of function/directed evolution research on bat coronaviruses in Ukraine, starting in 2014. Also known as, bioweapon development. Most notably from virologist Nathan Wolfe, CEO of the Biden-funded, Metabiota, operating in Ukraine.

Lo and behold, six years after the CIA started looking for bat coronaviruses in Ukraine, a bat coronavirus causes a pandemic, and all evidence suggests it was man-made.

AND US intelligence, health agencies, big tech, and lapdog media, went great lengths to cover the entire thing up.

You wanna know why the media freak out so much about the biolabs in Ukraine? Because they are protecting one of the Deep State’s darkest secrets.

Scenes from the vicinity of the Israeli embassy in Washington DC. after an American soldier self-immolated in protest against the genocide in Gaza. 

◾According to Atlanta press, the protester stated, “I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest, but compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers, it is not extreme at all... This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal."


Macron's loose talk of sending ground troops to Ukraine is misdirection, of this I am 100% certain. The GAE is certainly stupid enough to do such a thing, mind you, but it is running out of weapons and equipment, and simply doesn't have the men. 

Sending "volunteers" and arming Kiev is one thing. Openly intervening and risking Russia's wrath, something entirely different. Body bags/coffins coming home is a recipe for disaster for regimes that can barely sell their legitimacy to the populations they despise. 

Also, those who think the Pentagon hasn't been thoroughly rattled by the self-immolation of airman Aaron Bushnell over the conflict in Gaza, haven't been paying attention. Oh sure, the GAE won't directly admit this — that would endanger the Narrative — but even their delusional DEI hires aren't that unaware.

Spoiler alert: The Russian guys won:

Tucker Carlson claims the US spied on him as he tried to interview Edward Snowden

Tucker Carlson said on Tuesday that US spies had monitored him while he was in Russia earlier this month, and leaked to a ‘friendly’ outlet that he had met with Edward Snowden. This is despite the American journalist’s claim that he had tried to keep his meeting with the NSA whistleblower a secret.

Carlson went to Russia to interview President Vladimir Putin. During his eight days in Moscow, he also met with Snowden – and US spies found out about it, he told podcaser Lex Fridman in the course of a three-hour conversation.

“I was being intensely surveilled by the US government,” Carlson told Fridman, noting that US spies had thwarted his plans to interview Putin in 2021 and that he received confirmation that he was being intensely monitored ahead of his Moscow trip. “Then, I’m over there, and of course I want to see Snowden, whom I admire.”

Snowden allegedly accepted Carlson’s invitation to have dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel, but declined the interview as well as a photo request, saying that it would be better to tell no one.

“I didn’t tell anybody,” Carlson told Fridman, however the meeting was leaked. “Semafor runs this piece – reporting information they got from the US intel agencies, leaking against me, using my money, in my name, in a supposedly free country – they run this piece saying I met with Snowden, like it was a crime or something.”

Zelensky is visibly high as hell on MSNBC… 

How much longer are we going to let this clown show go on? 

This man is coked out of his mind while getting asked about the war he is losing. This is the guy Congress wants to give another $60 billion of our money to…

The number of Ukrainian military deaths announced by Zelensky is more than two times lower than the data available to Washington last summer - The New York Times

Zelensky drug fueled Nuts!:

Zelensky had some strong stuff today, and answered a question about the possibility of negotiations with Putin: 

On the legal and political level, we will offer a platform on which he can agree that he lost this war. And that it was a mistake, a big mistake, which for him is small, but for us it is a tragedy, for the entire democratic world it is certainly a tragedy. Therefore, it's even more important there is justice in this matter.

🇺🇦💬🇷🇺Putin doesn’t have a mobile phone, and I don’t work with the 1917 telegraph - Zelensky in response to the question whether he will pick up the phone if Putin calls at night

🇺🇦💬Ukraine lost 31,000 military personnel in two years of military conflict with the Russian Federation, and Russia lost 180,000 military personnel - Zelensky

🐻 What do you need to mobilize 500 thousand for then, you absolute shameless liar? 

🇺🇦💬My illegitimacy is the narrative of the Russian Federation, no one agrees with them - Zelensky

🇺🇦💬😂The fewer people know the plans of the Ukrainian army, the faster the victory will be - Zelensky

He said that Russia knew about the plans for the counteroffensive even before it began.

🐻 Is that why you made a whole trailer for it..?

🇺🇦💬Ukraine will cede territory to Russia until it has numerical superiority, Zelensky said.

🐻 So always

🇺🇦💬We have freedom of speech, people can say what they want - Zelensky

🐻 "I can guarantee freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech"

🇺🇦💬🇷🇺Zelensky said Russia is planning its offensive in early summer or late May.

“We will prepare for their battle. Their battle, which began on October 8 (the beginning of the battle for Avdeevka) did not bring any results, I believe"

Ukraine, for its part, will prepare its own plan. “The turning point will be the elections in the United States, and from this we will understand what will happen after,” Zelensky added.

🐻 Well, it didn't bring any results, except, you know, taking Avdeevka

Poland versus Ukraine:

 On Monday evening, according to insider statements and information from the Bundeswehr, a drama took place around the frigate "Hessen", which is currently conducting operations in the Red Sea.

The radar systems of the German warship mistakenly detected a drone circling above her as hostile. The "Hessen" then fired two missiles at it.

But in reality, the unknown aircraft was a US MQ-9 Reaper drone.

Both German SM2 interceptor missiles did not reach their target for technical reasons, but fell into the sea.


The British almost killed their Minister of Defense 

The test launch of the Trident 2 ballistic missile from a British submarine in the Atlantic ended in a disgraceful fiasco.

The 58-ton missile, capable of carrying up to 12 nuclear warheads, splashed into the water a few meters from the submarine, where Defense Minister Shapps was at that moment.

This is the second test failure since 2016, when a Trident missile veered off course and self-destructed. But the British Ministry of Defense believes that some anomaly has occurred, and the kingdom’s nuclear deterrent “remains reliable and effective.” 

Four undersea communication cables between Saudi Arabia and Djibouti have been disabled by the Houthis in recent months.

The successful attack on four cables believed to belong to AAE-1, Seacom, EIG and TGN systems indicates a major disruption to communications between Europe and Asia.

Most of the immediate damage will be in the Gulf states and India.

How Democrats Could Disqualify Trump If the Supreme Court Doesn’t

Without clear guidance from the Court, House Democrats suggest that they might not certify a Trump win on January 6. Murray and other legal scholars say that, absent clear guidance from the Supreme Court, a Trump win could lead to a constitutional crisis in Congress. Democrats would have to choose between confirming a winner many of them believe is ineligible and defying the will of voters who elected him.

Did you see this?


A 2021 CISA report on the Election Infrastructure which was never intended to be made public, showed the machines were vulnerable to attacks that could manipulate the winners:


  • 76% of the election cyber infrastructure had spear phishing weaknesses allowing an easy entry point for anyone to launch attacks.

  • 46% had critical or high severity vulnerability to attack.

  • 39% ran at least one service on a machine connected to the internet.

  • 34% ran on unsupported operating systems making them vulnerable to compromise.


How can anyone say the 2020 election was ‘the most secure ever?’


This report only dealt with the Election Infrastructure. What about the mail-in ballots, unsecured ballot drop-boxes and not to mention the suitcases full of ballots hidden under tables?


We have a lot to lose in the 2024 election. We can't wait for the government to save us.


That's why the Lindell Offense Fund has a PLAN to do just that. The PLAN has a proven system with 100% accuracy to restore election integrity at all levels and once again restore American trust in our election results. Click on this link to find out more: THE PLAN


The PLAN empowers the American people to secure their voting rights. It is up to all of us working together to convert this plan into action and save our elections.


With the November election quickly approaching, we need your help. You can join our 300,000+ volunteers and go on offense with US at 


Others have estimated it at over a million:

"The First Farmers' War" 

Polish protesters are scattering nails and screws on the border with Ukraine so that Ukrainian drivers will puncture their tires and be unable to drive further into the EU.

by @sputniklive

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