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Wagner and the Nuclear Blackmail

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

This story keeps getting more and more verified as the details keep coming in. Nowhere else will you find it all put together to understand the underlying schemes and power plays involved.

It started with the Zaporihizia power plant (ZNPP) which is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. For many months the Ukrainians have shelled and bombed the plant with UAVs. All the while the Ukrainians absurdly blamed the Russians for bombing the plant occupied by Russians, and held by Russia since March of 2022.

This was just one of the standard tactics of the Ukrainians - and one that is central to the underlying reality of what happened.

The backdrop to this is that the counteroffensive had failed to live up to the Hollywood standards of quick victory for "the good guys". Funding for Ukraine was at risk as international politicians questioned whether supporting Ukraine with more billions would be just money down a rat hole. Ukraine clumsily tries to convince policymakers that there is a groundswell of support for paying more to Ukraine:

There was obviously only one way for Ukraine to possibly "win" and that would be if NATO joined the war in earnest. Only an egregious act such as a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb would be a politically significant trigger. Russia has no reason to use one as it is/was winning with conventional weapons and did not want to engage NATO in a full scale world war. Nevertheless Zelensky made it clear he was preparing to cause a nuclear disaster at the ZNPP and as usual blame it on Russia.

Previously Zelensky had used the weapons they had to bomb the ZNPP but protective measures held and no radiation was released. However, now they had a new weapon that upped the ante: The UK Storm Shadow air launched cruise missile:

It was the anniversary of the day the Nazis of WW2 attacked Russia in violation of their peace treaty. The Ukrainians bombed the Kakhovka Dam causing vast flooding and destruction while again blaming it on the Russians.

The Russians already held the dam and had no reason to bomb it since they could cause flooding if they wanted flooding by simply opening the gates. Furthermore upstream dams under Ukrainian control had had held back much more water - even causing flooding (which was blamed on the weather). To coincide with the bombing of the dam the water was also released from the upstream Ukrainian held dams to maximize the damage.

Russian minefields and forward emplacements were washed away. In time the reservoir supplying the ZNPP drained - but the Russians had limited the reactors from 6 down to just one which could be cooled from a pond at the ZNPP. Drainage revealed not only grim remains from battles of WW2 but also a road across the bottom of the reservoir which could potentially assist the Ukrainians in their offensive.

The dam destruction had additional consequences: "A cholera outbreak begins in parts of Nikolaev, Ukraine. Residents are forbidden to leave their homes. It should be noted that in the Soviet Union and modern Russia 99% of residents are vaccinated against the disease, but in Ukraine along with "decommunisation" the vaccine struggles has been actively developed. We can see the results. It is important to note that thousands of AFU troops are stationed in Nikolayev. No counter-offensive, now the Ukrainian military will fight the toilet bowl."

The nuclear excuse to bring in NATO was the only "viable" plan. Zelensky set it up.:

1) The Storm Shadow (SS) was used to test air defense by damaging a bridge.

Four SS were launched and two impacted causing damage to the concrete and steel which was potentially comparable to the concrete and steel structure of the ZNPP.

2) Zelensky made statements of how Ukrainian intelligence had discovered a plan by the Russians to blow up the ZNPP to create a radioactive disaster.

Zelensky also said publicly that if Putin were to do anything "nuclear" he would be deposed - playing up to the rabid Putin haters in several governments.

"The world will find a way to eliminate Putin if he wants to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine."

"We share all the information we have with our partners - everyone in the world.All evidences...Europe, USA, China. Brazil,I ndia, Arab world, Africa, every part of the world must know, international organizations, absolutely everyone... There should never be any terrorist attacks at nuclear power plants anywhere.

This time it shouldn't be like with Kakhovka.

The world has been warned, so the world can and must act," Zelensky annou,nced.

3) A second NATO/American front with China was prevented:

In anticipation of war with Russia, the Biden administration sent Secretary of State Blinken to China where he essentially gave China everything it wanted - full capitulation on Taiwan. This was to avoid a two front war and was reminiscent of the peace treaty between the Nazis and the USSR in WW2. Biden referred to it as a "devilly big deal."

4) US Senators Blumenthal and Lindsey drafted a resolution to explicitly call for NATO to enter a direct war against Russia if the ZNPP was blown up:

...Views the use of any tactical nuclear weapon by the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, or their proxies, or the destruction of a nuclear facility, dispersing radioactive contaminates into NATO territory causing significant harm to human life as an attack on NATO requiring an immediate response, including the implementation of Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty.

5) Zelensky's Ukraine held nuclear training exercises, posted nuclear infographics, and generally whipped up nuclear hysteria against Russia.

In Ukraine, exercises will be held in case of a possible explosion of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, Interior Minister Klymenko said on the air of the telethon.

“In the coming days, we will conduct appropriate exercises with road closures and the corresponding reversal of sanitary checkpoints where we will check radiation. All the radiation measurement equipment that we have is calibrated and ready to go. But we want to once again group all services for so that we can clearly respond to any challenges," Klymenko said.

According to him, in the event of a terrorist attack, the most important day will be the first day when the radiation background will be the highest.

“As for the Zaporozhye NPP, the radioactive background that may be in the air after any events will remain for about 1 day. That is, we will reduce the radioactive background by 80% within a day,” the minister said.

In the event of the station being blown up and there is no evacuation, each citizen must close himself in the room, shut off the ventilation, turn off air conditioners and heaters, and seal all openings in the houses with a damp cloth or tape.

Peskov previously called "another lie" Zelensky's statement about an allegedly impending provocation at the ZNPP

Zelensky discussed the situation around the Zaporozhye NPP with Canadaian Prime Minister Trudeau

Zelensky said in his Telegram channel that he had discussed with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the situation around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and called for a principled reaction to this at the NATO summit.

Earlier, Zelensky said that he had received a report from the intelligence and security service of Ukraine, according to which Russia allegedly prepared and is considering a scenario of a terrorist act with the release of radiation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that Kiev was covering up plans to create an emergency situation at the NPP with accusations against Moscow.

"I had the first of a series of important telephone conversations with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau… I drew the Prime Minister's attention to the threatening situation that ... was created at the Zaporozhye NPP ... Ukraine's partners should demonstrate a principled reaction, in particular, at the Vilnius NATO summit," Zelensky wrote in his telegram channel.

Meanwhile the IAEA stated that the claims by the Ukrainians was false:

Another lie by Kiev and the West has been debunked, yet a compliant media insists Russia is planning a nuclear incident at Zaporozhye, just as it insists - despite a lack of evidence - that Moscow destroyed the Kakhovka dam, the ammonia pipeline etc. all because ‘Ukraine says so’.

6) Attempts were made to acquire Cesium 137 for a radiation release:

"The FSB detained 5 people who were trying to smuggle 1 kg of radioactive Cesium-137 worth $3.5 million abroad. They wanted to use the radioactive material in the SMO zone for performances using weapons of mass destruction in order to discredit Russia. The suspects have been arrested and are making confessions."

It was obvious what was going to happen: After repeated Ukrainian bombing of the the ZNPP (demonstrating no concern whatsoever about a nuclear accident), and bombing the Kakhovka dam, all the while blaming it on the Russians, finally the Ukrainians had a weapon that was capable of penetrating the defenses of the ZNPP.

Follow the money:

Ukraine is good for business, you know that right? The longer this goes on the weaker Russia is." - Sergey Varlay, the BlackRock recruiter states to the OMG covert reporter.

Anyone paying attention could see this coming and that included a lot of wealthy people - oligarchs, Blackrock and others who were either at risk of radiation exposure, or had their financial instruments at risk such as land owners in Ukraine. Radioactive materials could spread to Russia, Poland and Germany so those assets and people would also be at risk. Blackrock in particular owns a large amount of land in Ukraine. Bidding to create an alternative to radiation damage went way up on eve of destruction. Oligarchs, Blackwater, British Intelligence... all had the means and the motive to provide vast amounts of money would be available for an alternative.

NATO had its massive exercise "Defender" which was timed to end on Friday. It could easily have been the eve of destruction with NATO ready to enter the war in response to a radiation event. The financial demand for an alternative was at a peak.

But what was a viable alternative that would appease Zelensky and the NeoComs? Deposing Putin. That is where Prighozin and Wagner PMC came in.

Prigohzin has a long history as a thug and robber. He spent 10 years in jail for armed robbery and was in prison twice. A shameless liar and self promoter he had gotten into a dispute with the Russian Secretary of Defense Shoiu and Gerasimov. They had failed to extend the Wagner PMC contract beyond 1 July. June 30th Wagner PMC was supposed to go to Rostov and give back all the miliraty equipment they had borrowed from the Russian military. That would be a hard financial hit. Furthermore Prigozhin's daughter had been turned down on some real estate deal and that was a financial affront. Prighozin is highly motivated by money as his history shows.

Sources report that Prigohzin was not really his on boss in spite of his bravado as the CEO of Wagner. There are relatively shadowy people in Moscow who are suspected of manipulating Phrigozin - using his ego and insecurities - and his love of money - to do their bidding. These elite Muscovites are suspected of being in touch with CIA, UK elites etc. Investigation is cue\rrently underway in Moscow.

There were rumors that Prigozhin had given the Ukrainians location coordinates of Russian Military as well. Wagner may be in essence an organized crime cult with uninformed underlings and globalist elites.

We know Prigozin was in contact with NATO because he admits he was communicating with them since the middle of June - about 2 weeks before the event. He says it was "to not catch them off guard". He was thus far closer in operative planning to Ukraine than Russia.

"The Washington Post reported Saturday, citing several U.S. officials, that Prigozhin even warned the White House and other U.S. agencies of his plot “so that they were not caught off guard.”

The officials said senior leadership at the Pentagon, State Department, and in Congress were briefed on the intelligence within the past two weeks, though the exact timing of Prigozhin’s plot had remained unclear up until the Wagner leader’s takeover of military command and tank run toward Moscow Friday and Saturday. "

Prigozhin claimed that the Russian military bombed and killed his people far in the rear. There was a video he made public as evidence but it showed little. The evidence was almost nothing at all, easily staged, and it made no sense. Why would the Russian military do that? It is an absurd claim reminiscent of the claims Ukraine had been making.

"PMC Wagner Commanders’ Council made a decision: the evil brought by the military leadership of the country must be stopped. They neglect the lives of soldiers. They forgot the word “justice”, and we will bring it back. Those, who destroyed today our guys, who destroyed tens, tens of thousands of lives of Russian soldiers will be punished. I’m asking: no one resist. Everyone who will try to resist, we will consider them a danger and destroy them immediately, including any checkpoints on our way. And any aviation that we see above our heads. I’m asking everyone to remain calm, do not succumb to provocations, and remain in their houses. Ideally, those along our way, do not go outside. After we finished what we started, we will return to the frontline to protect our motherland. Presidential authority, Government, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rosgvardia, and other departments will continue operating as before. We will deal with those who destroy Russian soldiers. And we will return to the frontline.Justice in the Army will be restored. And after this, justice for the whole of Russia."

The only person who would have incentive to do the bombing was Prigozhin himself. He used it as a cause to rile up his people to march on Moscow.

Many of the PMC Wagner people were told they were going to defend the Russian border area of Belgorod and had no idea they were going to head for Moscow. They were not happy when they found out what was the actual mission. Furthermore others refused to go, showing Russian patriotism and common sense.

Alexander Khodakovsky, deputy head of the Russian Guard of the DPR and head of the "Vostok" battalion:

"The Wagner enlisted personnel. was not privy to the plans of the command - at least most of it. The soldiers were told that they were being transferred to the defense of the Belgorod region, and they were quite surprised by the subsequent course of events. According to reports from the rebellious environment, the plans of the Wagner leadership also include the capture of Krasnodar. Well, forgive them, Lord, for they do not know what they are doing."

Those who were duped into going (Wagner PMC was a sort of personality cult) set out only to be attacked by Russian military aviation. Wagner shot down multiple aircraft, killing about 13 people. That also was not something many Wagner PMC soldiers could accept.

4 billion Rubles (about 60 million dollars) were reportedly found (plus much more) in the offices of Prigohzin in St. Petersburg. Prigozhin admitted it was real, but then said it was for salary. That likely also didn't set well with the Wagner PMC since salary was probably not paid in the form of cash in such a large organization.

Ramzan Kadyrov's elite Ahkmat troops quickly mobilized and headed to the Wagner PMC in Rostov. They were delayed by traffic due to the related road closures and were only a short time from thoroughly destroying the Wagner PMC.

Prighozin, being essentially a cult leader believed he could also convince the soldiers of the Russian military to follow him. They didn't. Furthermore the military would never forgive Wagner PMC for killing Russian servicemen and shooting down their aircraft. Prighozin later claimed no blood was shed, still later saying it was in self defense and also an accident.

Furthermore there were multiple cells of Ukrainian Intelligence agents sent to Moscow who were arrested quietly 2 days before the coup. These confederates were put in place with the apparent intent to cause disorder and help with the appearance of more widespread dissent during the coup. They had been mopped up and the disorder never appeared.

All the while this was going on, British Intelligence instructed the Ukrainians to hold off on the offensive and thus the assault on the ZNPP. It was a potential delay to the nuclear "terrorism" hanging over them by a thread held by Zelensky.

"British intelligence recommends that Kiev not start the second stage of the counteroffensive, but focus on information and psychological work in the context of the situation around the Wagner PMC and the swaying of the situation inside the Russian Federation."

In the end the governors of the regions with the President of Belarus Luchenko gave Prighozin an out: He and his hard core true believers could come to Belarus where they would have a chance to survive and even perhaps do work for Belarus. Camps were immediately built for them. Prigozhin would not be prosecuted, but would be exiled.

Yevgeny Prigozhin:

"They wanted to disband PMC "Wagner". On June 23, we went on the "march of justice". In a day we walked, not reaching 200 km to Moscow.

During this time, we have not shed a single drop of the blood of our fighters.

Now the moment has come when blood can be shed, therefore, realizing all the responsibility that Russian blood will be shed on one of the sides, we turn our columns and leave in the opposite direction to the field camps according to the plan."

Hold in mind that military logistics are key. No attack can succeed without logistics and the Russian Military supplied all the logistics to Wagner. Only suicidal sabotage works with minimal logistics. The march on Moscow was doomed without other things happening.

Statement from Ramzan Kadyrov, commander of the Chechen Akmat who in essence held the knife to the throat of PMC Wagner:

I thought some people could be trusted. That they sincerely love their Motherland as real patriots to the marrow of their bones. But it turned out that for the sake of personal ambitions, benefits and because of arrogance, people can not give a damn about affection and love for the Fatherland.

I talked with Prigozhin, urged him to leave his business ambitions and not mix them with matters of national importance. I thought that he heard me, but it turns out that this anger in him all this time only grew. A chain of unsuccessful business deals caused a deep-seated and long-lasting resentment in the businessman, which reached a peak when the authorities of St. Petersburg did not provide his daughter with the desired land plot. The arrogance of one person could lead to such dangerous consequences and draw a large number of people into the conflict.

I call on all PMC(Private Military Companies) fighters to continue to be sober in their decisions. Think about the future of the country, about your families and children. Such actions can lead to disastrous results. Now everything ended peacefully, without bloodshed, but it could happen. The extreme measure would be the harsh suppression and destruction of anyone who encroaches on the integrity of the Russian Federation.

The coup against Putin had failed. Furthermore the coup had galvanized the people in support of him. The ultimate anti-Putin strategy had failed. All major leaders, inculding his opposition were solidly behind him. Traitors were exposed.

- The disloyal have revealed themselves.

- Perfect excuse to replace Shoiygu and Gerasimov with hardliners without it looking like an escalation

- Wagner is now consolidated under MOD control (contracts signed, Prigo has previously refused).

- Russia is now more, not less united.

- Prigo is likely exiled but gets a way out without being unalived.

- Further consolidation of power.

- Smokescreen for redeploying Wagner and the Kadyrovites to a position to strike Kiev.

"The entire Globalist American Empire "strategy" (insofar as they have one) is predicated on persuading the Russians that the Ukraine war has been lost and having them rise up and "regime change" Putin along the lines of 1905, 1917, or Serbia in 2000. That's it. That's all they've got. And this past weekend it was taken away." - Serbian commentator Nebulator

The alternative to the NATO nuclear tar baby had failed.

It was back to Zelensky's only plan which was using a nuclear disaster to bring in NATO. He resumed making public statements raising nuclear Russia hysteria,

The US now tired of being blackmailed tried to defuse the Zelensky nuclear tar baby:

"Washington does not see any evidence that there is a threat of undermining the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant by Russian forces, as representatives of the Ukrainian authorities say", White House spokesman John Kirby stated.

"The Western press is pushing the AFU and demanding success in battle:

Ukraine will not be able to return the territory if the AFU does not reverse the situation on the battlefield in the coming weeks, the Washington Post writes.

They even calculated that if they attack at the same pace as now, it will take 16 years to return the entire territory.And if there are no significant successes over the summer, then we should expect a political solution to the current conflict in Ukraine. That is, negotiations, the newspaper warns.

The coup fans licked their wounds and tried to decide what to do next:

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milley, discussed on Sunday by phone with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, the progress of the Russian special military operation. Milley and Zaluzhny "exchanged forecasts and assessments" regarding the current situation around the special operation.

On June 25, the head of the General Staff Committee of the US Armed Forces also discussed the situation in Russia by phone with colleagues from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia. "The head of the US Armed Forces Staff Committee held talks with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the second time over the weekend

NATO is still on the warpath:

NATO will change the status of the Air Force mission for safeguarding the skies of the Baltic countries to a combat mission, announced Stoltenberg. Previously, it had the status of an air police mission. The so-called air police oversees the airspace above the Baltic countries and is not considered a military mission. However, with a combat mandate, NATO fighter jets will be able to participate in combat operations and will be integrated into Lithuania's defense plans.

Shortly after the coup attempt Russia bombed an airbase in the Khmelnitsky region which was the depot for the Storm Shadow missiles and the aircraft capable of delivering them.

And shortly thereafter that the UK promised more Storm Shadow missiles.

A new batch of Storm Shadow missiles was brought to Poland in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine aboard an A-400M Atlas airplane from England.

It looks Russia MoD reports are true that they hit Storm Shadow stockpiles few days ago so UK is bringing a new batch...

How delusional is Zelensky or just how big will he lie?

Consider this:

Russia itself should ask for Ukraine to be taken into NATO, Zelensky said, speaking at the Verkhovna Rada:

"Because NATO members are defending, not destroying. They are defending, not attacking their neighbors. Russia, which is entering an era of rebellion and systemic weakness, is more interested than anyone else in security on its internationally recognized borders. This means that Russia is also interested in Ukraine in NATO," Zelensky said.

But the truth is getting out:

One way to look at this is as a battle between competing financial interests over the corpse of Ukraine. On one hand is the military industrial complex that would make bank on a full war. On the other side is those globalist corporations who invested in Ukraine farmland and industrial assets. They want Russia to lose so they get control of the assets.

Would they do that just for money? Millions of lives are at stake in a war, and the war against Russia has already affected millions and killed over 100,000.

Consider three things:

1) This absurd war is already happening and has been conducted with a callous disregard for human life. A World War 3 is just more of the same on a larger scale.

2) The Global Warming Hoax and quasi-religion has made people believe there are too many people in the world, so killing off a lot of them is a good thing according to the Global Warming zealots. Reducing the number of white Europeans and Russians is also a goal of some racists. War reduces the imaginary global warming by eliminating inconvenient human beings.

3) We just saw how the medical industrial complex knowingly killed off and permanently damaged millions through the Covid-19 creation and then vaccination. They did that even though their very reason for existence is to save lives.

Would another industry kill off people for money? Apparently yes.

The danger remains:

Rogov Warns: Kiev Government Contemplating Multiple Provocation Scenarios at ZNPP

Vladimir Rogov, the chairman of the We Are Together with Russia movement, has expressed concerns about the Kiev government contemplating various provocative scenarios at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Rogov informed RIA Novosti that amidst the failure of their counteroffensive, the Zelensky regime is considering options such as a missile attack, a terrorist incident, or an attempt to seize the plant by crossing the Dnieper River.

According to Rogov, this potential provocation would be another addition to a series of terrorist acts orchestrated by the Kiev regime, including attacks on the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station and the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline.

He further stated that the regime is determined to secure the approval of Western handlers for this provocation at any cost and is preemptively blaming Russia for any potential incidents.

Rogov speculates that Zelensky may take action prior to the NATO summit scheduled for mid-July.

It's what they do, but nuclear war is in the balance this time...

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