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Vax Rebellion and Evil Exposed!

Senator Ron Johnson "Second Opinion" hearings blow the lid off of the Vaccination Propaganda

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., organized and moderated a panel discussion in the Senate called “COVID-19: A Second Opinion,” where allegations were made that the Defense Department has manipulated COVID data to show lower side-effects in U.S. troops than the actual information being reported.

Attorney Thomas Renz, who was representing three Defense Department officials, said the actual data shows, among other findings, a 300% increase in miscarriages, a 300% increase in cancer, and a whopping 1,000% increase in neurological disease in U.S. military.

The attorney said the word ‘corruption’ had come up a lot in the panel discussion and that this whistleblower report was corruption in the highest levels of government. He called on the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and entire Defense Department reporting apparatus to be investigated.

Johnson called on the Defense Department to preserve all documents associate with the vaccinations, as his office conducts a whistleblower investigation. He said that it “appears to be doctoring of the data.”

The first hour were doctor introductions and statements.

The questions start around 2:22 into the forum.

2:22-2:50 robust immunity gives full protection; no need for jab and will make worse, so why the mandate; 70% have had covid so if this number is revealed, it would show the failure of all the the policies and procedures implemented to stop it; the jabbed carry a high dose of covid because the jab doesn't neutralize covid entering the body like natural immunity does

3:00-3:10 masks debunked

3:11-3:15 doctors and pharmacists across the US cannot prescribe nor can pharmacists fill ivermectin or HCQ

3:28 chart on stats on safety of HCQ and Ivermectin verses Remdesiver

3:37 there should never be govt agencies overseeing the safety of treatment programs; if independent safety boards had been involved as they should have, the emergence of unexplained deaths and high mortality rates would have shut the jab program down immediately

3:51 natural immunity has been ignored and denied and it's harmful to 16 million children this is being forced on

3:52 Dr. Kory asks why are they doing all these things against what is known proof to patients? Plain and simple ... corruption.

4:03 discussion about the risk of each additional shot given to jabbed; vax enhanced diseases

4:24 hospitals have become dangerous places for sick people

4:36 medicare payments to hospitals correlated to the treatment given; Remdesiver fraudulently approved but became the only protocol this way

4:40 nurse at Houston Methodist shares story; doctors threatened if giving medical exemptions or VAERS; higher-ups erased the records

4:52 spike protein discussion and DOD data base whistle-blowers

4:58 cancers in remission for years are now active again after getting jabbed

5:05 discussion on how the jab does interact with your DNA; myocarditis discussion

5:20 discussion on reproductive organs affected by jab

5:24 nurse testimony

Denmark! Win!

Ireland Win!

England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions

QUOTE: Restrictions including COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, and work-from-home guidance will be removed in England, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday.

Czech Republic scraps vaccine mandate as daily cases hit record high

QUOTE: The Czech Republic's new government has scrapped a decree making Covid vaccines mandatory for over-60s and key workers in some professions, with the country's health minister describing the previous administration's plan as "nonsense from the start".

Starbucks nixes vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling

QUOTE: Starbucks is no longer requiring its U.S. workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, reversing a policy it announced earlier this month.

In a memo sent Tuesday to employees, the Seattle coffee giant said it was responding to last week's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. In a 6-3 vote, the court rejected the Biden administration's plan to require vaccines or regular COVID testing at companies with more than 100 workers.

"We respect the court's ruling and will comply," Starbucks Chief Operating Officer John Culver wrote in the memo.

Starbucks employs 228,000 people in the U.S.

Austria’s parliament on Thursday voted to mandate Covid vaccines for all adults beginning February 1.

This is the first of its kind in Europe. Austria imposed a lockdown for the unvaxxed shortly before the holidays. The Austrian government will also heavily fine people who refuse to get vaccinated.

Death by Government

FDA cuts off Safe and Effective Monoclonal Antibodies: Premeditated homicide.

"Monoclonal antibodies are no substitute for vaccination."

OSHA folds after Republicans launch bill to abolish OSHA.

Evidence from Africa:

Notice the difference between Ivermectin countries and non-ivermectin countries:

Ivermectin is safer than Tylenol.

lethal dose for 250l b male...would have to eat 50 horse paste tubes at once. You can get the human version without a prescription from the following 2 sites:

See this graph? Myocarditis follows vaccination, not covid cases:

Male teen deaths shoot up 53% in correlation with their vaccination.

The Office for National Statistics (U.K.) has found that ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were first introduced, deaths among males aged 15-19 have jumped 53 percent.

Even more disturbing is the fact that there have been noteworthy death spikes that directly correlate with the rollout of the first, second and third doses of the injections for this age group.

Based on this, experts say that the jabs are clearly to blame. No other factors changed other than the fact that these boys rolled up their sleeves for their Fauci Flu shots in accordance with government guidelines.

Data collected from the 2020 edition of “Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales” clearly shows periodic spikes in the death count right when each new injection was introduced. Once a fourth “booster” shot becomes available to young boys, we expect to see yet another death spike.

From week 18 and beyond in 2021, there was a noticeable rise in deaths among teenage boys compared to the same time period in 2020. Things really took a turn for the worse starting in week 23.

“For instance in week 26, despite the Covid-19 virus allegedly [wreaking] havoc throughout the U.K., there were just 2 deaths registered among male teens aged 15-19 in England and Wales,” reports the Daily Exposé.

“But fast forward one year and we can see that there were 19 deaths registered among male teens aged 15-19 in England and Wales during week 26. That represents [an] 850% increase.”

Relevant Perspective from the Middle Ages...

They've been doing this for centuries if not millennia.

"When the bubonic plague struck Geneva in 1530, everything was ready. They even opened a whole hospital for the plague victims. With doctors, paramedics and nurses. The traders contributed, the magistrate gave grants every month. The patients always gave money, and if one of them died alone, all the goods went to the hospital. But then a disaster happened: the plague was dying out, while the subsidies depended on the number of patients. There was no question of right and wrong for the Geneva hospital staff in 1530. If the plague produces money, then the plague is good. And then the doctors got organized. At first, they just poisoned patients to raise the mortality statistics, but they quickly realized that the statistics didn't have to be just about mortality, but about mortality from plague. So they began to cut the boils from the bodies of the dead, dry them, grind them in a mortar and give them to other patients as medicine.

Then they started dusting clothes, handkerchiefs and garters. But somehow the plague continued to abate. Apparently, the dried buboes didn't work well. Doctors went into town and spread bubonic powder on door handles at night, selecting those homes where they could then profit. As an eyewitness wrote of these events, "this remained hidden for some time, but the devil is more concerned with increasing the number of sins than with hiding them." In short, one of the doctors became so impudent and lazy that he decided not to wander the city at night, but simply threw a bundle of dust into the crowd during the day. The stench rose to the sky and one of the girls, who by a lucky chance had recently come out of that hospital, discovered what that smell was. The doctor was tied up and placed in the good hands of competent “craftsmen.” They tried to get as much information from him as possible. However, the execution lasted several days. The ingenious hippocrats were tied to poles on wagons and carried around the city. At each intersection the executioners used red-hot tongs to tear off pieces of meat. They were then taken to the public square, beheaded and quartered, and the pieces were taken to all the districts of Geneva. The only exception was the hospital director's son, who did not take part in the trial but blurted out that he knew how to make potions and how to prepare the powder without fear of contamination. He was simply beheaded "to prevent the spread of evil". Text from François Bonivard, Chronicles of Geneva, second volume, pages 395 - 402



Subject of complaint:

- Violations of the Nuremberg Code

- Violation of Article 6 of the Rome Statute

- Violation of Article 7 of the Rome Statute

- Violation of Article 8 of the Rome

- Violation of Article 8 bis3 of the Rome Statute

Based on the extensive claims and enclosed documentation, we charge those responsible for

numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes

of aggression in the United Kingdom, but not limited to individuals in these countries.

Perpetrators: Prime Minister for the United Kingdom BORIS JOHNSON, Chief Medical

Officer for England and Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government CHRISTOPHER

WHITTY, (former) Secretary of State for Health and Social Care MATTHEW HANCOCK,

(current) Secretary of State for Health and Social Care SAJID JAVID, Chief Executive of

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) JUNE RAINE, Director-

General of the World Health Organisation TEDROS ADANHOM GHEBREYESUS, Co-

chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation WILLIAM GATES III and Co-chair of the

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation MELINDA GATES, Chairman and Chief executive

officer of Pfizer ALBERT BOURLA, Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca STEPHANE

BANCEL, Chief Executive Officer of Moderna PASCAL SORIOT, Chief Executive ofJohnson and Johnson ALEX GORSKY, President of the Rockefeller Foundation DR RAJIV

SHAH, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) DR

ANTHONY FAUCI, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

KLAUS SCWAB, President of EcoHealth Alliance DR PETER DASZACK


The rest of the 46 page filing is here:

And more:

Open letter to all UK Chief Constables from retired PC Mark Sexton:

Legal case against the medicines regulator, MHRA:

Details of other cases worldwide:

Almost Half of Democrats want the government to digitally track the unvaccinated.

47% of Democrats favor a government tracking program to track unvaccinated people using digital devices.

How far are Democrats willing to go in punishing the unvaccinated? Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Democratic voters would support temporarily removing parents’ custody of their children if parents refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s much more than twice the level of support in the rest of the electorate – seven percent (7%) of Republicans and 11% of unaffiliated voters – for such a policy.

Despite Joe Biden’s vaccine requirement for federal contractors being blocked by a federal judge, Ford Motor Company is still moving forward.

Did you think Hannity was a patriot? I did. Apparently not so:

Neither Hannity or McEnany have given any explanation since this treason was exposed.

Hannity and Kayleigh teamed up to stab us in the back, and then she gets a paid gig at FOX. They will apparently say anything we want to hear so long as they can pull the strings against us when it counts. At least now we know. Thanks J6 Committee.

Talking heads and lawyers often just say what they are paid to say, regardless of their real intentions.

Hannity: "Guys, we need a clear path to land the plane in 9 days. He [Trump] can't mention the election again. Ever."

That was 9 days before the inauguration.

Here is the evidence:

Danville PA, CDC lab monkeys escape and accident and may have infected this woman with something:

The Danville woman is now experiencing symptoms, believed to be related to her close encounter with wild monkeys, when the trailer they were riding in collided with a dump truck and unloaded their cages all over Route 54, close to I-80, on Friday afternoon. (The monkeys were destined for an unidentified Centers for Disease Control lab, in the Midwest.)

The following day, Fallon developed a cough and something that resembled “pink-eye.” And, by Sunday, she was visiting the Geisinger Medical Center emergency room, where infectious disease doctors were consulted. Fallon has since received her first (of 4) preventative rabies shots; as well as a prescription for a 14-day course of Valacyclovir.

She was fully vaccinated and received her booster, and was also tested for Covid, but the results at the ER were negative.

The monkey hissed at her at close range.

This should help you understand the depth of the evil we are fighting:

Democrat Economist Robert Reich Called For

Physical Violence Against Kyrsten Sinema For Voting Against Filibuster

How DC deals with the Supply Chain Destruction:

Joe Biden actually suggested that the voting was crooked:

Joe Biden cast doubt on the legitimacy of the upcoming November midterms during Wednesday’s press conference.

“It easily could be illegitimate,” Biden said.

Biden on whether the election will be legit:

I’m not saying it’s going to be legit. The increase in the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these reforms passed,” Biden said. “You’re not going to see me and I don’t think you’re going to see the Democratic Party give up on coming back.”

Several White House reporters on Thursday peppered Psaki with questions about Biden’s comments questioning the legitimacy of the 2022 midterms.

NBC’s Peter Alexander read Biden’s comments out loud then asked Psaki, “So yes or no, does the president believe, if all remains as it is right now, that the elections this fall will be legitimate?”

“Yes, but…” Psaki said before immediately attacking Trump.

Biden: "What a stupid question".

A Fox News reporter shouted a question to Joe Biden as his aides escorted them out of the South Court Auditorium next to the White House.

“Why are you waiting on Putin to make the first move, sir?” Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich asked Biden as his handlers shooed away the press.

“What a stupid question,” Biden said.

The official White House livestream didn’t air the footage of Biden lashing out at the reporter, however outside press picked it up.

“It’s Nothing Personal, Pal” – Peter Doocy Says Biden Phoned Him to ‘Clear the Air’ After Calling Him a ‘Stupid Son of a Bitch’ (VIDEO)

The White House staff was trying to usher reporters out the room when Doocy called out to Biden, “Will you take questions on inflation? Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?”

Biden did not seem to be aware his mic was still on when he responded under his breath with sarcasm, “It’s a great asset.”

“What a stupid son of a b****,” the president added.

Emerald Robinson on Biden's Press Conference:

How bad was Biden today at the White House press briefing? Biden’s performance was so terrible that even the pedophile-enablers over at CNN gave it poor marks. Let me just add: it’s nice to see that CNN has at least two or three employees not under active criminal investigation to keep the show going!

The only person in America who thought Biden’s trainwreck performance was a success was the shameless and untalented DNC lackey Yamiche Alcindor — whose constant cheerleading has placed her so far up the ass of the Biden regime that she could legitimately be medically removed as a polyp.

My sources inside the White House told me (some months ago) that Biden is known to wander around the White House in the middle of the night sometimes without clothes and with no idea where he is. (He’s got late-stage dementia — which is why they always pack him off to Delaware every weekend to keep him out of sight.) His diminished mental capacity is quite obvious, but then nobody really wants Montel Williams’ ex-girlfriend in charge of the free world.

Video here:

The FBI downplayed the terrorist attack saying they are “still looking for a motive.”

The Islamist terrorist took hostages at a Synagogue on the Sabbath and requested the release of “Lady Al-Qaeda” but the FBI is still looking for motive.

The British terrorist who held four Jews hostage at gunpoint on Saturday at a Texas synagogue told his brother that he had been planning the event for two years and that he came to America to “go down as a martyr.”

In a recording of the call that he made from Beth Israel synagogue to his brother Gulbar, obtained exclusively by the London Jewish Chronicle from a security source, Malik Faisal Akram said he came to America on a jihadi mission and to demand the release of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, known as “Lady Al-Qaeda.”

He also ranted about the “f***ing Jews” he held at gunpoint. “I’ve got four beautiful guys, Jewish guys with me, they are trying to play ball with me,” he said.

“I’m opening the doors for every f***ing youngster in England to know—live your f***ing life, bro … we’re coming to America and f**k with them if they want to f**k with us, we’ll give them f***ing war,” he said to his brother, who was in a Blackburn police station, according to the JC.

“They will never take another woman from a Muslim,” Akram continued. “I’m opening the doors for every youngster to enter America and f**k with them. Why does Afghanistan always have to have a defensive war? Why can’t these sick b***ss Taliban f***ing enter America and have a f***ing defensive war? …Akram however, said that “I’ve come to die … I’d rather live one day as a lion than 100 years as a jackal … I’m coming home in a body bag.”

He said he had promised his brother on his deathbed—his brother died of COVID-19 a few months ago—that he would be a martyr.

Fake "Patriot Front" is at it again:

FBI Pep Squad performing again: Patriot Front Back at a home game in DC yelling in unison "Life Liberty Victory".

Any person stupid enough to join the Patriot Front and not understand that it is completely compromised by federal agents is a complete idiot. Their files were reportedly "leaked" and immediately pushed by leftist sho have staged fake events in the past. During the Democrats’ sham impeachment inquiry this week, Republican Congressman Deven Nunes brought up the name Alexandra Chalupa several times.

Alexandra “Ali” Chalupa is a Democratic National Committee operative linked to Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and fake “whistleblower”/ CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella. The Chalupa confession that the DOJ and DHS were hacking into state’s voting systems without the state’s permission is troubling enough, but the added detail about federal agencies working with an unknown independent hacking group raises serious national and cyber security issues. Almost all the reporting about DNC operative Chalupa has either revolved around her admitted collaboration with Ukrainian officials in Washington DC to “get dirt on Trump” and then campaign-chair Paul Manafort in early 2016, a story originally reported by Politico magazine in January, 2017.

Chalupa also grabbed a few headlines when it was revealed that she’d been invited to the White House by Eric Ciaramella, the CIA analyst who has been reported to be the “whistleblower” who helped engineer the Democrat’s sham impeachment inquiry.

SS = Capitol Police for Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Police is secretly gathering “intelligence” on Hill staffers and American citizens who meet with lawmakers according to Politico.

Pelosi’s police are scrutinizing social media accounts of completely innocent people.

Advertisement - story continues below

“Whatever they think that sounds like for security, it sounds dangerously close — if not already over the line — to spying on members of Congress, their staff, their constituents and their supporters,” Rep. Kelly Armstrong, a former criminal defense attorney told Politico.

“Anybody involved with implementing this without making it known to the actual members of Congress should resign or be fired immediately,” he added. “And I’m not big on calling for resignations.”

According to a template reviewed by Politico, Capitol Police are running “background checks” on people meeting with lawmakers including donors, associates and staffers.

In other words, Pelosi’s police are spying on political opponents and people who may disagree with the Biden Regime.

POLL: 52% Of Parents Considered New Schools For Their Kids

QUOTE: A new poll from National School Choice Week uncovered that 52% of parents considered, or are considering, new schools for their children in the past year.

The poll, released Monday, asked parents with children between the ages of five and 18 if at any point in the past year they considered "finding a new or different school for any of the children" in their household? Eighteen percent of parents said they chose a new school for their kids, 20% said they looked into school choice options and decided against a switch, and 14% said they are "currently considering it." An additional 47% of parents said they "wish [they] had more time to consider the schooling options" for their children.

The survey was conducted from Jan. 3 to Jan. 6 and was delivered to 2,715 respondents via Survey Monkey's National Audience. The margin of error was +/- 2 percentage points.

They are planning more "inclusive" M&Ms. so the Babylon Bee has this:

Where are the white M&Ms? There were some at Christmas weren't there?


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