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Truth Coming Out

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The Narratives are Breaking!

Political Prisoner Speaks Out:

Brandon Fellows is a 27-year-old man from Schenectady, New York being held in the inhumane DC Gitmo as a result of events at the Capitol on January 6. He has no violent charges and was even welcomed into the Capitol by police officers with their express permission, which he recorded on video.

Fellows suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome just like one of his heroes, Elon Musk. Despite this lifelong challenge, Brandon built his own chimney business which subcontracts to the highest-rated home inspection company and two of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the upstate New York region.

Here are his own words: (excerpted)

My name is Brandon Fellows, and on January 6th I was lucky enough to be allowed to sit in row 5 of VIP, less than 100 feet from Donald Trump.

Don’t let the stories you have read fool you. I have no violent charges. My only felony is supposedly obstructing/interrupting the proceedings (though it’s a 20-year charge). The Department of Justice has tried their best to attach extra charges to me. ...

Now about my pending freedom. The prosecutor seeks to put me away for 23 years. She says I’m a danger to society, she even said if I go to trial she will be seeking terrorism enhancements bringing the maximum and the minimum amount drastically up. I have no criminal history, and on 1/6/21 police told me on video what rules to follow and assured me I would not be arrested. It’s on video.

The prosecutor knows this which is why after I called her out for her lies on 10/12/21 she offered me a time served plea deal, a felony time served plea deal. This means she doesn’t actually think I’m too dangerous for society. I could sign the lie, reward her for her misconduct, and go home. However, as I shared with her, I—unlike Joe Biden or Barrack Obama—don’t support or negotiate with terrorists.

Earlier on, I fired my radical leftist attorney and motioned to appoint her as standby counsel, so fortunately or unfortunately I now represent myself. ...

At 2:30 A.M. you’ll hear a loud bang on your battleship gray steel door. It’s time for breakfast. Open up your soggy leaking cardboard tray to see white bread thrown on top of watery lukewarm or cold grits. Need to catch your breath from that loud bang that woke you up? Sit down on your small rusty metal bed and take a breather, but don’t breathe too much, at least a quarter of your cells have black mold in them. You’ll be in your cell for 22 out of 24 hours a day, or if someone has the common cold you won’t be let out for days. This is all supposedly to help stop the spread of covid because you know, we all must hide and do nothing until its gone. You’ll feel extra safe following the propaganda science!

Every hour in your cell you’ll be reminded what it feels like to have a high-powered flashlight shined in your eyes by the guards. You’ll wonder, “Is my eyesight getting worse because of this or because I’m legally blind without my glasses and I haven’t been allowed to have them for 7 months?”

58% of voters now believe cheating was likely in the 2020 presidential election.

This number is UP 4 points since the last Rasmussen poll.

An analysis of CDC data that was recently released by The Epoch Times shows there has been an alarming increase in deaths among 18-49 year olds in the United States over the past year – but what’s most concerning is that the majority of the deaths were reportedly unrelated to Covid-19.

Deaths in this age group – which are traditionally the healthiest working-aged Americans – skyrocketed by more than 40 percent from October 2020-2021 compared to the same period in 2018-19, which was pre-Covid, according to the analysis of death certificate data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by the Epoch Times.

Just 42 percent of the excess deaths included COVID-19 on the death certificate as the cause or a contributing factor.

The new data almost exactly mirrors what the head of one of the United States’ largest insurance companies blew the whistle on earlier this month.

When broken down state by state, the spike in deaths among 18-49 year-olds is even worse than 40% in some places. The most dramatic increase was in the South, the Midwest, and the West Coast. Meanwhile, the northeastern states generally saw much milder spikes, per the ET analysis.

Texas, for example, saw the 18 to 49 age mortality jump by a whopping 61 percent – which was the second-highest increase in the country.

And just 41 percent of those excess deaths were attributed to Covid.

Nevada was the worst with a 65 percent prime-age mortality surge (only 36 percent Covid-related). Arizona and Tennessee recorded 57 percent increases (37 percent and 33 percent Covid-related).

California rounded out the top five with a massive 55 percent increase, with just 42 percent attributed to COVID.

So many things about this case do not add up:

Now today we find out that Akram told his family members that he wanted to find a Mexican bride, “Akram had told family members he wanted to get married and was going to go to Texas to find a Mexican bride.” Why would he go to Texas to find a Mexican bride?

We really have no idea how Akram got to DFW, why he selected that synagogue, or why the FBI acted like they did after all hostages were freed. What we do know is that his story just doesn’t add up.

FBI conveniently violated protocol and killed him. I'll be! Golly!


It also wouldn’t surprise me if the FBI blackmailed the guy into committing a terrorist act (e.g. threatening to kill his family members) — the thing that struck me about all of this was not one person was killed except the hostage-taker and the hostage-taker said he was going to die. Honestly, it all sounds weird

I have many Muslim friends for over 30 years. Almost every single one of them has been contacted my feds to come and "work" for them. They have relatives in other countries where it is known that if you want a big payday to take care of your family you can get connected to someone who will turn you into a suicide bomber. Rabbit hole goes deep. Those payments are generally coming from non Muslim sources.

Plus he had a criminal record, I presume in the UK since that's where he was from. How the hell do you get in here on a plane with a criminal record? Oh that's right with the help of the terrorist organization FBI.

Absolutely right a British MMA fighter was banned from entering the States to fight in the UFC because he had a minor drug conviction years earlier. Loony terrorist though and 'welcome'

Homeless and bought an airline ticket--bet he didn't have a vaccine passport---to fly to the US in time for the Jan.6 news conference by Trump----oops, conference cancelled so he decided to travel to Texas in time for Trump's Arizona Rally, lived in a homeless shelter (WITH a firearm) and decided NOW is the time to take hostages just as Trump's rally was starting only to end the hostage scene when Trump's rally ended and THEN be gunned down by the FBI before he could be questioned on how he got here, who paid for his trip, where did he get a gun and other important questions!

So this dude decides to travel from the UK to a synagogue in Texas to prove what? There are no Jews in the UK?

"Stop! No! Don't!": Babbitt Tried to Stop Attack on Capitol Speaker’s Lobby, Video Analysis Suggests

Ashli Babbitt desperately tried to prevent rioters from vandalizing the doors leading to the Speaker’s Lobby at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, even stepping between one troublemaker and police officers guarding the doors, a video analysis shows.

Frame-by-frame video evidence analyzed by The Epoch Times paints a vastly different picture of Babbitt’s actions than that portrayed in media accounts over the past year. News media regularly painted Babbitt as “violent,” a “rioter,” or an “insurrectionist” who was angrily trying to breach the Speaker’s Lobby.

Video clips appear to show she tried to prevent the attack, not join it.

Video shot by John Sullivan, also known as Jayden X, shows that Babbitt tried to stop the violence against the Speaker’s Lobby at least four times before she climbed into a broken window and was shot by U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd. At one point, she was so distressed at the violence, she was jumping up and down in frustration.

“The reality of it is, Ashli wasn’t a violent person. She was a good person, but they’ve demonized her to become this domestic terrorist that she never has been,” Tayler Hansen, an independent journalist who was feet away from Babbitt when she was shot, told The Epoch Times.

“She served her country for 14 years. That’s just insane to me that they can actually get away with pushing this narrative,” Hansen said. “They’ve done that by suppressing first-hand witnesses like me.” US Cleared Byrd Without Interviewing Him

The U.S. Department of Justice cleared Byrd of criminal culpability in the shooting death without ever questioning him or taking a statement that explains his actions that day, according to investigative records and the Babbitt family attorney.

Byrd shot Babbitt at 2:44 p.m., as she tried to climb through the broken window. She was not armed.

Byrd met with investigators from the Internal Affairs Division of the Metropolitan Police Department five hours after the shooting. The DC police department investigates officer shootings involving U.S. Capitol Police.

“He did not give a statement to the Internal Affairs Division of the Metropolitan Police Department, which was charged with conducting the investigation after the shooting, and which the U.S. Attorney relied upon to reach his decision not to charge,” Terry Roberts, a Washington D.C. attorney who represents the Babbitt family, told The Epoch Times.

VAERS artificially low because of Lack of Staffing

Hilarious and perhaps historic - causing The UK Prime Minister to cancel covid mandates. An "In the Line of Duty" Parody of Boris Johnson & his lock down breaching parties (

Nobel Prize Winning Virologist Luc Montagnier Declares ‘The Unvaccinated Will Save Humanity’

Contrary to what was said at the beginning, these vaccines do not protect absolutely, and this is coming slowly. This is scientifically recognized by all today.

I ask all my colleagues to absolutely stop vaccinating with this type of vaccine.

Doctors today are perfectly informed of what I am saying, and therefore they should intervene immediately because the future of humanity is at stake. Many countries have forgotten about treatments, there is not only the vaccine, there are drugs that have not been used and that work very well, such as antibiotics.

It depends on you, above all on you not vaccinated that a tomorrow they will be able to save humanity. Only the unvaccinated will be able to save the vaccinated.

Vaccinated who will, in any case, contact the medical centers to be saved.

We must avoid listening and giving a voice to those who do not have the right to do so and let science speak. I repeat: it is the unvaccinated who will be able to save humanity.

No, they’ll say half the country are domestic terrorists. They’ll start raiding journalists apartments. They’ll start raiding the apartments of the former president’s lawyer and top attorney. I mean they’ll start stripping away lawyer’s law license….

They want to silence dissent. They want to silence the other side. They want to smear and label you… They want to literally make it illegal for you to run against them in the next election…

We have to get to the bottom of it. We have to have consequences for people who broke the law and we need the true real results, otherwise we won’t have real true results ever again.” Absolutely. We need to fix 2020, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t vote. We need to vote like our lives depend on it.

Real Terrorism in the UK: State Protected Rape

His real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, “Tommy Robinson” was one of the aliases he used while leading the EDL, and it stuck. All these fairly harmless facts have been used by the woke media to turn Tommy Robinson into “He Who Cannot Be Named” in the UK. Mention his name, or use his likeness on Facebook or Twitter and you will automatically get shadowbanned or suspended. Even courageous British conservative firebrands like Nigel Farage shy away from being associated with Tommy Robinson due to the successful slander campaign conducted by the British media and government.

He has been completely de-platformed from YouTube and Social Media, where he used to have a million followers on Facebook, since radical Islamist Mohammed Shafiq accused him of wanting to “behead” Muslims – with no evidence. Now, the emergence of alternate media has given Tommy a voice again. On Jan. 29, he will premiere his sensational documentary “The Rape of Britain” in Telford and online.

“Since releasing the trailer, there’s been six fire-bombings, two people’s houses smashed up, a woman attacked with baseball bats outside one of our survivor’s houses, and the police response has been nothing. My car was firebombed outside the hotel I was staying in.” (Gateway Pundit reported). British media reported on the rape gang’s firebombings as if they were spontaneous combustions.

The most shocking thing was “the number of men involved”, Robinson said. “Thousands of young girls were taken, groomed, (i.e.) raped, pimped, tortured, beaten, and the police’s reason for not arresting the perpetrators was they were scared of being called racist.”

2 percent of the British population are Pakistani, Robinson said, “but responsible for 90% of gang related ‘grooming’ – which should be labeled as rape jihad.” In the first town Robinson looked at, Telford, only 1.7% of the population were Muslim. In over a thousand rape cases, the police identified 200 men involved. “Over 20 percent of the Muslim men in that town were identified as raping young English girls.”

“The only two English towns we have the numbers for are Rotherham and Telford, because the numbers are hidden. Rotherham has a 3.7 % Muslim population, we have 1400 children raped by these gangs. Telford, 1.7% (Muslim population), we have 1000 victims… And we’ve had a hundred cities identified where these gangs are operating.”

In Telford, out of 200 identified rapists, only 11 were prosecuted. “The first victim we looked at one was impregnated, we have a 100% DNA match. She gets pregnant after being gang-raped, she has an abortion, she was 13 years old, the police arrest the man, they have a 100% DNA match, matching the foetus of the baby, and he got no further action, he didn’t get prosecuted.”

When Robinson confronted the Huddersfield rapists outside court in May 2018, he was arrested for “contempt of court” and put in solitary confinement without a lawyer. “As the rapists were coming into court – and I can call them rapists because they were all convicted – I simply asked them, ‘How do you feel about your verdict?” The judge sent me to prison, and let the rapists go home. One of those rapists has never been prosecuted because he went home, packed his suitcases and flew to Pakistan. I sat in solitary confinement for 5 months for asking him how he felt about his verdict.”

“In these gangs, fathers and sons rape girls together”, Robinson explained. “When you see the arrests, they’re brothers and cousins. They share young 12 or 13-year old white English girls with their family members. There’s some mindset that’s different from any other community”, Robinson said. “If we’re not going to understand it, we’re not going to stop it.”

When victims go to the police, Robinson said, they are ignored and then intimidated by the perpetrators. Over New Years Eve, “we had to bring 40 men and relocate the family” of one of his victims, Robinson explained (Gateway reported). “The police purposely leave people in harms’ way so the cases collapse.”

The Supreme Court has rejected a request to stop mask mandates for air travel.

The application was filed by the father of a four-year-old autistic child, who says both he and his child have medical reasons for not being able to comply with the mask mandates.

Pepe the Frog art Video... Amazingly well done.

Conservative Media Strengthens:

Today, the video platform Rumble announced that it has taken a stake in Parallel Economy, a transformative payment processing company. Rumble's investment in Parallel Economy furthers the company's mission to build the rails and independent infrastructure for a digital economy immune from cancel culture.

Founded in 2021, Parallel Economy is creating a financial ecosystem where creators can participate in the marketplace of ideas. Parallel Economy was started by Dan Bongino, the host of a nationally syndicated radio show and cable television news program, and Jeffrey Wernick, an early bitcoin adopter and angel investor.

"Our mission is to eliminate every chokepoint and backdoor to cancel companies like Rumble and our creators," said Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski. "This investment in a digital payment processing system is another example of Rumble's commitment to put creators first. With Parallel Economy, creators won't have to worry about arbitrary cancellation. Giving creators financial security is a critical part of Rumble's mission to protect a free and open Internet."

"Partnering with Rumble allows Parallel Economy to continue building the infrastructure we need for an economy free from discrimination," said Dan Bongino. "We won't decide who gets access and who doesn't based on constantly shifting standards. Instead, our new economy is built on freedom. A payment processing platform is an important step toward achieving true independence."

Democrats have introduced a new bill that would give the U.S. government the frightening ability to monitor drivers and activate a ‘kill switch’ in all new vehicles from 2026.

Under a section of Biden’s infrastructure bill that talks about ‘impaired driving technology’, the new system would “passively monitor the performance of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.”

If a blood alcohol level above the limit is detected, the system would “prevent motor vehicle operation” – in other words, a kill switch.

Talking Truth about the Medical Industrial System:

I'm 28 years old. I spent the past 4 years at an Ivy-league medical school. I couldn't have been more excited to be a doctor when I first arrived on campus. Then, slowly, the truth became more and more apparent to me. I refused to swallow the dogma just because that was what was being taught in class, and always went to the primary research to see if what they were selling was truly accurate. And what I found was worse than I could ever have imagined. It would take multiple textbooks to fully articulate my feelings about the profession, but I'll try to summarize as best as I can below the horrors of healthcare in the US.

  1. The healthcare industry in the US is explicitly designed to suck as much money as possible out of people suffering from disease. It is the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the US. Insurance companies and pharma are protected by law in charging truly obscene prices for drugs that have been around for decades. If the patent runs out, they add a single change to the drug and re-patent it. This can be as fucking stupid as combining two drugs or changing the carrier the drug is delivered in. Drugs that should be priced in the $5-$20 range are routinely gouging innocent Americans for thousands of dollars. Many of the drugs are completely ineffective or even harmful and yet are routinely prescribed because they are "approved" and are literally bankrupting our nation and individual citizens.

  2. The "healthcare" industry is perfectly designed to keep you a customer for life. At one of the "best" medical schools in the country, we not only received next to no education about nutrition or lifestyle in our entire curriculum. I'm here to tell you to your face that the biggest killers (biggest $$$) in the US are 90% due to nutrition and ARE 100% REVERSIBLE. Obesity, Type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and high cholesterol (don't even get me started. Statins are a COMPLETE scam and are the most profitable drugs in medicine) are DUE TO WHAT YOU EAT . The diabetes and heart associations promote diets that will ensure you have your condition forever. The "heart-healthy" oils promoted by the AHA in the supermarket are the highly inflammatory oils that cause heart disease. Same goes with the ADA and sugar recommendations. Many cancers should also be included in the preventable and reversible category, but say that as a doctor and you'll be ostracized. I'll give you a ~very~ quick lesson that should make your jaw drop. Your body develops microcancers (genetically defective cells) ALL THE TIME. Your innate immune system recognizes these defective cells and deals with them on a daily basis. What does "Modern" medicine do when they find a cancer? THEY WIPE OUT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WITH CHEMO. No matter what they say, I promise you there are other ways to treat cancer besides chemo, surgery, and radiation, but this is all the profession has to offer because they can't charge for natural immune boosts and dietary changes. It is disgusting beyond comprehension. (I will caveat here that there are a few subtypes of cancer that do respond well to chemo. the vast majority do not, and the side effects are brutal).

  3. Without going to deep into the history of the profession, I'll just say that the main reason doctors don't wake up to the two above facts is because they are put into immense debt, and forced under pressure and shaming to learn MOUNTAINS of biochemical pathways, mechanisms, drug interactions etc that put them in a panic/fear state and as such they keep their heads down and simply regurgitate what they are taught. They also are routinely forced to work 80-100 hours a week for years on end during residency and literally go into survival mode where you just do what you're told so you won't ruffle any feathers after giving up 8+ years of your life to become a doctor. If you want to do a deeper dive, you can look into the Rockefeller takeover of allopathic medicine via the Flexner report and other mechanisms.

  4. This wouldn't be a proper post without the most relevant topic of all today - VACCINES. Again, a full exploration would be an entire book, but I cannot stress to you how unbelievably disgusting the data is when you actually look at it. Vaccines are almost never tested against placebo, they always are compared to other vaccines so no harmful effects will be found. THIS IS NOT SCIENCE. The FDA and CDC have been fully compromised for decades. Pharma is the biggest lobby in the US. How difficult do you think it is to buy the few dozen voters at these agencies? It was done a long time ago. I'll say it right to your face. Many of the childhood vaccines are 100% 100% 100% 100% causing neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, severe autoimmune disorders and allergies that will make these children dependent on the healthcare industry for their entire lives. The rates are SKYROCKETING, the link is obvious and admitted by top officials, and it is literally one of the biggest threats to humankind's future. 1 in 33 children is being diagnosed with SEVERE developmental disorders, up from 1 in 10,000 in the 70s. The mechanistic link to vaccines is clear. THEY LITERALLY TEACH US IN MEDICAL SCHOOL THAT IT IS NORMAL FOR INFANTS TO HAVE FEBRILE SEIZURES. I'M NOT KIDDING. Listen to the parents who describe their perfectly normal kids who had febrile seizures post-vaccination and became severely delayed many times to the point of inability to speak, read, or write. You need to do your own research. You can listen to documentaries including vaxxed and others where top CDC officials admit straight up that they covered up direct evidence of harm because they were told to. Further, if you actually look at the history of many of the diseases which they are now vaccinating kids for, the incidence rates in the US had already fallen by 90-99% due to water chlorination and other sanitation improvements well before the vaccines were introduced. Some particularly disgusting examples are the Hep B vaccine (given to all newborns ON THE DAY THEY ARE BORN) despite evidence of brain inflammation, and the fact that hep B is a bloodborne illness that can't even be caught by babies (unless their mother is positive which is rare) and their antibodies wane before the age at which they would ever be at risk anyways due to needles or sexual intercourse. It's SICK. HPV vaccine data is also so hilariously bad it really makes me question on a daily basis how this world we live in is possibly real. RFK Jr did an amazing expose on this vaccine in particular years ago if you are interested. Of course the brainwashing is so complete in medical school that you will be INSTANTLY ostracized if you speak out.

I honestly could keep going. The journals are compromised by pharma (editors of top journals quitting and saying straight up their journals have been compromised. Female editor of the NEJM wrote a particularly good piece about this), the ways in which studies are designed and performed are explicitly to make them look better than they are and to cover up adverse events. Choosing poor placebos, limiting follow-up time, testing healthy populations so the results will look better than reality, among 100 other ways they manipulate the trials.

Food, water, soil, and air (all 4) in this country contains poisons from Industry and the government does nothing about it. If you want me to go deeper into this topic in particular, DM me.

When you have done the literally thousands of hours of research into the reality of healthcare as I have done, some of what is going on currently makes more sense, although it is enough to make anyone on earth cry. Pharma control was so entrenched, doctors so brainwashed, and the population so dumbed down that it literally might have taken something as disgusting as the covid vaccine (worse than normal vaccines which are already bad by at least 2 to 3 orders of magnitude) to wake the population up. It breaks my heart. but maybe, just maybe, it will bring down the empire of lies.

TLDR: spent 4 years in a top medical school to become a doctor. Left it all behind because the reality is so, so, so much worse than you could ever have imagined.

An additional supply chain shock:

5G Rollout this week will shut down Airlines including United, American, cargo firms...

The airline industry is raising the stakes in a showdown with AT&T and Verizon over plans to launch new 5G wireless service this week, warning that thousands of flights could be grounded or delayed if the rollout takes place near major airports.

CEOs of the nation’s largest airlines say that interference from the wireless service on a key instrument on planes is worse than they originally thought.

“To be blunt, the nation’s commerce will grind to a halt” unless the service is blocked near major airports, the CEOs said in a letter Monday to federal officials including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who has previously taken the airlines’ side in the matter.

AT&T and Verizon say their equipment will not interfere with aircraft electronics, and that the technology is being safely used in many other countries.

However, the CEOs of 10 passenger and cargo airlines including American, Delta, United and Southwest say that 5G will be more disruptive than they originally thought because dozens of large airports that were to have buffer zones to prevent 5G interference with aircraft will still be subject to flight restrictions announced last week by the Federal Aviation Administration. They add that those restrictions won’t be limited to times when visibility is poor.

Unless our major hubs are cleared to fly, the vast majority of the traveling and shipping public will essentially be grounded. This means that on a day like yesterday, more than 1,100 flights and 100,000 passengers would be subjected to cancellations, diversions or delays,” the CEOs said.

The airline CEOs asked that the new 5G be barred within two miles of airport runways.

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