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The Power of Fakes

Vast numbers of artificial people created by AI online, coupled with psychological manipulation of masses online, plus control of the internet equals absolute control.

Twitter files journalist under IRS attack for testifying:

Fake Facts

Information Monopoly makes Fake Facts Possible:

Hacking Human Fear

Mr. de Becker points out in his Tucker Carlson interview...

... while modern humans are inclined to second guess their intuitions, they are nevertheless easily programmed to fear what they are told to fear by authority figures. In this way, our archaic threat detection system can be hijacked and exploited by tyrants, who have always incited fear to augment their power. When we are mortally afraid, our survival instinct is to fight or flee from the threat, not to think about it in critical way.

By constant fear-mongering, our health agencies and media conditioned us to:

(1) Excessively and indiscriminately fear COVID-19 without consideration for the fact that it's a markedly risk-stratified illness.

(2) Irrationally fear early treatment modalities such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which are (in fact) some of the safest drugs known to man.

Through its COVID-19 PSYOP, our government and media generated an overwhelming desire for anything that would deliver us from the purported danger. This, in turn, made us vulnerable to the lie that the so-called COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. The result of this PSYOP was an extreme distortion of reality that enabled our overlords to hijack and pervert our natural capacity for fear.

Thus we witnessed the bizarre spectacle of pregnant mothers receiving the new, experimental gene transfer shot, even though pregnant women were excluded from the human trials. Contrast this with hydroxychloroquine, which has, for decades, been known to be perfectly safe for pregnant women, with hundreds of millions of doses tolerated by this cohort in tropical countries where malaria is endemic.

In the United States it has long been standard for pregnant women to abstain from drinking a single glass or wine or eating raw-milk cheese, but many of these same women lined up to receive the experimental shots developed at "Warp Speed." This was a stark example of the "fear programming" that Mr. de Becker elucidates in his interview.

Another stunning perversion of fear was the false claim that COVID-19 posed a significant risk to young athletes, while simultaneously insisting the mRNA COVID-19 shots present none. In fact, it's the opposite, with young athletes at virtually zero risk of severe COVID-19, but especially susceptible to vaccine-induced myocarditis and pericarditis.

I strongly recommend watching the interview and picking up a copy of the book Cause Unknown by Ed Dowd, for which Mr. de Becker assisted with research and analysis and wrote the Afterword.

🇫🇷 Woman in France arrested for calling Macron "garbage"

A French woman was arrested at home by 3 police officers and taken into custody for calling Emmanuel Macron "garbage" on Facebook.

She now faces up to 1 year in prison and a €15,000 fine.

And while Macron is searching for insults on the Internet, protests continue on the streets.

Fake Medicine:

Emerald Robinson:

The Biden regime will try to hand over American sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO) in May by illegally signing a pandemic treaty allowing the WHO to set America’s “future pandemic response” policies. The treaty would allow the WHO to circumvent the U.S. Constitution — and unilaterally authorize future lockdowns, forced vaccine mandates, forced quarantines, and mandatory vaccine passports (digital ID) in the United States without approval from the U.S. Congress.

In other words: the WHO’s pandemic treaty is a global power-grab to begin a one-world dictatorship. It heralds the end of human freedom in the West.

This is not fantasy or nightmare — it’s very real. In fact, Senator Risch (Idaho-R) has publicly warned the American public about the Biden regime’s plan.

Fake Money:

Fake Crimes:

Fake Justice:

Fake Politicians:

Extensive Deep dive on DeSantis: Knight of Malta, like Chief Justice Roberts

Fake Women. Fake Men.

Trans Radical Activists Network (TRAN) to continue 'Trans Day of Revenge' protest in front of U.S. Supreme Court April 1 despite Nashville trans shooter killing six people.

The Trans Resistance Network, whatever that is (doesn't it sound like some kind of a lab expetiment?) released a statement, according to which, it's too bad people died, blah, blah, blah (this took a whole of four sentences to express), but don't you dare misgender the poor misunderstood Aiden or Aubrey or whatever and make sure to use the right pronouns for this individual, whoever he was, to be responsible or whatever. There's also something about the "strength and inner beauty of transpeople" there, which is obvious quite fitting (not), given the occasion. This lengthy rant took up 6 paragraphs, as opposed to the 4 sentences for the actual victims.

Got it, bigots? Use the right pronouns or else.

About the Nashville terror attack, here comes my own conspiracy theory from a former spook for the Urkainians that left the bad guys and now covers them:

◾It doesn't make sense to me, that someone would murder children on behalf of trans rights, it would be absolutely counter productive, terrorists who committed mass shootings and bombings before where radical extremists who wanted to accelerate the collapse of society to instigate a holy war or a racial war.

◾It makes sense for a White Supremacist or a "Islamic" terrorist to murder innocent people, their aim is to create a violent and extreme answer from part of society. It does not make sense for someone who wants to push forward a "progressive" agenda to kill children, it will have the opposite effect, unless it has nothing to do with trans rights but with weapons control.

◾In my opinion this person has been manipulated and pushed to carry the attack, probably by the secret services, to instigate a strong societal response against the right to have weapons by American citizens. Biden has expressed his thoughts straight after the murders:

- “The Congress has to act. The majority of the American people want an assault weapons ban. I can’t do anything except plead with Congress to act. I have gone the full extent of my executive authority on my own, I think it’s about time".

◾Now a Christian conservative community has been attacked, the narrative has been prepared, Biden has the excuse because as he said " the majority of the American people wants it".

Fake Love? Elon's situation?

Fake Water and Food:

❗️Several emergency response teams have been deployed to deal with the possible release of 1,400 tons of toxic methanol into the Ohio River after another train derailed and fell into a body of water.

The media write that it is not known for sure whether the poisonous substance got into the river, but since it is very volatile, the probability is very high.

Fake Security:

Gun Control Example

While investigators are still combing through the evidence left behind by Audrey Hale, the 28-year-old sexually confused woman who killed three children and three adults at The Covenant School, one point Nashville police Chief John Drake made Monday is worth taking note of.

The killer had at least one other target in mind, Drake said, but there was one factor that turned Covenant into a killing ground: It was utterly defenseless. Citing a manifesto found in Hale’s home, Drake said the woman had identified another spot to execute her murderous plans, but was deterred for a reason.

“There was another location that was mentioned, but because of a threat assessment by the suspect of too much security, they decided not to,” Drake said, according to WSMV-TV in Nashville. “That area was here in Nashville, so we’re continuing with that investigation as well.”

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