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The Jig is Up! Evil Lashes Out.

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The Freedom Convoy in Canada has been extremely successful. Provinces in Canada continue to drop their authoritarian vaccine passports and covid restrictions that have destroyed the economy and civil liberties in the country. Yesterday, Quebec joined other provinces in announcing that it would phase out its vaccine passport program entirely by March 14th. People across the world have started protests in solidarity with the Freedom Convoy, including a protest in France that saw a violent response from police last week.

Now, truckers in the United States are ready to join Freedom Convoy demonstrators around the world and have announced that they formed a 1,000 truck convoy in California. The Gateway Pundit Reports– “A ‘People’s Convoy’ of 1,000 US truckers is reportedly gearing up to head from California to DC.

According to a report on Newsmax, the protest against COVID-19 mandates is scheduled to begin before the end of the month — but the exact start date was not provided.

Eric Bolling spoke to convoy organizers Brian Brase and Maureen Steele who announced that the protest will not rely on big tech companies for fundraising, as GoFundMe shut down the fundraiser for the Canadian convoy and GiveSendGo was hacked after hosting it. “We have been able to really garner some of the best and brightest on our team to make sure that this convoy goes off without a hitch. We have a logistics specialist, tacticians, we’re ensuring we have fuel. We’ve brought on Exemplar Financial, which has seven offices throughout the country with lawyers and accountants that are overseeing our fundraising to make sure that’s buttoned up,” Steele said.

The US Freedom Convoy has already learned from the mistakes of the Canadian truckers and does not plan to use left wing fundraising platforms like GoFundMe and plans to place their funds in an escrow account so they cannot be seized. “Our funds are not going to be able to be frozen or hijacked.” The group intends to protect the funds by having them placed in an escrow account.

Organizers have high hopes that the protest will grow as it travels across the US, the convoy will also include airline pilots.

“Pilot Josh Yoder also appeared in the segment as organizers say that airplane pilots will also be participating in the convoy.

The organizers claim that they have 1,000 truckers ready to participate “right out the gate,” but that it will likely grow as it moves from California to DC.”

Freedom is White Supremacy. Uh huh.

Fake War: Russia Responds...

The Russians are having a little fun at Joe Biden’s expense, now that the deadline for invasion has expired without invasion.

Yesterday, the Russians reminded the Ukraine government to set their alarm clocks so they did not miss the invasion.

Today the Russian government asks the Biden administration for the invasion dates, they plan to use this year, so that Moscow can coordinate the vacation plans of key military and government officials.

Setting the stage: They usually do what they accuse others of doing so...

Blinken outlined to the Council what he said were possible scenarios Russia could create to justify an invasion.

"This could be a violent event that Russia will bring on Ukraine, or an outrageous accusation that Russia will level against the Ukrainian government," Blinken said.

"It could be a fabricated so-called terrorist bombing inside Russia, the invented discovery of a mass grave, a staged drone strike against civilians, or a fake - even a real - attack using chemical weapons. Russia may describe this event as ethnic cleansing, or a genocide."

Observation: This image from Reuters shows a kindergarten that was damaged by "shelling" from supposed pro-Russian separatists. Note the complete lack of metal fragments or fire etc. from a shell. Perhaps this was done by two big guys with sledge hammers.

In other pictures at the link there is some partial glass breakage in the window next to it, but just a few feet away the window is intact. It looks fake.

Newly released Federal Elections Commission (FEC) records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon reveal that the 2020 ‘Biden for President’ campaign employed the services of the same cybersecurity firm that Hillary Clinton reportedly used to illegally spy on Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign and Presidency.

Video here:

The Daily Mail reports that Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias is now working for BLM:

Hillary Clinton‘s former campaign lawyer – the man who spearheaded a dirt-digging investigation that led to the unsubstantiated ‘dirty dossier’ on Donald Trump – is now working for Black Lives Matters, according to the secretive foundation’s most recent tax filing.

Attorney Marc Elias’s eponymous law firm was named several times in Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s charity registration renewal filing, which was submitted in California on February 11. Elias and the Democratic National Committee funded a research campaign during the 2016 presidential election that was led by former British spy Christopher Steele, who produced the ‘golden showers’ dossier on Trump.

Elias was also behind the promulgation of absentee ballots and drop boxes across the country in the 2020 Election. These devices were not well protected and as a result, likely millions of ballots entered and were included in the 2020 Election results that lack proper chain of custody documentation.

We reported previously in June 202- that donations to BLM were being funneled through the Democrats’ ActBlue donation scheme where they were handled by an organization led by a member of the domestic terrorist group the Weather Underground.

Maybe it’s the record inflation?

Maybe it’s the wide-open border?

Maybe it’s the 2 million illegal aliens he let into the country his first year?

Maybe it was the $80 billion in arms he left the Taliban?

Maybe it was because he stranded 14,000 Americans in Afghanistan?

Maybe it’s his free crackpipes initiative?

Maybe it’s his dementia?

Maybe it’s his groping the kids?

Maybe it's the rampant cheating in the election?

Maybe it's the graft for his family from China?

Maybe it's the fake war with Russia over the Ukraine?

Maybe it's Hunter's laptop?

Maybe it's Hunter's artwork money laundering scam?

Maybe it's racist record?

(you can probably add to the list...)

"Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a Year"

Are people really paying attention to the AIDS news? If you take a simple look at recent events, it's fascinating what's going on:

-For months now they've be advertising HIV drugs. New ones. -That was followed by an explosion of ads to get tested for HIV -Now, even anons here and on other platforms, people are posting about their physicians asking strange questions about HIV tests. -Luc Montagnier dies. This is the man who discovered the virus that causes AIDS, dies at 89. Now you could argue he was just old but the timing is always relevant. -Pfizer is selling pills with HIV medication in it for covid -A woman was declared "cured" of HIV just yesterday -Prince Harry is imploring people to get tested for HIV. What for? No reason. Just get tested average people, everywhere. Not strange at all. -New AIDS vaccine coming.

It hasn't even been two years since the mass jabs began inoculation. The world can be a very different place by summer time.

This was a crime against children and the CDC is covering it up:

Faked Science:

A clinical trial regional director filed a $2 billion lawsuit against Pfizer and BioNTech alleging the pharmaceutical companies fabricated and falsified their covid-19 vaccine trial data. The lawsuit was unsealed today after being filed on January 8, 2021.

Researcher Blows Whistle on Data Integrity Issues in Pfizer’s Vaccine Trial

A regional director with Ventavia Research Group told The BMJ Pfizer falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal COVID Vaccine phase 3 trial.

This is the real Tulsi Gabbard:

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