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The Clot Shot

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Variants are caused by the vaccination, just like our honest experts said many months ago:

In other words, a so-called "leaky vaccine" or a vaccine that lowers the chances of severe illness, but still allows for transmission of a virus, can create conditions that promote the evolution of more virulent pathogens.

For further reading here is a 2015 NIH-funded study that found "imperfect vaccination can enhance the transmission of highly virulent pathogens.".

The chart entitled "genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus" shows the increase in mutations after the introduction of these leaky vaccines at the beginning of the year.

See the video here - 2 minutes, 17 seconds:

Clear Evidence:

Those who take the Covid-19 “vaccines” are MORE susceptible to the Delta Variant and have a HIGHER risk of severe disease or even death.

This information comes from Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the very mRNA technology used to transmit both the Pfizer and Moderna injections:

" I guess I need to say this again. Delta has an Ro of about 8, about 3x that of the Alpha (ref- CDC). With these leaky vaccines, if we were to have 100% vaccine uptake and perfect mask use we cannot stop the spread of Delta (ref- CDC).

The current vaccines provide about 50-60% efficacy in protection from infection. They are not fully protective.

if you are vaccinated and become infected (“breakthrough”), the virus will replicate at the same or higher levels than if you were unvaccinated and then become infected.

if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of transmitting virus to someone else is quite high – remember, the Ro measures how likely you are to transmit the virus.

if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of developing severe disease or dying is better than if you were not vaccinated and then become infected with Delta.

Therefore, if you are vaccinated and then become infected, you MAY have a higher risk of becoming a “superspreader” because you are less likely to show disease. This has not been measured, but it should be."

Fact! The White House is not requiring vaccinations for it's staff:

Doesn't this tell you something?

The latest data still shows a far lower fatality rate for India compared with U.S. and Europe but their vaccination rate is quite a bit higher. It ranged from about 8% to about 20% (people who have received at least on shot) during their big death peak in April through July.

Long Covid is due to damage from the micro-clotting.

They discovered that clotting markers were significantly elevated in the blood of patients with Long COVID syndrome compared with healthy controls. These clotting markers were higher in patients who required hospitalization with their initial COVID-19 infection, but they also found that even those who were able to manage their illness at home still had persistently high clotting markers.

The researchers observed that higher clotting was directly related to other symptoms of Long COVID syndrome, such as reduced physical fitness and fatigue. Even though markers of inflammation had all returned to normal levels, this increased clotting potential was still present in Long COVID patients.

"Because clotting markers were elevated while inflammation markers had returned to normal, our results suggest that the clotting system may be involved in the root cause of Long COVID syndrome," said Dr Helen Fogarty, the study's lead author, ICAT Fellow and PhD student at the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology in the RCSI School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences.

10 risks the jabbed present to everyone else:

  1. They carry the same viral load as the unjabbed so there is only equivalence instead of health advantage.

  2. They can catch and spread the same as the unjabbed.

  3. With "reduced symptoms", a feature of the jabs, they may be highly infectious and not realize.

  4. They are inadvertently facilitating divide and conquer social norms and medical apartheid.

  5. Their complicity and compliance is enabling government corruption and authoritarianism.

  6. Their steadily weakening immune systems, ADE symptoms and micro-clotting pose a risk to supply chains, critical worker roles and healthcare systems through spontaneous illness and work absence.

  7. Blood banks and other critical donor programs will be greatly compromised.

  8. They may be 'shedding' spike proteins.

  9. They are collectively producing new mutating variants among the population.

  10. They will make the global situation increasingly worse for all by queueing up for additional boosters.

The nation’s former border chief reported today that the Biden administration has placed some 40,000 illegal immigrants infected with the coronavirus into American cities.

“At least — that’s conservative,”

Former acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan estimated that about 270,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the United States since President Joe Biden took office and signaled to Latin America that the border is open again, as it was under former President Barack Obama.

“We know that everybody being released, they’re not being tested. We know that,”

“Let me give you another fact: 32 CBP personnel have died from COVID in the line of duty, nine in the United States Border Patrol, since the pandemic,” he said. What’s more, thousands have been pulled out of service because of their illnesses from handling migrants with the virus.

Let me see if I understand this...

DHS is spreading disease carriers throughout the US


DHS is mandating all their employees to take an experimental injection against the same disease they are spreading.

In what logical world does this make any sense?

Infant IQ way down during lockdowns

A new study has found that the IQ for children born during the pandemic is down roughly 22 points, according to the U.K.’s Guardian.

“In the decade preceding the pandemic, the mean IQ score on standardized tests for children aged between three months and three years of age hovered around 100, but for children born during the pandemic that number tumbled to 78, according to the analysis, which is yet to be peer-reviewed,” the Guardian reported.

“It’s not subtle by any stretch,” said Sean Deoni, associate professor of pediatrics research at Brown University and lead study author. “You don’t typically see things like that, outside of major cognitive disorders.”

For a frame of reference, the IQ threshold for people with intellectual disabilities is between 70 to 75 points.

“We find that children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic,” the study found.

“Overall, we find that measured verbal, non-verbal, and overall cognitive scores are significantly lower since the beginning of the pandemic,” the study reads.

“Looking further, we find that children born before the pandemic and followed through the initial stages do not show a reduction in skills or performance, but rather that young infants born since the beginning of the pandemic show significantly lower performance than infants born before January 2019. Thus, our results seem to suggest that early development is impaired by the environmental conditions brought on by the pandemic.”

Ivermectin Review:

Can't prove the source but it sounds quite real to me:

Evading the Clot Shot:

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