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The Big Lie

The Big Lie...

Sounds very plausible:

New Report states COVID-19 was created in a laboratory by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and fine-tuned as a bioweapon.

The following information was provided by a source inside China who has knowledge of the circumstances and has been vetted by The Gateway Pundit.

"It was specifically designed to be highly contagious, but often asymptomatic, have low lethality, but produce uncontrollable variants and possessing characteristics providing plausible deniability as a bioweapon.

According to Chinese military doctrine, such bioweapons are used prior to a declaration of war for political or international strategic needs, where the use of which can be denied. The intent (underlined) being:

Even if the academic evidence, virological evidence and animal experiment data could possibly prove (that the virus comes from lab), we can just deny it, stop (investigation), suppress (scholars), make sure the international organizations and honest people’s work is futile.”

A fully formed sample of COVID-19 was ready for testing in early 2019, while a parallel vaccine program was underway.

Scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology were chosen to participate in non-human primate (monkeys) transmission testing, simulated coronavirus release and response exercises such as at Wuhan’s Tianhe airport in September 2019 and an actual test release of COVID-19 at the 2019 Military World Games from October 18–27, 2019.

The source mentioned special health screenings at the Military Games, perhaps as a means of monitoring the results of a small, short-term test release of COVID-19.

A statement allegedly made by a Chinese People’s Liberation Army officer at the time was “Let the white pigs have some.”

The release of COVID-19 at the Military World Games was also a test of the longer term effects of that type of bioweapon because foreign visitors to the Games would carry it back to their own countries and the consequences could be observed. Because COVID-19 was designed for plausible deniability, infections could not be easily traced back to China and it could also be attributed to a natural origin.

The source explained that the subsequent outbreak in Wuhan was entirely unexpected. That is, there was no laboratory leak, but the unintended spread among the Chinese population of Wuhan of a virus for which they had underestimated its transmissibility.

Beijing learned about the silent spreading of COVID-19 by the beginning of December, but kept it quiet and allowed international flights from Wuhan to continue.

The source speculated about the COVID-19 test release and why the Wuhan outbreak was then leveraged by the Chinese Communist Party. COVID-19 was meant to hit United States, its allies and the whole western world because of China’s economic problems and the trade war being conducted by President Trump. The effects of a pandemic might cause Trump to lose the election.

If the U.S. military was disrupted by COVID-19, further pressure could be applied to Taiwan, perhaps even invasion, and the uprisings in Hong Kong could be suppressed under the guise of public health measures."

The World Rebels against Covid Tyranny

A figure of 160,000 people in France is currently circulating on the government propaganda media. In reality, it is well over 2 million people with more than 200 gatherings (even in villages) all over the country.

Thousands of angry Australians swarmed the streets of Sydney and Melbourne to protest the current month-long lockdown.

Thousands of Irish people have also had it. Marchers in Dublin and Belfast let their voices be heard after lawmakers passed legislation stating that only vaccinated and COVID-free people could dine and drink indoors.

Italy’s leaders passed a law stating that Italian citizens must present a “green pass” to enter a restaurant, theater, museum, indoor swimming pool, or sports stadium. The pass signifies that the holder has either gotten the vax, had a recent negative COVID test, or had the Chinese virus already. Italians aren’t having it and are protesting across their country.

Thousands in England poured into the streets of London and Manchester after Boris Johnson stated that one would need a vaccine passport to enter a nightclub.

Revolver Reports: Capitol Scheme in Michigan seems to have the same playbook as 1/6 Capitol Scheme...

Just months prior to the U.S. Capitol Siege on 1/6, the FBI thwarted a similar plot involving a siege at the Michigan State Capitol, whose plotters belong to one of the three main militia groups associated with 1/6. The FBI was able to thwart this on the basis of an astonishing infiltration rate of said groups involving undercover operatives and informants who had been working in such capacity, just in one tiny Michigan network, for more than seven months. They were so well-infiltrated that they already had three informants embedded in this random Three Percenter network before any plot was even hatched. Furthermore, just days after the plot was foiled, FBI director Christopher Wray quietly promoted the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Michigan Plot operation to a coveted D.C. field post, where he now oversees the investigation into 1/6. The Special Agent in Charge is who establishes, extends, renews and supervises all FBI undercover operations.

In the Michigan plot FBI infiltrators comprised, at the very least, 26 percent of the plotters. That is, at least five FBI operatives have been disclosed, against just 14 suspects indicted.

A look at the annotated indictment reveals that at every level of the plot, FBI operatives played the most important leadership roles:

-The plot’s “explosives expert,” who the plotters were accused of planning to buy bombs from, turned out to be an FBI agent.

-The head of transportation for the militia outfit turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.

-The head of security for the militia outfit turned out to be an undercover FBI informant.

-At least two undercover FBI informants were active participants in the initial June 6, 2020 meeting in which the plot to storm Capitol buildings was allegedly hatched — meaning at least three FBI informants infiltrated before the conspiracy even started.

In one of the plot’s climactic scenes, in the main van driving up to look at Governor Whitmer’s vacation home, three out of the five people in the van — 60 percent of the plot’s senior leaders — were federal agents and informants:

The head of the FBI field office in Detroit, Steven D’Antuono, who oversaw the infiltration (and incitement?) operation into the Michigan plot was quickly and quietly promoted to lead the coveted Washington, DC field office. Steven D’Antuono is one of the key figures overseeing the investigation into the 1/6 Capitol Siege.

The January 6th Political Prisoners are being Horribly Abused:

Since January, at least 535 people have been arrested, including 165 who have been charged with assaulting, resisting or interfering with police.

Ryan Samsel was leading the charge against Capitol Hill Police on January 6 protests.

Samsel pushed the flimsy bike racks and stormed the US Capitol. Samsel reportedly injured a female police officer. Since his arrest, Ryan Samsel has been held in Washington DC. On March 21, he was awakened by correctional officers, his hands zip-tied, then walked to an unoccupied cell and brutally beaten by the officers. Then Ryan Samsel lost an eye in the beating.

This is Ryan Samsel:

Joseph McBride: What I can say about the Jan. 6 protesters who remain incarcerated or detained at this point, is that their constitutional rights and human rights are being violated by the Department of Justice and the Federal Government at this very moment. The law is clear that no type of punishment is appropriate for a detainee. Despite that numerous detainees are being held in solitary confinement for long periods of time. They’re being denied medical care. They’re taking beatings. They’re being denied sleep. They’re being psychologically, emotionally, and physically tortured on a regular basis,

Greg Kelly: Hold on a second. Who’s beating them up?

Joseph McBride: I am alleging that the guards are beating them up. The staff are beating prisoners on a regular basis and have been doing so for a long time. This is no exaggeration.

Greg Kelly: Was your client Richard Barnett beaten up by staff?

Joseph McBride: He absolutely was. He was beaten. He was dragged. He was hog-tied. One time his pants dropped below his ankles exposing his private parts while he was taking a beating in front of a female officer. And he had to beg and plead to pull his pants up.

More evidence the vaccination has the opposite effect... actually increasing COVID vulnerability...

PCR Fraud:

Cheating Rules for PCR guarantee false positives for everyone but the vaccinated.

This from the CDC seems to imply that the COVID test cannot distinguish between flu and COVID:

After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only. ... CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season.

The Epitome of Irony...

The Variants: Data from Oregon show 9 current "Variants of Concern" and that doesn't even include lambda... See any end to this game?

Now this is freaky:

Weird: Videos: The “President Of The United States” Spoke About Drinking Baby Blood Twice In One Day. Denied it. Obsessed much Joe?

Videos are here:

He may not drink their blood but he certainly sniffs kids, and nibbles on his wife's finger in public while she was speaking at a podiuim at a campaign stop... Here is a massive collection of short video links of the creep...

A potentially useful sign to print:

Another approach for those being pressured to vaccinate in the workplace:

To learn about your options go to America's Frontline Doctors here:

"We want you to be armed with resources to advocate for yourself and your loved ones."

At this link they have templates and solid legal analysis and information for you. They also provide opportunities to join in law suits and get legal help.

Hmmm... Isn't it strange...

A little light humor....

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