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The Battle Ongoing

Attorney Sidney Powell filed a lawsuit in federal court on Dec. 2, alleging that at least 400,000 illegal ballots were counted in Arizona’s general election, and that Dominion Voting Systems software created security risks and statistical anomalies in the election results.

The 53-page complaint, filed by former federal prosecutor Powell on behalf of the state’s 11 GOP electors and others, alleges software manipulation and other fraud in the state “as set forth in the affidavits of eyewitnesses and the voter data cited” that violates the U.S. Constitution and Arizona’s own election laws.

“The multifaceted schemes and artifices implemented by Defendants and their collaborators to defraud resulted in the unlawful counting, or fabrication, of hundreds of thousands of illegal, ineligible, duplicate or purely fictitious ballots in the State of Arizona,” the lawsuit states.

These “collectively add up to multiples of Biden’s purported lead in the State of 10,457 votes,” it argued, pointing to what is alleged to be at least 412,000 “illegally cast ballots.”

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs are listed as defendants in the lawsuit.

President Donald Trump late Wednesday filed a lawsuit against election officials and leaders in Wisconsin, alleging “unlawful and unconstitutional” acts and asking the court to forward the matter to the state legislature.

The suit (pdf), filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Division, focuses on “unlawful and unconstitutional acts by Wisconsin public officials,” the Trump campaign said. Defendants in the suit include the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), the Mayors of Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Green Bay, and Racine, other election officials, Secretary of State Douglas La Follette and Gov. Tony Evers.

The suit is asking the court to declare a number of alleged “constitutional violations by defendants” and send the matter to the Wisconsin Legislature for appropriate relief pursuant to Article II, Section 1.2, ahead of the Electoral College vote.

“The U.S. Constitution makes the state legislature the final decision-makers on how to address constitutional violations involving a presidential election, and textually grants them the authority to select delegates to the Electoral College,” the Trump campaign added in announcing the suit.

Georgia Appeals Court agrees to Expedite case for Sidney Powell.

A federal appeals court agreed on Wednesday to expedite the appeal in a case brought by lawyer Sidney Powell against election officials in Georgia.

A judge on Sunday blocked election officials from wiping or altering Dominion Voting Systems machines in three counties, but Powell was seeking a statewide order, prompting her to seek an emergency appeal from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

The appeals court on Dec. 2 granted the emergency appeal, ordering plaintiffs to file their initial brief by midnight and defendants to file their response by midnight on Dec. 4. Plaintiffs can file a response to the response by midnight on Dec. 6.

Powell is representing about a dozen voters who argue there was a fraudulent scheme to manipulate the vote count to make sure Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won Georgia.

Powell is seeking to have outside experts examine Dominion machines. Georgia election officials are attempting to prevent that from happening.

#Election 2020 results From a DOJ spokesperson: “Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated. The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible.

Retweeted by Trump:

Without 1 shred of actual evidence that DonaldTrump did anything wrong, the DOJ went ballistic on him. Did a Normandy invasion on Roger Stone. Collected every byte of data from anyone associated. Now 100's of witnesses detailing vote fraud, & DOJ sees nothing. get it?

Some current analysis:

  1. Looks like they're asking for the following two things: 1st - an immediate injunction on the crooked PA Governor Wolf & SOS Bookhvar to stop them from certifying the PA election. 2nd - review (certiorari) of the constitutional issues arising from the decision to hoodwink the PA legislature, on late counting of ballots/no signature requirements. That will be before the whole court, if granted. They've asked for that decision to be made ASAP.

  2. Note - they've specifically included reference to the rogue & corrupt PASC. You will recall that the PA Supreme Court (PASC) nixed a judgment in favour of Parnell/Kelly, without a hearing. Disgraceful, in every way. And you know what is best of all?

  3. The application is made to Justice Alito. The same Justice Alito who made an emergency Order a few days ago that the count of mail-in ballots be stopped & separation of those received after Nov 3. Which, of course, in their panic the scumbag Dems ignored.

  4. If I am reading this right, Justice Alito will grant the injunction. Not just that, he may well give the Dems & PASC an almighty ass-kicking as well. As for the certiorari application, I think a full SCOTUS court will hear it for sure. It's bread and butter stuff for SCOTUS. There are clear US Constitutional issues raised by what the craven Dems did, when they hoodwinked the PA legislature just before the election.

  5. Most of these SCOTUS judges will already know that the PA Dems have right royally screwed up. But what is clever about the application is that it doesn't ask SCOTUS to rule at all on the election. Just to focus on the Constitution. So I think that they will hear it and issue judgment within days.

  6. You know what else I think? They will rule in favor of Parnell/Kelly NINE- ZIP. The stakes couldn't be higher. If Parnell/Kelly win at SCOTUS, Biden has no path forward in PA. I can't see how the election could be certified , let alone how the GOP legislature will be able to choose electors. If PA falls, so will the other dodgy States.

  7. And they will fall because the Democratic Crime Syndicate panicked in the early hours of Nov 4. They EXPOSED THEMSELVES. And I don't mean in a Jeffrey Epstein way, either. If SCOTUS rules in favor of Parnell/Kelly, it will be extra sweet because the Dems will have been hoisted on their own petards. And if PA falls, no amount of liberal tears will prevent the unraveling of this horrific crime, that will surely follow. And what a wonderful way to end 2020 that will be.

The #Wisconsin Supreme Court has ordered GovEvers to respond to President

DonaldTrump/TeamTrump's lawsuit filed this morning, claiming abuse of absentee voting and illegal activity that affected roughly 220,000 ballots.

Postal subcontractor Nathan Pease says that he was told by two separate postal workers on two separate occasions that the USPS in Wisconsin was gathering over 100,000 ballots on the morning of November 4 to backdate the ballots so that the ballots would be counted even if they arrived after the statutory deadline.

“Mr. Pease’s sworn statement coincides in time with a dramatic ballot dump on the morning of November 5 which heavily favored Mr. Biden and which has caused significant controversy within the expert community regarding the statistical probability of the late insertion of tens of thousands of ballots in favor of a single candidate on the morning after the election,” Amistad Project said in a statement.

Nathan Pease told Sean, “I couldn’t go to my grave knowing what I knew.”

Is this a fluke or something more?

Dominion Voting was searched using Panjiya which is a service that collects logistic information world wide.

Note what categories that were listed as shipped:

Nuclear? Have they shipped anything that would generate such a classification?

Shipped a voting machine from Syria by way of Korea? That seems to be the long way around... The trip that way is about 3,000 miles longer.

Given what Dominion has been trying to do (execute a coup in America using voting technology) I wouldn't put anything past them.

What happened in Bush Gore? There are many parallels:

"Most of the post-electoral controversy revolved around Gore's request for hand recounts in four counties (Broward, Miami Dade, Palm Beach, and Volusia), as provided under Florida state law. Harris, who also co-chaired Bush's Florida campaign, announced she would reject any revised totals from those counties if they were not turned in by 5 p.m. on November 14, the statutory deadline for amended returns. The Florida Supreme Court extended the deadline to November 26, a decision later vacated by the U.S. Supreme Court. Miami-Dade eventually halted its recount and resubmitted its original total to the state canvassing board, while Palm Beach County failed to meet the extended deadline, turning in its completed recount results at 7 p.m., which Harris rejected. On November 26, the state canvassing board certified Bush as the winner of Florida's electors by 537 votes. Gore formally contested the certified results. A state court decision overruling Gore was reversed by the Florida Supreme Court, which ordered a recount of over 70,000 ballots previously rejected as undervotes by machine counters. The U.S. Supreme Court halted that order the next day, with Justice Scalia issuing a concurring opinion that "the counting of votes that are of questionable legality does in my view threaten irreparable harm to petitioner" (Bush).[48]

On December 12, the Supreme Court ruled in a per curiam decision (asserted as a 7–2 vote) that the Florida Supreme Court's ruling requiring a statewide recount of ballots was unconstitutional on equal protection grounds, and in a 5–4 vote reversed and remanded the case to the Florida Supreme Court for modification before the optional "safe harbor" deadline, which the Supreme Court argued that Florida court had said the state intended to meet. With only two hours remaining until the December 12 deadline, the Supreme Court's order effectively ended the recount, and the previously certified total held.

Even if the Supreme Court had decided differently in Bush v. Gore, the Florida Legislature had been meeting in Special Session since December 8 with the purpose of selecting of a slate of electors on December 12 should the dispute still be ongoing.[49][50] Had the recount gone forward, it would have awarded those electors to Bush, based on the state-certified vote, and Gore's likely last recourse would have been to contest the electors in the United States Congress. The electors would then have been rejected only if both houses agreed to do so.[51]"


Perhaps the proper term for the Covid overreaction is Mass Hysteria:

The Democrat Legal Playbook Found?

This is an amazingly detailed study that seems to predict in detail what is going on right now legally. It was published in September of 2019 an dit reads like a playbook for the Democrats. It is chillingly prescient. It makes predictions all the way to past the inauguration. It's a long read but you may find it useful:

Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management

54 Pages Posted: 3 Sep 2019 Last revised: 5 Mar 2020

Edward B. Foley Ohio State University (OSU) - Michael E. Moritz College of Law

Date Written: August 31, 2019

Abstract Congress could face a disputed presidential election triggered, not necessarily by foreign interference, but by the ballots counted after Election Night that cause the initial apparent winner to fall behind. If Congress receives conflicting submissions of electoral votes from the same state, the existing statutory and constitutional provisions for handling this conflict are ambiguous and vulnerable to partisan posturing. Bicameral deadlock, in which the Senate claims one presidential winner while the House claims the other, would resemble the disputed Hayes-Tilden election of 1876 in a way that Bush v. Gore in 2000 did not. This kind of bicameral deadlock, if it lasted until noon on January 20, 2021, would cause serious difficulties in the capacity of the nation to transition from one presidential term to the next pursuant to the rule of law. It is in the nation's best interest to confront this vulnerability now, in order to be in the best possible position to handle this kind of situation if it should arise.

Keywords: Twelfth Amendment, Electoral Count Act, Safe Harbor, recount, inauguration, transition of power

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Alternative version of the same document with slight changes:

This was posted by Q on the 21st of January 2018:

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