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That leaves the military.

The Court has failed. Justice Thomas strongly dissents and repeatedly calls their decision "baffling":

JUST IN - U.S. Supreme Court refuses to review #Pennsylvania election cases. No standing before an election, moot after. Justices Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas dissent from the denial.

It was their fault! How Biden and his people froze Texans:

Only part of Texas was granted emergency declaration. "President" Biden refused to provide disaster relief for all 177 counties. The White House and FEMA offered no explanation for withholding the major disaster declaration from the rest of Texas.

Furthermore, Biden’s administration didn’t allow Texas power plants to operate at 100% capacity during the polar vortex resulting in massive power outages.

Biden’s DOE refused Governor Abbott’s request and instead offered to allow certain power generation facilities a waiver if they raised the prices they charged to Texans to more than $1,500/MWh resulting in massive statewide power outages and a failure of the grid.

The truth is that the federal government controls how Texas generates electricity – the mix of sources and the capacity of each. The DOE requires that Texas’ fossil fuel power generators operate far below their maximum output.

Gov. Abbott knew that if the EPA would allow our natural gas and coal power plants to operate at peak efficiency they could meet 110% of the demand the state faced last week. The EPA refused.

Sadly, Biden’s acting EPA chief, David Huizenga, is not an expert at power generation but instead an expert with nuclear waste management. When Gov. Abbott received the EPA’s refusal he knew Texas was in trouble and there was nothing he could do about it.

To put the DOE’s actions in context their demand that generators sell their additional capacity at $1500/MWh is like telling gas stations they can sell gas to consumers at $1500/gallon – it was a price so high it was basically saying, “no, you can’t increase capacity”

While Texas lost much of our renewable supply (wind and solar) Texas natural gas and coal are required to operate at 60% capacity to reduce emissions. They CAN operate at 100% if they get a waiver from the federal government as Abbott requested but Biden refused.

Coca Cola tells its employees to "Be Less White".

A whistleblower leaked shocking images of Coca-Cola’s online training modules instructing employees to “try to be less white.”

“Confronting Racism: Understanding what it means to be white, challenging what it means to be racist”

“Try to be less white”

To be less white is to:

  • Be less oppressive

  • Be less arrogant

  • Be less certain

  • Be less defensive

  • Be less arrogant

  • Be more humble

  • Listen

  • Believe

  • Break with apathy

  • Break with white solidarity

This has got to be one of the most racist things I have ever heard!

Apparently to be less white you need to be really submissive. This really is about dominance of and submission to the elites.

1-800-438-2653 (1-800-GET-COKE) if you want to tell them what you think about it.

27 years ago....

This happened almost exactly 27 years ago. Does any of this sound familiar?

"Saying Philadelphia's election system had collapsed under "a massive scheme" by a Democratic candidate to steal a state Senate election in November, a federal judge took the rare step of invalidating the election and ordered the seat filled by the Republican candidate." "Substantial evidence was presented establishing massive absentee ballot fraud, deception, intimidation, harassment and forgery."

"Democrats on the three-member Board of Elections, elected body, testified that they were aware of the voter fraud, had intentionally failed to enforce the election law, and had later tried to conceal their activities by hurriedly certifying the Democratic candidate as the winner." "The election was crucial because the party that won the seat also won control of the 50-member state Senate." (Remember what happened in Georgia?)

In this case, Democrats stole an election from the Republicans, giving them control of the Senate. But once the fraud was proven, the judge ordered the rightful winner be reinstated within 72 hours. Keep all this in mind when considering the ongoing SCOTUS cases. It's never too late to overturn an election if you have the evidence to prove the steal.

FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING. As Mike Lindell once said, "There's no statute of limitations on the biggest crime in history". Especially if the military is involved.

Florida's governor setting an example:

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is proposing new measures in election security, including the banning of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

If the Republican party has any sense, they will launch a similar campaign nationwide.

Today, I’m excited to announce new initiatives to ensure that Florida remains a leader on key issues regarding our electoral process, such as ballot integrity, public access to election information, transparency of election reporting and more.

Friends and enemies try to get political capital from Trump:

Trump already has received dozens of requests from prospective candidates seeking to introduce themselves and nab his endorsement, and formal meetings with them could begin as early as March. Now that Trump has survived his second Senate impeachment trial, he has shifted his focus to post-presidential activism — a venture mostly bankrolled by his new leadership PAC, Save America, which had $31 million in its coffers at the start of this month.

After attacking Trump, anti-Trumper Nikki Haley tried to meet with him.

He denied her.

Snake Lindsey Graham is heading to Mar-a-Lago this weekend to spend time with President Donald Trump. The two plan on spending time on the golf course. It wasn’t that long ago that Lindsey Graham stabbed Trump and his supporters in the back. After the US Capitol was stormed on January 6th Graham used the violence as an excuse to fold on President Trump. The violence had nothing to do with election fraud. Graham pretended it did. Graham is the latest Republican to visit Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the No. 2 House Republican, met privately with Trump there on Tuesday, the day before Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell vowed never to do so.

The Nelson County Republican Party wrote Senator Mitch McConnell on Tuesday demanding he immediately resign from his leadership position with the Republican Party’s caucus in the United States Senate. This comes after McConnell’s comments on Saturday and an explosive editorial in the Wall Street Journal viciously attacking and smearing President Donald Trump. Nelson County Chairman Don Thrasher pointed out McConnell’s “complete and total disdain for the will of your constituents” for the reason for the letter.

Heads up! The slime balls who sold out Trump are trying to raise money using his name.

The Republican pond scum that inhabits Washington, DC, especially the jelly-fish squirming around the U.S. Senate, genuinely believes most Americans are gullible fools and can easily be duped to give money to the very people who betrayed Donald Trump and the 75 million-plus who voted for him.

Talk about Chutzpah. The same crew that abandoned Donald Trump on January 6 is using his name to raise money.

Example: TRUMP HAS BROKEN HIS SILENCE!We need 1,000 patriots to STAND WITH TRUMP before midnight tonight!If you are a proud Trump Supporter, then now is the time!

Democrats have tried to convict Trump through two sham impeachment trials.

And now that they have failed, the Far Left’s new priority will be to go erase every achievement President Trump and Republicans achieved over the last four years.

Thank you,


The NRSC is essentially Mitch McConnell, but he's not the only one. I have gotten fund raiser messages from Rubio and Nikki Haley as well. To heck with them.

More Terrorist ties to the Capitol Assault:

President Erdogan of Turkey claims that a separatist Syrian branch of the YPG / PYD (a designated TERROR org in Syria) have connections with some of the people who were involved in the events of January 6th and 'raiding' Congress.

"Those who lead the abominable action against the American Congress have revealed their connections with the separatist Syrian branch of the YPG / PYD. With this attack, it was once again understood that terrorism is the enemy of democracy as well as humanity."

Reminder that a member of Antifa was recently arrested who was involved in the CHOP/CHAZ in Seattle has FOUGHT with YPG:

"He is a former US Army airborne who went AWOL before his deployment to Iraq. Following this he remained homeless and unemployed in Tallahassee. Baker was featured in

Vice's documentary presenting himself as a sniper. On return he planned to kill Turkish pilots training in the US ... Baker traveled to #Seattle where he participated in the CHAZ/CHOP events."

So we had literal TERROR groups involved in sieging Congress who are now only arresting "white supremacists." Antifa has members who have connections to this group. Something stinks. Sounds like the YPG is on the Democrat's payroll.

Remember when Biden advised people to get a double barrel shotgun?

Well here it is songified every expertly for your entertainment and amusement:

Biden et al cancel operation that targets illegals committing sex crimes.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody (R) stated that there is “no reason” for President Joe Biden’s cancellation of Operation Talon, an operation that targets sex offenders in the U.S. illegally.

Moody said, “We rely on the federal government to assist our local and state law enforcement and remove those that are lurking in our communities that are sexual predators and that are preying on our most vulnerable. And so, to have an administration, Joe Biden, cancel an operation that is focusing on sexual offenders in our country, as the attorney general of Florida certainly, but as a mother, it’s horrifying.”

Co-host Jedediah Bila then asked, “Is there any reason you can see for why this operation would be removed or what the reasoning behind that would be?”

Moody responded, “Absolutely none. I was a former federal prosecutor. Effective, targeted operations cross administrations. These operations help agents do their jobs, especially for states like Florida that rely on federal agencies and law enforcement to help them remove these dangerous people from our communities. There is no reason this operation should be canceled.”

New Fake Secretary of Defense cashing in on his position already:

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stands to profit from a new Department of Defense contract with arms contractor Raytheon, even after he promised to divest from Raytheon holdings he acquired as a civilian.

A new $49 million contract was awarded to Raytheon last week, just weeks after the company’s former board member Lloyd Austin was confirmed as the new Secretary of Defense. The contract is for engines for VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft.

As of 2020, his disclosed Raytheon stock and compensation holdings amount to more than $1.4 million, and it’s likely he’ll sell his Raytheon shares at an inflated price due to the latest contract while in office as Secretary of Defense.

17 again from the Space Force!

Note there are actually 15 in the picture...

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