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Taboos, Mass Murder and Casus Belli.

Years ago when I was growing up, mass murder was something long ago and far away:

There were mass murders between African tribes who were culturally and physically far removed from my American culture.

Hitler's Germany rounding up Jews and exterminating them was something on the other side of the world, and far removed in time. Nazis were just humorous villains in Hogan's Heroes or convenient bad guys for movies that nobody took seriously. Real Nazis had been defeated in WW2 and the only Nazis were just wannabe Nazi bikers.

Mass murderers like that done by the Manson family were considered to be the acts of the insane and were dealt with on a psychiatric and medical basis under the control of law enforcement.

Previously the massive murders that occurred in organized warfare were under some sort of rules: The Geneva Convention that required humane treatment of prisoners, no intentional targeting of civilians, and limitations on the use of indiscriminate weapons like white phosphorous etc.. Women were very limited in combat and used in a limited way as nurses. War was done but in a "civilized" way with rules and social and legal consequences for breaking the rules.

Mass murder was taboo. Enjoying mass murder was even more taboo.

Now all of a sudden we discover that mass murder is normalized. This taboo, like so many other civilized cultural taboos, is gone.


Fauci and his financial beneficiaries literally created a biological weapon that was loosed upon the world. Whether by accident or by convenient purpose, it killed millions. Fauci and his people in the medical industry knowingly pushed a dangerous vaccine that they knew to be neither safe not effective. The data now show that they knew that the covid shot didn't even give benefit to the elderly.

They knew it. They profited. They actively pushed what was cloaked in big medicine, but was actually known to be an instrument of mass murder. As seen on their videos - they were clearly even happy about it.

The perpetrators still walk free and with massive profits. A large fraction of the American public seems ok with this.

Mass murder was normalized, done with impunity and profitable. The trust in the medical establishment was sold.

What changed?

It became profitable to destroy a taboo.

This isn't the first time. Let's look back in history:

Reichstag Fire:

Hitler's thugs set the German Parlliament (the Reichtag) on fire and blamed it on the Communists. They then used this as a Casus Belli to unleash a reign of terror that ultimately led to World War 2.

The taboo against knowingly blaming the innocent was gone.

Pearl Harbor:

We now know that America's entry into WW2 by the Pearl Harbor was orchestrated by American politicians to create a Casus Belli. The attack on Pearl Harbor was made so much more terrible by political power brokers actively choosing to keep the warships in harbor, knowing the attack was coming.

That was treason and mass murder.

In the war that followed that treason was overlooked, and the perpetrators were never charged in a court of law or even publicly reviled until long after their deaths. War industry hugely profited. The Jews of Europe were rescued. Hitler was stopped. It was a "good" war. There was no shame.

Distracted by the war, Americans were kept in the dark, news media were silent, and Americans ignorantly accepted this. After the war it was "old news" and further ignored.

Mass murder of our own sailors by our own government through public ignorance at the time was normalized.

The taboo against killing our own servicemen and women was destroyed.


Today we see the Israelis do the same thing:

We know that the Israeli government was warned that Hamas was about to make an attack. They stood down by order from the highest levels for 7 hours. They allowed the carnage on Israelis and thus had their Casus Belli to commit mass murder, and seizure of oil and gas and real estate assets.

That was treason against the Israeli people. Innocents were knowingly sacrificed. Like Pearl Harbor it is being ignored in the heat of battle.

We see the Israelis making numerous videos gleefully blowing up buildings, engaging in ethnic cleansing aka genocide, and publicly calling for mass murder as a biblical birthright. A large fraction of the American public seems ok with this.

Where did the taboo against gleeful mass murder go?


Was flying the airplanes into the two towers known ahead of time by intelligence agencies? The full role of government operatives is not clear. There are many bits of evidence that Israelis and Muslim entities knew ahead of time. There are the "Dancing Israelis" and the Israeli art students in the two towers, and numerous other stories that demonstrate that. To what extent our own intelligence agencies were involved is unknown.

One thing that is clear is that they should have known, and through incompetence or evil intent: They allowed it to happen.

Who benefitted? Israel who was threatened by Islamic forces suddenly had a huge ally in the war against Islam. Our own intelligence agencies suddenly became far more powerful and well funded. The Patriot Act gave the American government new powers of control over American citizens and stripped them of many of their Bill of Rights protections.

Did this approach - to instigate trouble - allow it to happen - profit from it - become a standard operating procedure? Had it been one used by intelligence agencies since before Pearl Harbor?


A kidnapping plot against Governor Whitmer of Michigan was planned by law enforcement. Law enforcement and media narrated it as an evil plot by American patriot types or insurrection.

We now know from court proceedings that most of the people involved were in fact law enforcement agents, and that the targeted real patriots were in the small minority, and that they were in some cases drugged and mental infirmities were manipulated. The patriot types were ultimately found innocent after the truth came out in court.

The man in the FBI who ran the operation was not punished. He was in fact promoted and was put in charge of the J6 "insurrection". The same playbook was done: Find people who might be pushed to do something against the law, get them to do at least part of it, allow it to happen, get video etc. to fit the incriminating narrative, and use that as a Casus Belli.

In this case the Casus Belli was against the American patriots as a whole - arresting over a thousand who were peacefully and legally protesting and still arresting patriots three years later. The effect was to intimidate and remove the right to dissent for hundreds of thousands of patriots.

Protestors at the Capitol were physically attacked with weapons resulting in some deaths by patriots. There were hundreds of fake MAGA dressed officers inside the Capitol building before the doors were even opened. Police welcomed the patriots through open doors. Patriots were respectful of the officers and even tried to help them keep the peace. The evidence is overwhelming that the protest was peaceful and law biding but terribly provoked.

After Pelosi et al withheld the evidence for years the video tapes and other evidence were released to the public and it is now public knowledge: The whole thing was a setup to get a legal Casus Belli to arrest patriots. They specifically targeted patriots who were willing to come from across the country to protest - those who cared enough to act to challenge the election.

Blatantly and shamelessly stealing the America election was not an end in itself. It was a way to prod people into doing something that could be steamrolled into a Casus Belli. Patriots across the country were the targets from the start.

This is similar to the sanctions/blockade of the Japanese that prodded them into the attack on Pearl Harbor. The sanctions against Japanese were not an end in itself, but a way to get America into WW2.

Prodding the Palestinians into violence was not an end in itself. It was a means to get a Casus Belli.

A Casus Belli is a license to commit mass murder or committ other crimes that would normally be taboo.

Similar things have happened with race and gender as the Casus Belli.

Typical script: Some act of violence happens to some person of a selected grievance group by chance or by design. The victim is conferred sainthood. A Casus Belli is created to justify a riot and a political movement. Corporations, media, and other organizations are blackmailed into donations and supporting the narrative. The police departments are disempowered, defunded, and undergo cleansing. Who benefits? Organized crime. Democrats. Grievance groups.

A similar thing also happens with lawfare. They find some person who says (either by design or by mental illness or by payola) that Trump or some other target has raped them or done something else that is abhorrent, and then they launch a lawsuit for the poor aggrieved person. Once again it is a situation where they take advantage of some situation as a legal Casus Belli.

The war by the Deep State has been "justified" by a false Casus Belli narrative that Patriots are Domestic Terrorists. Thus the "war on terror" Casus Belli has been turned on America itself.

Contrived Casus Belli are used by the left as their main weapon. Every time the left has an operation this is the first weapon they reach for. This is exactly what we need to recognize and call out.

What is shocking is that it has gone so far. Where are the taboos of humanity against it?

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