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Spook Skulduggery

The United Kingdom, along with the allies, plans to arm Ukraine with thousands of artificial intelligence drones – Bloomberg

One of the features of such drones is that they will be able to swarm and simultaneously attack Russian targets. At the same time, operators will not have to control each individual device.

Soros-Financed Non-Profit Caught in Global Election Interference Scheme — Retired Gen. Wesley Clark Admits Interfering in Elections in Italy, Greece, and Hungary (VIDEO)

Pakistan Election Rigger Confesses

A senior bureaucrat said on Saturday he helped rig Pakistan’s elections, a week after polls marred by allegations of manipulation returned no clear winner.

Liaqat Ali Chattha, commissioner of the garrison city of Rawalpindi, where the country’s powerful military has its headquarters, said he would hand himself over to police.

There have been widespread allegations of rigging after authorities switched off the country’s mobile phone network on election day and the count took more than 24 hours.

The army-backed Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), short of a majority, has announced a partnership with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and a handful of smaller parties to form the next government.

Chattha said he personally supervised rigging of votes in Rawalpindi, before stepping down from his post.

“We converted the losers into winners, reversing margins of 70,000 votes in 13 national assembly seats,” he told reporters.

“For committing such a heinous crime, I will hand myself over to the police,” he said, also implicating the head of the election commission and the country’s top judge.

The election commission rejected Chattha’s allegations, but said in a statement that it would “hold an enquiry”.

Leading advocacy group the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said after Chattha’s announcement that the “involvement of the state bureaucracy in rigging in Pakistan is beginning to be exposed”.

Candidates from the PML-N and PPP claimed most of the seats in Rawalpindi, sweeping aside candidates loyal to jailed former prime minister Imran Khan — the target of a sweeping crackdown.

Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party called nationwide protests against the alleged rigging on Saturday.

A small number of supporters took to the streets in major urban centres, with the largest gathering of around 4,000 people in its stronghold northern city of Peshawar.

In the central city of Lahore, police detained senior party member Salman Akram Raja and around a dozen supporters — surrounding the party headquarters — but said they had all been released by late afternoon.

Senior PTI official Ali Muhammad Khan said after the protests that Chattha’s statement proved his party was cheated.

“We must be returned our mandate,” he told reporters in Islamabad.

PTI defied a months-long crackdown that shattered its campaigning and forced candidates to run as independents, gaining more votes than any other party.

But it has been unwilling to enter a coalition with its opponents, paving the way for PML-N to form the next government.

Burisma paid Atlantic Council the power behind the Ukraine Coup

Surprise Military Threat Survey!

Over 200 service members currently serving in the U.S. military took part in an independent survey conducted by the author last fall. Some of the results were recently published by The Gateway Pundit.

In part of the survey, military members lasered in on the greatest threat to the nation.

When asked whether China’s Xi Jinping, Iran’s Ali Khamanei, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, or America’s Joe Biden was the greatest threat to U.S. freedoms, 91.7 percent—201 of the survey’s 229 participants—named President Joe Biden. Nineteen others named Xi Jinping.'


Iran's Unprecedented Claim to Antarctica

In a surprising turn of events, Iran's Navy Commander announces ownership of Antarctica and unveils plans for a military base. This move raises concerns about global stability and international treaties, sparking reactions from the international community.

In a world where the unexpected often becomes the headline, the latest announcement from Iran's Navy Commander, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, sends ripples through the international community. In a televised broadcast, Irani declared Iran's ownership of Antarctica and unveiled plans to establish a military base at the South Pole. This bold assertion, set against the backdrop of the serene and unclaimed expanse of Antarctica, has not only raised eyebrows but also sparked a flurry of concerns regarding global stability and the adherence to long-standing international treaties.

Antarctica, a continent dedicated to peace and scientific research, finds itself at the heart of a controversial claim by Iran. Irani's declaration of ownership and subsequent plans for a military presence in this icy realm are not just a departure from the norm but a direct challenge to the Antarctic Treaty. This international agreement, signed in 1959, prohibits any form of militarization and ensures that the continent remains a natural reserve, devoted to peace and science. Despite this, Iran's intentions signal a potential shift in the geopolitical landscape, with the South Pole as an unlikely centerpiece.

Per Fox News:

Iran’s Navy commander announced in a televised broadcast last fall that the regime owns Antarctica and will build a military operation in the South Pole.“We have property rights in the South Pole. We have plan to raise our flag there and carry out military and scientific work,” Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said in late September, according to a translation by the Washington D.C.-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Iran’s top Navy Commander announced that Iran owns Antarctica, and the regime plans to build a military base in the South Pole.

In a broadcast last fall, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani stated, “We have property rights in the South Pole. We have a plan to raise our flag there and carry out military and scientific work.”

Iran’s declaration of ownership of Antarctica came around the same time the Biden admin decided to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian funds that were being held in Qatar.

It’s unclear if Iran’s statement was just a blanket threat, considering their action of claiming ownership of Antarctica violates the Antarctic Treaty, which came into force in 1961.

The Antarctic Treaty states, “There can be no military bases or structures of any kind, no military maneuvers and no weapons testing. Military personnel can be used or stationed in Antarctica for science or other peaceful reasons only.”

If you read more closely, they're not saying all agencies can be sued, just ones connected to the fair credit reporting act, as that act waives sovereign immunity.

Rumor has it that they are thinking about boycotting Washington DC too...

The Russia Nukes in Space Narrative that Fizzled

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has a pointed critique, stating, “It was incredibly irresponsible of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Turner to gaslight the country by alleging this ‘national security threat.'”

“The reality we’re being shown is just a facade. Behind it lies a strategy to justify spying on American citizens and frivolously spending their hard-earned money. It’s a classic bait and switch.”

Are we facing a national security threat?

It’s my duty to be honest with you.

Yes. It’s real.

I went to the briefing today in the SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility].

Our President is a dementia patient in charge of our country and the nuclear football, who ripped our border wide open to over 10 million people and counting from over 160 countries around the world and 2 million of them we never caught, however an unknown number of those are in fact terrorists who want to kill you.

Not only that, the administration has empowered the criminal cartels and they not only control most of our southern border, but are also making tens of billions from human and drug trafficking and have expanded their international operations to have a strong foothold inside the United States.

Along with that, the government you trusted with your hard earned tax dollars has enslaved us all in over $34 TRILLION in debt. Communists China owns most of our debt and China makes most of our critical chain supplies, you know like medications that keep many of you alive.

Now the interest rate on that debt is climbing so fast that the annual interest alone is soon to be bigger than our entire defense budget.

Turns out the “smart people” running the federal government have made so many bad decisions with foreign policy, sanctions, and trade that our dollar is under dire threat and soon could no longer be the world’s currency.

This means that your 401K’s, retirement accounts, stock portfolios, and savings could soon be worthless and your government mandated social security account that most of you depend on in retirement could soon be wiped out.

These are just a few of the terrifying top national security threats we face.

However, perhaps the greatest threat is the federal government has become so powerful over the people that it leaks “intelligence” to the press in order to pressure Congress to make certain votes, protect it’s own power to spy on it’s own citizens, maintain power and protect it’s own job security, and most terrifying of all has become weaponized to crush it’s political enemies.

All of this you I’m telling you didn’t come from the SCIF, you already know, and I’m depending on you to help me stop our greatest national security threat, the one from within.

Yes you can cancel drug legalization:

Biden Sues. toProtect those who Knowingly Spread AIDS

FBI FD-1023 Confidential Source in Biden-Burisma Alleged Bribery Scheme Indicted by Hunter Biden Special Counsel

The confidential source, Alexander Smirnov, who made allegations of a Biden family bribery scheme with Burisma memorialized in a FBI Form FD-1023 report that Justice Department whistleblowers gave to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) last year has been indicted by Hunter Biden Special Counsel David Weiss on one count each of making a false statement to the FBI and “creating a false and fictitious record.”

Europe and Voter Fraud -Mike Lindell

Nearly all European countries ban mail-in ballots for in-country voters. They also require voter ID, have same-day elections, hand count the ballots and have the results by 10 pm.


In the 1970s, most European countries loosened their elections to allow unrestricted mail-in ballots and after a couple election cycles, they realized election fraud was rampant and no one trusted the results.

They quickly banned mail-in ballots, reinstated strict voting rules and went back to paper ballots. Today, no one questions their election results.

In fact, recent elections in El Salvador, Argentina and Taiwan ran paper ballot elections and had the results that evening. Funny you don’t hear any accusations of voter fraud. 

We, on the other hand, went the other way.

  • We weakened the election system by illegally changing election laws, deploying drop boxes and expanding hackable voting machines.

  • We inserted a sufficient number of fraudulent ballots to ensure victory for an illegitimate candidate.

  • We manipulated vote tallies with coordinated cyber intrusions.

  • We experienced a coordinated censorship campaign by media, social media and the federal government (see Twitter files).

On February 16, Alexei Navalny, widely known as a Russian opposition politician, died in the colony in Siberia. The official cause of death has not yet been announced, the investigation is ongoing; but the West has already apointed its culprit. 

According to official reports from the colony, the prisoner suddenly felt ill during a walk. Navalny “almost immediately lost consciousness,” medical workers were sent to him, and “an ambulance crew was also called.” The doctors carried out “all the necessary resuscitation measures, which did not give positive results.” The doctors who arrived pronounced him dead. According to preliminary data, the cause of death could be a thrombus.

The infamous politician Navalny was a flamboyant figure widely touted in the West by the MSM as the “main freedom fighter” in Russia. In fact, the oppositionist was imprisoned several times not for his political struggle, but for ordinary financial fraud, non-compliance with court requirements and violations of the criminal code.

Alexey Navalny is dead. 

He reportedly collapsed during the daily walk at his remote prison colony in Siberia. One source suggested it was a blood clot that did him in. Official investigation is still pending — and no matter what it finds, some people will not believe it.

Of course the GAE and its media shriek that "Putin killed him." Which is why I doubt it. He didn't have to. Navalny was not a threat, not now, not ever. He polled in single digits. 

Navalny the character ("fearless anti-corruption blogger and leading opposition activist against Evil Putin!") has always been more useful to the GAE than Navalny the actual human being, with all his unpopular opinions and quirks. And he's by far the most useful as a martyr, safely dead and unable to ruin the Narrative by speaking. 

Cui bono? To ask is to answer.


The historical story of St. George and cunning similarities of today:  Mind you that George was a Roman soldier prosecuted, tortured and executed by beheading for his faith.  

St. George arrived in the city of Silene, Libya. He witnessed a dragon that was causing chaos and devastation. The City council of Silene gave two sheep in sacrifice to satisfy the dragons blood thirst. Soon, the sheep wasn't enough and humans were to be sacrificed by the choosing of the city council. Eventually the city King’s daughter was chosen by this council. 

St. George slayed the dragon with a lance and stopped everyone's suffering from the hands of the city council. The righteous lance and the heart of St. George. Now today, the Russian Army is enarmored with the St. George Ribbon, like it was before when it is time to slay dragons. The righteous lance of St. George will again free the people from Ukro fascist city councils. This is the only way and may St. George be on their side. Amen.

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