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Twitter Crime Scene and More Surprises

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Hannity, John Soloman, Trump's attorney General Bill Barr and Trump's Secretary of State Pompeo ALL HID the HUNTER LAPTOP story!

Even former Trump administration Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was involved in burying the story on Joe Biden, Russia, Ukraine, and Hunter Biden’s laptop — which altered elections and skirted free speech and the law — former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax.

“I had this whole thing – let’s say half of it; certainly enough to prosecute — in 2019,” Giuliani told “Saturday Report,” saying he was waking up every morning thinking about how to reveal it all to Americans, including sharing the information with TV host Sean Hannity, Just the News’ John Solomon, and even Pompeo. “I gave it to Hannity in early 2019, then to John Solomon, then to Mike Pompeo, who also buried it.

“And you should know that now that he’s [Pompeo] running for president — and I will tell you the whole story about that at some point. I’ll write it out.”

Giuliani was former President Donald Trump’s private attorney and was shocked to have learned Justice Department Attorney General Bill Barr had Hunter Biden’s laptop in late 2019.

And then Barr buried it in January of 2020, and I didn’t know that Barr has the hard drive,” Giuliani continued to host Rita Cosby. “He covered up the hard drive.”

From the first allegations of Russian collusion to the Trump campaign to the presidential elections and now the deadly war in Ukraine, Americans could have known the truth in 2019, if they had just listened to Giuliani, he continued.

“I’ve been living with this for 3.5 years when I first put out the information about Biden’s bribery in Ukraine, and I lived through that,” Giuliani said. “I got up every morning from the first moment I got that hard drive, saying to myself, ‘How can I get this to my fellow citizens? Because, you just read a just a little bit of that, you realize the candidate of the Democratic Party was a lifelong criminal, and I mean, there are 50-60 crimes outlined there and I’m not saying that lightly.”

No wonder Trump had so much opposition to getting things done. He was surrounded by traitors. Literal traitors. Criminal dereliction of duty.

Big Change: A super-majority think the election was rigged:

As Seth Keshel noted: “Maricopa County is an illegitimate governing body, most correctly defined as an organized crime ring using massive corruption to conceal its own lawlessness.”

Congratulations to the Biden regime — and to America’s national security state which installed Joe Biden in the White House — for convincing 71% of Americans that our elections are rigged!

It only took six years for the FBI and the CIA and the NSA and DHS to subvert our constitutional republic so publicly that the vast majority of Americans now believe that we live in a techno-fascist oligarchy with a permanent bureaucracy of left-wing activists in charge of the federal government.

That’s a titanic shift in public opinion without parallel in the history of our nation.

-Emerald Robinson

" much as Google will let us..."

Independent proof: The covid vax was dangerous!!

Independent verification of a 7% serious Major harmful Side Effect from the vax.

Rasmussen polled the American people with a simple four question survey and found that my polls were accurate and so was the V-safe data and so was the Israeli Ministry of Health safety report that nobody wants to see.

The Rasmussen poll of 1,000 Americans found that:

• 32% were not vaccinated

• 7% of those surveyed had a major side effect.

A 7% major side effect rate is unprecedented. We know from the V-safe data that this effectively means that the side effect was so bad, they had to seek medical attention. If any drug had that kind of safety profile, it would be immediately pulled from the market. Would you take any drug with that kind of side effect profile? Of course not. It's off the charts! However, because we are told it is a safe and effective vaccine, people do what they are told despite the lack of safety. That's how science works. Note that people who were killed by the vaccine were unable to participate in the survey, so the actual numbers are slightly worse.

Twitter Files 1-5 have been released.

The 5th part of "Twitter Files," finally revealing how Donald Trump was banned (spoiler: activist censors redefined their rules to treat him like Hitler) is now public.

They reveal much of the largest crime in American History (although the covid-19 creation and vaccine do compete for the greatest heist/crime in human history).

The top Safety guy at Twitter:

New data from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reveals Facebook had 20.3 million reported incidents of CSAM, while Pornhub parent MindGeek had only 13,000.

In 2020 the vast majority of online child exploitation reports were found on Facebook, according to new data from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) CyberTipline. The study identified over 20.3 million reported incidents related to child pornography or trafficking (classified as “child sexual abuse material”) on the social media site. By contrast, Google cited 546,704 incidents, Twitter had 65,062, Snapchat reported 144,095, and TikTok found 22,692. Facebook accounted for nearly 95 percent of the 21.7 million reports across all platforms.

The Twitter Files not only expose a plot to subvert federal elections.

Now we finally see the internal communications going on at Twitter, confirming what Conservatives suspected the entire time.

Twitter was nothing more than a Left-wing brainwashing tool, weaponized against Trump, Anons, Conservatives, and anyone who questioned the narrative being set by Twitter, via order of the FBI/DHS/DNC.

Trump never should have been suspended.

This egregious abuse of censorship is setting the stage for the next set of revelations, specifically pertaining to Covid-19.

James Baker was also a GOP Mole...

Spectra? Doesn't that remind you of Spectre from the old James Bond movies? A shadowy criminal globalist organization...

From the Twitter Whistleblower Mudge: Anybody at Twitter could do anything to the information. No security.

Employees were literally working for foreign governments:

Recommended by Musk:

True? Satire but true?

San Francisco harassment:

More lawyer moles:

Wikipedia tries to cover it up.

On December 8th Bari Weiss released a twitter thread on how Twitter practiced 'shadow banning' and 'blacklisting' of certain tweets and users, before Elon Musk's takeover.

So-called 'Twitter files' are assessments of internal documents of the company, carried out by a group of journalists.

Weiss shared screenshots from Twitter's internal censorship tools, which prove what many have been already suspecting.

Several teams of Twitter employees have been working on:

▪️building blacklists

▪️preventing certain tweets or accounts from trending

▪️limiting visibility of certain accounts or even trending topic

The team has routinely put different accounts under 'Trends Blacklist', 'Search Blacklist', 'Do Not Amplify' tags and performed 'VF' - visibility filtering - without user's knowledge.

The special 'SIP-PES' (Site Integrity Policy, Policy Escalation Support) group has worked on high profile and politically sensitive cases.

One of the accounts that fell under the SIP-PES supervision is Libs of TikTok (1.6 M followers). The account has a 'Do Not Take Action on User Without Consulting With SIP-PES' mark.

The list of accounts that suffered from Twitter's shadow banning practices include:

- Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a COVID lockdowns opponent

- Dan Bongino, Fox News host

- Charlie Kirk, a conservative activist, Turning Point USA founder.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Democrats and 'the left' have long refused to acknowledge Twitter's meddling in politics, culture, and health issues, and regarded it as another 'conspiracy theory'. And now 'Twitter files' reveal, that the company has created a platform, that has been restricting and pushing back conservative ideas.

So much for freedom of speech.


One would have thought that, after Elon Musk provided evidence of Twitter's collusion and corruption, there would be consequences. But as Auron MacIntyre explains here, that's due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the sort of people we're dealing with:

Conservatives care more about rules than about victory, which is valuable for building high-trust societies but very bad in our particular moment, when their enemies own every institution that interprets and enforces the rules. Those of a conservative disposition naturally want to believe that the system works and that shared values of honesty and fair play will shame their opponents into correcting their behavior once corruption has been revealed. Unfortunately, this shared moral fabric no longer exists [...] The one thing leftists know above all else is that they have the right to rule.This doesn't map solely onto internal American politics, either. Whichever party is in power, this is the attitude of the Globalist American Empire when it comes to the rest of the world. So the "if we just reveal the truth we will shame the liars and someone will do something and there will be justice" approach — which so many earnest people, including self-described leftists, believe in — doesn't work.

You can't shame the shameless. Which doesn't mean you can't bring them to justice.

SCOTUS Brunson Case Will Help?

Congress was given a chance to investigate the complaint of election irregularities before Jan 6 2021. There was a legal obligation for them to delay certification by 10 days while they investigated this, which 380+ congressmen and senators voted against.

The complaint alleges that this is dereliction of duty and breaking of the oath of their office and since it has election implications, it is also treason. They ask for all these people, including Biden and Harris to be removed / arrested and Trump reinstated.

It would its way through the court system. Scotus clerk called Brunson and gave him an idea as to how to get it to the SC sooner. They seemed to be in a hurry, asking them to file the paperwork immediately.

So here we are.

Excellent speech by JFK and relevant. He warned us exactly about what has captured the US Government.

Listen here:

Hillary: "We came. We saw. He died."

Video short here to play:

Are there good FBI agents? Here are some. Meet the Suspendables.

FBI agents suspended for asking these darn good questions:

Our government was paying the most Nasty and Fake "Fact Checkers":

Attorneys representing the Missouri and Louisiana AGs in their case against the government have uncovered that the State Department was funding fact checkers possibly in the US.

The Gateway Pundit found that Poynter Institute operates Politifact one of the most notorious fact-checkers in the business. The Poynter Institute also brags about teaching classes on ethics. This and all the while the Institute according to Kimmage was being given grants by the US State Department.

🇺🇦💀 American mercenary Robert Werthman sells souvenirs made of bones of Russian soldiers

Mentally ill mercenaries with openly sadistic tendencies are not uncommon in the ranks of the AFU. Previously, we told about the American Ben Velcro, who participated in the torture of a serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces. Now he has found a "worthy comrade".

Journalists of the Latin American publication Global News published a story about the American mercenary Robert Wertman, who sells souvenirs made of the bones of Russian soldiers.

▪️American with Mexican roots, Robert Manuel Martinez Wertman was born in 1995 in California.

▪️ From 2015 to 2019, he served in the U.S. Marine Corps and was deployed to Japan and South Korea.

▪️ Finding no vivid experiences in the U.S. Army, Wertman went to Ukraine, where he joined the AFU Marines and participated in the war in the Donbass.

▪️From February of this year he participated in combat operations with Russia in the Kherson direction.

▪️He first gained notoriety in March, when a photo of him with an SS patch appeared online. The nickname panchito_waffen on Instagram also suggests the ethnic Mexican's Nazi orientation.

▪️ In September, Robert Wertman left Ukraine for a tour of Mexico, but continued to make money from the fighting.

▪️According to Global News reporters, the American is currently selling for $350 the uniform of the slain Russian soldier Ruslan.

▪️In addition, Wertman is offering to buy rings made from the bones of Russian soldiers. According to him, he has 120 such items on sale.

▪️The American intends to develop his "business" and wants to return to Ukraine with a taxidermist - a specialist in creating stuffed animals. He plans to come to Krakow at the end of December.

Elton John makes a big deal of quitting Twitter because of Elon... Wonder why...

It is both!

Canada subsidizes medically assisted suicide advertising. Pushing suicide is not ok on Twitter though,

Here government pushed killing the old and infirm:

Excerpt: "The offending language from Trump’s social media post was, “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” Trump also included the admonition that “[o]ur great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False and Fraudulent Elections!” Those who believe Trump is evil and ignorant will of course read what they want into his post regardless of his intent and the actual meaning. Had Trump actually called to terminate the Constitution -- as anti-Trumpers would lead the gullible to believe -- he would have lost his constitutional conservative base, and he knows that. ... The predisposed anti-Trump crowd chose to read “allow for” as advocating termination of laws governing elections. Those governing laws include Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, which provides for the unique role of state legislatures (not state bureaucrats) setting the presidential election laws."

Revolution is in progress in Brazil...

The corrupt Brazilian Supreme Court has again moved up the certification of the steal, proclaiming convicted Communist criminal Lula da Silva President overnight, angering patriots and accelerating the push for a military takeover. The Military has called for volunteers to help restore democracy in Brazil.

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) was originally scheduled to confirm the steal Dec. 19, but moved up the date one week in the face of military preparations to protect Brazil from the coup under Article 142 of the Constitution. In a desperate move, TSE chair and Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes yesterday proclaimed Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Geraldo Alckmin and elected to the positions of president and vice president of the Republic on Tuesday (12/6).

Speaking to Steve Bannon on War Room, Matt Tyrmand said “military (is) being strategically deployed, reservists are being activated” and “the military is already active in the favelas, in the places where Lula’s base is strongest, criminals and drug traffickers. Remember election nght, when he ‘won’, you could hear the cheers from the prisons… There are rumors Venezuela has shipped in paramilitary operators into the favelas, so they’ll come down from the hills should this go kinetic and engage with the military.” Images of armed fighters purportedly in the hills or Rio seem to confirm this claim.

"Having lived overseas through 2 military coups (both bloodless), I can tell you that everything you are hearing from people in Brazil is entirely consistent with the way coups actually evolve. There are rumors, but no confirmed facts. Usually these rumors start a long time before the actual event. But people are still living their ordinary lives. Nothing appears to change.

Then suddenly, you wake up one morning, put on the coffee, rush around doing your morning routine preparing to go to work, and you get a call from your boss telling you the office is closed. Stupidly (because you woke up late and haven't looked at the news) you ask why, only to find out tanks have been rolled out during the middle of the night and martial law has been declared.

All those rumors, which everyone had started to discount because they had been going on so long, suddenly become real in an instant. Military operations are never announced. They merely happen. The fact that many people in Brazil are going about their daily lives and preparing for soccer matches does not mean the rumors about an impending coup are not real. If a coup is being arranged, this is exactly how you would expect it to look."

"Talked to a friend in brazil this morning, I confirmed that most of this is actually happening. I have screen shots of my conversations, may post it after work”

South America, liberated with the inspiration of the North American heroes. We are all one America, the New World.

"The freedom of the New World, is the hope of the universe" - Simon Bolivar

Over the weekend Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, said he wants to hold vaccine manufacturers accountable for mRNA vaccines.

"We are going to work to hold these manufacturers accountable for this mRNA because they said there was no side effects and we know that there have been a lot."

Governor DeSantis continued to say:

“We did a study in Florida and we saw an 86 percent increase in cardiac-related activity in people ages 18 to 39 from mRNA shots and so we’re going to be doing some stuff to bring accountability there.”

The study he was (likely) referring to was an analysis from the Florida Department of Health from October. They found an 84% increase in the incidence of cardiac-related deaths in males 18-39 within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.

Dr. Naomi Wolf while speaking at a December 2 medical freedom rally in front of Yale University — in opposition to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.Yale is requiring students, most between the ages of 17 and 22, to take the bivalent booster tested on eight mice — while allowing their faculty a pass on the latest shot.

"I cannot believe that in the year 2022," Naomi continued. "After 35 years of advocacy for women's health and human rights and civil liberties, I'm standing here to say Yale University should not mandate 17-year-olds, 18-year-olds, 19-year-olds, 20-year-olds, 21-year-olds with an experimental dangerous mRNA lipid nanoparticle injection — just so they can come back to school and resume their educations! I can't believe I have to say this. But here we are."

Naomi expresses how she always believed Yale would "protect the civilization that it sought to portray — a civilization in which I learned about the Nuremberg Code here at Yale. I learned about the Geneva Conventions here at Yale. I learned about the Hippocratic oath ... here at Yale University. I cannot believe I'm standing outside these walls, saying, 'Don't coerce minors and young adults into damaging their lives and submitting to an illegal injection that violates the Geneva Conventions, that violates the Nuremberg Code, that violates the Hippocratic oath, that violates basic human rights — so these kids can pick up their education.' Don't do it."

Dr. Wolf moves on to the legalities — "or the crimes" — that they are about to commit. "I want to tell the world — if it hasn't been following, that Yale University doesn't mandate the faculty for this bivalent booster. Yale University doesn't mandate the staff for this experimental injection! It is mandating that children! It is mandating that kids, that students!"

"What you're about to do is a serious crime. It is deeply illegal. Certainly, it violates Title IX."

"I've had my babies. Women my age have had our babies ... These young women haven't had their children yet! What are you doing to them?! What are you inflicting on them?! You're violating them!" cried Dr. Wolf. "There will be 18, 19, 20-year-old members of the Class of 2023, 2024, 2025, who will not be able to conceive — and we know it from seeing the Pfizer documents. We know it. It's a fact! It's a fact. For sure, there are going to be women who will be injured reproductively for the rest of their lives. Dr. James Thorp has shown how the lipid nanoparticles traverse the placenta and damage the placenta, resulting in higher rates of miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, and stillbirths."

Lockdowns didn't work:

The lockdowns did not just cause an economic meltdown from which we will take years to recover. They also failed on their own terms. They killed more people than they saved.

Guess which developed country had the lowest excess mortality between 2020 and 2022. Go on, have a guess. That's right. Sweden, which refused to close shops or schools or to impose a mask mandate, saw cumulative excess deaths rise by 6.8%, the lowest figure in the OECD. By way of comparison, the equivalent figures were 18% in Australia, 24.5% in the U.K., and 54.1% in the U.S.

Across the world, we are in denial. We simply can't bring ourselves to admit that everything we went through — the disrupted education, the spike in mental health problems, the ruined careers, the debts — was for nothing.

SCOTUS heard arguments this week about the rights of the legislatures to set election procedures, which could overturn 2020. Here is the audio from that hearing:

Rebellion in the US?

Comments from the MSN article. People speculating on what he did with some saying he refused orders. Found this juicy bit on Col. Thomas Jackson (See my earlier thread on the possible coup) Man struggled with his morality on the vaccine...

Second video I found on Col. Jackson. He had empathy for us... first soldier go on camera and tell the people to be resilient...

Military deleted his page. Covering him up.

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