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Running Away from their Disaster

Let the bargaining begin...

When things are sealed there can be bargaining going on...

Remember what kind of person she is. She betrayed countless children, politicians, many many people. Do you think a woman who spent her life betraying people will be true now that they have turned their back s on her?

Granted it was photoshopped by her, but there is no doubt it was a message.

Biden Runs Away from the Problem:

Only 6% of Republicans believe that Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 Election was “definitely legitimate”.

One Year Later, New UMass Amherst Poll Finds Continued National Political Division Over the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol. With 71% of Republicans viewing Joe Biden’s victory as illegitimate, they largely defend those who stormed the Capitol to disrupt his electoral certification.

Here is a graph of the results. Note most people think Biden's election was illegitimate.

Sidney Powell on Narrative War:

An illuminating example from the recent past is the public understanding of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist radical who had adulated the Soviet Union and Fidel Castro.

The bullets had barely left Oswald's rifle before this was known. But the truth about the identity of Kennedy's assassin was quickly overtaken and enveloped by a partisan myth, assiduously massaged and circulated by Kennedy's widow, the media, and the political establishment. In brief, the myth about Kennedy's assassin downplayed Oswald's communist affiliation and insisted that Kennedy was killed not (as he in fact was) by a lone gunman by rather a generalized "spirit of madness and hate."

There is no reason that Nancy Pelosi or Jim Acosta or Joe Biden or Merrick Garland should be allowed to define the reality of what happened on January 6. The work of writers like Julie Kelly at American Greatness and Darren Beattie at Revolver News needs to be echoed and extended as vigorously as possible. Myths can be pernicious as well as illuminating or entertaining. The myth that what happened on January 6 was an insurrection that aimed to "overthrow the government" or "overturn the election" must not be allowed to stand and gain credence. The time to counter that Big Lie is now.

SCOTUS to Rule on Mandates

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court announced that it will hold a special session in roughly two weeks to hear oral arguments regarding the Biden Administration's ongoing efforts to force vaccinations on private employees, federal contractors, and healthcare workers, according to Politico.

The special session will begin on January 7th, 2022, just several days ahead of the regularly-scheduled session set to begin on January 10th. The decision comes after several high-profile rulings that have produced mixed results with regards to the constitutionality of the vaccine mandates. Biden has ordered three different nationwide vaccine mandates: One demanding that all private businesses with 100 employees or more mandate vaccines for their employees, or else face federal penalties. One ordering all healthcare workers, especially those affiliated with Medicare and Medicaid, to get vaccinated. And one forcing all federal contractors to take the vaccine.

Biden Regime once again “Actively Preventing” Life-Saving Monoclonal Antibody Treatments to Florida and Texas

They really do want to kill us.

Firing the unvaccinated, the arrival of Omicron causing many vaccinated (with VAIDS) hospital workers to be out, predictable result:

I work for a VA hospital. Privy to higher up information. Literally every hospital has triple digit employees out with covid, obviously the vast majority (90%) are vaccinated, while actual veterans coming in (much lower vaccination rate) is pretty low and most are sent home. I truly believe the dark winter, that's only going to get worse, will be one for the vaccinated, especially those who have gotten a booster. We aren't overcrowded, but at the same time, we are greatly understaffed. I wonder when the medical staff are going to wake up. A majority are still part of big pharmas flock.

At urgent care right now, this is ridiculous. I arrived at 10am with my sick daughter. She has a fever, sore throat, body ache and headache. Sick now for 2 days.I have to wait hours to see a f***g doctor because the clinic is overwhelmed with healthy people needing covid tests for travel or work. WTF?!? People who are actually sick can’t get help because healthy people are being forced to test just to live their f***g lives.

Edited to add: this gets even more ridiculous. The clinic doesn’t bill insurance for rapid tests. You have to pay out of pocket for a rapid covid test $150, and $175 for a rapid flu/covid test. And they don’t stock the plain old rapid flu test so you have no choice but to either get the bogus discontinued PCR test or pay to get the rapid test. They don’t tell you this until you wait 2+ Hours to see a dr. What a f***g racket!

Delta still present but Omicron gaining:

Data from Oregon.


Excerpt: "There is a crisis. People are getting stuck for days extra in hospitals and even dying because of nutrient deficiencies that we could easily solve. A new study from Istanbul shows that even if we negligently fail to correct Vitamin D deficiencies before people get sick, we can still save half of the ones who might die with a cheap vitamin, pumped in hospital for about 1/5000th of the daily cost of an ICU bed. The mortality rate in the unsupplemented group from 2020 was 11%, but in the supplemented group in 2021 it was 5.5%. Imagine what the mortality rate might be if these people weren’t deficient in the first place? The study shows us that there is a causal connection between low Vitamin D and more severe Covid. It also shows what a train wreck our medical systems are. For the price of a few dollars we can free up a lot of hospital beds and stop a lot of deaths, and we’ve known this might be the case since the beginning, and we’re still not doing it? The incentives are so screwed in our healthcare systems that we’re waiting for doctors in Turkey to do the trials we should have done in February 2020? Don’t wait til you catch Covid to get your D3 levels tested."

Hillary attacks Biden - They are now fighting each other which is a very good sign! How dare Biden not provide cover for Hillary!


Look, I’m all about having vigorous debate. I think it’s good, and it gives people a chance to be part of the process,” she added. “But, at the end of the day it means nothing if we don’t have a Congress that will get things done, and we don’t have a White House that we can count on to be sane and sober and stable and productive.”

Satire Becomes Reality:

Simple Quote from Thomas Paine becomes "misinformation":

The President of Pfizer caught in an absolute massive lie:

Normalizing Racism

The Mankato School Board in Minnesota voted unanimously to pay non-white teachers “additional stipends” based only on the color of their skin, according to BizPac Review. If you happen to be born black or Native American and teach for the school district, you ostensibly deserve to be paid more than your peers.

You don’t have to earn the raise for going the extra mile to help students or for actually doing anything at all. The pay raise is based upon the accident of skin color and nothing else.

The bizarre thing is that they even think it is "OK" to do this - as if it were moral and normal.

Banning Jingle Bells in Brighton NY Schools:

"The district assistant superintendent for Brighton also told the Rochester Beacon that some suggest the use of collars on slaves with bells may be connected to the origin of the song and that even though they are not taking a stance of whether or not that is true, that line of thinking is not in agreement with "district beliefs."

Oh yeah, vaccination really works... Brooklyn Bridge for sale?

Blue Cities versus Red Rural

The shift from dying from Covid to dying from side effect of the Vax:

Analysis: The vax is killing faster than covid is.

PCR can't tell the difference between flu and covid, so much of what we are seeing is actually flu seasons in the winter and less in the summer due to higher vitamin D in the summer.

After vaccination started in Jan 2021 the vaccinated were dying of side effects of vaccination like heart failure, cancer etc. and thus not showing up as covid deaths. The vax is killing the vaccinated faster than covid is. The more Democrat then the more vaccinated and the more lethal vaccine side effects.

Democrats were killed off early in the first wave. The first wave hit the cities most, which tend to be Democrats. If it were not for removing vaccinated Democrats via vaccine side effects they would probably currently be just as high as the Republicans in the second etc. waves.

Perspective: Notice how it went from the Practical to the Impractical? From the useful tool to the unhealthy and addictive?

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Remember who was murdered by their government for exercising freedom of speech...

A planned chain of events:

And that would bring in the Chinese Social Credit System.

Omicron is highly effective in giving everyone everywhere natural immunity.

In case you wondered why hospitals are still using Remdesivir in spite of the overwhelming evidence...

Isn't taking money for killing helpless people called a contract killing? Wouldn't the death penalty be appropriate?

Zucker's Vision:

Set-up for a distraction... from voter fraud, the covid vaccine disaster, and the upcoming Jan 6th press conference launching a new push for justice...

They are setting up for a big reveal from the new satellite just launched that they think will detect other civilizations on other planets:

Harry Reid, ex-Nevada senator born near Area 51, spent final months demanding Biden reveal US government UFO secrets

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