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Riots, Race, and the Alternative

Gov. DeSantis signs 'anti-mob' legislation into law

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs into law legislation that enhances penalties for crimes committed during protests and that will allow people to sue governments for property that is damaged during riots.

More Biden Racism... how diplomatic is he?

President Biden congrats the Japan PM on Hideki Matsuyama becoming the first Japanese golfer to win the Masters:

“I know how proud you are of the people of Japan are. And you’ve got a Japanese boy coming over here, and guess what, he won the Masters.” — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) April 16, 2021

Biden's nominee has a racist past:

"Kristen Clarke, Joe Biden’s nominee for assistant attorney general of the United States, once promoted racist pseudoscientific quackery, arguing that the human brain was structured in a way that makes black people superior to white people, and that “human mental processes” in the brain have chemicals that imbue one race with “superior physical and mental abilities” and “spiritual abilities.”

Clarke, who made these comments in the Harvard Crimson as a 19-year-old, claims that her racist diatribe was merely a parody, however other actions she took back then make the parody claim seem fake.

Clarke also invited a Holocaust-denying fraud named Anthony Martin — then a professor at Wellesley College whose assigned primary textbook was called “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” which blamed Jews for the slave trade, and who wrote “The Jewish Onslaught,” published by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan — to speak at Harvard.

She was calling Martin an “intelligent, well-versed black intellectual who bases his information on indisputable fact.” "

Sign of the Q from a former Democrat, now Republican running for GA governor: WWG1WGA

Unlike Coca Cola...

Defunding police and allowing rioting based on race...

Antifa versus BLM! Can we watch on pay per view?

Meanwhile they cash in...

Beware of soup. 1.5 minutes. The new weapon.

Black cop shoots unarmed white woman. Different outcome:

Ashli Babbitt's lawyers respond...

34% of Trans-"women" have been in the sex service industry, and 42% have HIV.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday released a report that determined 4 in 10 transgender women in seven major U.S. cities have HIV.

The study conducted in 2019 and early 2020 found that 42 percent of 1,608 transgender women across Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle with a valid test result had HIV.

The report, which the CDC labeled as one of the most comprehensive surveys of transgender women in the U.S., found 62 percent of Black transgender women and 35 percent of Hispanic or Latina transgender women had HIV. Meanwhile, 17 percent of white transgender women have the disease.

Almost two-thirds of the respondents reported living at or below the poverty level, and 17 percent had no health insurance. More than 4 in 10 experienced homelessness over the past year and 17 percent had been in prison.

The study determined that 32 percent of respondents without HIV used pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a treatment for those at risk of HIV infection through sex or injection drug use. A total of 34 percent of participants said they had been involved in sex work.

In an online survey (which would not be a very valid sample) more than half of transgender and nonbinary youth in the U.S. have “seriously considered” taking their own lives in the past 12 moths.

The study, which represents the experiences of more than 40,000 LGBTQ youth in the U.S., also found that 40% of them have considered suicide in the past 12 months.

Only one in five transgender and nonbinary youth reported having their pronouns respected by all or most people in their lives (12% of respondents). Suicide attempts among them were half the rate of those whose pronouns were not respected by anyone (28%). Around 14% of trans and nonbinary youth who had access to clothes that can help shape their bodies to their gender identity attempted to take their own lives. That rate was nearly twice as high for those who had no access to gender-affirming clothing (26%). Among LGBTQ youth 29% of them reported being kicked out or having run away. More than half of transgender and nonbinary youth said that the reason they were kicked out or ran away was because of their LGBTQ identity.

...The most salient feature of transgender individuals: that they are mentally ill and need serious treatment. This is not a moral or ethical judgment. It is, rather, a fact. Individuals who believe they are a different sex than that of their biology are psychologically ill—self-evidently so—and one would quite reasonably expect a higher suicide rate from a portion of the population that suffers from so significant a mental illness (particularly a mental illness it is fashionable to indulge rather than treat).

The second problem is that the discrimination theory of suicide does not hold up when compared to other minority groups who suffer disproportionate real and perceived amounts of bigotry and negative discrimination. The Centers for Disease Control’s numbers on suicide indicate that the highest rates of suicide over the past 15 years or so belong to…white people. In contrast, in most of the years surveyed black people had the lowest suicide rate among all ethnicities.

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