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Nuclear Blackmail and Nord Stream Sabotage

From a member of the Polish Parliament:

Swedish seismologists believe that the second explosion at Nord Stream was equivalent in power to an explosion of more than 100 kg of dynamite, Reuters reported. It is noted that Swedish seismologists are sure that the incident with the joint venture occurred due to explosions, it was not the result of an earthquake or a landslide.

American US Navy ships announced the completion of work in the area of ​​​​the alleged sabotage on gas pipelines.

The expeditionary detachment of US Navy ships led by the USS Kearsarge amphibious assault ship today completed tasks in the Baltic Sea and were seen by the next Baltic straits in the North Sea.

Now they are located 30 kilometers from the site of the alleged sabotage on the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline and 50 kilometers from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Victoria Nuland declared Nordstream will be stopped when Russia goes after biolabs, on January 27th:

Biden repeated that on February 7th on ABC News.

Many undersea pipelines are at great depth. For example, the Trans-Mediterranean pipeline or the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline are both at well over 2,000 ft depth. There are shallower sections, but the point is they would be difficult to inspect easily. There aren't that many ships and underwater cameras available to inspect that damage quickly... and whatever you do at that depth has to be planned.

The Nord Stream #1 & #2 Pipelines are only at a 240 ft depth in that area. You could bring in underwater robotic cameras very easily. Within a day, you could have a small boat with remote underwater camera equipment parked over the site and inspecting the pipelines. There are all sorts of underwater surveillance equipment readily available that can work at 240+ ft depth and special boats aren't required.

They know exactly where the leaks occurred. There are enough photos of the bubbles, enough evidence to pinpoint the exact location of the leak (or blow out). An investigation team could examine the damaged pipeline section within a few hours of notice. It seems that everyone would rather stand around "baffled" rather than take simple steps to figure out what happened.

Germany was first to cancel Russian NG imports, which caused a sharp increase in energy prices across Germany. The German people were very upset by this. I believe public backlash was beginning to make the government waver.

On February 7, Biden told reporters that if Russia invades Ukraine, “there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2, we will bring an end to it.” When asked how he intended to bring it about, given NS2 was under German jurisdiction, he just said: “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

In June, the US Navy and NATO conducted undersea drills off the coast of Bornholm. That's where the blasts took place.

Today, US SecState Blinken said an attack on NS would be "in no one's interest" — and then went on to elaborate how this is actually a great opportunity to “finally end the dependence of Europe on Russian energy” and “accelerate the transition to renewables” in the name of climate change. He also pointed out the US has become the world's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas.

Means, motive and opportunity. Just saying.

It looks like both Nord Stream pipelines were deliberately sabotaged. No one’s officially taking credit but US and UK neocons are openly gloating about it.

They think this hurts Russia. It doesn’t. It permanently wrecks Germany. There’s a lesson therein, for those who think serving the empire is preferable to defying it…

This will literally kill many Europeans as they freeze to death this winter.

Russia can no longer promise to provide natural gas to Europe as a condition of peace.

Would the US do that - make it impossible to have a peaceful settlement between Russia and Europe trading energy survival of the Europeans for peace?

Yes. They already have shown that they would do much worse..

Here are the things the Ukrainians/NATO has already done to attack the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (in chronological order):

  1. Artillery was launched against the nuclear power plant with spies inside the plant giving targeting information to the artillery. Russia discovered the spies and arrested them.

  2. Botulin toxin given to the Russians at the plant. This is a form of chemical weaponry used against civilians. Victims were evacuated to a hospital, and likely replaced. It is not publicly known if they survived.

  3. A daylight attack against the nuclear power plant was launched by Ukraine/NATO using barges and speedboats. Russian response killed all the attackers and sunk the barges.

  4. A night attack by Ukraine/NATO was launched using speedboats. Russia killed all the attackers. Some retreated back across the reservoir where they were killed on the shoreline.

  5. Kamikaze drones were launched by Ukraine/NATO on several occasions. The drones were destroyed or forced to crash.

  6. A sabotage special-ops team was dispatched by Ukraine/NATO to the surrounding town of Energodar with bombs, maps, etc. with the apparent intention to attack the plant. They were discovered and arrested, their bombs etc. confiscated.

  7. The latest assault was a planned combination attack using 8 simultaneous kamikaze drones. There was/is a build up of troops ready to strike near the plant which were holding position. 8 kamikaze drones were simultaneously launched against the nuclear plant. All 8 were destroyed before they could get to the plant, and the associated assault not launched. Apparently they were planning to launch the assault in the radioactive kamikaze mayhem but that never happened thanks to the Russian electronic defenses etc.

Artillery shelling of the nuclear plant continues virtually every day, with prompt counter attacks of artillery on the locations where the Ukrainian shelling is coming from. Damage to cooling systems etc. has happened but no radiation has been released, and members of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) are on site as witnesses.

If they would do that, and they did, and put Europe, Ukraine and Russia at risk of nuclear contamination, then there are no limits to what they would do.

The complicit media will push any lie, no matter how absurd, and believe the public will swallow it:

🇷🇺 The Western version of the attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline will no doubt be "the Russians themselves blew up their gas pipeline." As they have been repeating for 2 months now, "the Russians themselves are shelling the nuclear power plant where the Russian military are stationed." And for 8 years they have been repeating "the Russians themselves are shelling all their cities in the Donbass."

Remember the Russian could have shut down the pipeline at any time without damaging it.

They are also blackmailing any nations that dissent from the war:

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