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More Revealing News

The Oregon Women For Trump organization attempted to hold a pro-Trump event on Sunday, October 4th, only to be interrupted by a knife wielding maniac who was threatening them.

The perp was identified as Clayton John Callahan, the communications director for the Democratic Party Of Washington County, which is a suburban county just west of Portland.

OWFT had a Trump Convoy today in Portland. We were approached and threatened by a knife weilding democrat leader from Washington Co. Democrat party! @MrAndyNgo @TuckerCarlson @realDonaldTrump@PatriotPrayerUS — Oregon Women for Trump 2020 (@RealOWFT) October 5, 2020

Donald Trump sacrificed himself and his family for America.

Joe Biden sacrificed America for himself and his family.

Twitter blocking Trump:

Click on View and you get:

The group behind the sign said in a statement provided to the Gateway Pundit that “the idea behind this was two-fold.” First, they said that it was a “psychological terror op designed to counter the psychological terror ops that the Democrat run government of California has been running on its citizenry since the lockdown.” Second, it is a sign to other Trump supporters “that there is hope.”

Trump supporters erected a massive TRUMP sign in Hollywood California. — Matthew (@WhjteHovse) October 6, 2020

“By being on the 405, looming over Westwood and the Getty, we have taken our message right into the belly of the CA progressive beast,” the statement read. “It is a signal to all of the war weary citizens here behind enemy lines that they are not forgotten and that there is hope and others like them here in Vichy California.”

Extremely extreme extremists now make up the Democrat Party:

A humorous oddity in the debate...

During the debate Biden strangely and out of context said "Good luck." Why did he do that?

Here is one plausible explanation.

Biden actually does say it.  Here is the debate link from the Wall Street Journal: He says it at 18:20.

I seriously doubt this is a genuine hack of his earpiece, but it is at least a plausible explanation and it's really funny!

Here is a short but amusing video (just a few seconds) but it is very funny and satisfying:

California Governor Newsom has banned gasoline cars by 2035:

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