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Andrew Torba, the CEO of, a free-speech alternative to Facebook and Twitter:

"They're talking about ascending the human race biologically," Torba said.

"They're talking about chips in your brain or altering your DNA all sorts of things that apply technology to the human biology and try to take it to, I guess in their minds, the next level, essentially making them gods and having all of us, the rest of us, under their control. It's fundamentally destroying our humanity by appending technology to our bodies and, they believe, to our souls. They want to live forever. They want to be gods, which, of course, God is not going to take lightly to and God will pass judgment on."

"This is not a conspiracy theory, this is not some sci-fi movie,"

"This is the future that these guys are focused on bringing into power is consolidating their power, consolidating all the wealth to them, consolidating all the data to them."

"Post-human, and they make themselves gods with this technology and they enslave the rest of is with this."

"They have us enslaved via these devices, via what we're putting on our phone, where we're putting our data, where we're trusting our private communications," he indicated.

"We don't know it, but we're enslaved digitally and our minds are enslaved to these things, whether the TV or whether it's the phone, the oligarchs have us mind-slaved right now. But where they want to take it next is they want to enslave our biology, they want to enslave our bodies by implanting chips or altering our DNA or whatever it is they have to do to control us and make us complacent while also using that same technology to lift them up as gods and make them live forever and control the rest of us as digital serfs essentially. That's what's happening right now and people need to be aware of it."

"These people in Silicon Valley, when you talk about this transhumanism, this mindset that they have, they truly believe that they are God,"

"Mark Zuckerberg believes that is he superior to the rest of us and he has the ability to say what we can talk about, who has a voice on the internet, what we're allowed to talk about, what links we can share. I don't think any one person should have that power."

"You will be banned from your bank. You will be banned from the internet,"

"What you need to do is start building on alternative platforms like Gab, open up another bank account with a local bank or a Christian credit union. They do exist, you need to find them and more need to be built immediately."

"Deeply analyze the companies, the businesses, the services that you are supporting and exit their system. If we collectively as Christians exit this system and start building our own right now, the whole system will collapse on itself. Their wicked system will collapse to ash. We won't need to raise a finger. We won't need to get violent. We just have to realize the power that we have with the purchasing power and where we're spending our time."

"The amount of purchasing power, the amount of power Christians have in the economy, especially in the United States, is tremendous. So my question to Christians is, 'Why are you giving your money, why are you giving your time, why are you giving your data to these people who hate you, who want to enslave you?'"

"We need to work together right now and support one another and build this alternative economy that is free from the grasp of these tyrants in Silicon Valley and these tyrants in D.C. and the oligarchs in general."

video at:

Here is an example of the power the Tech Tyrants have exerted - making people believe something that is big, politically powerful, and totally false!

A recent nationally representative survey commissioned by Skeptic Mag asked respondents to estimate the number of unarmed blacks killed by police in 2019. Overall, 44% of liberals guessed 1,000 or more as compared to 20% of conservatives (this calculation is based on the.....cross-tabs shared with me by the researcher)

According to the Mapping Police Violence database, the actual figure is 27.

Furthermore, the average liberal respondent also thought that a clear majority of people killed by police in 2019 were black (in actuality, roughly a quarter were)

Data from a survey experiment shows that white liberals significantly overestimate (M=31) the extent of discrimination against job applicants with black-sounding names. White conservatives, in contrast, were most accurate in their estimates (i.e. off by only 3 callbacks).

President Trump and his Q sign again a couple days ago:


President Trump speaks on Sunday at CPAC. No SOTU from Biden in February, but there is one apparently from President Trump.

Regarding the killer of Ashli Babbett:

The great investigative reporter Paul Sperry says he has spoken with people in the know and the killer is not the decorated black hero David Bailey, but is instead another black officer who also was wearing the same bracelet.

The supposed actual killer is still having his name withheld and is being represented by a highly placed Deep State lawyer named Mark Schamel, a Joe Biden donator and lawyer for Igor Danchenko, the "primary subsource" of the discredited Steele dossier on Trump. You don't get more Deep State than that.

Video does not back up the lawyer's claims that the officer told people to keep back. The supplied testimony of the supposed real shooter is full of contradictions. The lawyers for Ashli's family has not been given the identity of the supposed real shooter. They clearly have the right to that information. Furthermore, the supposed real shooter officer has not been charged.

On one hand, I highly respect Paul Sperry as a journalist. On the other hand, the supposed real killer is unnamed, uncharged, self-contradicted, and has a Deep State lawyer representing him. Personally, I do not have the information to show the supposed real killer the lawyer is talking about even exists.

In short, the way this case has been handled by the government is not credible or transparent, nor is the supposed real killer publicly verifiable or credible.

Clearly there is something like a power struggle behind closed doors...

How long Communism?:

41 years they lived under the communist yoke in Czechoslovakia. 41 years, two generations, until the people had become a people able to cast off that government and live lives without that government’s every totalitarian input in every aspect of their lives.

41 years in East Germany (1949-1990).

40 years in Hungry (1949-1989).

42 years in Poland (1947-1989).

41 years in Romania (1948-1989).

44 years in Bulgaria (1946-1990).

47 years in Yugoslavia (1945-1992).

Some places were worse and longer.

74 years in the USSR (1917-1991).

Other places continue that trial.

62 years in Cuba (1959-present).

72 years in China (1949–present).

73 years in North Korea (1948–present).

How long have we been living an illusion of freedom? Since the assassination of Kennedy?

That would be 37 years.

Remember the fall of the Soviet Union only happened after people learned how lousy it was there compared to the rest of the world. People there believed they were well off compared to the rest of the world. Similarly today people in Work Korea believe there are far better off than the rest of the world.

On the other hand, if the whole world is taken over, then there is nothing to compare it to.

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