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Mr. Constitution has a solution...

LIBERTY & JUSTICE: How to Move People beyond Partisan Politics:

John Chambers aka Mr. Constitution has written a ground breaking book with useful insights. Here are a couple of his ideas:

The Time-honored way to Beat Organized Crime

Organized Crime, what some call “government,” has been with us a very long time. Many of us believe in our hearts in that famous line from 1776 about government being formed with “the consent of the governed.”

Yes, some governments are. They are what I call Bottom-up government. Consent of the Governed, all that. Yes, that is what we believe. Our government was founded on that idea.

But most governments, in most places, for most of history, have been Top-down. The brief history of most governments follows this line.

1. Peasants till their fields, happy in their abundance

2. Bandits ride through on horseback, gut the granaries, take a few women, kill a few dogs. If you are lucky, they do not burn the village.

3. You rebuild

4. Next year, another marauding horde rides through. They don’t get as much as last year but you rebuild

5. Eventually, the bandits tire of marauding and settle down nearby, maybe build a castle on a hill and tell you they will protect you from all the other bandits.

6. They only ask for a little taxes for your protection. Government is born.

Most government for most of history has been Top-down, the Bandits in the Castle, or as some describe it, “Organized Crime.”

We find ourselves today in a struggle between the ideal of Bottom-up “democracy” and Top-Down “bandit” rule. Pick any issue you care to – climate change or border security or crime in the streets, gun control or abortion or incorrect pronouns – and you can trace it back to an Ideal of Bottom-up versus a Top-down bandit edict.

This is not the first time we have been here. Same problem they had in ancient Rome. They solved it then (until they forgot they had solved it and it all went into the Dark Ages).

We have the solution available to us today. It is described in my book LIBERTY & JUSTICE on page 88.

You can look through the table of contents and read a few pages with these links:

The Time-honored way to beat “organized crime” (pg 88)

The failing but oh-so-modern solution being used today (pg 86)

How we move from the failing strategy to the proven way that has always worked (pg 117-153)

LIBERTY & JUSTICE: How to Move People beyond Partisan Politics

More thoughts from Mr. Constitution:

Freedom and the Failure of Woke

The “Woke” are that way because they want freedom. They have been taught the way to get freedom is through wokeness.

By woke, they mean ‘no longer asleep’ or (not to get Biblical on you) ‘seeing the light.’ They see the truth, it sets them free.

“The modern-day woke correctly observe that the system is rigged toward the dominant culture” which is run by the top-down oppressors. Their favorite oppressors are straight white males.

Get that – they “correctly observe” that there is oppression and they don’t like it. Do you like oppression? I don’t. Their intention is correct.

Suppose you had a car that would not run. You don’t like that. You want to fix it. The correct way to go about it is to look under the hood, find what is out-of-whack and line it up. Maybe the battery cable is loose. You reconnect the battery. Everything works.

However, if you revel in the fact you have woken up to the realization that the car doesn’t work, you might go no further than that. You might notice the windshield is dirty and set about cleaning that – how brave and industrious you are!

When the windshield is clean but the car still won’t start, it gets frustrating, doesn’t it? You get mad at the other passengers. You get mad at the driver. You start demanding someone DOES something, but you have no idea what that might be. All you know is the car’s pronouns aren’t right.

About that time, you realize the problem is the car itself and it is time to set it on fire.

That is what we call the Post-Modern, or Woke, solution. Its outcome is always to make people less able (the car won’t run, burn it). Without knowing it, they are setting themselves, and the rest of us, for a top-down oppression that able people would never tolerate.

This is the subject of “The Post-Modern Solution” section of LIBERTY & JUSTICE.

LIBERTY & JUSTICE: How to Move People beyond Partisan Politics

You can look through the table of contents and read a few pages here:

The Post-Modern Solution (pg 86)

The Historical Works-every-time solution (pg 88)

How we move from the failing strategy to the proven way that has always worked (pg 117-153)

LIBERTY & JUSTICE: How to Move People beyond Partisan Politics

John Chambers

Mr. Constitution

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