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Merry Christmas and other News

Sometimes the soul speaks through artistic choices....

Which display is more spiritual and which is more crass and materialistic?

Well done musical rendition of “It’s getting to look a lot like genocide”.

Amazing collection of video of vaxed people keeling over.

Kinda eye opening...

Defense vaccine only arriving after the need is gone. Phew!

Walter Reed’s Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle COVID-19 vaccine, or SpFN, completed animal trials earlier this year with positive results. Phase 1 of human trials, which tested the vaccine against Omicron and the other variants, wrapped up this month, again with positive results that are undergoing final review, Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad, director of Walter Reed’s infectious diseases branch, said in an exclusive interview with Defense One. Unlike existing vaccines, Walter Reed’s SpFN uses a soccer ball-shaped protein with 24 faces for its vaccine, which allows scientists to attach the spikes of multiple coronavirus strains on different faces of the protein.

“With Omicron, there's no way really to escape this virus. You're not going to be able to avoid it. So I think pretty soon either the whole world will be vaccinated or have been infected,” Modjarrad said.

Audio here:

Biden Echoes Lenin:

Biden began his speech by putting Republicans on notice: “Now we look at 2022. I want to tell my Republican friends, get ready pal, you’re in for a problem.”

Then Biden went off script and admitted: “The struggle is no longer just who gets to vote, or making it easier for eligible people to vote – it’s who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all!”

Senator Sinema appear to have blocked an attempt to pass this. One wonders if they will try a sneaky Christmas Eve vote like they did to get Obamacare passed in spite of overwhelming opposition.


He says Jovan's skin is peeling and he has lesions. Joe says CDC has been altered and they're waiting for the test results. Joe said he tested negative for flu and Civic.

Even the Washington Post admits:

Chicago Sues Jussie for Wasting their Money.

  • The City of Chicago says it will forge on with its lawsuit against actor Jussie Smollett, 39, despite his conviction on five counts of disorderly conduct

  • It's seeking $130,106.15 to cover an overtime tab racked up by dozens of officers tasked with investigating Smollett's claims that he was the victim of an attack

  • On Thursday, Smollett was convicted of faking the attack, and now faces jail as well as career and financial ruin

  • The Osundairo brothers - who Smollett hired to attack him - are also going ahead with their lawsuit against the Empire star's legal team

  • They're seeking undisclosed damages after claiming their careers and reputations were damaged in the high-profile hoax

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld in an Op-Ed posted on Fox News:

He could have gotten away with it. But his only problem: he’s an idiot. He hired two black guys to play two white guys. Not only a violation of cultural appropriation but just terrible casting. That’s like casting Gwyneth Paltrow to play Rosa Parks,” Gutfield wrote.

“And who’s wandering around a frigid Chicago night holding rope and bleach? Angry penguins, that are into bondage? On their way to clean swimming pools? And perhaps the biggest improbability of all? What White, MAGA heads would ever recognize Jussie Smollett? He’s asked to show ID at family gatherings,” Gutfeld wrote.

“And yet the media bought it all. Because like a really bad drug dealer, they were getting high on their own supply – feeding off their own race fantasies. It’s as if they could believe in anything.”

Sen. Shumer is actually the one on the Putin Payroll

Schumer along with many other prominent Democrats is a secret beneficiary of campaign contributions from top Democrat fundraiser Vincent Roberti whose far-left lobbying firm was paid a whopping $8.5 million by Nord Stream 2 which is owned by Putin’s state-run Gazprom energy monopoly. reports: Roberti, a former Dem politician, has maxed out his donations to Schumer and to Rep. Eric Swalwell, who may have been cheating on Fang Fang with Vladimir, and threw in a generous $171,000 to the DCCC, as part of the over $545,000 donated to the Democrat political machine.

Elon Musk:

“I think one of the biggest risks to civilization is the low birthrate and the rapidly declining birthrate,” Musk said Monday at the Wall Street Journal’s annual CEO Council.

“And yet, so many people, including smart people, think that there are too many people in the world and think that the population is growing out of control. It’s completely the opposite. Please look at the numbers — if people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble, mark my words.”

Musk now says funding for electric charging stations embedded in the Build Back Better bill are “unnecessary,” according to the The Washington Examiner. He went so far as to say the government should toss out the whole bill on the grounds that “the federal budget deficit is insane.”

“Honestly, it might be better if the bill doesn’t get passed,” Musk said. “We’ve spent so much money, it’s like, the federal budget deficit is insane.”

The Salvation Army asked for more than donations this year. The Christian charitable organization asked all white donors to reflect on their racism this year. Wow.

After a major uproar the Salvation Army backtracked over Thanksgiving weekend and released a statement refuting the claims of their racial demands.

The Salvation Army then removed its absurd “Let’s Talk About Racism”guide following the intense backlash over a text last week that told white donors to “sincerely apologize” for their racism while hinting that Christianity is institutionally racist.

The Salvation Army is now facing a toy and donation shortage this year. Not only is the nonprofit organization short on donations, they also are in desperate need of bell ringers to staff the red kettles seen at businesses around the country.

Was it a sincere retraction? Perhaps not:

There is more than racism being discussed; they are promoting the one world government and Agenda 2030

There is also a page dedicated to COVID 19 and Agenda 2030 sustainable goals.

How Bad is My Batch

Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines:

Put in your batch number and see...

In Denmark, the new socialist government has convened a kangaroo court and sentenced the former Integration Minister to 60-day prison for opposing child marriages.

Støjberg was responsible for immigration law under the previous liberal-conservative government from 2015-2019, and gained international fame when she advertised in Middle Eastern newspapers, warning against applying for asylum in Denmark.

Advertisement - story continues below

She also campaigned against child marriage. In 23 cases, child brides were separated from their tormentors.

“It is completely unacceptable that child brides are housed with their husbands in Danish asylum centers,” Støjberg wrote in February 2016 on Facebook. “This has to be stopped, and I will notify the Danish immigration authorities immediately.”

Støjberg has now been sentenced by a special court set up by the new “Social Democratic” majority in parliament, which consists of one-half politicians and one-half judges. It is only the second time that this questionable instrument – a blatant politicization of the justice system – has been used in the past 100 years.

“I’m very, very surprised, I have to say,” said Støjberg after the verdict was announced. This makes Støjberg the first political prisoner child protector in Europe. So-called “Human rights groups” like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch remain silent.

"I run a business flipping houses and remodeling rental properties. I was talking to the owner of the electrical supply house in our county yesterday and he told me they sold the last 200 amp meter base they had in stock the day before. They were probably one of the last stores in Tennessee that had any in stock. You can't build a house without one.

He also told me our power company has been removing transformers that are feeding barns or workshops. They don't have any spares to fix broken transformers in residential areas so they are stealing them from places that affect the fewest people. They haven't received any new transformers in several months.

The areas affected by the tornados last week are calling utility companies everywhere trying to find transformers and poles to repair the damage but there are very many spares left. He said if that storm had hit our county, he didn't think we would have the parts to get the power turned back on any time soon."

Strategy? I hope so...

Former President Donald Trump surprised fans Sunday by declining to investigate scandal-prone presidential son Hunter Biden in a hypothetical second term, despite his past interest in investigating President Joe Biden’s family being the catalyst for his first impeachment.

Trump made the comments during an appearance with The First host and former Fox News powerhouse Bill O’Reilly as part of their “History Tour” event series, the Epoch Times reports. “I don’t want to hurt a family. I’ll be honest,” Trump said. The answer elicited boos from the audience, which took both Trump and O’Reilly by surprise.

Elon musk and Pocahontas fight it out:

Military: No religious exemptions, and free sex change operations for everybody!

More than 12,000 military service members refusing the COVID-19 vaccine are seeking religious exemptions, and so far they are having zero success.

That total lack of approvals is creating new tensions within the military, even as the vast majority of the armed forces have gotten vaccinated.

Troops claiming religious reasons for avoiding the shots are perplexed because exemptions are theoretically available, yet seem impossible to obtain.

Caught in the middle are chaplains:

“So many of them come in thinking that I make the decision, and if they make this case, that it’s a done deal,” said Maj. A’Shellarien Lang, an Army chaplain for the National Guard

“I don’t make the decision. And so when they find that out, it’s a kind of game-changer in the sense that they know that the process has to continue.”

Belarus is not exactly a free place, but at least it's not controlled by the Pfizer et al hoaxsters:

Active Patriots Need to Know About This: Watch your 6.

Six weeks ago, Revolver News published a blockbuster investigative report on Ray Epps — a man who, more than any other individual, appears to be the key unlocking the question of active federal involvement in the so-called “Capitol Siege” of January 6th.

Out of all of the thousands of January 6’s protesters, and the thousands of hours of publicly available footage from that fateful day, Ray Epps has turned out to be perhaps the only person nailed dead to rights confessing on camera to plotting a pre-planned attack on the Capitol. On both January 5 and January 6, Epps announced multiple times, at multiple locations, his upcoming plot to breach the US Capitol. He then spent hours attempting to recruit hundreds of others to join him. On top of it all, Epps was seen leading key people and managing key aspects of the initial breach of the Capitol grounds himself.

A Whole Lot More!!! Here:

If you know of someone who theoretically should have been arrested, but wasn't then wake up and watch out!! Think! It may save you and your felow patriots.

“Many companies have already taken steps to clean up their supply chains,” Rubio said Thursday. “They should have no concerns about this law. For those who have not done that,” he added, they would “no longer be able to continue to make Americans — every one of us, frankly — unwitting accomplices in the atrocities, in the genocide that’s being committed by the Chinese Communist Party.”

It’s worth noting there were plenty of other major corporations that were against the bill’s passage — including Apple and Coca-Cola, both of which have supply chains touching on the Xinjiang region. However, none of them had one of their state’s senators holding up the bill.

Welcome praise for the Gateway Pundit!

From Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò:

DEAR AMERICAN PEOPLE, DEAR FRIENDS, for two years now, a global coup has been carried out all over the world, planned for some time by an elite group of conspirators enslaved to the interests of international high finance. This coup was made possible by an emergency pandemic that is based on the premise of a virus that has a mortality rate almost analogous to that of any other seasonal flu virus, on the delegitimization and prohibition of effective treatments, and on the distribution of an experimental gene serum which is obviously ineffective, and which also clearly carries with it the danger of serious and even lethal side effects. We all know how much the mainstream media has contributed to supporting the insane pandemic narrative, the interests that are at stake, and the goals of these groups of power: reducing the world population, making those who survive chronically ill, and imposing forms of control that violate the fundamental rights and natural liberties of citizens. And yet, two years after this grotesque farce started, which has claimed more victims than a war and destroyed the social fabric, national economies, and the very foundations of the rule of law, nothing has changed in the policies of Nations and their response to the so-called pandemic.
Yours must therefore be a work of truth, bringing to light the lies and deceptions of the New World Order and their anti-human and anti christic matrix. And in this it is mainly the laity and all people of good will – each in the professional and civil role he holds – who must coordinate and organize together to make a firm but peaceful resistance, so as not to legitimize its violent repression by those who today hold power.
Be proud of your identity as American patriots and of the Faith that must animate your life. Do not allow anyone to make you feel inferior just because you love your homeland, because you are honest at work, because you want to protect your family and raise your children with healthy values, because you respect the elderly, because you protect life from conception to its natural end. Do not be intimidated or seduced by those who propagate a dystopian world in which a faceless power imposes on you contempt for the Law of God, presents sin and vice as licit and desirable, despises righteousness and Morality, destroys the natural family and promotes the worst perversions, plans the death of defenseless and weak creatures, and exploits humanity for its own profit or to preserve power
May this Holy Christmas illuminate your minds and inflame your hearts before the Infant King who lays in the manger. And just as the choirs of the Angels and the homage of the Magi united with the simple adoration of the Shepherds, so also today your commitment to the moral rebirth of the United States of America –one Nation under God – will have the blessing of Our Lord and will gather those who govern you around you. Amen. May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Christmas Cheer from Sidney Powell:

1- Red Pilled America is a podcast dedicated to the art of story telling. In this episode they do a fascinating deep dive into the history of Santa Claus. You will learn why they think that Santa Claus was one of the greatest American inventions.

Red Pilled America An Act of Genius Why did Santa Claus become so popular? To find the answer, we tell the remarkable story of how a 1,500 year old saint transformed into the jolly old soul from the North Pole. And stick around after the show for a preview of our new Christmas Eve special. This episode was originally broadcast on December 20, 2018. Listen on Apple Podcasts


2- Salena Zito tells stories of how the loss of many traditions due to the year of Covid-CCP impacted people. It seems that this year everyone is trying harder to bring them back and enjoy every minute.

(Salena Zito) Middle of Somewhere: The Christmas Tree Capital, like all of us, missed holiday rituals QUOTE: INDIANA, Pa. — Sandy Fritz has been baking Christmas cookies with someone in her family for nearly all of her 82 years. It began for her as a young girl in nearby Punxsutawney with her mother and her aunts, a ritual she continued with her own daughter, Amy, as a young mother; each time they baked, she didn't just share the secret ingredients she had memorized along the way, but also the stories of the women, hardships and triumphs that shaped her family. "Carrying on traditions in families is very important to me. It always has been," said Laura. "It is something that my parents instilled in all of us." Laura's brothers Luke and Eric had just spent the past couple of weeks deer hunting with their father Ted — like they always do — in the days following Thanksgiving, a tradition Ted still does with his father, Don Fritz, as well. Drive into this town from any direction and you are greeted with signs that boast the fact you're entering the Christmas Tree Capital of the World — a title the town earned because the first pines and spruces planted here a hundred years ago gave them domination in the market in post-World War II America, a domination that caught the attention of the national press in 1956 when over 700,000 trees were cut in the county that year. The trees are just a part of why this town is symbolic of any place in America — large or small — that values the continuation of Christmas traditions, rituals large and small that fill us with the aspiration that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, something that not only came before us but also something we can pass on to generations after we are long gone. Laura Herrington, executive director of the Indiana County Tourist Bureau, said most of all the rich traditions the town has held for decades — like the Christmas Parade, outdoor markets, caroling in the park and even the Jimmy Stewart festival — were either closed or held virtually. Ms. Herrington said that wasn't just hard economically, "It took away many traditions people rely on as this sort of comfort and connection to their past, and for young parents it was hard because they could not share those traditions with their children." This year Ms. Herrington said the parade was one of the highest-attended in its decade-long history; caroling is back; all of the museums are open, including the Jimmy Stewart Museum — and families are enjoying the bonfires, roasted marshmallows and camaraderie in the town square in the shadow of the giant Indiana Christmas Tree. She thinks of the town of Indiana as the sort of everyman of communities all around the country that are embracing something they may have previously taken for granted — "And that is not just tradition, but also anticipation. Through loss we have rediscovered the richness of that emotion, and what is happening here in Indiana — and in small towns, cities and neighborhoods all across America — really reminds everyone how important those qualities are in our lives."


3- Among the best Christmas traditions is the singing of Christmas carols. Lauren Green, the religion reporter for Fox News, explains why these songs are so important.

(Fox News) Christmas hymns are important for three key reasons QUOTE: First, they remind us of the power of the Gospel. Second, God gave us the skill and the command to sing, and He can be glorified even in good secular music. And finally, they remind us of our complete reliance on the grace of God. One of the hymns I just love is "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing." The carol describes a scene that Luke relates in chapter 2, verse 14. As we celebrate Christmas less than a week from now, we know that "God chose to send His son to us as a gift, creating a chance for our relationship with Him to be reconciled," says Lauren Green in her thoughtful essay. Two of the founding ministers of Methodism, George Whitefield and Charles Wesley, contributed to the lyrics, which are set to the music of Felix Mendelssohn, the great German composer famous for the oratories "St. Paul" and "Elijah." The song begins with "Hark! the herald angels sing, 'Glory to the newborn king. Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled.'" That last statement, "God and sinners reconciled," reflects what Jesus was born to do and heralded for all mankind. Humanity can now be reconciled with God, because God chose to send His son to us as a gift, creating a chance for our relationship with Him to be reconciled. "Every heart, really, when it sings, is ultimately singing to God," she says. We sin but we can be redeemed through God's grace. That is what makes Christianity what it is.

Listen to this exquisite version. Charlotte Church - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing


4- The most beloved Christmas carol of all time was born out of chaos over 200 years ago. The history is fascinating and knowing it makes this song even more beautiful and meaningful.

(Intellectual Takeout) The Humble Origins of 'Silent Night' QUOTE: Over the centuries, hundreds of Christmas carols have been composed. Many fall quickly into obscurity. Not "Silent Night." Translated into at least 300 languages, designated by UNESCO as a treasured item of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and arranged in dozens of different musical styles, from heavy metal to gospel, "Silent Night" has become a perennial part of the Christmas soundscape. Its origins – in a small Alpine town in the Austrian countryside – were far humbler. As a musicologist who studies historical traditions of song, the story of "Silent Night" and its meteoric rise to worldwide fame has always fascinated me. The song's lyrics were originally written in German just after the end of the Napoleonic Wars by a young Austrian priest named Joseph Mohr. In the fall of 1816, Mohr's congregation in the town of Mariapfarr was reeling. Twelve years of war had decimated the country's political and social infrastructure. Meanwhile, the previous year – one historians would later dub "The Year Without a Summer" – had been catastrophically cold. The eruption of Indonesia's Mount Tambora in 1815 had caused widespread climate change throughout Europe. Volcanic ash in the atmosphere caused almost continuous storms – even snow – in the midst of summer. Crops failed and there was widespread famine. Mohr's congregation was poverty-stricken, hungry and traumatized. So he crafted a set of six poetic verses to convey hope that there was still a God who cared. "Silent night," the German version states, "today all the power of fatherly love is poured out, and Jesus as brother embraces the peoples of the world."


5- Speaking of storytelling, few have surpassed O. Henry and "The Gift of the Magi".

Here is a beautifully read audio version of this classic story with it's enduring message of love, sacrifice and gift giving.



Defending The Republic

"May the Peace and Joy and all the promise of God in the newborn Christ fill your hearts and souls and renew your spirits with His strength, power, and goodness. Merry Christmas to all!" - Sidney

P.S. We will be on a holiday schedule for the next two weeks. However, even with a holiday schedule, our little team is still working and doing all we can to protect you.


Regardless of who wins any election, in order to have confidence in the outcome, we must continue to demand (1) real paper ballots, (2) hand counted in a bipartisan transparent process, and (3) citizen voter ID.

The Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Move over, Chairman Meow! The Biden family has brought an adorable puppy into their family, and have decided to name this "pawesome" pal Karl Barx, after the brilliant economist Karl Marx, who inspired many of Biden’s policies during his flawless first year as President.

“We are so happy to welcome Karl Barx into our happy, non-dysfunctional family,” said First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Esquire, as her husband showed their fur baby the proper way to chew on slippers. “Our new pup has really grown into his new name, demanding to control the distribution of the nation’s dog food. Simply adorable. I’m a real doctor.”

White House staff have already expressed concern over Karl Barx, claiming he growls at anyone in a leadership position until they give him whatever he wants but did not earn.

At publishing time, Karl Barx had rallied a pack of stray dogs, affectionately dubbed, “The Pawletariat,” by the Bidens, and was leading the pack to violently seize the means of production at the local tennis ball factory.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials skipped the start of oral arguments Tuesday as a federal district court weighed whether the agency can take 75 years to fully release documents on Pfizer’s Comirnaty COVID vaccine, according to a lawyer representing plaintiffs who sued the FDA for the documents.

Attorney Aaron Siri, who represents PHMPT, said:

“Americans must routinely produce documents, pay fines, and otherwise expend resources to comply with the law. Courts don’t inquire as to the ability or financial resources to comply with the law — they must comply. “In fact, it would be laughable if a billionaire defendant came before a court and claimed poverty to escape making a document production, but that is the FDA’s position.”

“Fairness would be giving millions of Americans who are mandated to receive this liability-free vaccine today assurance regarding the FDA’s review by allowing independent scientists access to the same data the FDA reviewed, without making them wait decades.

“Fairness would be allowing Americans injured by the vaccine today, who cannot sue Pfizer or anyone else for the harm, hope that independent scientists with access to that data can more readily develop treatments for their ailments.

“Fairness would be our federal health authorities allocating more than one person spending a few hours each month to review Pfizer’s documents for public disclosure after having given Pfizer over $17 billion of taxpayer money to develop and market the product.

“That would be fair to the American people.”

“Assuming a low average of 50 pages per hour per person, even to review the hundreds of thousands of pages the FDA estimates, the agency would need just 19 reviewers to work full-time for 12 weeks to review and produce these documents — which is a tiny fraction of its approximately 18,000 employees,” said PHMPT in a legal brief filed Monday.

Port scene?

(Rumble videos were still processing/encoding when i posted these links)

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