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Medical Skullduggery and Debauchery

The Bidens decorated the White House for Covidmas:

The Daily Mail reported:

A retired high-ranking health official revealed a Wuhan scientist secretly working on a Covid vaccine months before the pandemic broke out could have caused the global crisis and then been murdered for it.

Dr Robert Kadlec, who served in the Trump administration as an official in biodefense and epidemic response departments during the Covid-19 pandemic, revealed the coronavirus could have escaped a Wuhan lab at the hands of Chinese military scientist, Zhou Yusen, who was conducting risky research on live animals.

Dr Yusen was believed to be involved in SARS-related coronavirus animal vaccine research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the Summer or Fall of 2019, Kadlec claims in a government report he co-authored.

During his research, Dr Yusen filed a patent in February 2020 for a Covid vaccine that he was suspected of secretly having worked on for months, just three months after the first case of the virus was reported in China – a time far faster than typical vaccine development.

Three months after filing his patent, the scientist mysteriously died when he ‘fell from the roof of the institute.’

This is what happens when a product category is mandated, subsidized, and indemnified from any requirement that it be safe or effective.

All Childhood Vaxes in Question after Study:

Fascinating data from a large pediatric practice in Oregon shows a dramatic difference in health between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. It show that the vaccinated kids get sick far more often. For this dataset, it shows that the unvaccinated kids don't get ADHD at all! Very accessible video walks you through the data. Well worth your time!

Here is fairly balanced discussion of the tradeoffs involved in vaccination. The data seems to indicate that vaccinated children may be trading long-term health for infectious disease immunity. Perhaps the best way forward would be to focus on just the most dangerous DNA-based viral infectious diseases in order to minimize the harm of excessive vaccinations. Reformulating the vaccines with safer adjuvents that are free of aluminum and mercury would also be prudent. Finally, better studies should be commissioned to see if even this minimal, focused schedule is actually better than no vaxes at all.

Covid shots Raise Risk of Infection

…”The Italian study is the most comprehensive yet to show Covid shots raise the risk of infection. After the Omicron variant appeared, the shots performed even worse, with the jabbed at about 50 percent higher risk.”

“...researchers published their paper in the journal Vaccines in August, but it has received no attention until now.

"The peer-reviewed study also contained a surprising and frightening finding for people who have taken three or more Moderna mRNA jabs. Moderna-only recipients were 71 percent more likely to die from all causes than people who took only Pfizer jabs, a significant difference even after the researchers adjusted for age and medical problems.

John Sajo

Data shows people who wore masks got covid more often. Experts are baffled! People who wore protective masks were found to be more likely to contract COVID-19 infections than those who didn't, according to a recent Norwegian study. Among individuals who “never or almost never” wore masks, 8.6 percent tested positive. That rose to 15 percent among participants who “sometimes” used masks, and to 15.1 percent among those who “almost always or always” wore them. Adjusting for factors such as vaccination status, the study determined that individuals who sometimes or often wore masks had a 33 percent higher incidence of COVID-19, compared to those who never or almost never wore masks. This jumped to 40 percent among people who almost always or always wore them.

A new jobs ad that indicates the Biden administration is searching for “eight new attorneys to defend the federal government in vaccine injury cases.”

“The office is currently expanding to address workload created by an increase in cases filed under the Vaccine Act,” says the ad posted by the Torts Branch of the DOJ on the USAJobs website.

The jobs listing was also posted on LinkedIn.

“Trial attorneys in Office of Constitutional and Specialized Tort Litigation – Vaccine Litigation Staff – represent the interests of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services in all cases filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (“Vaccine Act”). The cases involve claims of injury as a result of the receipt of vaccines covered by the Act. The office is currently expanding to address workload created by an increase in cases filed under the Vaccine Act,” the listing says.

Devine adds, “Presumably, the hiring spree is in anticipation of a surge of COVID vaccine lawsuits, as people who were forced by government mandates to take the jab, and suffered serious side effects as a result, try to extract compensation from a system that is stacked against them.”

She references that “The recruitment drive comes on the heels of a little-noticed lawsuit filed in Louisiana last month by six vaccine-injured plaintiffs against the federal government. The suit aims to overturn the legal immunity that pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer and Moderna enjoy on their COVID shots.”

The lawsuit itself represents a significant threat to Big Pharma’s “liability shield.”

“A lawsuit by Covid-19 vaccine recipients claiming they were injured by their shots may usher in long-awaited changes to how the federal government handles immunization injuries,” writes Ian Lopez of Bloomberg Law.

“Individuals frustrated by the HHS program designed to compensate them for their injuries are taking their grievances to court,” he continues. “In a lawsuit lodged with the US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, they say the program is unconstitutional, depriving them of their rights to due process and a jury trial.”

“Lawyers say the move could spur Congress and the Department of Health and Human Services to reform how they handle vaccine injuries, as well as push more of the individuals alleging injuries to not just sue the government, but the drugmakers that the program is meant to shield from litigation,” the article adds.

“‘This is the first domino to fall,” said David Carney, a Green & Schafle LLC attorney representing people injured by vaccines. “We’re going to start to see a windfall.”

The legal article notes that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is “in desperate need for more special masters to review the backlog of nearly 4,000 injury claims.”

Meat is good for you:

Scientists at UChicago discover that trans-vaccenic acid (TVA), a fatty acid found in beef, lamb, and dairy products, improves the ability of immune cells to fight tumors.

Trans-vaccenic acid (TVA), a long-chain fatty acid found in meat and dairy products from grazing animals such as cows and sheep, improves the ability of CD8+ T cells to infiltrate tumors and kill cancer cells, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Chicago. The research, published this week in Nature, also shows that patients with higher levels of TVA circulating in the blood responded better to immunotherapy, suggesting that it could have potential as a nutritional supplement to complement clinical treatments for cancer.

Fake Meat isn't Green!!

At Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat's top competitor, shares the company distributes to employees plummeted 89% since 2021. US fake meat company Tattooed Chef announced in June its intention to file for bankruptcy. British company Meatless Farm, which had partnered with Whole Foods, narrowly avoided shutting its doors when it was acquired by VFC Foods in August. In May, sausage maker Heck decided to scale back its vegan ambitions after suffering losses.

“I suppose we slightly believed what the press were telling us about everyone stopping eating meat, but that hasn’t really happened,” said Heck founder Andrew Keeble. Even billionaire Bill Gates, who has also funded other fake meat companies such as Impossible Foods and Upside Foods, has acknowledged that government regulation may be necessary to force people to eat fake meat.

“I don’t think the poorest 80 countries will be eating synthetic meat,” Gates told MIT Technology Review in 2021. “I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand.”

But nutrition experts have been warning against fake meat. Nutritionist and Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better Meat) author Diana Rodgers says lab-grown meat, such as that sold by Upside Foods, is still not as healthy as McDonalds.

“I’d rather eat my shoe than lab-grown meat,” Rodgers stated.

British investigative food journalist Joanna Blythman warns against even plant-based meat, which she says sometimes contain up to 30 artificial ingredients.

“Artificial plant-based proteins tend to be loaded with 'anti-nutrients' - compounds that make it harder for our guts to absorb beneficial macro and micronutrients,” Blythman wrote in an article for the Daily Mail. “Essentially, it's less digestible than real meat, and certainly less nutritious.”

While Gates and his World Economic Forum (WEF) colleagues hope to significantly reduce meat consumption by 2030 and, ideally, phase it out completely by 2050, Blythman says the global real meat industry is forecasted to rise up to 7% annually.

There are also significant concerns about fake meat’s purported contribution to the climate. Plants require fertilizer, processing and shipping, too, and lab-grown meat is also expected to be environmentally taxing.

A preprint study published in April by University of California, Davis researchers found that if fake meat becomes as widely accepted as globalists would like, it could be extremely harmful to the climate.

The researchers found that the production process for fake meat emits 246 to 1,508 kg of carbon dioxide per kilogram of fake meat, while retail meat production produces only about 60 kg of CO2 per kilogram. According to the scientists’ estimates, producing fake meat is 4 to 25 times worse for the climate than real beef.

BREAKING: A US official was told by a Director from Fauci’s NIAID to “delete” sections from a government report showing Chinese Communist Party scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were working on “reverse engineering” viruses with 50% mortality rates.

Health Advice from an Enlightened MD:

#1 Medication. In the 1970s, the average American spent 10 times less on prescription drugs than now. Contrary to popular belief, people in Western countries are also compelled to take potentially lethal drugs. Instead of addressing root causes, end-of-pipe solutions are applied.

#2 Demonization of Saturated Fats. Since the 60s, it's been claimed that saturated fats cause heart attacks. Although we've been nourished by lard & butter for thousands of years, these good fats were replaced with inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. "Trust the science," they said!

#3 Dietary Poisoning. Processed foods are abundant. Omega-6-rich seed oils and sugars are found in almost everything, an awful combination that overworks our livers and ramps up fat storage. Grandma's home-cooked meals are now a rare treat. We've traded real food for convenience.

#4 Lack of Exercise. Before exercise got labeled as some far-right gig, people were already moving less and sitting more. As we've shifted towards a service-based society and due to the rise of Big Tech, we're now mostly parked behind screens. More scrolling, less strolling.

#5 Vitamin D Deficiency. Our sedentary lifestyle leads to another serious issue. Almost no one who works indoors maintains adequate vitamin D levels. What many don't know is that there's no such thing as flu season—it's actually vitamin D deficiency season.

#6 Lack of Nutrients. Topsoil depletion and removal mean that crops are coming up short on nutrients. To get the same vitamins from one head of lettuce 100 years ago, you'd need to eat 10 heads now. If your body is starved of nutrients, you want to eat more—a vicious cycle.

#7 Dangerous Plastics. Phthalates in plastics disrupt hormone functions and can lead to hormonal imbalances, increasing the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Their widespread use in everyday products raises significant health concerns due to these metabolic effects.

#8 Childhood Vaccines. While children in the 60s only received 5 doses of vaccines, by 2019 the number had risen to 72 - and the trend is rising. Each vaccination has an impact on the microbiome, which likely leads to significant long-term physical and psychological consequences.

#9 Environmental Toxins. Glyphosate-based herbicides like Roundup can cause dysbiosis, cancers, and many other diseases. For instance, in almost 100% of soy crops, glyphosate residues can be found, which then enter our food chain. It's seriously concerning.

#10 Dangers in Cosmetics. Aluminum in deodorants, a common cosmetic ingredient, has been associated with skin irritation and potential health risks, including disrupting hormonal balance and cancer. Its absorption through the skin from daily use has significant long-term effects.

#11 Oral Contraceptives. They affect not only women but also men, as they are excreted via urine into the water supply. They are also extremely powerful and have highly negative effects on human health. Still wondering why there are that many men who think they can get pregnant?

#12 I am writing this thread because we are definitely moving in the wrong direction. Our governments held us all hostage for three years, claiming it was for our health, but as I demonstrate, it's not about our health but about enslaving us with as little resistance as possible.

#13 But there are many things you can do about it: Eat saturated fats and cut out seed oils Limit carbs and sugars Grow your own food in your self-made compost Exercise at least 3 times a week Be in the sun as much as possible and supplement with @sunfluencer or alike

Important Short Speech by Tucker on Evil:

Real Women. "There was a time, not that long ago, when masculine traits—strength, courage, and assertiveness—were celebrated by all Americans regardless of their sexual orientation or political affiliations. When did things change? In the 1980s, it seems."

Strength, courage, and assertiveness are also positive traits for women to have. It doesn't make you less of a woman to have those traits. In fast strong women make better mothers, friends, and patriots. The cult of victimhood that so called feminists have sabotages this. Even worse - the pressure to re-label strong women as something other than feminine misleads many to rebel against being a woman with all the negative mental health and social consequences.


Elon Retweeted this:

Primer on Pizzagate.

WARNING: Some of these images may be very disturbing to some viewers. Here’s John Podesta. He is the founder of Center for American Progress, and served as Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff, and Hillary’s 2016 campaign manager: …. More at this link.

The name of the owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza (James Alefantis) is quite similar to the French for "I love children" (j'aime les enfants). He is a desendant from the Rothchild family.

Hilarious Prescient and accurate!! Excellent!!!!!

See it here:

This Will Blow Your Mind. “Big Fertility” Is The Latest Big Cash Cow Scam For Big Pharma & Tax Payers Are Going To Be Paying The Bill

“In the state of California, it's saying that if you're a gay man and you're in a gay marriage, then the state of California is gonna pay for you to rent the body of a woman because you deserve children. That's the insanity to where we've gotten now. Like, you're if you're a gay man, you're owed a child, a motherless child. This is child trafficking. What is going on in the world of big fertility right now is the buying and selling, and not just buying and selling of people, the buying and selling, designing, and discarding of people. We have returned to the situation that we fought a civil war to end, but this time we're bringing it back in the name of progress and tolerance.”

I haven't had the time to verify the source on this:

Ukrainian women are lured into the Armed Forces of Ukraine with meeting the best man 😏

“Do you want to find a strong, courageous and responsible man? Join the Armed Forces of Ukraine, all the normal men are there now”

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