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Meanwhile Back Where We Live

THIS IS BEYOND EVIL. THEY TORTURE JOE BIGGS. 🙏🏼😭 GSG update November 6, 2023 Joe is still awaiting his transfer in the USP Atlanta, to FCI Talladega in Alabama. He was Box Cuffed during his transfer to USP Atlanta. These cuffs are not to be used for long periods of time and he had them on for 16 hours causing him to pray to God to make the pain stop. His circulation was cut off from wearing these cuffs and his arms, shoulders and back are still in extreme pain. When he arrived, with 15 other prisoners into Atlanta, they were told there was no room for them and they would be sleeping in a room with no beds, mattresses, pillows or even blankets. All of them sleeping on a concrete floor and in a 2 day period were given one slice of pizza to eat. Joe has been unable to receive any commissary and says “I am getting used to being hungry.” He is still awaiting any kind of time period of when he will move to the Talladega facility. Until he is moved he will continue to be treated this way due to them labeling him a “Domestic Terrorist”. When will this all end? Who is willing to stand up? Are we willing to stand by and let these true American Patriots be denied their Constitutional and God given rights? The time is now America! Will you wait until you are in box cuffs and sleeping on a concrete floor to wonder who will help me?

Another J6er in Trouble:

Good morning Patriots! Well we've finally heard from Dominic. He called Lisa yesterday. Let me start by saying my son is definitely being punished for his Freedom of speech. The day he was Sentenced to 10 years in Prison as he was leaving the Courtroom he turned, raised his fist and said "Trump Won and Everybody knows it"! He is now listed with the BOP as a Domestic Terrorist. He's in Oklahoma FTC, immediately thrown in the Hole. No communication with other inmates. He thought Enrique was still there. Not allowed Commissary or books or ANYTHING. Gets out for 1 hour every couple days to shower. That's it. Allowed to make 1 phone call every 30 days which he did yesterday. He is getting his meds and 3 meals a day Thank the Lord. He has NO idea how long he'll be in Oklahoma but will be in the hole the entire time. Now they have changed his final destination to a different prison in South Carolina where he won't be able to join programs where he can earn credit for time off his sentence. This is SO WRONG! I'm so glad we finally heard from him but heartbroken for the Torture they are putting my son thru. Please Pray for him. 😢💔🙏

It Begins. Biden’s DOJ Starts Arresting Trump Supporters Who Stood Outside the US Capitol and Committed No Violence – Despite Registered Rallies on Capitol Grounds that Day Tens of thousands of nearly one million protesters later walked to the US Capitol following President Trump’s speech where more rallies were scheduled. The FBI used geotracking to identify the movements of several targeted individuals in this zone. The government later said this was a restricted zone on January 6th. This photo shows the “restricted area” around the US Capitol where Trump supporters were gathering because they had permits to hold rallies in this area.

We know today that there were no markers, flags, fencing, or other indicators that this area was off-limits. And now we have evidence that the US government and DC police knew thousands of Trump supporters would assemble in this area BECAUSE THEY HAD PERMITS FOR THEIR RALLIES! The Trump supporters had flyers of the different scheduled events on January 5th and January 6th. These events were planned and registered with the government before January 6! Also, the Capitol Hill police knew about several protests scheduled on January 6th at the US Capitol because it was included in their own report!

Roseanne Boyland died from beating at the hands of J6 cops, not drug overdose… family speaks out to correct the record…

Thirty-three months after their daughter Rosanne Boyland’s tragic death at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Bret and Cheryl Boyland feel new pain every time a media outlet publishes the false claim that their daughter died of a drug overdose. On Oct. 12, a prominent national newspaper wrote that Ms. Boyland “died of what was determined to be a methamphetamine overdose.” Within a day, that claim spread all over the internet, even appearing as a snippet on the website of the Merriam-Webster dictionary under the word “die.” A week later, the newspaper corrected the error, but the family said the damage was done—again. […] The Boylands challenged the amphetamine finding, eventually hiring an independent forensic pathologist who said Ms. Boyland most likely died of compressional asphyxia, not from Adderall or illegal drugs.

Good news:

BREAKING: A Democrat Judge In New Hampshire has ruled that Democrats have no evidence to challenge the state's Voter ID law. The ruling says Democrats lack standing because they failed to prove that voters showing an ID before voting somehow impedes their ability to vote For people who scream about protecting our "Democracy" they sure hate having rules in place to prevent illegal votes from being counted

Connecticut Judge Throws Out Election Results and Orders New Primary After "Shocking" Evidence of Democrat Ballot Fraud

QUOTE: In Bridgeport, Connecticut, State Judge William Clark has thrown out the results of the September Democrat primary election and ordered a new primary to be scheduled and conducted. The issue was ballot harvesting and ballot fraud – both violations of state law. The Judge reviewed CCTV footage showing Wanda Geter-Pataky, vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and operations specialist for the city, and Eneida Martinez, a former City Council member, working to support the party approved candidate. Both Ms Geter-Pataky and Ms Martinez participated in absentee ballot fraud, ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing at drop boxes. Both women invoked the Fifth Amendment when confronted as witnesses by the judge. The judge ruled on Wednesday to overturn the city's Democratic primary election, initially won by incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, following claims of absentee ballot fraud by his opponent, John Gomes. After two weeks of evidentiary hearings for Gomes's absentee ballot fraud lawsuit, Judge William Clark ordered a new Democratic primary based on 180 pieces of evidence presented by Gomes's legal counsel. In the 37-page ruling, Clark said the video footage presented by Bill Bloss – Gomes's attorney – was particularly alarming. "Mr. Ganim was also correct to be 'shocked' at what he saw on the video clips in evidence that were shown to him while he was on the witness stand," Clark wrote. "The videos are shocking to the court and should be shocking to all the parties.

Court tosses challenge to Florida's strict voter signature law

QUOTE: A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging a newer Florida voter registration signature law, marking a significant development in ongoing debates over voter access versus election and ballot security. The case called into question whether the state's strict requirements for voter registration signatures are in compliance with federal laws that require lenience from states to prevent the use of "immaterial errors or omissions" to deny the right to vote. The ruling could have broader implications for voting rights and access, as it sets a precedent that upholds stringent voter registration requirements. In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor concluded that progressive voting rights groups, including the ACLU, failed to show that Florida's requirement for an "original signature" or a "digital signature transmitted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles" was "immaterial" for voter registration. The plaintiffs had argued that the form of the signature wasn't important—because whether original or otherwise—did not give election officials any insight into whether the applicant met the statutory qualifications to vote, which include age, citizenship, and residence. The judge, however, found that argument lacking. He noted that physically signing a voter registration form carries a "solemn weight" that simply submitting an electronic image of one's signature does not necessarily hold. He also mentioned that the acceptance of electronic signatures in certain circumstances does not make a so-called "wet signature" (i.e. pen and ink) requirement immaterial.

The National Archives is withholding 99.98% of Joe Biden’s alias emails, according to House Oversight Chairman James Comer. The National Archives previously confirmed through a FOIA response that they found 5,138 email messages and 25 electronic files pertaining to the known Joe Biden pseudonym accounts, and After missing the deadline to turn over the requested documents, the National Archives said it located 82,000 pages of emails then-Vice President Joe Biden sent or received on three separate private pseudonym accounts to conduct illicit business deals with foreign officials. NARA was forced to search for Biden’s pseudonym emails in response to a FOIA lawsuit filed by the Southern Legal Foundation, a conservative nonprofit law firm.


The US government have done the following:

-Created and released a biological weapon that killed 7+ million people. -Sent $200+ billion to fund the only Nazi military on Earth, and they lost. -Weaponized media and social media to brainwash and censor the public, to cover up their crimes and attack their political opposition. -Promoted harmful experimental injections to billions of people, that did not prevent transmission or disease, and harshly discriminated against those who questioned the safety or efficacy. -Funded both sides of the conflict in the Middle East and influenced the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians on both sides. -Destroyed every fabric of American society, ruined our cities, ruined our culture, ruined our academics, ruined our quality and way of life. While the GOP and DNC are arguing over which war to fund next, I’m picking out which suit I’m gonna wear to their international military tribunals. The People have had enough. Justice is all that matters now.

“Immigration is being weaponized."

Definitely worth a listen.

Texas scores major win as judge issues order blocking Biden from destroying state's border fence

QUOTE: A federal judge issued an extraordinary temporary restraining order Monday barring the Biden administration from destroying or tampering with a temporary concertina wire fence installed by Texas to protect its border with Mexico. Chief U.S. District Judge Alia Moses, in Del Rio, ruled Texas had a likelihood of prevailing it its lawsuit and would suffer significant harm if federal officials were allowed to keep dismantling the fence. The decision dealt a stinging rebuke to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and a win for states seeking to enforce border security on their own in the absence of help from the federal government. More than 10 million immigrants have illegally entered the United States under President Joe Biden's policies, federal data shows.

Middle East Invaders in the US

Fox News published new US Border Patrol data which reveals President Biden's disastrous open border policies have led to the release of 900,000 illegal immigrants into the interior US this year, including 150,000 in September alone. This offers new insight into the invasion the Biden administration allowed at the southern border (remember this?).

The migrant invasion comes as the US military-industrial complex is funding two wars, one in Eastern Europe and the other in the Middle East.

One major worry is that some migrants from countries associated with terrorism have flooded the US. There has been no vetting of these folks, and no understanding, if any, have been radicalized - this is a huge national security threat.

"People approved for walkovers include individuals from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, with some of the largest numbers coming from Muslim-majority former Soviet republics such as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan," the NYPost said.

It's very evident the radicals in the White House are allowing people from terror countries into the country.

Days ago, former UK politician Nigel Farage spoke with Tucker Carlson about how migrants flooding the Western world from current conflicts are posing national security threats.

Musk said it straight, “In my opinion, he [Soros] fundamentally hates humanity.”

Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn observed in his acceptance speech for the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion that “revolution must necessarily begin with atheism.” If that’s true, Soros dreams of revolution and wants to make the dream real.

Solzhenitsyn continued, “But the world had never before known a godlessness as organized, militarized, and tenaciously malevolent as that practiced by Marxism. Within the philosophical system of Marx and Marxism, and at the heart of their psychology, hatred of God is the principal driving force, more fundamental than all their political and economic pretensions.”

According to Musk, Soros is “doing things that erode the fabric of civilization. Getting DAs elected who refuse to prosecute crime, that’s part of the problem in San Francisco and LA and other cities. So why would you do that?”

According to Musk, Soros is a smart guy, though he’s getting old, even “a bit senile.” Nevertheless, he’s good at spotting value where other people miss it.

Soros figured out that “the value for money in local races is much higher than it is in national races,” according to Musk.

“So the lowest value for money is a presidential race,” Musk explained. “Then next lowest value for money is a Senate race, then a Congress. But once you get to sort of city and state district attorneys, the value money’s extremely good.”

And here comes the punch line: “Soros realized that you don’t actually need to change the laws. You just need to change how they’re enforced,” Musk said. How’s that for flipping the script? It’s not the lawmakers who are in control, it’s the district attorneys who enforce the laws.

“Soros is known as a ‘self-hating Jew,’” according to Bill Donahue of the Catholic League. Soros “funds groups such as Bend the Arc, a far-left Jewish group that supports anti-Semites such as Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib. He also throws considerable money at the BDS movement (boycott, divestment and sanctions) which is trying to bankrupt Israel,” Donahue contends.

Soros is also anti-Catholic. “Catholics for Choice is the oldest anti-Catholic ‘Catholic’ entity in the modern era,” Donahue wrote. “Though no organization has given it more money than the Ford Foundation, Soros’ foundations have not been miserly.”

Anti-Jew plus anti-Catholic equals anti-God. It’s plain to see, and Soros isn’t shy about it. According to the Times of Israel, Soros identifies as an atheist. No surprise there.

Heck just froze over:

Self-proclaimed AI savior Elon Musk will launch his own artificial intelligence TOMORROW - as he tries to avoid tech destroying humanity Elon Musk is set to roll out the first model of his AI-powered system, xAI, on Saturday, one day after he proclaimed the tech is the biggest risk to humanity. The billionaire said Friday that he is opening up early access to a select group, but details of who has not been shared. 'In some important respects, it (xAI's new model) is the best that currently exists,' the Tesla CEO said on Friday. Musk, who has been critical of Big Tech's AI efforts and censorship, said earlier this year that he would launch a maximum truth-seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe to rival Google's Bard and Microsoft's Bing AI. Musk revealed his startup on July 12, 2023 by launching a dedicated X account for the AI company and spares website. The official website only shows an ambitious vision of xAI - that it was developed 'to understand the true nature of the universe.' Many of the founding members are skilled with large language models. The xAI team includes Igor Babuschkin, a DeepMind researcher, Zihang Dai, a research scientist at Google Brain and Toby Pohlen, also from DeepMind. 'Announcing formation of @xAI to understand reality,' Musk posted on what was Twitter last year. He then shared another post highlighting how the date of xAI's release is to honor Douglas Adams' 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.' When adding up the month, day and year, you get 42. The number is the answer a supercomputer gives to 'the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.'


On the Eve of Halloween, there’s nothing more spooky than the truth about Hillary Clinton & the occult. For decades, the Clintons dabbled in the occult. As early as the 1970’s, Bill and Hillary went to Haiti and took a course in voodoo theology from a voodoo priest and sat in on a dark ritual. This was documented in Bill’s own words in his memoir My Life, according to The Washington Post. Bill described the ritual stating “spirits arrived, seizing a woman and a man”. Bill then described how the woman screamed in a frenzy and proceeded to grab a live chicken and bite off the animal's head. Years later the Haitian publication, Haiti Observateur, reported that Bill returned to the island in 1995 to reaffirm his faith in voodoo by participating in another ritual. Also, it’s rumored in Haiti that Hillary returned to the island as well and participated in more voodoo rituals too. Former Clinton insider, Larry Nichols, who was known as their “fixer” said that Hillary regularly flew to California once a month decades ago to take part in a ritual at a witch’s coven. The Clintons tasked Nichols to keep stories like this out of the media. However, Bob Woodward reported in his book The Choice that Hillary refused to talk about Jesus Christ, and also that she frequently held necromantic seances in the White House where she attempted to communicate with the dead including with Eleanor Roosevelt. Fast forward to 2018, Hillary was awarded a lifetime membership by the witch’s coven The Wing which is comprised of occult-practicing feminist witches. The Wing scrubbed some of their references to the occult and witchcraft online; however, there’s still some evidence that has been left up on social media. The founders of the coven are Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan. Gelman and Kassan claim very openly that The Wing is a coven, not a sorority, on their Instagram pages. Gelman and Kassan boast about their occult practices on their social media pages. One post by The Wing’s director, Marianna Martinelli, contains a drawing of witches dancing around Satan and calling on other witches to join them to cast hexes against the NRA and a curse against Donald Trump. The Wing’s online store features hats and T-shirts emblazoned with occult symbols such as inverted pentagrams. Also, we learned via the Podesta E-mails that Clinton associates — such as John and Tony Podesta — engage in spirit cooking dinners hosted by Marina Abramovic. Abramovic has been described as a performance artist and a high priestess whose work entails “sorcery” and sometimes grotesque rituals. Her spirit cooking dinners are a ritual that involves one cutting your finger and the mixing of blood, sperm and breast milk. A quick Internet search of Abramovic will show you she hosts dinners that depict cannibalism too, and she’s regularly photographed with Satanic symbolism. Some of the Clinton’s closest allies are involved in these demonic rituals so it’s not a stretch to consider they also engage in spirit cooking too especially with their long history of dabbling in the occult. Furthermore, Chelsea Clinton has been photographed wearing an upside down cross necklace which is a Satanic symbol. The Clintons are no longer hiding their association with the occult, and all of this information is open-source. So anyone who claims they’re not involved with the occult is lying to you.

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Adolf Richtar
Adolf Richtar
Nov 14, 2023

"Following Bolshevik Instruction". That excrement in white house was placed there by bolshevik jews to serve them. FBI headquarter is in Tel Aviv.

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