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Lots of Good News...

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Good news:

More Good News:

More Good News:

General Flynn liked this a day or so after his statement about Q.

Some more good news from Mike Lindell:

"Our Plan is so GOOD the Republican National Committee (RNC) adopted it!

Here is what the Republican Party said:

RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee hereby opposes any and all efforts for states to unreasonably expand time periods for early or vote-by-mail that makes ballot counting procedures intentionally unmanageable or incapable to complete expeditiously following the conclusion of an election-on-election day.

RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee calls for elimination of temporary or ‘pop-up’ voting locations, drop boxes, and any other voting center that are not fairly defined and bound to a designated geographic territory and where voting locations exist, namely by precinct, so that voting is accessible equitably by legal precinct, ward or defined geographic unit in order to provide impartial access for all voters.


This resolution is CRITICAL as we head into the 2024 ELECTION CYCLE!"

“All the armies of Europe and Asia... could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide.”

More good news:

There is now credible evidence that the combination of doxycycline and ivermectin can radically ameliorate this heart damage, thus preventing a majority of deaths related to these cardiomyopathy-type injuries.

The recent discovery of low dose doxycycline can protect the heart in undiagnosed, or sub-clinical heart injuries; in other words, those that received the “vaccines” would all hugely benefit from this approach. For diagnosed cases of myocarditis, a combination therapy of regular dose of doxycycline and ivermectin may slow down, and even reverse the damage. We are currently in wholly uncharted territory when it comes to the treatment duration, and there is no data as of this writing to indicate how long this combination therapy should be administered.

And More Good News:

Breaking: You can now sue the mRNA COVID vaccine manufacturers for damages and the FDA is required to take the COVID vaccines off the market. Why? Adulteration. The plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences were NOT pointed out to the regulatory authorities. It's considered adulteration. I just got off the phone with Professor Byram Bridle and Dr. Robert Malone on this. I just got off the phone with attorney Warner Mendenhall. He confirmed I wrote is accurate and the litigation floodgates are now open. Here is a list of 90 lawyers that you can contact if you want to sue the vaccine manufacturers: Here it is:

I just message Dr. Naomi Wolf re: Pfizer docs. She wasn't aware of any mention of SV40 in the Pfizer docs they gave the FDA (but she will check further). So Pfizer has a VERY BIG problem.

Leo Hohmann: International Lawyer and Freedom Advocate Reiner Fuellmich Seized by German Government in Mexico

German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who had been working on a project known as the “Second Nuremburg” to hold the originators of the Covid bioweapon plot accountable, was seized over the weekend by German authorities in Mexico where he and his wife had been staying. He was promptly flown to Germany and arrested.

Fuellmich had reportedly lost his passport and scheduled a visit to the German embassy in Tiajuana, Mexico. When he arrived, German authorities were waiting for him and whisked him onto a plane bound for Munich, Germany, where they then arrested him. He is reportedly now sitting in a jail in Frankfurt. The exact charges remain unclear as of this post. But please be in prayer for Reiner and his family. Fuellmich is licensed to practice law in Germany and in the U.S. state of California. UPDATE: When he entered the embassy on Friday, there were six men waiting to detain him. The charges, as his attorney Dagmar Shoen found out when she received the official papers, were 30 pages long, so this was something carefully planned and executed. The charges are related to allegations of Viviane Fischer, a former team member of Fuellmich’s on the Corona Committee, who accused him of financial wrongdoing.

Three people reportedly signed the charges against Reiner. Perhaps the craziest aspect of the charges is that the money Reiner allegedly took is in the bank account (or anyway, was in the bank account) of one of the three people.

Technocracy.News Editor in Chief Patrick Wood, who has worked in the past with Fuellmich in getting out the truth about Covid, stated “They lured him into the German embassy in Mexico, where they kidnapped him. He was not arrested in Mexico because there is no extradition treaty (between Mexico and Germany).” According to an article in Global Research, protests against the German government’s action are being planned by those who support Fuellmich and his work.

Fuellmich heads up the International Crimes Investigative Committee, which is working to unveil the criminality surrounding the release of Covid and the extraordinarily criminal response that engulfed basically every country in the world — including the mandating of toxic injections marketed as “vaccines.”

Former president of the Asia Institute, Emanuel Pastreich, stated in an article for Global Research: “What I do want to stress is that we must unite to support not only him, but thousands of people like him who are standing up against the efforts to turn governments into the puppets of corporations, international banks, and the billionaire class, the parasite class, that lurks behind them. We know that if we do not stop this effort to destroy the rule of law, at every level, to create a separate realm that belongs only to the very wealthy and powerful, that we are guaranteed a global fascistic system which will, if it can, exterminate us in precisely the way that was attempted in Europe in the 1940s.

One of the checks...

Worthy even from a Democrat.

Great Trump Commercial New!

Mass reputation destruction of RFK Jr.

EXCLUSIVE: How serial cheater Bobby Kennedy Jr 'exposed himself around the house, demanded a ménage à trois with tragic wife Mary - and told her things would be easier if she killed herself after he went public with Cheryl Hines'

In this world exclusive excerpt from RFK Jr and the Dark Side of the Dream, author Jerry Oppenheimer lays bare the life of the Kennedy scion.

At Harvard girls were turned on when he showed them his childhood scars and even straight guys thought he was sexy-looking.

Needing to 'be the best at everything,' he competed with one of his cousins to be 'the king' of giving women oral sex.

Bobby proposed to second wife Mary - when still married to wife Emily.

Before she committed suicide in May 2012, Mary told a friend she 'feared for her life,' and Bobby told her that she would be 'better off dead'.

Mother Ethel Kennedy beat him with a hairbrush and ditched him at prep school with President's Kennedy's closeted homosexual best friend.

Ethel fired a maid after she accidentally threw away notes from RFK and yelled 'You stupid n****r. You're destroying history'.

Of all the Kennedy men - most known to be notorious womanizers - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. had the most wives (three) and an untold number of sexual liaisons. His sex and drug addiction problems lasted for years. In his private diary, he called his obsession with women his 'lust demons'.

In the first-ever biography of Bobby - a powerful environmental lawyer and activist named one of Time magazine's 'Heroes for the Planet' - New York Times bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer has put the namesake of Senator Robert Kennedy under a journalistic microscope.

Update on assassination attempt: Misdemeanor charge only...

Is this true? Any Constitutional scholars want to weigh in?:

Eat Ze Bugs: Major Meat Producer Tyson Invests in Insect Proteins and Lipids – Uses Animal Waste to Feed Flies, Which Will Then be Turned Into Food for Pets, Aquaculture, and Livestock Industries (VIDEO)

Tyson Foods, the world’s second-largest processor and marketer of meat, has announced a joint venture with Protix, the world’s largest insect factory, to delve into the world of insect protein and lipid production, targeting the pet food, aquaculture, and livestock industries. However, the question that looms large is, do insect proteins really hold the key to sustainability, or is this just a trendy leap onto the bandwagon of alternative protein sources? Tyson Foods and Protix envision an insect protein processing facility on American soil that seeks to transform food manufacturing byproducts into insect proteins and lipids.

According to CNN, “that facility will use animal waste to feed black soldier flies, which will then be turned into food for pets, poultry and fish… Those flies are not going into human food, at this point.”

A Perspective on Tolerance:

Growing up a westerner I remember all the rhetoric that was shoved down our throats about being "tolerant". Tolerant of the fat guy with a beard walking down Market Street in SF wearing a dress. Tolerant of the teacher at my kid's school who put up a poster of Mao. Tolerant of the Persian guy in one of my offices who'd punch some of the guys and harass the young women because, "I guess that's part of his culture". All those years that little voice in your head might be saying, "Why tolerate? Why not just get along? Why not be able to openly state your opposition?" Maybe the bearded guy in the dress needs help. Maybe Mao killed too many people. Maybe the guy in my office needed to be set straight by whatever means necessary (guess who did that...). As I watch this news clip I remember that. Now that I'm older it's clear to me that one can tolerate themselves right into their grave. One of my buddies here in the area is retired Israeli special forces. He's...a little angry. The other night when he passed by on his evening walk he just said "the nukes are armed". I hate war and I don't like violence, but I know where I'd stand if a group came into my area and took and tormented the women and children. I think that these attackers did more than poke the bear in Israel. And now all around the world I'm seeing protests in support of the I know I'm not the only one here who regularly imagines a world where people get along and respect each other. What a concept.

Prominent Club of Rome member, Dennis Meadows, hopes the "necessary" depopulation of Planet Earth, down to one billion can "occur in a civil way". "I mean, we could even have eight or nine billion, probably if we have a very strong dictatorship." Prominent Club of Rome member, Dennis Meadows, hopes the "necessary" depopulation of Planet Earth, down to one billion---an 87.5% reduction from today’s population—can "occur in a civil way".

"The planet can support something like a billion people, maybe two billion, depending on how much liberty and how much material consumption you want to have."

"If you want more liberty, and more consumption, you have to have fewer people. And conversely, you can have more people. I mean, we could even have eight or nine billion, probably if we have a very strong dictatorship."

Electric cars risk becoming effectively uninsurable as analysts struggle to put a price on battery repairs, the researcher for the car insurance industry has said.

Jonathan Hewett, chief executive of Thatcham Research, the motor insurers’ automotive research centre, said a lack of “insight and understanding” about the cost of repairing damaged electric car batteries was pushing up premiums and resulting in some providers declining to provide cover altogether.

Electric cars can be particularly expensive to repair, costing around a quarter more to fix on average than a petrol or diesel vehicle. Experts have previously warned electric vehicles are being written off after minor bumps because of the cost and complexity of fixing their batteries.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

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