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Hidden Warfare

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

President Kennedy was assassinated on this day November 22, in 1963.

Everything that has come out about that in the last few years shows that it was our own intelligence services and FBI that did it. There was a coordinated cover up of it that used the Congress.

This war has been going on for a long time, but we just didn't know it.

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” Sun tzu, The Art of War

The ultimate war is one where the target doesn't even know a war is in progress.

This is a good summary of the Kennedy assassination and the battle between Kennedy and the military industrial complex roots of it:

Lee Harvey Oswald's last phone call:

New J6 Footage Shows Capitol Police May Have Incited Riot By Firing Munitions Into Peaceful Crowd

House Speaker Mike Johnson has released over 40,000 hours of J6 footage including capitol police body cam footage to the public in the interests of transparency, an action which should have been taken years ago. Each new piece of footage only confirms what many Americans already understood - That the few scant minutes of available video recycled by the media paint a false picture of what really happened. Many would argue that J6 was nothing more than a protest that was turned into a riot by police incitement and establishment spin. Even worse, there are many people now languishing in prison because of that spin. The latest footage shows capitol police inviting protesters into the building as they peacefully assembled in the corridors (the same people who would later be prosecuted and labeled "insurrectionists").

January 6: Masked Man with Earpiece (Antifa? FBI?), Caught Tearing up Capital Building Window- While Trump Supporter Tries to Stop Him

Video Footage Shows Alleged 'Vote Buying' Scheme in Recent Democratic Primary

Springfield, Massachusetts

17 Nov 2023

Video footage and eyewitness affidavits show how several cars worth of homeless people were driven to a voting center and offered $10 each for their vote. Many appeared confused about what exactly they were doing and kept asking how they would get their $10.

Is that what it takes to become Mayor in Massachusetts?

‘Hemisphere’: Secret White House Surveillance Program Allows Cops To Spy On Trillions Of US Phone Records Without Warrants

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which allows warrantless surveillance of electronic communications targeting foreigners located outside of the United States. While Section 702 is designed to acquire foreign intelligence information, a massive amount of data from American citizens is frequently collected as the foreign target is surveilled.

Section 702 is set to expire at the end of this year unless reauthorized by federal lawmakers.

In May, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in consultation with the Department of Justice released a redacted Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinion confirming the FBI misused the Section 702 database over 278,000 times, including data it collected in its search of information related to people suspected of protesting at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, donors to congressional candidates and protesters arrested after the death of George Floyd.

Also, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) wrote, “I just contacted the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Director in response to disturbing new info related to a mass surveillance program called The Hemisphere Project. These programs are all about CONTROL over Americans.”

Two countries at the center of global conflict and instability, both guilty of victimising a particular group because of their religious and ethnic identities, both run by dubious, corrupt leaders and both bankrolled politically and militarily by the United States.

Are the Hamas so poor that they cannot pay for a targeted biological weapon against the Ashkenazi genome?

Remember the hacker ad offering to sell the genome not too long ago? Was that a warning/threat to the Ashkenazi not to do something?

Oct 8. 2023

On Friday, the genetic testing company 23andMe confirmed that data from a subset of users, targeting those with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, has been compromised and listed for sale online.

Wired reports that the company suggests its systems were not breached but that the attackers were able to gather data by guessing the login credentials of a group of users and then using the feature DNA Relatives to scrape additional information to compile the list.

It is reported that the list of 999,999 people who have Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry has been shared on the internet, including the Dark Web.

The database includes first and last names, sex, and 23andMe’s evaluation of where their ancestors came from. Although most of the people targeted are not famous, the database is titled “ashkenazi DNA Data of Celebrities” and appears to have been sorted to only include people with Ashkenazi heritage.

A user on a popular hacker forum had claimed to have made a larger database of users for sale earlier this week. It’s unclear if whoever compiled the list to only include Ashkenazi heritage is the same person or group who initially made it for sale.

999,999? 666 upside down twice?

Whether it was sold or not, the cat is now out of the bag.

Israel is a massive fool to do this to Hamas.

Why are the Arab nations doing nothing?

Do they just not want to get their hands dirty? is standing silent wise with an untraceable biological weapon?

A Relevant Poem from Ireland:

"There wonst was two cats in Kilkenny;

And aich thought there was one cat too many.

So they quarrelled and fit;

And they scratched, and they bit;

Till, excepting their tails

And some scraps of their nails,

Instead of two cats there wan't any."

Good Summary of the Global Warming Religion:

The climate-change religion: How long before human sacrifices?

Forgoing procreation, disrupting fellow humans’ lives, and wishing for death on a massive scale, environmentalism shows cult-like tendencies

History teaches us that some ancient civilizations killed their children to change the weather. They used to practice child sacrifice to appease their gods in an attempt to court their good graces. Those primitive peoples believed that through human sacrifice, the forces of nature could be coerced in their favour. For example, one of the ways the Aztecs honoured their gods was by killing people in a field with arrows so that their blood might fertilise the land.

The modern environmentalist movement is often compared to a religion. It certainly thinks that humans can change the weather, and it includes a vision of sin and repentance – damnation and salvation. Above and beyond the presence of actual neo-pagans and Gaia worshippers in its ranks, the environmentalist movement itself is displaying characteristics of a nature-worshipping cult – and a remarkably anti-human one at that. Many of its supporters effectively believe that the world has a cancer, and that cancer is called the human race.

The Just Stop Oil movement provides a compelling example of how modern environmentalism has become a primitive and barbaric religion by any other name. In October 2022, iconoclastic activists targeted Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (1888) in the National Gallery, London, for a “climate emergency” protest. By damaging works of art in museums, blocking roads, stopping play at sports matches and more, these eco-fascists reveal an environmentalism not only endowed with apocalyptic overtones but also with an intent on making life miserable for fellow humans and destroying some of the finest examples of historic human achievement.

UK gets fallout from its own depleted uranium shells.

Fallout from the explosion of an ammunition depot in Ukraine– which had depleted uranium (DU) shells in storage – has reached the United Kingdom. Ironically, Downing Street gave these same DU shells to Kyiv.

According to a recent study, the fallout from the said explosion was detected in South East England – with the area recording a rise of approximately 600 nanograms per cubic meter (ng/m3) of uranium levels. The explosion happened in May when Russian missile strikes destroyed the depot located in western Ukraine.

InfoWars reported on the ammo depot's destruction in May, noting that "Russian forces launched an air and missile raid" at the western Ukrainian city of Khmelnytsky. The resulting explosion destroyed the DU tank shells and sent "radioactive particles into the atmosphere of the Khmelnytsky region." This was evidenced by "a clear spike in gamma radiation" being detected in the city. (Related: Russian missile strikes destroy massive Ukrainian ammo dump containing dangerous, environmentally unsound depleted uranium shells.)

"While seemingly inconspicuous – considering the mean size of a uranium particle is below one micron – individual inhalation of about 24 m3 a day results in an average lung intake of 0.432 milligrams over a month," Great Game India wrote. "This translates into 200 million particles per person in the area and along the plume's trajectory in the United Kingdom."

BBC piece noted that the U.K. has already supplied these lethal munitions to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, accompanying the Challenger 2 tanks sent to the beleaguered nation. According to the British Ministry of Defense, the DU shells would enable Ukrainian tank crews to fire on enemy targets from greater distances, reducing their exposure to Russian counter-fire.

These same DU shells sent to Ukraine were the ones stored at the Khmelnytsky ammo depot, which was destroyed by Russian forces. The fallout that came after this incident stemmed from the explosion of these shells – proving that things went full circle for the British government.

Independent U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) could not help but put in his two cents on the matter. He took to the X platform, calling for a prohibition of DU munitions.

"In another reckless escalation, [the U.K] has confirmed delivery of DU munitions to Ukraine," RFK Jr. wrote. "DU munitions should be banned. They partially vaporize on impact, poisoning the environment with uranium dust that causes cancer and horrific birth defects."

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